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Sten: I knew one of your countrymen once, elf.
Zevran: Oh? Have you been to Antiva, then?
Sten: No. Until I came to Ferelden, I had never left the islands. She came to Seheron twice a year with the traders who bought spices from the northern jungle. Only she among the traders would speak to the antaam. Questions about the rainforest, its depths, and the things to be seen there. We humored her. She was… an unfortunate soul.
Zevran: Unfortunate in what way?
Sten: She was a Crow, as you were. Sent to assassinate the kithshoks, leaders of the army of Seheron, for the Tevinter Imperium. We knew this, and pitied her.
Zevran: I’m surprised you did not simply slay her.
Sten: There was no need. Her questions were meant to show her the way through the jungle towards our fortifications. And so one day, she snuck into the jungle to find her target. We found the pieces of her body in a tree, where the spotted cats kept them for later. We had never told her that our kithshoks were the ones who negotiated all the trades at the port.
Zevran: Then she was a fool. That’s not very sympathetic, I’m afraid.
Sten: It was her ignorance we pitied, not her mistake. She believe we hoarded things we cared for as her own people do. We were sorry for her, that she thought only some people were important.

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"Then you see Bioware favoring white characters because they are “fandom favorite” and brilliant characters like Vivianne are watered down. Do you see Devs talking about Vivianne, Zevran, Isabela etc? I dont." You know, the industry has alot of problems with racism, but this seems a little misplaced. Which devs aren't 'talking about Vivienne'? Her writer? The marketing team? The head writer? Didn't Isabela get to be an MP character? Didn't Zev get a return cameo before Leliana or Morrigan?

Let me put this way: Do you see the Devs being enthusiastics with them like they’re with Cullen or Morrigan?

Here, Here I Quake Ch25

A/N: Told myself I couldn’t do another drawing until this chapter was complete. Lol. So, what do you think? Should I do a Crows poster? I really wanna draw Zevran doing some hawt lounging. Just getting hawtness all over the lounging. Anyway, hope you’re enjoying this so far, as much as I am anyway. Questions and comments are always welcome! 

Links to:  Ch1, Ch2, Ch3, Ch4, Ch5, Ch6, Ch7, Ch8 ,Ch9,Ch10,Ch11,Ch12,Ch13, Ch14, Ch15,Ch16, Ch17, Ch18, Ch19, Ch20, Ch21,Ch22, Ch23, Ch24,


“I am perfectly serious,” says Josephine, her stylus held up in front of her in defense.

Ellana throws her hands up in his periphery. “I can’t even ….”

“I assure you, the offer is genuine. I just want to let you know before I book it,” Josephine says, then tilts her head. “I’m not sure I see what the problem is.”

“The ‘problem’ is it’s ridiculous.”

“This is a great opportunity for Inquisition. It’s the largest amphitheatre in Orlais. There will be thousands of people there!” Josephine’s hand does a little flip at the end of her wrist. “Now I know the type of music they typically showca—”

“There!” Ellana points. “That. The problem.”


“Don’t ‘Ellana’ me! Have you ever been booed off a stage? I tell you, it’s not fun.” Ellana turns to him. “Solas.”

He starts, torn from his furtive contemplation of the flex and bow of her lips. Thinking back frantically on the topic of conversation with guilt, Solas flounders. The flash of humor in her eyes tells him she’s noticed and will probably bring it up later. In private. A heat crawls up his neck at that thought.

She says, “Tell Josie she’s being ridiculous.”

Taking in a breath, he pauses, then says, “Is that not what we want? More exposure? It would be ridiculous not to consider it.”

“Traitor,” Ellana grumbles, frown tipping into a half-smile to show him she jests. “It’s a cold call. We have no fan-base there, no one who’s ever heard of us. And I can guarantee you we don’t play the type of music they’ll be expecting. Not opening for her. Her fans are not our fans. It’s a different genre altogether.”

“I agree it is a little strange. We can change the set list, perhaps. More ballads, less thrash.” Solas thinks it over. They might write a few new ones as well, something more—

“Nuh-uh. We’re not going to change just to make some saps happy. We are who we are. And no one, not screaming teeny boppers, nor their ditzy idol, the fucking Empress is going to change that!” The rant leaves Ellana a little breathless and Solas has to scold himself from thinking certain thoughts watching her speak with such passion.

