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For the drabbles (if theyre still open!) #18, Jungkook, and either Jungsh00k Au or Fuckboy!Jungkook 😍 Whichever one you think fits it the best. Also I have to say that your writing honestly makes me so damn happy okay oml ❤️❤️ Dont push yourself, and stay healthy!

hello thank you so much for asking! i hope you like it! it’s a continuation from my previous fuckboy!jungkook drabble, hope that’s okay!

18. “Do you…well…I mean…I could give you a massage?”


part one 

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Fix It

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Jeff Atkins x Reader
Request: No.
Word Count: 1,538
A/N: So I had the idea to do this earlier and…now I’m sad. I didn’t go into too much detail with this one, but bear with me for the beginning. Please leave requests and yeah…That’s really all I have to say. If you want to ‘enhance’ the experience, a song you can listen to while reading this is Surrender - IAMX and then also Easier - Mansionair. Enjoy!
Warnings: Mentions of Suicide attempt
Italics = You, Bold = Jeff, Bold Italics = Friend’s mom
(Y/F/N) = Your Friend’s Name, (Y/F/LN) = Your Friend’s Last Name

 Your heart raced as you picked up your bag and dashed out of the classroom. Voices from behind called out your name, but the sound became faded as you neared to main doors. You were upset, beyond upset. (Y/F/N) had been emitted to the hospital earlier that day, and it broke you heart. They’ve been with you through everything, they were always there for you and you couldn’t stand to know that they were hurting. The newly brought pain pricked at you as you sprinted to the hospital, you decided it would take too long to drive, you needed to be with your friend now. The run was shorter than you had expected, but still you were out of breath. You burst through the glass doors of the building and leaned over to try and catch your breath. The people there turned to look at you, and a few even asked if you needed help, but you waved them off. Slowly you walked up to the front desk and asked for your friend. The lady, who was wearing a knee length white dress, eyed you before speaking. “Excuse me Ma'am, only family members are allowed to see Mrs. (Y/F/LN) at this time.” Your hands balled into fists and you shook your head, “Excuse me but-” “It’s okay, she’s with me.” (Y/F/N)’s mother put a hand on your shoulder while looking at the lady behind the desk. She politely smiled before motioning for me to follow her. You took this time to examine her, and it was obviously that she’d been crying. The stains from her tears left that part of her face a different color, she was still dressed in her work clothes but they looked wrinkled and sloppy. You both arrived at the elevator and stepped in. Mrs. (Y/F/LN) pushed the button that would take you guys to the appropriate floor and leaned back. It was quiet because you were the only two, and you didn’t know if you should ask about the situation or not. You’d spaced out looking at the floor, but was brought back into reality when the elevator ‘dinged.’ The doors opened, and Mrs. (Y/F/LN) exited first with you following close behind. She stopped at a room with the number 537 printed next to the door. It was odd, she didn’t move to go inside, but rather just stood there. It seemed that she’d drifted into thought, and you’d really felt bad for her. You could see that she was learning how to cope with it all, and you knew it wasn’t easy. The sound of the doorknob twisting was brought to your attention, and the doctor stepped out. He kindly smiled, moving around to get to where he needed to be. Your throat became dry as you stepped into the bright, white room. (Y/F/N) was lying in the bed, with a mask over their face. Their eyes were closed and it looked to be that they were sleeping. But everything was so real, you could see the hint of pain written all over them. You sat down in the seat next to the bed and grabbed your friend’s hand. The mother walked back in and quietly sat next to you. “I guess I never told you why (he/she) is here.” She looked drained, and you thought it was weird what grief could do to you in a short amount of time. “It was a suicide attempt, overdose to be exact, (Y/F/N)’s in a coma and the doctors don’t know if (he/she) will make it.” You wondered if she could hear you heart break, because to you it was loud. You were blaming yourself for everything, and you thought that maybe (Y/F/N) had accused you of not caring before attempting to take their life. The tears rolled down your smooth cheek, but it was silent. It was the type of agony that was hushed, the type of agony that didn’t show exactly what you were feeling. Because in reality you wanted to bawl, and not in silence. You wanted to scream, and show everyone that you were hurting. The ringer on your phone went off, and you stepped outside to take the call. It was your boyfriend Jeff Atkins. You were debating on whether or not to tell him what happened but you knew, at the end of the day, that you’d need him. “Hello?” Your breath was shaky as you answered the phone. “Hey, what happened to you?! You just left, is something wrong?!” Jeff was practically yelling and you moved the phone away from your ear until he finished speaking. “I’m at the hospital, can you…I need-please?” You had tried forming a proper sentence but your voice was failing you. “I’m on my way okay?” You didn’t answer but dropped your arm to the side of your body. Turning, you walked to the end of the hall to take the elevator down to the first floor. Upon reaching the ground floor, you walked into the waiting room and sat in one of the cushioned blue chairs. You leaned your head against the wall, waiting for Jeff to arrive. It took him about thirty minutes to get there, and when he walked through the door you saw he was carrying two bags. “What’d you buy?” Taking the seat next to you, he pulled out some small baggies with sandwiches in them. “I thought you’d be hungry.” You took one of the bags as he handed you a bottle of water. Instead of digging in, you put your head on his shoulder. Jeff then pulled out a notepad and a black pen, handing it over to you. “I didn’t think you’d want to talk about it, so I thought maybe you’d write about it.” Setting the food aside, you took the materials and set them in your lap. “My friend tried to overdose,” “(Y/N) you don’t have to-” “And I blame myself, for everything.” As much as you tried to blink away your tears, it didn’t work. They were stronger then last time, you were crying. Jeff pulled you into his lap, and rubbed your back. You buried your face into his neck and continued to cry. When your wails had died down you started again, “I could’ve saved (him/her), but I wasn’t there enough. I didn’t listen enough, I…I didn’t care enough.” “Stop, stop…you can’t blame yourself for something like this.” You could hear that he was crying too, “I hate seeing you like this. It’s a terrible thing, yes, but you can’t do anything about it. Maybe we’ll never know why they did what they did but you shouldn’t blame yourself for it.” “I messed up…” “You’re only human (Y/N).” You stayed silent for a while, in the comfort of your boyfriend’s lap. You’d become tired from the amount of crying earlier and fell asleep.
   You woke up and it felt like you had only been asleep for a few minutes. Your eyes were red, and stung a bit. Jeff was already up and kissed your temple, “Morning beautiful.” You chuckled, knowing you looked like mess but that was Jeff, a complete sweetheart. You got up to stretch and decided that you’d go upstairs to check on your friend again. “You coming?” You asked. He got up and followed you to the elevator. When you reached the floor, multiple doctors and nurses kept running out of the same room. Mrs. (Y/F/LN) came out with her hands covering her face and walked towards you grabbing your hand. “You’ve been a good friend, but I think you should go now honey.” “What’s going on, is (Y/F/N) okay? What’s happen-” “Just please…you should go.” You’d guess that Jeff go the message because he pulled you back to leave. You weren’t slow, you had an idea of what happened but you didn’t want to believe it. “Your mother has been blowing up your phone, I should get you home.” Jeff had carried you to the car and put your seatbelt on for you. You didn’t really move around because you felt dead inside without your best friend. His hand found you thigh, and rubbed it in a comforting motion, “It’s okay babe, you’re gonna be okay.”
   Soon you had arrived home, greeted by your mother yelling out at you. You left Jeff downstairs to explain what had happened, and walked up to your bedroom. Not bothering to change clothes, you laid down on your back looking up at the ceiling. Jeff walked in not too long after and crawled on top of you, laying his head on your chest. Your hands instantly started playing with his hair, and for a minute you forgot just exactly what you were dealing with. “I know you’ve tried your best, and I know you’re hurting but…you shouldn’t beat yourself up. I know your heart is broken but I can fix it.” “Hold me.” You sounded desperate and you were. He rolled over to your side before putting his arms around you. “Get some sleep, it’s been a rough day.” Jeff left a few kisses on your neck and closed his eyes. But what he didn’t know as he drifted to sleep was that you weren’t nearly as broken anymore.


