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A guy was taking his girlfriend to prom. Getting ready, he went to a tux rental shop. There was a huge line but he eventually got his tuxedo. He then went to the florist. Again, there was a huge line, but he got the orchid in the end. Then he went to the limo rental place, and there was a big line there too! But he eventually managed to rent one. They got to the prom and danced for a little bit, and then his girlfriend asked for some punch. He went to get it – but there was no punch line.


So… what’s the point you ask? 

I just like the idea that Keith and Shiro are big fans of kpop, that’s all. (they’re dancing to Fire by BTS, btw)

some dad lance things he’d definitely do

  • after dropping the kids off at school, he’d yell out the window “MAKE GOOD CHOICES SWEETIES” in a white suburban mom voice
    • the kids die in embarrassment
    • honks ridiculously long when he goes to pick them up, all the other kids stare at his kids, his kids love him but also want to go home rn immediately
  • dances with his kids from every genre. to traditional cubano music all the way to beyoncé, it’s adorable, even when they kinda trip over their own little toddler feet
  • is the Really Competitive Dad at their sports games
    • will definitely yell at the Ref
    • gives the evil eye to the other team’s coach. the coach has no idea why this dad is squinting at him
    • gives his kids a lot of support, smiles, and thumbs up at their games
      • definitely the loudest dad in the sidelines
      • probably made signs with his kiddos for what they wanted them to say on it, carries them proudly during the games
        • (they even made one for keith to hold too)
  • the best at doing their kids hair. especially the one who has super curly hair, because he used to have to comb the knots out for his younger sister and knows how to do it in a way that would hurt
  • take his kids out to look at the stars
    • they come up with fake stories about each one because they don’t know any of the constellations yet, it’s super cute
  • first time he took his first bab to cuba with keith, his mom burst out to tears. then lance burst out to tears. everyone burst out into tears.
    • keith was very confused but comforted them both
  • just….. Lance as a Dad (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

*drops off doodles of the kiddos*


So I’m pretty obsessed with @wittyy-name ‘s klance Dance! AU fic Shut Up and Dance with Me. If you haven’t read it and you’re into AUs, I would highly suggest running over and reading it! It’s not finished yet though, just a warning.

The dance that these two dweebs are performing is from this Urban Dance Camp video that’s under the cut: 


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*wheezes* (Please click for better quality…!!)

Very late, but I wanted to get this dang thing finally over and done with ;A; For Day 4 of Voltron Week: Day Off/Vacation. The Paladins have some time off so Allura starts teaching them one of her favorite Altean pastimes: dancing! 

Meanwhile Coran… the little princess he took care of is not so little any more, and all these Altean dances bring back memories and it really hits them both that they are the last to pass on their traditions to others…sorry my thoughts got a bit heavy– also! First time drawing Coran!! 

Not a fuck anyone, just something that I thought was cute :)

Yesterday a little girl, maybe 8 years old, came into our store (it’s a frozen yogurt shop and it was completely empty because of the weather) with her serious-looking dad (muscular, shaved head, apparently in the military). And she was jumping around and excitedly telling me about her day (apparently her school was on lockdown for two hours but she was fine with it because she got to miss computer lab which is her least favorite class). She was really happy and outgoing and articulate and honestly adorable. So I chatted with her for a bit before I had to go do something in the back.

Our store has a security camera on top of a TV screen that shows that security feed and when I came back out to the front of the store the little girl was sort of crazily dancing for the security camera. I laughed a bit then went to the back again, and the next time I came out to the front, her serious, military dad was dancing just as crazily for the security camera. I can’t even describe how ridiculous he looked. I just started DYING laughing and he stopped as soon as he heard me and then the little girl started teasing him. It was just overall really cute and those two basically made my day. I hate this job like 90% of the time but some of the customers make it better.