But her strange, vehement reaction does beg the question; why is she so opposed to it?

Josie bites her lip, then blurts, “It’s Hilamshiral.”

“I know. I … I know.” Ellana seems to deflate. “A dream gig, if it was opening for anybody else. Why couldn’t it be Cailan? Or Paragon?”

“Well, the King of Rock is dead. And Paragon broke up … again,” Solas interjects.


Solas tries reason. “We are known in the Free Marches. And we are gaining a following in Ferelden as well. Perhaps we can hype up the show with a pre-gig tour.”

A light grows in Ellana’s eyes, crystallizing their emerald hue. It’s breathtaking. He forces himself to listen as she says, “Drag them over the Frostbacks with us? Oh, man! Yeah, I bet we can do that. At least get some of our people there. Maybe enough to drown out the booing.”

Josephine’s slim fingers busy themselves at her phone, jabbing and swiping with stylus. “I can book four cities before the event at the Winter Palace. All venues we’ve done before with favorable crowds.”

“Varric can drop editorials left and right. You know that rag he’s been printing about local music is picking up steam. I can’t go into a bathroom in Kirkwall without seeing a copy next to the toilet.” Ellana fairly bounces in her seat. “I wonder how far it circulates now.”

Solas exchanges a conspiratorial look with Josephine. He gives a wink on the side Ellana can’t see. The Antivan says, “Sooo, interested now?”

“I think it’s gonna be a disaster,” muses Ellana, sweeping her wild, red mane back over her shoulder. “But it might be a … fun disaster? Hey, at least we’ll get to check out Orlais. Book it, Josie.”

He hums in amusement as Josephine grins in excitement, poking her mobile into compliance. The human says, with awe and enthusiasm, “Done. Two months from now you will be on the biggest stage in the entire south. Before the largest audience yet in your career. Opening for Empress, the highest grossing pop artist of the decade.”

Ellana snorts after a long lull of watching Josephine staring off into the middle distance. “Thanks. If I wasn’t nervous before, I sure as hell am now.”

Sheepish, Josephine ducks her head. “Sorry. I got caught up in the moment.”

“The moment is not even here yet to capture you,” says Solas, spreading his hands. “Wait for it. When your two feet touch the boards, when the furor hushes in yawning, ravenous anticipation of what you come to offer as tribute … then, then let it take you.”

Both women shiver.

Ellana’s lips stretch into a crooked grin. “Keep talking like that and there very well might be some taking.”

There is that flush again.

How easily she disarms him. Sends him reeling. Wiping palms on pants to dry them, Solas clears his throat. “Ah.”

“Ah?” she asks, brow lifting.

“Just a … general ‘ah.’” He tries for flippant, but lands somewhere near flustered. Damning himself, Solas keeps his eyes on hers, though they want to drop to her lips.

“It’s just, for a second there, it looked like you were gonna argue about who was going to be doing the taking.” Ellana leans toward him just a hair.

He mirrors her, helplessly drawn into her orbit. “I cannot conceive of either one of us ending up the loser in that case—”

Josephine startles them both with a nervous titter. Solas’s guilty twitch nearly upends his glass of water in his lap. Standing after paying the bill, the Antivan says, rushed and breathy, “I must go get started organizing this whole thing. Good day to you both.” She turns back to say, a touch sly, “Or should I say, good night.”

He looks after the woman as she walks away, surprised at the flash of ribald humor there. So many interesting people and, to think, if he’d stayed in his cave, he’d never have met any of them.

“I was sorta hoping you spilled that drink in your lap,” said the grinning vixen to his left. He turns his head to find her close.

Very close.

His pulse hikes as she whispers in his ear, “I would have helped you clean it up. Used my napkin to blot, then maybe, I don’t know, gone in for a closer look to make sure we got most of it. For a proper, thorough inspection, I might have had to drop to the floor on my hands and knees.”

A touch shocked over the sudden roar of his heart in his ears, he says, “Ellana!”

“What? These tables have those nice long tablecloths for a reason.”

Just picturing it had him stiffening in his pants. “Vhenan, your teasing is going to make it difficult to leave. Or even stand.”

“Oooh, who says we have to leave? I like it here. It’s a sunny day. They have my favorite tea.” Ellana slips her arm around his, giving his hand a fond squeeze. “And I have you here to tease. It’s perfect.”

He chuckles. “Eventually we will have to. After all, we have Hilamshiral to plan for.”

