with your scruff

The artist’s cat is very well-behaved with you, agreeing to pets and the occasional brush of your fingers against its scruff. This is not necessarily because the cat just likes you so much better than he likes anybody else; the fact that Petya doesn’t scratch you, in fact, just means that you are tolerated. He’d be all over you with squishy paws, purrs, and engraving his territory otherwise, like he’s doing now. Petya rushes towards the artist, lies flat on his back to expose his warm dark belly - then, when the man is lured to petting him, moves in for the kill without mercy, ever so gently and lovingly sinking the tip of one claw into the delicate surface of his skin.

“Every time,” the artist chuckles dryly. “I fall for it every time. I’m all right.”
By the time Petya’s stopped grabbing at him, there are three new puncture marks on his wrist and the look in his eyes are that of a broken man.

Dating Derek Hale Would Include ...

A/n: Happy New Year’s Eve everyone. I’ve been wanting to write this for a while so here it is. Have a wonderful evening! - Cat x

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Dating Derek Hale would include …

  • Before he asked you out, he was smitten for a long time but was afraid of confessing.
  • But he always tries to make-up for the lost time.
  • Both of you being very protective over each other.
  • Derek would make you stay at home when the pack calls on him.
  • You would always make him just stop once in a while so he could get a good night’s sleep and let his mind and muscles relax.
  • Always falling asleep with you head on his chest and his arms around you, whether you were in bed or on the couch.
  • Lots of kisses.
  • Giggling when he kisses you because his scruff tickles your face.
  • Him driving you everywhere.
  • Working out together.
  • You usually wake up early together to go for a run or hike and watch the sunrise.
  • Then you’ll come home, make coffee and read together.
  • You being the one to convince him to decorate the loft properly.
  • Him always buying you flowers and small gifts which you often find in really random places.
  • He knows that if you’re going out without him you’ll wear his leather jacket, so he leaves little notes or a few dollars for coffee in there for you to find.
  • He would be really good at doing your hair and so you let him do it as it brings back fond memories of his sisters.
  • Tracing his tattoo and having deep conversations when one of you can’t sleep.
  • Going on different and interesting dates.
  • Like to see the dogs at the animal clinic or apple picking or going to different doughnut places and comparing them.
  • Always being the one to make him smile when he is really struggling to.
  • Texting almost constantly, often about really random subjects.
  • Having regular debates about politics and other subjects.
  • Being really similar but very different at the same time.
  • Although you love the dates Derek plans, staying at home, watch Netflix and cuddling is your favourite.
  • Which is followed very closely by cuddling on the roof and stargazing.
  • It takes Derek a while to say I love you, but eventually he would say it constantly.
  • When you help him treat some of the harsher injuries after a fight.
  • When he passes by you while you’re cooking.
  • Just before you go to sleep every night.
  • Basically, your relationship would be full of cuddling and emotion and passion and unconditional love.
Private Moments

Drabble request from anonymous

Jon Snow x Reader

24. “Get over here and make me.”
30. Attending a wedding together

Warnings: fluffy Jon

Words: 751

“Y/N if you get any more beautiful I’m not going to be able to let you out of this room” your love chuckled, wrapping his big arms around you from behind. You let yourself relax into his embrace, giggling as his scruff tickled your neck and collarbone.

“Oh hush Jon” you said, twirling in his arms to face him. Your hand cupped his cheek as you leaned up on your tip toes to kiss him.

“I’m serious, sweetheart. You’re all mine and I can’t have other men eyeing you up” he let out a playful growl and pulled you down onto the bed, rolling on top of you and peppering your face and neck with kisses as you giggled. Through his hail of kisses you managed to get a few words out,

“Excuse me, sir but I need to get ready for your brother’s wedding” you kept laughing at the soft, sweet kisses Jon was now placing all over your arms and hands.

“Call me sir again” he mumbled with out looking at you and bit down on your shoulder.

