with your wizard powers

[bursts through your bedroom ceiling and lands directly on you crushing your fucking sternum]

I’m The Time Wizard and I’m Here to Kill you.  

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You are only a child when they start feeding you stories about the greatness your last name carries.

You are six years old and playing with your fake wand as your father looks at you with pride and assures you your future will be filled with power and no wizard will look down on you.

You are seven when he starts telling you about those with less pure bloodlines, you nod your head as your idol, your hero, fills you with hatred and ignorance. “Dad is always right” he says, you believe him.

You are eight when you watch him mistreat others and spit on their heads for their status. You watch and learn.

You are nine when he encourages you to do the same and smirks at you with pride shining in his eyes. He calls you his good boy. You’ll do anything to have him look at you like that again.

You are ten when you notice there’s a darkness that creeps in your home on some days, even though the curtains aren’t closed.

You are eleven when he asks you to befriend the boy you’ve been hearing whispers about since you can remember. He says it’s your first task of many. You wear your name with pride.

You are twelve when he tells you you’re not his son unless you obey and bring glory to the old and proud family name. He tells you it’s your duty.

You are thirteen when you try to ask him for advice and he closes the door in your face because he’s busy. He says one day you’ll understand.

You are fourteen when he tells you it’s almost time to make your family proud.

You are fifteen when the darkness in your home no longer lurks behind closed doors.

You are sixteen when he lets the darkness use you as a punching bag. You are sixteen when he asks you to choose between following his path or dying. When he asks you to damage your soul.

You are seventeen and you’ve seen more death than most people your age. You have scars time cannot fade. You can end all of this by turning the boy in, quick and easy, you’d ensure a good future that way, but you don’t. Because you no longer believe Dad is always right.

You are Draco Malfoy, but you wish you were just Draco.

Snape is basically the Voice of Reason (raining perpetually on your parade) in the HP Series

Everyone else is like: “Let’s have an adventure!”

Severus is like: “Let’s not die before the Welcoming Feast, hmmm?”

Everyone else is like: “How about this ridiculously convoluted plan that has a pretty much zero chance of actually working in real life?

Severus is like: “No.” and “Albus, you’ve been eating far too many Sherbet Lemons again, haven’t you?”

Everyone else is like: “Use the same spells over and over again!”

Severus is like: “Why do I even bother trying to teach you idiots anything? I’m going off to my experimental spell room until you’ve learned your lesson.”

Everyone else is like: “Epic fight against powerful wizards!”

Severus is like: “No thanks.  Seen it. Got the Dark Mark. Wore the t-shirt. Not impressed.”

Everyone else is like: “The wizarding world is better than the muggle world because magic and whimsy and awesomeness! Finally, we can escape the mundane world of bullies and shitty jobs!”

Severus: *stares into the camera like he’s on the Office* 

“A big soggy dog with a frog on its head” Ha ha, oh hi there, my name is Jo and that was just an example of one of my “funny posts” here on tumblr dot com. This may surprise you but there is no actual soggy frog dog there in the room with you, I just conjured that image up using my words. I’m a very powerful wizard and if you cross me your life will only know regret

I need to re-read the Moving Castle series in general, honestly, because my favorite bits are actually from the second book in the series, Castle in the Air. 

Such as the moment where Sophie meets our plucky protagonist Abdullah and he asks after “this Wizard Howl of yours” and immediately Sophie goes “yeah Howl’s super powerful, and he’s also vain and cowardly and selfish and you can’t pin him down to anything.”

Naturally Abdullah’s all “wow I thought you actually liked the guy” and Sophie’s like “I’m not insulting him, I’m just describing him!” Like, Sophie does love him, but she has no illusions about how he actually is, and I love it. 

I’m sorry, but the Potters were really dumb for not letting Dumbledore be their secret keeper. I really don’t care if Sirius was their best friend, why the hell would you put your friend in more danger, when you can have Albus as your secret keeper? You know, the man who Voldemort FEARED? It makes more sense to put that ultimate protection on your family, with the most powerful wizard in the world, than put that kind of heavy responsibility in the hands of a 20 year old, barely out of Hogwarts.