Her lips purse in a little sour moue. “Eh. Maybe I should switch to booze.”

“So quickly does the enthusiasm for the adventure flee. No matter the outcome, at least we’ll have the experience,” he says, tilting his head and looking down at her.

Her teeth worry at her lip. “There’s another concern poking me. It’s gonna be big. There’s going to be cameras. Cameras mean footage. Footage that people will watch over and over again.”

He sees where she is leading him. “You believe this means someone will recognize me, despite the mask.”

Peering at him, Ellana nods. “And vocal protest will just make it all the more likely. They’ll dig if they think there’s a juicy secret.” Her hand clutches his a little tighter.

She expects me to quit her band now. As agreed if things grew dangerous. He shakes his head at her and speaks the bald truth sitting on the tip of his tongue, “I’m not going anywhere, vhenan. You are stuck with me.”

Her gusty sigh shakes him as much as it did her. A milestone passed in the hazy unknown of their relationship. He felt it settle within him like the first stone of a new foundation, and smiles as his feet find purchase thereon. No, he is not going anywhere.

Then he frowns as logic asserts an uncomfortable fact. He shares it, “Eventually, the truth will out, as they say.”

Ellana yanks a hand through her hair and mutters, “What do you wanna do?”

He shrugs.

“It’s your secret,” she admonishes. “Didn’t you plan for being found out?”

“Change my name? Relocate? Neither of which is an option any more,” he says, with a smile. Then he stands and offers her his arm. As they walk out of the restaurant and toward the docks, he ventures, “Regardless, vhenan, we have some time to think it through. Perhaps we can find a gentle way to break it to the others.”

“Ugh. I can hear Cass now.” Her voice deepens and adopts a Nevarran accent. “I can’t believe you lied to me, Ellana! I thought we were friends.”

“It’s only a lie if one directly contradicts reality. If she never asked, then why would you tell her?”

Her features draw into a scowl. “Really? I go with the whole ‘lie of omission’ thing?”

“I suppose that never goes over well. No matter how good one’s intentions.”

”No, it doesn’t. Better if they heard it from us than see it splashed all across the tabloid stands.”

Solas agrees.

They approach the warehouse from the street. The sounds of chatter and instruments warming up filter between the buildings to where they pace. Everyone must have arrived before them. 

As their linked shadows throw themselves across the floor and over four of their bandmates’ faces, they look up, faces breaking into smiles of welcome. Even Cole, though Sera is noticeably absent.

“Hello, everyone!” calls Ellana. They shout back greetings. Stopping before them all, Solas looks over to Ellana, giving her nervous assent, and she looks back before saying, “Hey, uh, so there’s this thing. Well, two things actually. One—”

“I’m gettin’ married!” yells a high-pitched voice behind them. They spin and Solas just sees a flash of flying blond hair before Sera launches herself at Ellana, giving her a crushing hug and a kiss on the cheek. With a laugh, the shorter violinist spins Ellana around, nearly lifting her off her feet.

Stunned amusement pulls Solas’s features into a smile.

Ellana gasps as they slide to a stop, catching her breath after being squeezed so hard around the ribs. She wheezes, “It’s not to me, is it? I don’t remember proposing.”

“No, you daft twat,” says Sera, somehow fashioning an endearment from that word. “To Widdle!”

“Dagna?” says Blackwall, brows lifting. Then his mouth splits into a wide grin. “Congratulations, Sera.”

“Look!” She holds out her hand, newly donned gold ring flashing in the light streaming in from the big door. Ellana and Cassandra peer close and give twin cries of appreciation. Blackwall also bends over it and gives an approving nod.

Sera shoves the jeweled band under Solas’s nose. He pulls back to look at it proper instead of cross-eyed. Polite, he comments, “Very nice.”

“Bent, she reaches. Arms encircle just the right amount. Perfect both directions.” Cole’s pale, watery eyes peer at them all over the drum kit.

Sera’s expression darkens, before she lights up again. “Wha’eva, weirdie. I’m gettin’ hitched. Quizzy will be my maid of honor, if we don’t just elope.”

Cassandra’s face drops a tad before she and Ellana are assaulted by another violent hug. Another round of laughing and congratulations fill the building to the rafters. Solas let himself be dragged into a quick embrace, uttering his own sincere good wishes.