“Jon!” you nearly screeched as he pinned you down and continued biting and kissing your neck. Somehow you managed to wriggle out of his grip and get back over to the mirror to do your hair and readjust your dress since Jon pushed the straps off of your shoulders. Once you were finished braiding your hair and fixing your dress, you fastened the necklace that Jon had given you when the two of you had been together for a year, a delicate silver snowflake pendant with a silver chain.

To your surprise, you turned around to find Jon passed out on the bed, snoring lightly and still in his sleeping clothes. You threw a pillow from the chair at his head, hitting him square in the face. You chuckled as he startled awake, nearly falling off the bed.

“Not funny, Y/N” he grumbled, turning to his side and cuddling the pillows tight. A signal that he clearly was not ready to go to the wedding that was only in a few short hours.

“Come on Jon, you have to get ready” you said over your shoulder as you put your earrings into your earlobes and put the final touches on your outfit, making sure everything was perfect.

Get over here and make me” he smirked, raising an eyebrow, taunting you.

“Jon Snow if you don’t get ready for this wedding and we end up being late, you won’t touch me until winter comes” you threatened, a smirk playing across your own face when his eyes went wide with concern. He let out a groan that you could have sworn was him whining and he growled “Fine” as he got up off the bed and grabbed his clothes and furs for the wedding.

After your boyfriend quite regrettably got dressed into the clothes for the wedding, he walked over to you while puffing out his chest.

“How do I look?” he asked, pulling you to stand by lifting under your chin with his hand.

“Dashing as always, my love” you smiled, pressing your lips to his with the intention of it being a brief kiss, but Jon had other ideas.

He snaked an arm around your waist, pulling you flush to his chest and kissed you so deeply and passionately that you were sure if he wasn’t holding onto you so tightly you would have passed out and fell to the floor right there.

“How you manage to take my breath away every single day, I don’t think I’ll ever understand” you laughed out, resting your head on his chest.

“Same here, sweetheart” he kissed you lightly on the top of the head, “Come on, let’s go show up everyone else at this wedding with how incredible we look.”

The giggles that escaped your chest this time were ones you couldn’t stop. The kind Jon always got out of you, the carefree laughing that made him love you even more.

He loved you so much he couldn’t wait until it was your wedding that the two of you would be getting ready for. Unbeknownst to you, that day would be coming much sooner than you thought, Jon thought to himself as he lightly played with the ring in his pocket. Tonight would be the night. He’d even gotten Robb’s approval to propose to you at their wedding feast. He was finally going to ask the woman he loved to be his wife.

Tonight Looks Good on You

Originally posted by gotham

Pairing: John x Reader
Word count: 1,162
Warnings: A swear or two
Prompt: Tonight Looks Good on You- Jason Aldean

John watched as you stood in your favorite sundress, barefeet resting on the soft carpet of your shared bedroom. You looked over at him and blushed. “This?” You did a small turn for him. “Or jeans?” He was taking you out for your three year wedding anniversary while the boys watched your six month old daughter. You were still worried about the little pooch on your lower stomach, which he couldn’t see why.

He got up and smiled, enjoying the way the light of the sunset hit your hair, which was left down. “You look damn good either way, sweetheart.” He smiled before standing behind you. You giggled when he kissed your shoulder, his scruff tickling you. “How about the dress for tonight? I know how much you miss getting all dolled up.” John kissed your cheek and patted your backside with a chuckle before walking away.

The doorbell had rang, letting you know that Sam and Dean were there. They fought over who would get to watch her, and this was the solution. They both adored their baby sister to bits, and you had no arguments.

You ain’t got a dress that I don’t like
You ain’t got a pair of jeans that don’t fit you just right
There’s not a minute in the day
That you don’t knock me out, you don’t blow me away
But, girl, now that the sun’s gone down (whoa-oh-oh)
Looking at you right here and now, baby

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So Sick

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 790

Warnings: Fluff, medicine

Summary: Short and sweet one shot with a sick!Dean

A/N: The temperature is in fahrenheit

“Dean?” You grumble, attempting to blink the sleep out of your eyes. He groans in reply, nuzzling his nose further into your neck and tightening his grip around your waist. You feel a hot flash run through your body, your hair sticking to your forehead with sweat. The blankets have been kicked off in the middle of the night, yet you still feel like you’ve just ran a mile in the middle of a scorching summer day.

