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I'm 15 and I'm sure that I'm a sex repulsed asexual but the last time I tried telling someone close to me they told me I'm too young to know. Are they right and I'm just not at a point where I know yet? I'm v confused about this D:

I’ve said it before and I will say it until I die…

As soon as you are old enough to question your sexuality, you are old enough to decide your sexuality.

Period. Plain. Simple.

Straight kids are allowed to know they’re straight when they’re five years old. Which is ridiculous and not okay and that’s heteronormativity at work. But if a nine year old boy goes “I think that boy is cute.” (which I have heard a kid say.) He is too young to know. Or if a 25 year old woman goes “You know… I don’t think I anyone is good looking. I think I’m just going to stay single.” She’s too young to know. Or just in denial and is trying to reconcile with being single and alone.

But that five year girl. Who looks at a boy and says “Hi.” or just “Jimmy is nice. I wanna be his friend.” Oh she’s going after all the boys. She knows exactly who she likes. Gonna have to watch that one.

And that’s complete trash.

Your sexuality is what you decide it is when you decide it is. And even if it changes later, it’s not because “you were too young to know.” Or that it was “just a phase.” It’s because sexuality can be fluid and change over now. If you feel asexual now, you are asexual. But if that changes that’s okay too. And does not make anything you feel right now any less valid.