“What did you want to tell us, Ellana?” asks Cassandra, turning to their lead singer. “Another engagement announcement?”

A sort of mild horror steals over him as they all turn to eye him. His mouth dries as the expectation in their gazes grows.

Ellana rushes to his rescue with flapping hands. “No, no. Nothing like that.”

Their expressions, poised on the precipice of elation, fall to melodramatic disappointment. His stomach flutters at the idea. Chagrin prods him, as well, for the strange lifting and tingling rush that accompanied Cassandra’s words.

“Besides, if it was, you would’ve spoiled the surprise, Cass. I mean, ‘Draste’s sweet, sweet bum, you can’t just put it out there like that. Let a girl choose her moment and shit.” Ellana coughs into her hand, cheeks red as berries. “No, we got a new tour to plan, at the end of which … the biggest gig we’ve ever done! Hilam-fuckin’-shiral!”

Awed gasps fill the silence thereafter. The band all look at each other, mouths gaping. Sera breaks the hush first, with a loud, declared, “Best day ever!”

In the tide of questions and talking after the announcement, they forget to practice. Solas fields a few of the questions to ease the burden on Ellana, and feels excited and a little proud as once the situation is clarified, their eagerness doesn’t flag. Grows, in fact.

As though the challenge invokes a new-found zeal in them. A chance to prove themselves on unfamiliar grounds, deep in unfriendly territory.

At the end, they adjourn to the Hanged Man to share the glad tidings with Varric. The dwarf sits like an aged king among them, listening. At the end, he says, “So Buttercup’s getting married.”

Solas chuckles as Varric lets out a loud ‘oof’ at the sudden tackle from one blond violinist.

Ellana sidles up to him and whispers, “I know you’re still mad at him, but maybe you could call Dorian?”

A lemon-sour prickle shoots through him, stealing his mirth. He huffs in exasperation at her pointed look.

Finally, he gives in, though it pains him to do so. “Fine.”

He earns a kiss for his surrender, so it’s not … all bad.

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Character profile for Lyna? uwu

[ hammers Mahariel Appreciation Club sign into the ground ]

full name: Lyna Mahariel Sabrae
gender and sexuality: cis female / straight and cautious
pronouns: she / hers
ethnicity/species: Fereldan, born and raised / elf.
birthplace and birthdate: somewhere in the Brecilian Forest, probably near the waterfalls, since it’s a sheltered place and has a lot of resources available. birthday is the 15th of Harvestmere, 9:06 Dragon. she’s only two years older than Cailan, actually!
guilty pleasures: high-end armor. chocolate. so much chocolate, oh man. but she has a terrible weakness for really good leathers that you’d probably have to sell your soul to buy. she has expensive taste if she lets herself relax—Zevran finds it highly amusing.
phobias: being trapped underground and/or being buried alive. lmfao. the Deep Roads were fun.
what they would be famous for: well, she is famous for saving Ferelden, stopping the Blight, yadda yadda, but if she hadn’t been the Hero i’m sure she’d have found a way into the public eye. trouble has a way of following her—she’d probably end up being well-known for being dragged into adventures she wanted no part of.
what they would get arrested for: a lot of people think she’s rather ruthless, so if she’d be locked up for anything, it’d be for doing something others thought unjustifiable. like, say, burning Amaranthine to the ground. 
oc you ship them with: i don’t think she’d be interested in anyone from my group, esp since she’s been burned in love once before and rather terribly. Nate was a happy fluke.
oc most likely to murder them: no one, actually. she’s rather well-liked by the girls she’s met and is friends with most of them. she’s most likely the only one who wouldn’t have an enemy if i put them all in a room together.
favorite movie/book genre: she likes poetry, and historical logs. she’ll gladly pore over an ancient scroll for hours and not regret a minute of it. she’ll read any story as long as she likes it, but she has a soft spot for happy endings, even if they might be “unrealistic.”
least favorite movie/book cliche: pointless character death.
talents and/or powers: she’s all over the place and has tried everything at least once, something that has to do with her versatility as much as it does with her natural talent for the martial arts. she’s very flexible, limber, and quick. she can pick pretty much any lock, barring it being enchanted, and she’s just as dangerous unarmed as she is with her daggers or her longbow. Duncan spotted both her potential and her considerable skill right away—he probably would have conscripted her regardless of the eluvian incident. 
why someone might love them: she treats everyone the same regardless of race, class, or circumstance. if you’ve been a shitheel, she’ll react accordingly. you’ll lose your head whether you’re a Tevinter slaver or a Fereldan noble. she’s obnoxiously fair, to the exclusion of her own feelings for whoever’s involved. she’s loyal, compassionate, incredibly smart, and wonderfully dependable. if she likes you enough, she will probably solve all your problems without needing prompting.
why someone might hate them: the above reasons (her fairness, for one) are all pretty valid, bc people don’t like it when they’re not treated preferentially, and it pissed off quite a few people in-game, lmao. she certainly made enemies out of most of the upper crust nobility, especially in Awakening. some think she’s a heartless husk because of the decisions she makes. she can seem closed off or apathetic when she’s trying to contain her emotions, so that’s another reason.
how they change: she’s bitter and unhappy at the beginning of Origins. she dislikes almost everyone she meets at first, and treats them harshly—after Ostagar, she withdraws… she doesn’t make many connections or get close to anyone until the halfway point of the game. Morrigan is probably the first person she opens up to in earnest. her friends and experiences turn her into a more rounded person. she learns to focus on the big picture beside herself, but she never loses her individuality. by Awakening she’s more like herself than she’s ever been, and her humor is firmly back in place. her recovery from depression and her facing of her fears makes me really proud and i’ll always appreciate having been able to see her make that journey.
why you love them: she was quite literally my first DA character. i even gave her the default name because i didn’t think i’d get attached, but, um, well, here we are. she’ll always have a special place in my heart, because she was the original, and she’s been with me through so much. 

