with your long beautiful hair

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On your snaps you seam to be self conscious about your hair and looks. You are beautiful with out makeup and long hair. You are talented in many ways. And you are beautiful.

Aawww….. that was so nice haha thank you ♥️♥️

We have all once been bald ponytail Zuko, but we all have the capability to transition into hot long hair Zuko and I think that’s beautiful. Make your goal in life to become hot long hair Zuko and the world will be a better place.


In this endless world, I was searching for you… 

To the trans girl at my hotel

When you walked in at the same time my family and I did I could see you were expecting remarks or stares, the way you folded into yourself is something I know all too well. Then you waited for your own elevator not wanting to be stuck with strangers because fear. I invited you in with a smile holding the door for you. “I was going to wait for another,” you said. I beckoned you to join us and you thanked me and came in. You were quiet but polite. I could see the fear and apprehension in your face.

I just wanted to say one thing. You were in the presence of a friend. You were safe from harm and with someone who knows what it’s like to be treated differently because you are not the majority. You do not need to cower and it broke my heart to see how you did so. I just wanted to hug you and tell you how beautiful you were with your long hair and big eyes.

If I see you again I will be sure to tell you how beautiful you are just to put a smile on your lips. I can only imagine how even more stunning you would be with one. I will tell you no matter what you are an amazing women. You are strong and brave and perfect just for being you. I do hope to get the chance.

  • I Want You (Improvisation)
  • John Lennon & Yoko Ono
  • Late-End 1968

Late-End 1968: John and Yoko sing to each other, bluesy and sensual.

JOHN: I want to see you standing / I want you on your back / I want you on the floor / And I want you on the rack / I wouldn’t like to hurt you / But I’d love to see you there / Just like in the dirty movies / With your long black hair.

I know we got some clothes so beautiful and leather in Paris France / Yoko you better lose some weight and get into that old pants / Because I want you / Want you in the morning with your pants on so tight / And your body so warm / … If it’s alright.


When you can’t stand the mirrors.
When seeing your own face is agonizing.
When your cheeks are too round,
And you jaw isn’t square,
And you’re smooth and soft,
And don’t even get you started on your hair.

When your shoulders are too fucking small,
And your chest is too full of fat.
And there’s not nearly enough muscle.
And your body is smooth where there should be hair,
And your hips are as wide as a truck,
And dammit why can’t you be tall?

When you hear Miss instead of Mister,
And wonder what tipped them off.
When you Ma’am instead of Sir,
And stop talking for hours,
Because somehow you’re sure it’s your voice.
Too high, too sweet, too delicate and lilted.
Vocal cords you hate,
And wish you could wind,
Tight, so tight,
Around your throat,
Every single night.

When it’s she instead of he
And her instead of him.
When teachers and students and friends fuck up.
When your dad mourns your “beautiful long hair”
And refuses to call you his son.
And your mom pretends to understand,
But really she doesn’t have a clue,
And you’re all alone again.
Just your dysphoria and you.

When your skin is itchy.
Too tight, too loose,
Fat here, wrong spot,
Where is my muscle?
When your hands are too small,
And there’s a space between your thighs,
And your skin is smooth not rough,
And you soul continues its silent cries.

When you’d rather gouge your own eyes out,
And scream till your throat is raw,
Than look in the mirror,
Or hear “of course ma’am”

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Your long haired pidge edits give me LIFE She is beauty she is grace👏👏👏

you forgot the best part “ she is beauty she is grace  she can punch you in the face “

Trans boys with long hair are amazing, like just think about it

- trans boys with braids
- trans boys with pony tails
- trans boys with pig tails
- trans boys with colorful long hair
- trans boys with curly long hair
- trans boys with frizzy long hair
- trans boys with accessories in their long hair

The possibilities are endless! Wow, they’re all so beautiful & handsome, support your local long haired trans boy

Pretty Boy

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“I can’t believe they’re asking you to cut your hair. It’s so beautiful and long and I love it.”