All I Have - Archie Andrews

You’re a carbon copy of Jughead Jones, you dress the same, act the same, you even write alongside him. When Archie starts to hang out with the two of you, you’re annoyed at first; but when the prospect of losing Jughead to his new group of friends arises, Archie’s the only thing that can keep you grounded.

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“You what!?” You stared into the eyes of your long time friend Jughead Jones, trying to figure out what was driving his madness. “This is the same Archie Andrews that was too busy banging a teacher to hang out with you Juggie.” Jughead simply rolled his eyes, popping another fry into his mouth. You scoffed and leaned back against your side of the booth.

“He explained the,” Jughead paused his speech and you raised your eyebrow, “what he was going through over summer and I forgave him.”

“You just forgave him?” After you asked, Jughead simply nodded. You leaned back over the table, meeting your friends gaze dramatically. “We don’t forgive people just like that,” you hissed, “we hold grudges.” You watched, reading Jughead’s reaction to your words. You started to refer to the two of you as ‘we’ in the third grade; when you friendship started to turn into a dependency.

Where one of you went, the other trailed not far behind. You’d swing together on the playground at school and would hang out constantly on weekends. Your closeness with Jughead inevitably lead to your family befriending the Joneses. Both of your parents constantly joked that maybe they accidentally split up a pair of twins. The idea didn’t seem too farfetched to your young mind; you and Jughead were born merely a few days apart. As you grew older, your shared characteristics became more apparent. The same dark clothes crowded your separate closets and the same music ate up data on your phones. Your style choices weren’t the only thing you and Jughead shared. His interest in writing also wore off on you, inspiring you to write your own account of Jason Blossom’s murder. During the summer you acted as his rock when his other best friend, Archie, left him alone. You never truly liked the red-headed boy, but when he ditched Jughead, you burned with an untamable hate. Archie Andrews was far too cliche for your liking with his jock personality and the attention span of a five year old. Plus, the last thing you needed was someone to steal Jughead away from you. You needed Jughead like you needed air; he was your only true friend and the thought of him being stolen away hurt you inside.

“I know that Y/N,” Jughead said finally, breaking your thoughts. “I just think that I should give him another chance.” You let out a gruff chuckle when you realized his motive.

“And this, re-friending of Andrews has nothing to do with gaining the favor of a particular blonde?” You wiggled your eyebrows and smiled when your friends cheeks blushed. “Wow Jug,” you teased, “Betty has a hold on you.” Jughead didn’t respond, his head lifting slightly to look at the door of the diner. You turned your own head and watched as Archie Andrews scanned the diner for his friend. His red hair, normally styled to perfection, appeared messy when his eyes locked with yours for a moment. You were caught off guard at the rich brown that made up his irises; a shade of brown that looked like bitter chocolate.

You turned back in your seat, giving Jughead another burning look as Archie sat down next to you. You stifled a groan as you scooted away from him.