I was tagged by @lavellaning and @ikyfv to do this 5 million years ago and unfortunately I’m only getting around to this just now. ; u;

1. Favorite romanceable character? sweet jesus idk probably at the moment that’s Fenris– but I haven’t been able to play through all romances yet to give you a fair answer but here we are.

2. Non-romanceable character you wish you could romance and why? KREM. A THOUSAND TIMES KREM. I feel like really there is no explanation needed bro.

3.  What one character was not in DAI that you wish was from any of the previous games and why? Ditto with everyone saying Zevran. And Sebastian, if he counts because lol that cameo in DAI was not satisfying at all. 

4.  What one character would you like to be friends with in real life and why?  Rowan because she deserved better, tbh. Alistair too, because he just seems like he’d give really good hugs.

5.  Do you have any favorite fanfic writers or artists? Gosh I’m terrible and haven’t read any fic for the past month and can’t recall  the authors of the ones I was utterly addicted to in Dec/Nov. (But you guys should totally give me recs Im all about recs) I’m terrible but I’ll take the time to look them up and put them on my rec’s page once I have the time. But my mutuals all count for favorite writers and artists!!

6. Who is your least favorite character in Dragon Age (does not have to be a companion) and why? Sweet Andraste that dude in DA2 who kidnaps elven children and kills them (he kills them, right? its been a while and my memory is fuzzy) for being tOO PRETTY??? Gosh he was so creepy I was noPING to hard at the quest how awful.

7. Did you make Alistair King or keep him as a Warden or did he run off to become a drunk?  Why? I made him king in my first playthrough because I played as Lady Cousland and wanted to do the cheesy marriage endgame. My second, he’s kept as a warden. I’m sure at some point he’ll end up as a drunk because I like playing through all the options. welp.

8. If you create fanfiction - who is your favorite character to write? If you don’t, then who is your favorite to read? I don’t think I’ve branched too much in my writing so far as canon characters are concerned but get back to me in a few months when I hopefully have my butt in gear and have posted a few chapters of my fics and I’ll have a more concrete answer for you. 

9. What is your hope for DA4? A soundtrack that matches the quality of DAI because that was seriously one of the highlights for me and the moment I heard it I knew I’d be a slave to this series. I really hope we get to see more countries, but I feel like that’s unlikely aside from Tevinter, but I’m reeeeaaally hoping we at least get more lore about Antiva and Rivain. And the return of the DA2 crew, yes pls. 

10. Name a character for each : Fuck/Marry/Kill

ahahaha;;;; uh???? fuck Zevran, marry Hawke, kill Danarius. 

11.  Share your favorite DA picture or fan art? ahdufaj;sdf THATS TOO HARD JESUS??? But this piece is apparently the first under my ‘fav’ tag which i try to use sparingly.