Jeonghan laughed as you ran your fingers through his hair and pouted. Seventeen’s comeback was near and the stylists had decided to go with something different this time around. He was looking forward to it but he knew you would have some reservations.

“I’m sorry,” Jeonghan grinned as he glanced up at you. “It’s just hair, though. It’ll grow back.”

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BTS react to their GF having long wavy hair

I was wondering how you think exo or bts would react to a gf with really long and wavy hair? (Mine goes down to my butt) Thanks! :3

Jimin: (this one popped in my head as soon as I read the question tbh) I think this sneaky little thing would use the length of your hair as an excuse to constantly stare at your butt. 

“Jimin are you staring at my butt?” You’d ask, eyebrows raised.

“What? No! No no, I was just looking at how long your hair is jagiya. It looks beautiful” He would say exaggerating the ‘No’s a little bit too much. He flashed you a smile, his cheeks slowly turning red having been caught red handed. You nodded, unconvinced, but decided to give him the benefit of the doubt, until you caught him staring again.

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Jin: Jin would love your long wavy locks, he would stare at the length of your hair when he looked at you from a distance, admiring how it glistened in the light. He wouldn’t be able to stop himself from staring in admiration as you carefully brushed your hair.

“Can I try?” He would ask, taking the brush from your hands, and ever so slowly and gently, he would begin to brush your hair, watching the brush run through it, separating the strands, only for them to get back together in the end.

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Rap Mon: Namjoon would probably find your hair quite sexy, he would love watching it brush your hips as you walked. He would probably not be able to stop himself from biting his lip, or giving a smirk whenever you flipped your hair away from your hair, or behind your shoulder.

“I really love your hair, you know?” he would tell you, grabbing the locks at the back of your head before crashing his lips onto yours, sending the butterflies in your stomach into a state of euphoria.

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Suga: I think Suga would love your hair, he would love watching it cascade down your back, and bounce in the air when you walk. He wouldn’t tell you this though, because he isn’t too good at expressing his feelings (talking about feelings isn’t swaggy you know?), but I’m sure you would know by the way he holds you close, and plays with your hair gently every so often.

I think he would be the type to take in the scent of your shampoo when you cuddled in bed with him, and gently run his hand through your hair once you were asleep, until his eyes grew heavy and sleep took over.

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J-Hope: I think J-Hope would tease you a little about your hair, whenever he saw you huff and puff because your hair got messy after a tickle fight, or complaing about how hard it is to brush your hair. He’d secretly love it when you complained though, because it would give him the perfect excuse to take the hair brush from your hand, and use it himself.

“It’s not that hard silly, even I can do it!” he would joke, gently running the brush through your hair, getting rid of all the tangles he had previously caused. On a side note, I think he would find your messy hair quite sexy.

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V: Taehyung would be madly in love with your hair. He would spend hours playing with it as you lounged about, running the locks through his fingers in amazement. 

“Your hair is so pretty Y/N” he would tell you over and over. “How do you make it so soft?”

“See all the hair products in our bathroom? Thank them” You’d reply with a laugh, but he would shake his head.

“teach me how to braid your hair the way you always have it” He would ask you, taking you by surprise. You would slowly agree, running him through the basics of braiding hair, before letting him practice on your endless waterfall of hair. Eventually, after many MANY tries, he would get the hang of it, and you would cheer, kissing him softly as a reward.

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Jungkook: Jungkook would surely be intrigued by it. He would ask you questions about what it is like to have hair that long all the time.

“Is  it heavy? Does it make you hot? Is it uncomfortable? Do you have to brush it every day?” He would ask, making you laugh with every question. You would patiently answer all of them, although some were quite difficult to answer since you had never really thought about it before. He would love your hair, he would love the different things you could do with it, and he would love how it fell on your face, making you look absolutely adorable.

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I’ve had my hair colored like this for about three weeks. There’s been very minimal fading, so the color still looks amazing. It’s the first time today (02/09/2017), I styled my hair since I’ve colored it like this.