“Hey,” he said with a small smile. Don’t trust him, you thought as you looked at Jughead once more.

“Hi Archie. You know Y/N L/N right?” You glanced at the boy next to you, who was studying you.

“Yeah, of course. You two are always joined at the hip,” he gave you a smile, “hi.” You rolled your eyes, silently wishing he’d take the hint. Sadly, Archie didn’t and this caused a smile to bloom on Jughead’s face when the boy extended his hand to you. You glanced at Archie’s extended hand, then to his face. Despite your hate towards him for hurting Jughead, the glint in his eyes sparked your interest. You took his hand carefully, trying to pull yourself out of the overwhelming waters you had just dived into.

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Preference 17: He dresses you up

Guyssss I finally had the time to write another entry to post here in tumblr. And yeah, I also finally wrote another preference bc I feel bad and all that I write is Brad imagines from requests xD. So here I am with the AC on, me in my Pikachu onesie (YEP) and writing this on my laptop, with a glass of pineapple juice on my side desk. Okay idk why did I just told you all of that…anyways here’s another preference.


“Wheeen will you eeever finish?” Connor exclaimed, plopping himself down on the bed with his arms held out. You laughed quietly. You and Con were invited to a birthday party by one of your friends who lives three hours away. Yes, what a long drive. Better get me some of that setting spray, Jeffree Star.

“I haven’t even got out my clothes yet, babe.” You purposely said, torturing him more. He let out a loud grunt which made you chuckle and followed with a laugh. “Stop laughing oh my god!” he throws his head back on the mattress.

“I mean it’s your fault finishing up so early. It’s like…still—“

“It’s freaking 10:48 AM and we need to get going at eleven and by two we need to be there!” he exclaimed, sitting up and ran his hand on his hair. Lol. “You know what, I’m gonna pick up your outfit myself.” What. “What?!” “You heard me. Since you’re still drawing a, uh, outline…yeah, outline on your lips and you still need to do your hair, I will be picking out clothes for you, mademoiselle.” You sighed. You actually need help right now but you’re not going to show it. “Sure, Connor. But can I trust you though?”

“Oh you better. Because once I’m done clawing through your clothes, you’ll look amazing on what I chose an I’ll be proud of myself when I look at you because, hell, I did that.” You scoffed and smiled at the same time. “Go ahead.” You gestured for him to go inside your closet and pick out the outfit, which he excitedly obliged.

After you’ve completely done your makeup and curled your hair, you checked inside the closet to see what’s going on. “Oh good Lord.” You whispered as you saw a the outfit laid down, across the little circular seat in the middle, with a pair of shoes on the side. “I know, pretty amazing right?” he chuckled to himself. “I must say, this is not bad.” You held out a white, floral Fawn Floyd dress, a pink bomber jacket, with your white flats. “I know, I know, I’m amazing and all with you staring at the outfit I’ve put together and yes I’m the best boyfriend okay but you seriously need to get ready now.” He jokes while putting his hand on his chest. You rolled your eyes playfully and receiving a kiss from him on the cheek. “Thank you baby, seriously.”

“No worries.” He replied while grabbing the back of your neck and pulling you once again for a kiss now on the lips.


“It’s one of those days again, Brad!” you shouted loudly enough so Brad can hear you from the living room. You immediately heard his footsteps getting closer to your shared bedroom and entering with a slightly confused face. “You have your, um, monthly p—“

“No! It’s not that!” You immediately cut him off before he could continue his sentence. “I don’t know what to wear…and that really leads to you picking out clothes for me, right?” You reminded him. This, situation, started when the both of you were going to his parents’ house for dinner and you didn’t know what to wear. You were stuck between keeping it casual but a bit classy and just classy. So he helped you eventually, and that became a thing. Its really been a long time since you’ve let him chose your clothes to wear, but today the both of you are going to Nat’s graduation (a/n let’s pretend guys cmon) and are going to have a little party after, and you need clothes to wear, obviously, so why not let him give you a hand

“I’m in that situation again, babe. Should I wear jeans or not?”

“Nah, I think you should wear a dress of some sort or something…” he slowly says while opening your closet. You see, most boys would be annoyed if their girlfriends ask the question of, “What should I wear?!” while already whining, but thanks to baby Jesus, Brad does not. He even helps you to pick out an outfit; what a good boyfriend he is, isn’t he?

“Well, I’ve got these pair of shoes, and I really like to wear them today. D’you that can help?” I say while holding up a white strappy-heeled sandals for him to see. He looked at it and back at me and smiled. “You really make my job much easier, Y/N.” You squealed and went up to him and kissed his cheek. “Thank you so much baby. You’re the best.” You mumbled against his skin with a smile. He replied with nothing but a kiss on the corner of your lips. He continued to scramble through your closet, having second thoughts about dresses he lifts up then putting it back on the rack.

A few minutes later he comes up to you while closing the closet with his feet, a dress having in hand. “Here—I think this goes well with that…I think.” He hands you this maroon, one-fourth-sleeved dress that ends right above on your knees with a zipper on the back. “Wow, I haven’t worn that in a while..” you whispered as you un-zipped the dress. “I know. I’ve been seeing that just hanging in there without you touching it while your choosing your clothes and just ignoring it.” He shrugs. You laugh while thanking him once again while undressing to your bra and undies, hiding from him but he wasn’t approving so you just basically stripped in front of him. You slipped your dress on with the help of him zipping up the back. “I think it’s my turn to pick out your clothes, huh?” You asked jokingly. “Now’s not the time, babe.” He said, but he clearly wanting to say, never.