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The lack of ability to make an epic fighter compared to a wizard sounds more like a "wizards level up quadratically, everyone else levels up linearly" problem. Which isn't specific to that edition of DnD, since I'm paraphrasing a page on TV tropes to describe the concept.

(With reference to this post here.)

I’m afraid you’re badly misunderstanding what the term refers to in this specific context. In the context of D&D in particular, the phrase “Linear Fighter, Quadratic Wizard” describes a specific game-mechanical phenomenon whereby leveling up as a wizard powers up all of your existing abilities in addition to granting new, power powerful ones.

For example, if you’re playing Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition and you’re a 5th-level wizard, you can cast fireball as a 3rd-level spell that does five dice of damage. If you’re a tenth-level wizard, that fireball does ten dice of damage - but it’s still just a 3rd-level spell, and you now have access to 4th and 5th-level spells on top of the spells you’ve retained from lower levels now doing twice as much damage.

It’s got nothing to do with the narrative scale of your forum for action, as discussed in the linked post; it’s a purely mechanical artifact of having all of your existing tricks constantly powering up with bigger and bigger numbers at the same time as you’re gaining access to newer, higher-tier tricks, without you having to make any choices about where to focus - you just get both.

(Note that this isn’t an issue in all iterations D&D, either because the scaling is sufficiently restrained on one or both of those axes that it doesn’t have a chance to become overwhelming, or - as in 5E - because your spells don’t automatically power up as you level up in the first place.)


When your wizard is level 1, they have issues controlling their powers such as: 

  • Storm electrocuting themselves
  • Ice suffering from the common cold and the chills
  • Fire overheating and sweating
  • Death becoming overemotional and unstable which causes them to drain their own soul
  • Life creating flowers/trees against their will
  • Myth summoning minions they can’t command at all (well even more so than ever)
  • Balance suffering from a small mix everything above
Lonely: Park Jimin x Hogwarts AU






Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Genre: Fluff/ Hogwarts AU/ Magic

Rating: T

Words:11.9 k

Cute Gryffindor Jimin makes me happy. Although I can imagine him as a Hufflepuff as well. 

-Admin Taettybear

Jimin’s mouth fell open as the loud smack of flesh echoed through the hallways. People watched with their eyes widen in shock, many people pausing to watch the scene.

“M-My nose! You fucking filth, you broke my nose!” The Slytherin male cried in pain as the blood seeped through his finger, dripping down his chin to the cobble floor.

You scowled, cracking your knuckles, taking a threatening step to your housemate.

“Well, will you look at that, I hurt an ever so powerful wizard the traditional muggle way!” Your voice dripped with sarcasm as you stared down the injured man.

You hummed, placing a finger on your chin, “Hm, I wonder, since a muggle born like me hurt you this easily with just my hand, I wonder what I can do with my wand and magic? Shall we find out?”

You pointed your wand to the man’s neck, pushing it into his neck, your eyes gleaming dangerously as your wand buzzed with magic.

The Slytherin looked terrified as he fell back, his knees failing him and making him fall onto his butt, “I-I take it b-back! Muggleborns are as p-powerful as any other wizard or witches!!” The man yelled, trying to crawl away from you.

Your lips curled up into a smirk, your wand still raised and pointing at the Slytherin, “Good thing we agree on something! Now, why don’t you apologize to him for the insult you spat at him?”

Jimin’s eyes widened when he realized that you were talking about him.

The Slytherin looked upset as he stared at Jimin, his nose starting to swell painfully. However, as you coughed, his eyes nervously darted to you who smiled sweetly.

“H-Hey, sorry for calling you a mudblood….” the man didn’t seem to want to continue. But as you stepped closer to the man he started to splutter his apologies.

“I w-wasn’t watching where I was walking and bumped into you. I really d-didn’t mean what I said…”

Jimin nodded slowly, not believing his ear. Not even Yoongi can make a Slytherin apologize to Jimin this easily. It was quite amazing.

“Good, good,” you beamed, but the smile didn’t reach your eyes. You placed your wand back into your black and green robe, “You should be thankful that it was just me, Seaman, imagine if Yoongi-sunbaenim was the one who found out.”

At your evil words, the man paled, looking extremely sick.