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Hello! Do you know when the official release date of The Silver Mask is? There are a lot of conflicting rumors, so I was wondering if you could clarify? Thank you! <3

October 10! Silver Mask really kicked our butts in that it’s a book with a lot going on for Call both magically and emotionally. We need a a little extra time so the book was pushed back about a month and a bit. Amazon should update with the correct release date soon.


“I’ll kill you —“ There were tears on Call’s face as he flung himself at Alex. “I’ll kill you —“

“Stop him,” said Alex lazily, and seconds later, Call felt himself seized by a dozen Chaos-ridden, their grips like iron.

Alex’s eyes danced. “I made these, Makar,” he said, gesturing toward the Chaos-ridden in the clearing. “I am their creator, not you, not Constantine. They belong to me. They’re obedient to me.”

“She introduced me to the term ‘twin flame.’ For me, it’s a little bit higher than ‘soul mate.’ We locked eyes on the dance floor. She grabbed my arm, took me through the club and outside pressed me against the wall. We gave in to each other and started touching like we had missed each other for years and years and years. We were laughing because we had just met and we were touching each other’s faces and smelling each other’s necks as if we knew each other. It was intense.” 

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Ok but at the ep 10 when we see the pics and videod of the party, which mobile are those from? I thought it was Viktor's bc he was the narrator of that exact episode but them i thought it could be his or chris's one. I mean, the picture of the background when he's swiching between apps to show us something is a picture of Viktor and Chris. Anyway, i still think it was Viktor's so is he who's watching the pics and sees twice those he has dancing with Yuuri

Hi there! Sorry for replying a little bit late, I had a busy morning. Also sorry in advance if I make any grammar mistake since english isn’t my first language. Okay now I’ll answer to your question.

I actually never paid much attention to it, but I just rewatched that glorious sequence of pictures and I think we see them from three different phones: Viktor’s, Chris’ and Yuri’s.

First they show us a lockscreen with a picture of Makkachin as the background, so obviously that phone’s of Viktor.

We also see that he has only 5 pictures of drunk Yuuri and a folder full of Makkachin’s pictures (jfc there are more than 1k pics there, I love this man)

So that’s definitely Viktor’s phone, no doubts there.

But then we see another screen that has a different background, and this time it’s of Chris and Viktor in the last GPF.

It’s true that it can be confusing at first because you may think this phone is Viktor’s, but if you look at the photo Chris is more focused and, as we just saw, Viktor had another background on his phone.
(Also I didn’t show the apps from Viktor’s phone but they are in different order than in this phone screen and even their battery charge are different, the amount of details on this show amaze me). Okay, so that is surely Chris’ phone.

And then we see another phone screen. This one also has another background and different battery charge, but you can also see that some apps are written in russian, meaning that this must be Yuri’s phone since it can’t be Viktor’s.


And here we can also see that the phone is in russian and  oh  my  god  I just realised that Yuri has ALL (33!) of the picture’s of that night, especially the ones of Yuuri doing pole dancing and the ones where his two dads are dancing together and flirting with each other I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS

The only thing that’s missing here is Phichit, if he had been there we would have had so many more pictures *prays for Yuuri to get drunk again this year*

sometimes i think about how even and isak are at parties, even might always be the first one to start dancing, and it takes him a little while to convince isak to dance, too. 

but even’s hands are warm and his voice is coaxing soft in isak’s ear and it’s a little bit like snuggling in a way how their arms are wrapped around each other, and isak keeps hanging his head in absolute laughter because even boogy-woogies like he’s something from the seventies and he throws in finger guns every now and then and sometimes he takes isak’s fingers and prompts him to twirl in and under his arm and then quiets his squeak with a gentle kiss right on the lips. 

and isak pretends to hate when even makes him dance, but really in the curve of his lips and the dimples in his blushing cheeks he knows he loves it giddy a little because look at this boy who’s holding my hand and he can say and think look at me while he’s kissing a boy because he’s allowed to do that now, it’s safe to do that now, and sometimes that curls up small and warm behind his ribs when they get to a slow song and even slides him in so close, one hand low on his back and other knitting their fingers together, and it’s this whole entire little world of warmth and closeness carved out cottony just for them in a sea of buzzing people around them 

and he can breathe and he can dance and he can be in love 

“Daniel what the fuck are you doing? I can’t tell if your awkwardly dancing or you have to pee,” 

“Little bit of both i’ve been standing here for a long goddamn time, darling don’t judge.” 