“Thanks for coming, baby.” Tristan whispered on your ear while kissing your cheek after. “This thing better be good, Tris. I ditched my cousins’ birthday party.” You chuckled while fixing your hair up in a bun, getting ready to put on your makeup.

“Whatever, I think she doesn’t like you anyway.”

“Well…true.” You agreed.


“Tris, can you please get me my clothes from downstairs? I think I left it laying on the couch or something.” You asked while finishing up your makeup. He stood up from the bed behind you and walking to exit the door, “Thanks babe.”

A minute later he comes up back to the room, holding up the clothes you picked, laying on his hand while a sort of, confused face plastered on him. “What?”

“Are you seriously wearing a red dress and four and a half inched heels on a The Vamps rehearsal?” he asked, letting me see the clothes I have chosen for myself. You were offended at first, but also slapping yourself mentally for actually picking those clothes out. Of course you don’t wear a freaking thigh high dress and high heels to a concert, what the fuck. He puts the clothes back on the closet and walks over to you, putting the both of his hands in front of you, on the table, while towering his figure over you. “I’ll choose.”

“What?! My clothes? -chuckles- No way, Evans.” You snapped, standing up and opening the closet again. But he was fast enough to block you so his back was covering the clothes to choose from. “C’mon, just this time. Please? Trust me.” He begged. “You’re just gonna play games about it again.” You sassed, crossing your arms. “Noooo! I won’t! I promise, I promise.” He pleaded once again, pressing his hands together. You gave in, “Fine. Go ahead.” He let out a soft “Yaay!” while turning around and started to rummage inside your closet. You sighed and made yourself company and putting all of your makeup back in the bag and fixing your hair.

Minutes go by and he already handed me two items of clothing; black skinny jeans and an off the shoulder white top. “Ooooh!” You grabbed the outfit from his hands and looked at him in amusement. “See, I told you.” He said almost proudly. You laughed softly and thanked him. “And oh—“ he pointed to your black ankle boots, “Wear those too.” Was the last thing he said then walked out of the room so you can change. You smirked and shook your head to yourself, “I love how he acts like some kind of professional or something.” You laughed.


“Hmm…baby, I wanna dress you up.” He whispered into your skin, kissing your shoulder very delicately. You sighed into his touch, closing your eyes. “But baby, why d’you wanna do that?” you asked, pulling him away and looking straight at him. “I mean, aren’t we going to the shopping centre later? I want to look at you and remind myself that I dressed you up.” He chuckled at the end. You shake your head jokingly at his foolishness. “Okaaaay…—“

“Yay!” He cheered.

“But can I trust you though?” You pointed a finger at him and he just grinned and then winked in reply. You swear you think you just melted. “Okay then, come on.” You jumped out of bed with him behind you and you led him to your closet. You opened the doors and his eyes grew wide. “Okay I swear you only swear skinny jeans and a shirt on a day to day basis but, hell, I didn’t know you had this much clothes.” He admitted. You shrugged your shoulders and replied, “Well, I mean, I know, but you asked for it.” You heard his huff slightly besides you and forcing yourself not to let out a chuckle. “Come on now, love. We don’t have all day to choose clothes, now do we?” He didn’t reply. “Well, while you do that, I’ll just take a wee and do my makeup slightly.” You said while running to the bathroom, leaving him there to decide what you’re gonna wear. You trusted him, you knew that.

You decided that after you went to wee, you’ll go straight to putting on some makeup and keep the outfit he made a secret to yourself. Plus, he will have more time. You started putting on some primer then a thin layer of foundation, concealer and some powder to add some color on your face. You added some contour, eyebrows then eyeliner, and lastly some mint flavored chapstick. You fixed your hair up into a fishtail braid and then finally, you went outside.

Your lips already parted slightly and your brows were raised up to the sight of James holding up the outfit that he chose, proudly.

A white sundress with red roses prints in them and a denim jacket, with your white Chelsea boots placed just in front of the doorway. “I know we’re just going to do some groceries, but I think we should all dress up like it’s our last day here on earth.” He winked at the end, while dropping the clothes on the bed and walking over to you and giving you a kiss on the forehead. “I swear, McVey, if you don’t stop with all these quotes I’m gonna flip.” You shook your head but then grabbing the dress first to put it on. “Well, uh, I mean,” he brushed his hair with his hands, “Life’s just a whole big quote, isn’t it?” “Oh my God.” You both laughed.

Soon enough later you’ve got changed, and James couldn’t help but to stare at his masterpiece. He fulfilled his promise to himself; to look at Y/N and say that, “I dressed her up, my work of art.”

P.S: not spellchecked so sorry if there are any spelling/grammar mistakes that you may have encountered. 

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#5 Terra and Namine Friendship please :>


#05. things you didn’t say at all

summaryShe’s so used to adults demanding things of her, with zero regard for her own wishes or comfort, that the drastic change is like a breath of fresh air. He’s giving her time to think, to choose for herself whether she wants to be open with him or not. She decides that she does. [Terra + Naminé, post-KH3.]

