with yume nikki i guess

I implemented some unique(at least for me) system when I updating Witoru English translation. Here are some of them.

  • Cheat Protector is a hacked and old save file detector. When you load the game, it will automatically determine whether save file is fouled or not. For instance, Easy Mode switch and Normal Ending Cleared switch can’t be turn ‘On’ simultaneously. The protector will detect contradiction(Both switches turn on) like that and make game crash with customized error message like this:

Translation: I shouldn’t have done this but I didn’t know about it~ But isn’t it too late to do anything about it~ I became imbecile already~

  • Custom font: like this one:
  • Customized intro: I replaced Enterbrain logo into modified image. The first attempt can be found here.

Actually, I modified title screen cursor on previous translation works, however, it got scraped. Demonstration can be found here.


Yume Nikki is a surreal RPG Maker game made in 2004, and is largely regarded as the “grandfather” to the series of surreal/bizarre horror RPG games that spawned after it, such as The Witch’s House, Misao, Mad Father, Paranoiac, etc. 

Yume Nikki (literally translating to Dream Diary) follows the protagonist Madotsuki go through her dreams…. and that’s about all that’s REALLY concrete about it. You wake up, you’re in a room, and you refuse to leave your room. There’s no dialogue saying that you can’t leave your room, but Madotsuki shakes her head and won’t open it. So all that’s left for you is to look out of your depressing balcony, or go to sleep.

Since this game is “Dream Diary”, you go to sleep. And this is where the game actually begins.

This is the Nexus. The Nexus is your hub to different worlds in Madotsuki’s dreams - though really, these dreams are more like vague nightmares. 

Did I say nightmares? I meant Hellscapes 

There is no dialogue in this game, and the game is largely walking through some infernal abyss reminscent of Louis Wain’s cat paintings, but there ARE characters in it, such as 


The Thing with the Quivering Jaw!

And the internet’s favorite,


You encounter these characters (maybe) and many more (maybe) as you try desperately to navigate your way through insanity looking for “effects” that can do things like turn you into a demon, or a stoplight, or your hair into poop

there is no real explanation as to what the hell is going on, but there is an INCREDIBLE wealth of fan-theories that people have come up with based off of the imagery and symbolism people have identified in it.

I first found out about it when I was 18 and DAMN if seven years later I’m not still fascinated