“You’re a man child”

I was in the first group of people to be let in for the cockles ops. We had to wait for a while because the j2m2 ops were still being finished so I got to watch the very end of that. Then I got to watch j2m2 sign the canvases with fan messages that they sign at every con as they take photos of them doing it. It was really cool to be able to chill in there for a while as j2m2 are just hanging out like that. Then once they were done signing Mark left but j2m were still just hanging out for a bit when Africa by Toto started playing and j2m were LOVING it! They were living for it.

Jared was getting into it and singing into Jensen and Misha’s faces. Misha was singing and doing his silly little dance moves and Jensen was singing and doing basically a reenactment of his Eye Of The Tiger dance. Then Jared had to leave and Jensen and Misha were left there to get ready for their ops. Misha was whispering into Jensen’s ear and Jensen was laughing so hard then Misha kept going back to whisper in his ear and then finally Jensen did the biggest laugh I have ever seen him do where it looked like he couldn’t control himself and he basically almost fell over onto the floor he was laughing so hard, he was leaning over and then leaned back doing the most mega unicorn laugh I have ever seen and it was beautiful. Then finally they started the ops and they were doing the silliest and happiest poses with people. It was just so amazing to see them all in such a great mood!



omg omg


I’m ded

Merthur AU

It’s the 1st anniversary of Merlin & Arthur’s wedding day. Merlin was hoping to celebrate it with his husband like a hopeless romantic he was, however Arthur had been sent on a one-week business trip to Berlin three days ago. So naturally, since they finished their skype call this evening, Merlin has been feeling a little bit sad and lonely. He doesn’t blame Arthur for not being there, Merlin understands the importance of this meeting. He just… misses him, genuinely. Well, that is until Arthur appears on their doorsteps 10 seconds later, surprising his husband with an early arrival. He couldn’t miss the nice, amorous evening full of dancing, cuddling and snogging with the man of his dreams, could he? Moreover, he knows what it means to Merlin, to his beautiful, shy, lovely Merlin.

Harry Thoughts #6

Kissing Harry

-Him giving you little pecks on family/friends gatherings when he thinks no ones watching

-Demanding for atleast 5 kisses before going to sleep

-Waking you up with preppering kisses on your face

-Getting frustrated when you don’t kiss him back

-Laughing into a kiss and not being able to stop

-Holding you onto him by your neck during a makeout session

-Ghosting his lips lightly over yours while trusting into you

-You teasing him by wanting to kiss him right after applying lipstick

-Him laughing at how embarrassed you are after pictures are being published of a lipstick stain on his cheek

-Hearing “Get A Room” often, when you two get a bit too carried away with kissing while the boys are around

-Him distracting you with little pecks on your tummy and his scratchy beard tickling you

-Not leaning down to kiss you just to tease you for your height

-Steamy rough kisses after not seeing you for a long time

-Giving you forehead kisses when you’re out in public

-Forgetting the world around you two while slow dancing and soft kisses

It’s Gonna Be Me

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When you first became friends with Yugyeom, you weren’t sure it would ever amount to much. In the beginning you were both shy and more than a little awkward with one another. Neither of you were very comfortable around new people but, after a while, you started to warm up to one another.

Although Yugyeom could be a little shit sometimes, he was sweet and genuinely cared for his friends. He wanted nothing more than to see his friends happy and you were proud to be one of those friends. Even if he did get on your nerves sometimes.

The time spent with Yugyeom that didn’t make you want to tear your hair out was spent playing video games, watching television, or dancing. The two of you had a good bit in common and there was rarely a dull moment whenever you were together. In the words of your parents, your friendship with Yugyeom was, “cute.”

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