Ao3 version here

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sitting on a floor in a library. reminiscing with long time friends and laughing. when someone strokes your hair. driving at night with no particular destination. the mixed colour palette in a piece of art. little lights in a sleeping city. the tiny visible specks of colour in someone’s eyes. real meaning behind spoken words. a love song which is sung at dawn. art galleries. the feeling of safety inside old empty churches. faye (n.): fairy.
—  name aesthetics: Faye //requested by anonymous


A list of the purest things in the world

1.Inside jokes
2. Making people laugh out loud
3. Cute boys giggling
4. Cute girls giggling
5. Cute anybody of any gender giggling
6. Cute dogs with big floppy ears
7. When cats do that thing where they just ram their head into your hand when you pet them
8. Long drives with friends, screaming lyrics to your favorite songs with the windows down
9. Just falling asleep with anyone (friend, lover, family, pet, etc)
10. Star gazing
11. Movie marathons
12. Running through sprinklers at 11:30 at night in an empty park
13. Rainy days
14. Hot drinks
15. Bubble baths
16. Going grocery shopping/running errands with your friends
17. Dog piling on a bed (with literal dogs) screaming about movies from your childhood
18. Getting late night/early morning messages from people you care about
19. Dancing badly to cheesy 80s songs (namely Take On Me)
20. Swim parties
21. Happy elderly people
22. Hotel shenanigans
23. The beach
24. Sun rises
25. Sun sets
26. Shooting stars
27. Making wishes on 11:11, daises, birthday candles, eyelashes, etc.
28. Watching a movie you’ve seen a hundred times and making commentary about it the whole time
29. Camping
30. Having friends show up at something you’re doing that showcases your talent
31. Getting flowers
32. Hugs
33. Tight hugs
34. Cheek kisses
35. Literally hunting every conveince store for a bag of takis but never finding any with a friend
36. Toothy grins with yellow,crooked, braces filled, white, straight, whatEVER kind of teeth
37. Skype calls with long distance friends
38. Lighting candles
39. Sweater paws
40. Boardgames in the ungodly hours of the night
41. Trying to keep laughter in when you’re supposed to be quiet
42. Laughter that maked your stomach hurt/tears coming out of your eyes
43. Art museums
44. Discovering new music
45. Hearing a song you haven’t heard in a while
46. Hand holding
47. Ice/roller skating
48. Getting into bed when you’ve had a busy day and your bodys aching
49. Having friends send you stuff when you’re sad
50. Hearing i love you in any way

Lost Signal

Taemin Smut

“Are you kidding me?!”

 You questioned as the horrible scent of gas wafted past your nostrils whilst the engine hissed after going kaput. You and your long-time friend Taemin were driving up to meet the rest of SHINee for a camping trip but by the sound the car just made, you weren’t going anywhere. On the side of the road, next to a forest, Taemin jumped out of the car and went to go and check on the engine. Taemin didn’t even know anything about engines but you were sure it made him feel more masculine. When he lifted the bumper up, a huge blackened cloud of smoke rose up.

 “Uh, I think the engine’s broken.”

 Taemin frowned, pouting his plump lips.

 “Can you call anyone out here to help?” 

You asked, climbing out of the car to look at the engine yourself. Taemin got out his phone from his jacket and began to dial a number. He placed it to his ear then looked confused.


 You asked, getting frustrated. Nothing was going the way you’d planned and you were running out of time.

 “It’s no ringing…there’s no reception.” 

The two of you were stuck in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by trees. Just to make sure, you checked your phone too. Taemin was right, there was no cell reception at all. You were stranded. Stressed, you placed your hand on your head and sighed audibly.

 “Sorry (Y/N).”

 Taemin apologized, guilt in his voice. It tugged hard at your heart strings. Taemin was precious, always looking out for you. He had all the qualities a girl would look for in a man, handsome, gentle, and funny; it was hard not to fancy him.

 “It’s not your fault Tae.”

 You opened your eyes and Taemin was chewing at his bottom lip in front of you, his brown eyes glistening in what was left of the light; the sun was beginning to go down. 

“Let’s go find a place to put our tent up. We’ll sort out the car in the morning.” 

He said, offering his arm to you with a warm smile. With nothing you could do about the car or your phone, you linked your arm with Taemin’s and headed off in to the forest.

In the far distance, you could hear crickets through the crackling and snapping of the fire you were sat in front of, roasting marshmallows which was the only food you’d thought to bring on the trip. Behind you, the tent was set up. It was a fiasco setting it up, it collapsed on Taemin twice and at the beginning, you were confused why nothing was fitting with each other; it was inside out.

 “Here, it’s getting chilly.”

 Taemin removed his thick grey jacket and hung it over your arms. You couldn’t fight your cheesy smile. 


  “My hyungs will be worried about me and you.” 

Taemin stated, rotating his marshmallow in a stick.

 “I only really came to see you. I guess we got some quality time together.” 

You admitted, getting flustered with a mixture of embarrassment and the heat of the fire. Taemin’s eyes widened.


 He questioned, looking surprised, making you giggle. 


 Deliciously, Taemin licked his lips. 

“I came to see you too.”

 You couldn’t help but laugh at the situation; you both wanted to see each other and ended up being stranded together in a forest. 

“Well I guess this isn’t so bad now, is it?”

 You laughed nervously. Taemin laughed, showing his perfect pearly white teeth, his skin looking so luminous. 

“I guess not.”

 He uttered before slowly moving in to kiss you. His eyes closed, ready for your lips to meet. You’d always dreamed of the moment you and Taemin would kiss and for once, in that day, something was going to go right. Your heart was racing, your pulse was going faster and faster, getting closer to him…except, when your lips were about to press together, a huge rumble of thunder came from above you, making the ground vibrate. Inevitably, the thunder was followed by a frightening white crack of lightening splitting the night sky. Suddenly, it began to torrential down pour over you. 

“Quick! Get inside!”