“Too hot.” You mumble, trying to push him off of yourself.

“Mmm, thanks babe.” You feel his lips curve up against your neck, the short scruff on his face making you squirm.

“No, you’re burning up. I think you have a fever.” You say, pressing the back of your hand against his clammy forehead.

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Going Down

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

Pairing: John x Reader
Word count: 381
Warnings: Oral, swearing, Daddy!Kink

Part 6 of Dirty Little Secret

Waiting to see you in some special outfit wasn’t that John cared to do. The second you walked out the door, he was craving you. The longer he stayed lying there, the more he imagined what you would taste like, what you would sound like, and how you would feel. He was aching to touch you.

Before he knew it, his clock read 5 in the morning. John grabbed a pair of boxers and pulled them on. He knew what he wanted for breakfast- you.

You were sleeping on your stomach when he slipped into your room. Licking his lips, he shut the door and walked over to you. Your legs were tangled in your sheets, wearing nothing but a tank top and a pair of boy shorts. “Baby girl?” He breathed, crawling up your legs, his lips brushing your skin. His scruff rubbed against you, causing you to shift. “Wakey wakey.” He chuckled.

Groaning, you glanced down. “John?” You asked, your voice laced with sleep. When he shook his head, you smirked. “Daddy?”

“I’m here for breakfast in bed.” He grinned at your facial expression as his fingers gripped the fabric of your underwear.

You bit your lip. “Sounds like a plan to me.”

He slid the fabric down your legs, enjoying how you shifted to make it easier on him. After letting them fall to the floor, his hands moved up the back of your legs, enjoying how smooth they are. “Hips up, baby girl.” He told you. You did as he told you, keeping your chest down.

His hands gripped your thighs as he leaned forward, his tongue flat against your slit. Your hands gripped the sheets as a long moan came out. “John…” You breathed. John groaned against you, pushing his tongue into you.

John knew how to work you perfectly, enjoying the sounds you were making. As his tongue moved down towards your clit, your back arched, pushing back towards him. The tip of his tongue circled the small bundle of nerves.

“Fuck, fuck….” You panted, your legs shaking slightly. He sped up his movements slightly, smiling against you as you cried out for him, neither of you hearing your phone vibrating on your nightstand. “John, please. Fuck me, Daddy!” You begged, wanting to feel him.

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helping Chris Evans shave would include

Originally posted by your-kylie-me

  • waking up to Chris kissing your neck
  • him smiling when he notices you’re awake
  • “good morning, beautiful”’
  • him pulling you into his embrace
  • putting your head under his chin
  • kissing his jaw
  • your fingertips wandering on his hairy cheeks
  • him kissing your fingers
  • “i like your scruff”
  • “well too bad because it needs to go away today”
  • “you wouldn’t dare”
  • “i’m sorry, love, but Cap can’t have a beard”
  • “maybe he decided to change his style, you know, wearing all leather and stuff, growing a beard, dating Buck-
  • “urgh here we are again. you ship stucky more than you ship us”
  • “it’s absolutely true”
  • getting up to make breakfast
  • him hugging your from behind as your making pancakes
  • him moving his cheek against yours
  • feeling his scruff on your skin
  • leaving small kisses on your skin
  • turning around and kissing him passionately
  • your hands on his cheeks
  • eating your breakfast while sitting on his lap
  • “want to help me shave, love?”
  • “why would i want to help you kill something i love so dearly?”
  • “because you love me more?”
  • “good point”
  • putting some shaving cream in your hand
  • rubbing your hands together
  • him kissing your neck
  • his soon-to-be-gone beard tickling you
  • “i feel like a mother who’s about to kill her son”
  • applying the shaving cream on his beard
  • taking the razor
  • slowly and gently shaving a small section of his beard
  • him giggling
  • “you’re so cute when you’re concentrated”
  • working on another section
  • “i’m so sorry”
  • “who are you talking to?”
  • “your beard”
  • washing his face with warm water
  • pat drying it
  • taking his face in your hands
  • nuzzling your face against his smooth cheeks
  • “it’s so soft”
  • him pulling you closer
  • “but i like you better when you have a beard”
Soft Scruff

Originally posted by thespoilerwitchblog

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Rating: NSFW smut
Warning: scruffy Bucky, the gif has nothing to do with the fic.
Prompt: Early morning head from Bucky. 