“But it’s okay since I’ll tell sunbaenim that I took care of it,” your sweet smile turned deadly, your eyes filling with hidden promises that even made Jimin shudder. “However, if I hear you say something like what I heard again, I’ll make sure to help sunbaenim to make your life a living hell. Now, scram.”

The man didn’t need to be told twice. He scrambled to his feet, tripping once before escaping the scene, many of the students watching in awe.

You huffed and rolled your eyes. You couldn’t believe he was your housemate, he was just all bark and no bite.

Jimin smiled shyly as he faced you. He got a better look at you, trying to figure out if he knew you. You looked familiar to him from passing him in the hallways but he was certain he didn’t have a single class with you, which meant you were probably in a different grade.

“Hey, um, thanks fo-”

You looked at Jimin stoically, your eyes icy cold before you spun around, making Jimin get a quick whiff of honeysuckles from your hair.

You didn’t bother looking at the poor male as you walked off, leaving him standing by himself in the hall, confused out of his mind.

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You’re a Witch, Y/N!! (Newt x Reader) Pt. 1

hiiiiii lovely people!! this is a newt scamander x reader fic i wrote. it’s kinda angsty and stuff but also fluffy!! it was so long i split it into parts to make it more readable hahhah. okay,, enjoy!!

ship: newt scamander x reader

rating: K

read the other parts (so far) here:  2, 3, 4

Bright sunlight hits your face as you step out of Tina and Queenie Goldstein’s New York City apartment, your fiance Newt Scamander by your side, carrying a picnic basket. The sisters follow behind you two, with Queenie’s fiance Jacob holding her hand. The Goldstein sisters had brought you up as one of their own, after your parents had died in the fight against Grindelwald that still continues today. You’re one year younger than Queenie, and Tina and Queenie have always treated you like their little sister. 

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Hunter-“Come on gorgeous tell us where your boyfriend is and we’ll let you go, it’s not that difficult”

Y/N-”You might as well kill me now, i will never tell you anything about Kai or where he is”

hunter-Don’t test me bitch, i’ m gonna ask you one more time, where is your oh so powerful wizard boyfriend”

Kai-”I’m right here, oh and i prefer the term megapowerful *Kicks some serious ass*

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hey in your wizard tooru AU does the royal family have any distinct powers? just out of curiousity ^^; and when you said akaashi's dad isn't from a wizarding family is he a 'normal' human then??

Bo’s family doesn’t have any distinct physical trait or any special attacks. Generations and generations ago, their family was blessed by a fairy to be very good leaders. They are charismatic, empathetic and have a very clear view of situations. They can take action fast and lead their country out of difficulties. 

Akaashi’s dad owns a tavern. He used to help his father there when he was younger and that’s how he met his wife. Akaashi and his friends hangout there all the time (they end up staying until it closes to help his dad clean the place up xD). And, yes. He’s a normal human.

Birds Of Prey (Credence x Reader)

In which: there is a dangerous kind of strength in solitude, but the Reader is attracted to the darkest parts of Credence’s mind as well. Set about seven years after the events of Fantastic Beasts.

The story was inspired by these photos, so please keep them in mind while reading~

Warnings: there’s smut at the end! If you’re not into it, you can stop reading at the second title drop - it’s still over 1200 words without the last part :)  

Word count: 1.931

It was still dark outside when you woke up on a winter night, with wind howling outside and a gentle patter of snowflakes falling against your window. You wanted to stay like that forever, wrapped in a cocoon of blankets, a warm body pressed against your side. He was all hard angles and soft breaths, which turned out to be a fitting description of him in all areas of life. You rolled over to face him, hooking your leg around his, your arm across his chest. Since it was one of the precious few nights when no nightmares bothered him, you didn’t want to wake him up. Getting out of bed would do exactly that. Or so you justified yourself.

You really didn’t want to leave just yet, so you nuzzled your face into the crook of his neck. Nothing but cleanliness and aftershave.

When was the first time you’ve smelled this?

Five years ago, in the restricted section of the library, after an argument that ended with heated kisses and wandering hands, with your back pressed against a bookshelf and stars dying behind your eyelids?

No, you decided. A few months earlier.

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