 Taemin placed his hand on your back, helping you climb in to the tent.

Clumsily, you fell on your back, your legs flying up in the air, causing Taemin to laugh. He zipped up the tent, preventing the rain from getting in. The sound of heavy rain was a perfect background sound to kiss Taemin to.

 “Are you cold?”

 Taemin asked, leaning closer to you once more. Biting your bottom lip, you shook your head, gazing in to his beautiful eyes. 

“That’s sad. I was hoping we could do what they say in survivor books and get naked.”

 You never knew Lee Taemin could be so flirtatious. Usually, it wasn’t in his nature to make sexual comments but you were beginning to like hot, sensual Taemin. His comment made you blush a shade of beetroot.

 “I don’t need to be cold for you to see me naked.”

 Within seconds, your lips finally met and kissing him felt more amazing than you’d dreamed it would be. It was like fireworks went off in the sky, your inner sexual demon stirred in between your legs. Your hands roamed in Taemin’s fluffy blond hair as he grabbed your ass, pulling you on top of him. The lightening seemed to bring out the wild animals in you and Taemin, rolling around in the tent and fighting for dominance. Taemin always insisted he wasn’t just a pretty boy and he was right, he was rather strong, able to pin you down and bite your lip, making you moan deeply. Confidently, he grabbed the bottom of your shirt and pulled it over your head. To Taemin’s surprise, you weren’t wearing a bra due to your top giving you a slight lift in the breast department. 

“No bra? Oh (Y/N), you’re so naughty. I like that.”

 Your chest heaved as he kissed down your neck, across your chest and licked your hardening nipples. 


 You cried in pleasure. It was reassuring knowing that no one could hear you as you were deep within the forest.  Seductively, his fingertips followed the shape of your curves as he kissed you passionately. You could barely catch your breath or even think straight; his touch was so intoxicating. Teasing him, you nibbled on his ear lobe as he pulled your denim jeans down your legs. 

“I was hoping there were no panties too.”

 His voice was warm against your skin. 

“Sorry for the disappointment.”

 You replied before kissing his neck. His soft groan made you insanely aroused. 

“I know what’s under them won’t be disappointing.”

Swirling your tongue around the head of Taemin’s rock solid dick, you looked up in to Taemin’s eyes that were alive with lust. 

“That feels so good. How do you do it like that?”

 He questioned, panting in between each word. You giggled, secretly proud of yourself.

 “I’ve never sucked a cock as good as yours.”

 Roughly, Taemin grabbed your hair as you worked deeper and deeper down to his balls. His voice became deep, like he was someone else. Sex made Taemin some kind of night monster. It could have been the rain, the deep, ground shaking rumbles of thunder that got you so turned on for Taemin, you could feel the wetness dripping down your thighs. 

“Get over here.”

 He commanded, pulling you back on top of him.

 “You’re so beautiful. Wow. Look at your sexy body.”

 His fingers slipped between your folds, rubbing your clit slowly, building you up like a ticking bomb, ready to explode. 

“Fuck me, Taemin.”

 You begged, breathing heavily, ready to be taken by him. You’d never wanted anything as much; you were going crazy. 


 He uttered, his eyes locked on yours, his fingers going deeper and deeper inside you.

 “Fuck me!”

 Seeing him grin was the sexiest thing you’d ever seen. Finally, he got you were he wanted you; thirsty for him.

Your eyes slowly opened, waking up from a deep sleep as you heard male voices talking outside. 

“Who’s that?”

 You asked Taemin, squeezing his hand. It could have been anyone. In the forest, no one would be able to hear you scream. It could have been a murdering. Like it was a horror movie, you held your breath as someone began to open the tent, your heart thumping. Suddenly, your pulse relaxed. It was Minho and the rest of the guys behind him. Minho smirked widely.

 “Well well well, look who’s gotten all cosy together!”

 Key popped his head through the tent. “Taemin! I didn’t know you liked girls!” He teased.

 “Kibum! Minho! Get out!”

 Taemin pouted, not amused by his hyungs teasing him.

 “How did you find us?”

 You asked, more confused on how they tracked you down in the huge forest. 

“We know what little Minnie here is like so we managed to track down his phone signal.”

 Onew explained, making it make sense.

 “Come on guys, we have a camping site to get to so put some clothes on and Taemin, try not to fall in to her vagina.”

 You threw your top at Minho to tell him off. His laugh was infectious. Finally, he left you and Taemin alone to get dressed. Softly, he kissed your lips. It was nice to have him all to yourself again.

“Leave your phone at home the next time the car breaks.”

