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look at us both anorexic lesbians. i just want to ask, bc its something i’m really nervous about- when you like a girl do you care about their weight?

Honestly, no I don’t. Which is weird for me because I always assume all of the girls I’m interested in REALLY care about mine? But yeah I don’t even think twice about girls’ weights when I’m into them

They Fall In Love With A Stripper

I went about this in a different way. So each reaction is at various points in the relationship when they find at the Y/N is a stripper. I hope that makes sense and y’all enjoy it.

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Min Yoongi:

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Yoongi didn’t believe you at first. Swear to god, he thought you were joking. So when you wrote down the address to the club and what time you working and gave it to him, he was skeptical. In his mind, a sweet and nice girl like you couldn’t be a stripper.

But low and behold there you were, swaying your hips in the dimly lit club with a smile on your face. Yoongi would wait until you were making your way back to your dressing room to stop you. You thought he would be mad at you, perhaps even want to break up with you.

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I'm an INTP guy, just moved to this new school, and there is this INTJ girl that studies with me, I do really like her, and I don't know how does it work being in a relationship with an INTJ girl, from the girl's side, like If you have ever been in a relationship what are the things that you liked the most, the things that you hated the most. and do you think that the best match is really and ENFPxINTJ, she looks calm and I don't wanna lose her. thank you.

Hi there, to start off I don’t think there are ‘best matches’ but there are some patterns; however a relationship is about people working together to make it work (regardless of type =))

There are lots of things that INTJs in general appreciate, many of them I think you’d cover just by being dom Ti and therefore introverted. If you’re asking personally about romantic relationships then I’m really not the one to ask. There is a nice article here by @introvertdear that I really like as it seems to be really accurate (at least for me personally with everything I like and dislike).

I consulted my INTP sister, she admits that sometimes INTPs can be aloof or can come off that way so you should make it a little obvious that you’re interested to start things off.

“Are you a light switch? Because you turn me on.”

She screws the napkin up and continues on with her conversation.

“Did you sit in a pile of sugar? Because you have a pretty sweet arse.”

She rolls her eyes.

“Fuck me if I’m wrong, but dinosaurs still exist, right?”

The corners of her lips twitch.

“Your hand looks heavy, let me hold it for you.”

She looks over and smiles.

“If I could re-arrange the alphabet I’d put U and I together.”

She walks around the bar and pulls the landlady into a kiss.

“What’s a nice girl like you doing in a dirty mind like mine?”

She blushes and adjusts her jumper to cover her hickeys.

“I fell in love and you’re the one who tripped me.”

Her eyes go wide, and she tells her she loves her too.

“How can other people love when I’m using the world’s supply on you?”

Her heart skips a beat.

“Will you marry me?”

She says yes.

It’s funny how some 31yo woman in DA is trying to force me back into DBZ fandom (kind of in a negative way) and mocking my TMNT liking. She keeps saying “I don’t understand how a girl like you likes those slow, ugly and bald turtles.” etc. She has try to make me hate myself and feel guilty for deleting and throwing my old arts (DBZ mainly) away etc. and even after all this she then was surprised because I hadn’t got angry at her. I told her we both are old and matured enough to talk normally since arguing and fighting over other’s likes is simply stupid.

I loved DBZ when I was into it but this person just doesn’t seem to realize simple and clear words “I grew out of it. It doesn’t bring me any joy or happiness anymore.” and I told her that turtles being bald and ugly in others eyes won’t make me dislike them. I love them dearly and that’s that. Plus in Asian culture turtles bring you luck! ;)

I will wait her third reply and see what she says (even now I didn’t even bother to read all her text since she had write there so much stuff and most of it was trying to brainwash me back into DBZ) and I might won’t reply to her anymore. Also I checked her DA’s front page and she had write HUGE list in there for people that how they should talk to her, what to say, not give llamas since she hates them, if anyone pissed her off (she gets pissed easily) she will block them instantly etc. Horribly negative person… What I have done to pull her into my life? :’D Luckily I always can get rid of her as well if needed, ahaha!

If you want to read the conversation let me know and I can give you link.


Wynter Childers is trying her hand at vlogging. Nothing too exciting, but if you love the Alabama girls like I do, you’ll enjoy it.

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Is that normal than I saw you much girl like than a boy ?

You’ll notice that some times when I draw Fizzles (a representation of myself) they’ll have noticeable breasts or no horns or facial hair or things like that. It’s just my own way of feeling comfortable on my blog. Usually, they have a more ambiguous appearance, but you can catch the days that I feel particularly feminine or masculine!

Please don’t worry about my pronouns, I’m fine with anything!

Signs a Girl Likes You: Online Edition

someone asked me for this a long time ago and i think i accidentally deleted the message so here it is! sorry for the delay!

  • this one’s obvious but she spends a lot of time talking to you! she messages you the moment she gets online and you talk until you go to sleep. maybe you do more than text, like video chatting or phone calls or online gaming
  • she introduces you to her friends! she wants you all to get along so maybe she adds you to their group chat or invites you to join a game they’re playing together 
  • she trusts you with personal information that you generally don’t tell people you’ve met online like her last name, where she lives, etc
  • she talks to you even during other social engagements! she texts you even while she’s at a party or sends you snaps when she’s busy just to show she’s thinking of you
  • OR she actually cancels plans to hang out with you! maybe she ditches her friends to video chat or play games with you
  • she gives you a cute nickname or a cute emoji next to your name. this is a big one i’m not kidding
  • she apologizes for being away/not being able to talk even if it rarely happens

Reasons why everyone should Stan NU’EST’s Ren 

MC: “You are like a girl.”

 🐰::“Thank You very much

Thank You Mingi for tearing down Gender norms since the tender age of 16 ❤️