Punisher: What it’s like to be a veteran in the US today.

Luke Cage: What it’s like to be black in the US.

Jessica Jones: What it’s like to be a woman recovering from trauma.

Daredevil: What it’s like to have a disability and work through it.


  • Jess: Hello, people who do not live here.
  • Luke: Hey
  • Danny: Hi!
  • Matt: Hello
  • Malcolm: Hey!
  • Jess: I gave you the keys for emergencies!
  • Malcolm: We were out of Doritos
Byakugan Queen

“Of course, she too, is an Elite Jounin by birth. Kekkei Genkai with her Hyakugan abilities…A new age heroine that has managed to shake the world of her Jyuuken with her powers…And his mother, the princess of the Hyuuga family…”

Tfw you really wanna play Ultra Moon but it still hasn’t come in the mail so you’re stuck playing Sun while you wait and the anticipation is killing you aaaAAAAA

Anyway have a Future Days Gladion in his Aether outfit :0c

Every single ship in the Netflix MCU has major chemistry. Canon or non-canon, doesn’t matter. How the fuck is that possible?

College AU Prompts

I thought it’d be fun to write some college AU stuff (I’ve never done it before so it could potentially go terribly 😂) anyway here are some prompts I’ve collected/created for you to request from:

  1. You spilt something on your laptop so you go to the floors computer tech for help
  2. I’m getting hit on at your party and you swoop in and save the day (Lydia Martin)
  3. “Your roommate and my roommate are having sex, can I crash here?” (Will Halstead)
  4. You talk to your neighbour across the hall in note form (Clarice Fong)
  5. “We both somehow ended up here and I think it’s gonna end in a satanic ritual.”
  6. I come to library everyday to ‘study’ but I’m actually just watching Netflix over your shoulder and I’m really invested in this series and the day you were supposed to watch the season finale you’re not there and I feel personally betrayed. (Jay Halstead)
  7. I’m sick can you please take notes for me in a lecture. (Ray Palmer)

(Once one has been requested it will no longer be able to request from so it really is a first come first serve basis)