Hogwarts House Aesthetics (because all the other ones suck)
  • Ravenclaw: Knit jumpers with clashing prints/Cats curled up on your lap/Taking time out for yourself/Piles of blankets/Procrastinating/Towers of unfinished books/Writing an assignment the day before it's due/Creasing your brow in concentration/Not changing your bed sheets for weeks/Getting annoyed at your friend who always has one hair out of place/Going to sleep in the middle of a party/Obsessing over things/tangles of power cords/crumbs in your bed/Being a perfectionist to the point where you just decide not to start something so you don't fail/Not being afraid to tell your friends when they're wrong/Working out the quickest and laziest way to get something done/overthinking everything
  • Slytherin: Spending hours on a video game until it's finished/isolating for self care/amazing covers of your favourite songs/memes/staying in bed past midday/being ready to leave the house before everyone else/running your fingers through your hair in an attempt to smooth it out/nervous ticks and traits/really listening when people talk and storing the information away/not talking about something that's bothering you until it's literally ready to burst out/making people believe innocent lies because it's funny/lying down drunk and talking about random things/constantly searching for new music to listen to/ice cream on a cold day/stealing other people's alcohol at parties/running into people you used to know and trying to get away as fast as possible/making your friends feel like they're the most important people in the world
  • Hufflepuff: Flowers in the laces of Doc Martins/Dying your hair different colours as often as possible/Buying your friends gifts because you love them and they deserve it/Curling up and watching a movie with your pet/As many fairy lights as possible/Making friends in the bathrooms of clubs and bars/Anxiety before confrontation but knowing it's for the best/Seeing a stranger crying and asking if they're okay/The taste of your favourite homemade desert/Setting your mind to an idea and working until it's finished/The nostalgia of a favourite childhood book or movie/Not telling people something's wrong, because you don't want to trouble them/Lying on the floor listening to your favourite music/The desire to beat up the person who's hurt someone you love/Climbing into bed after a long and tiring day/Trusting people enough to cry in front of them/The warmth of the sun during the cool of spring
  • Gryffindor: Jumping as high as you can on a trampoline/Long drives down to the beach with your best friend/Taking responsibility for your actions/Shouting from the top of a mountain/A bon fire on a summer night/Mud caked shoes/Embarrassing yourself and laughing along with everyone else/Fighting ruthlessly for what you believe in/Retro tshirts/The feeling of getting thoughtful gifts from close friends/Planning roadtrips/Finding cuts and bruises on your body that you don't remember getting/Showing up late and out of breath to class/Feeling entirely alone/Going out partying even though you know you have to be up early the next day/Sitting on the kitchen counter/Balancing on the back legs of your chair/The sound of knuckles hitting flesh/Eating your weight in food at parties/The snap of christmas crackers
Booze and Boo’s


Requested by anonymous:

a Shownu scenario where you go out with your girls and get a bit too drunk so he comes to get you and you’re really funny and continuously complimenting him :~~~~)

Vibes: a drunk y/n
Word Count: 1,434
A/N: Apologies that Y/N is not as funny as you requested. I hope you like the ending ^^

Originally posted by wonkyuns

“I am,” you hiccuped. “The best dancer e-ever!” You grinned from ear-to-ear as you sloppily stood up with a glass in your hand then began swinging your hips side to side.

Your friends thought otherwise as they bursted out laughing at your actions and voiced disapproving regards.

“Shut up,” you spat back with hooded eyes as you shook your head and stumbled back into your seat.

It was the second Saturday night of the month. A night you saved just for your girls to reunite from across cities and do whatever you all wanted. That night, you all decided to go bar hopping and you were finding yourself nearing the end of the hop at the fourth bar.

Your glass of gin and tonic was switched with ice cold water without your knowledge. Who was responsible? Hyungwon the bartender. (You and your girls accidentally ended up at a bar your acquaintance was tending at that night, not that your drunken self could clearly recognize him.) Along with making sure the group of girls were on their way to sobriety, he made sure to call cabs to wait on site and your friend to take you on the hour long drive back home, Shownu.

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I love these things so I made one? Audrey is a wife to a lot of us already but to further our sad little fantasy:

  • she proposed, hands down
  • it was after she took you out to see a movie you waited months for
  • and it was completely trash, so you walked out crying 
  • and she got down on both knees and pulled out a ring 
  • “the movie was terrible but you still have me”
  • and you cried even harder before asking
  • “why are you on both knees, you dork?”
  • and with the most serious look on her face; 
  • “one knee is so heterosexual. two knees is bi-kind of style”
  • you get married in a beautiful barn outside of town
  • and noah is still doing his damn podcasts, but instead that night he gives updates on your wedding using his phone  
  • right in the middle of your fucking wedding, on the alter beside audrey;
  • “now they are about to say their vows and it’s so adorable–”
  • audrey grabs the phone and literally throws it down the aisle by brooke
  • and brooke stands up and smashes the fucking thing with her heels
  • your wedding night is amazing but audrey is so nervous
  • so you keep saying terrible puns until she just picks you and throws you on the bed
  • because your wife is still strong as fuck and could totally take you in a fight
  • and every time you have sex she thanks you 
  • which you’ve explained is ridiculous until one day she sighs and says
  • “no one has ever put me first like you do”
  • and you can’t sleep after hearing that, because it seems so sad
  • so you swipe her camera the next morning and drive out to your friends to make a long video where your friends from high school say why audrey is so important to them
  • when audrey sees it she cries and then yells at you for making her cry
  • she loves cooking too? it surprises you when you begin waking up to pancakes every single morning
  • and she always burns them a bit but damn are they ever fluffy
  • one day she tries to teach you how she makes them that fluffy
  • and you start a fire, burning half the kitchen down because the two of you started making out and took it the bedroom
  • idiots
  • the fireman hits on you and Audrey gives him her death glare
  • you’ve never seen a man put out a fire and run for it so quickly
  • audrey reads on her phone before bed every night
  • and won’t tell you what it freaking is that she reads
  • so one night you see her phone and it’s fan fiction 
  • but not just any fan fiction… it’s alice and jasper fan fiction
  • from god damn twilight
  • so you buy fangs from a local store
  • and while having sex she doesn’t even notice how silent you are
  • until you’re kissing her neck and you lightly bite her
  • and she jumps off the bed and hits her head off the wall
  • “what the actually hell are you wearing”
  • you laugh for a good ten minutes and toss her the teeth 
  • she’s so not impressed and it takes you an entire year to convince her that her guilty pleasure is fine with you
  • you both agree no kids because of your traumatic pasts
  • and you have this small fear of passing it on while raising kids
  • so you buy a dog and three cats who are all friends
  • they are all named after empowering lgbt+ woman in history
  • and no matter how many times you fight about silly things
  • she’s always the first to apologize despite being your stubborn little wife
  • every time you hear her beg for forgiveness,
  • your heart feels so tight and you think back to the moment you married her and just repeat a part of your vows
  • “and no matter how many times we fight over marvel and dc or whether or not winona ryder is still the hottest cult classic actress,”
  • and she finishes it for you, every single time;
  • “you will always be the one person i can count on to apologize and calm me down”
  • and then you probably have sex on the counter which leads to making pancakes later
  • and hopefully you actually pay attention to the stove 