You stretched softly a small moan leaving your parted lips as the early morning rays of sunlight peaked through the curtains, you turned on your side to admire the sleeping man beside you. His hair was sprawled out on the pillow behind him and his lips were parted letting soft snores escape, you reached over and ran your fingers over the scruff on his jawline.

You let your eyes trail over the smooth shiny metal of his left arm, it had taken Bucky a while to be comfortable enough for him to show you his metal arm let alone be shirtless in front of you. Smiling softly you let your fingertips gently run over the junction of his elbow before trailing down over his wrist, you ran your index over each finger individually reveling in the smoothness.

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Originally posted by werewolvesxo

Negan Smut week masterlist

Being woken up to Negan’s finger tips trailing over your side was something you’d never argue about. His lips would brush your neck, his scruff tickling you. Slowly, his hand would move over your hip, teasing your skin through the lace of your underwear. “Something you want, baby girl?” He’d breath in your ear as you pushed back against him.

“I want you to give me a proper wake up.” You’d look over your shoulder, a playful smile on your lips.

He’d roll you to your back, already ready for you. However, he’d take his time. There would be a thin sheen of sweat over your skin before he thought about fucking you. You would have cried out for him so many times that he could have just looked at you and you’d cum.

Your lips would crash against his as he would enter you, his movements both tender and rough. His hands caressing your skin, holding you close. Negan’s voice would carry you to that high, his face in your neck. He’d growl about who you belonged to, about how much he loved you, and needed you. Your nails would claw at his back as you begged him to go harder, make you feel it for hours.

With a smirk, he’d give you exactly what you asked for. When you both were laying on your backs, breathing heavy, he’d pull you to his chest, and tell you to go back to sleep.

Except this morning. This morning was different. You watched him, curious, as he got out of bed, not caring about his nudity. Looking him up and down, you bit your lip. He chuckled and shook his head. “Soon, baby girl. But first…” He climbed over the bed to you, his lips brushing yours. “Will you marry me?” He sat back on his heels, holding open a small box with a simple diamond ring.

“Oh my God!” You grinned. “Yes!” You kissed him deeply. “A million times yes!”

You’d never seen his face light up like that. He slipped the ring on your finger, his thumbs brushing over your knuckles. “Now, how about we celebrate?”

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Men of the Internet

Stop posting your beards and scruff. It’s cruel. If you don’t cease fire, I’m going to have to retaliate with gratuitous yoga pictures. This could mean war.

Imagine Crowley kissing all of your insecurities.

You skin was tingling everywhere Crowley’s lips trailed, goose bumps appearing on your entire form. If this was his idea of taking your mind off of things, then you were more than okay with it…that was until he decided to do something no one ever took time to do.

It all started from your lips, but then he trailed down your arms causing you to jerk them up when he placed a kiss to your scars. “Crowley! What the hell?” You halfway yelled.

He only shushed you and took your hand in his and returned his lips. “Darling, there isn’t anything to be ashamed of…These…these tell your story. They show are strong you are…They are what make you, you.” He continued down both arms before trailing his fingers down your sides and placing his lips to your abdomen, his scruff scratching slightly. “And no matter how much you hate this part of your body I will always love it…so perfect…”

As uncomfortable as it was for him to pay so much attention to the parts of your body that you always chose to ignore, you couldn’t help but sigh and relax into his touch. Being in his arms always did bring a since of comfort and security that no one else could give you.

You closed your eyes as his mouth trailed over your thighs, pinkish scars holding painful memories there also.  Soft lips pecked each and every line before nipping at the soft skin. “You just don’t even understand how beautiful you are, kitten. I don’t know how you don’t see what I do…You’re perfect…just the way you are.”