Anyways…. I’ll leave this here. Requests for anything similar to these are totally welcome, just make it clear in the ask that you want “a point form imagine” because the “would include” is somewhat different i think? 

Drive! (2)

Chapter 2

Author: Zoe

(A/N: The next installment in my new series! I’m super glad you guys support my writing enough that you want me to continue! It really means so much to me!)

Biker AU: Poe Dameron x Reader

Chapter List

Warning: Swearing

Plot Summary: Poe returns you to your friends, and makes sure that you arrive in one piece. Confirming your date, he drives off. That, however, does not protect you from the incessant teasing that your friends give you on the long drive back home.

Originally posted by wild-punk

“Y/N!” Poe parked his Harley by your car as you hopped off the bike to greet your friends for a long-awaited reunion.

“Oh my god, you’re okay!” Finn engulfed you in one of his bear hugs, almost squeezing the life out of you before Rey pulled you into her arms.

“I was so worried! I thought you got arrested or shot or something!” You relaxed, clutching onto your friends as Poe smiled softly.

“Well, I would have been. Not without his help, of course.” You turned to Poe, giving him a heartfelt grin as he bit his lip.

“You’re a good man, Poe. You basically rescued Y/N, so you don’t even have to pay me back from helping you get out of prison.” Finn half-joked, still grateful for his help.

Poe pulled out the kickstand, getting off of his Harley and shoving his hands into his leather jacket’s pockets. “Nah, it was nothing. She was in a crazy situation, I just wanted to help.”

“Well… actually she screamed at me to drive, so I did.” He confessed, as you pried Rey off, chuckling.

“Either way, I owe him my livelihood.” You strided over to the biker as he grinned cockily, as the four of you stood in a circle, telling the stories of how you each escaped the police.

“So, Rey jumped into the car and sped away, the police running behind us while I’m hanging out of the passenger seat…” 

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from a friend

“Close your eyes and imagine you’re on a long car drive, it’s the middle of spring and you’re somewhere you’ve never been before, it was a hot day and suddenly a storm comes in, the dark clouds engulf the sky and the rain starts; the rain drops slowly start their journey down your window. Everything is dark and the brutality of nature is shown, the trees are bending, clinging to the earth for dear life, the wipers are working fanatically, trying in a fruitless attempt to keep the windshield clean of the rain that is pouring down; and you’re deep in thought, thinking about how even in the darkest of times, you know the next morning, you will go outside to the beautiful smell of rain, and the flowers will be blooming , and it will all seem worth it.”

Stranger’s Houses at Three AM

A/N: omfg please just make my mom stop she like barges in and looks at my screen and shit while im posting this jfc

Summary: Dan ends up stranded at a party he really doesn’t want to be at (I still suck at summaries if you cant tell)

Word Count: 2409

Genre: idk some highschool AU shit

Warnings:none bro

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encrypted dick joke - a matt vaporwave playlist

nothing screams cyberpunk childhood more 
than burned out eyes and burned up lungs. 
to the kid who chain-smoked his way through 
bootleg nintendo games and never rode shotgun sober.
for those long ass drives when your best friend ain't around,
the sunset's too pixelated for it's own good,
and you've re-read neuromancer for the third time this week.

B:/ Start Up  ||  Blank Banshee
6AMPS2  ||  Taste Tester X Treekeeper
MACINTOSH PLUS  || リサフランク420 / 現代のコンピュー
Dreams  || 4Runner
Mirror Mirror || Carat Affair
Shadows || Luxury Elite
Babylon of the Occident || The Shanghai Restoration Project
no one asked what i felt || TOPAZ GANG
Cruiser || Esprit  空想
B:/ Infinite Login || Blank Banshee

marigabriellee  asked:

Hello~ I'm a new follower and I absolutely love your scenarios! I can't wait for more to come soon<3 Could you write a scenario where you come home late from being out with the girls and being a little tipsy while a furious Sehun awaits you when you come home~

Uh Oh… ~Sehun~

Thank you for loving my scenarios, hope you love this one as well!

“Walk up to the club like what up, I got a big-“

“________! Be quiet back there, will you?” Your friend Iris snapped as she tried to drive. You spent a long night out with the girls tonight, and maybe you had one too many drinks.

But you didn’t care. You continued singing like there was no tomorrow in your drunken state. “Ice on the fringe, it’s so damn frosty. The people like damn, that’s a-“

“Oh my goodness, Lily, Clara, can you make her be quiet back there? She’s distracting my driving.”

Lily chuckled and grabbed you by the shoulders, shaking you ferociously. “______, calm down,” she said. “If you don’t act somewhat sober when you get home, Sehun is going to kill you.”


“_______, shut up!” Iris snapped once she got to a red light. She turned around in her driver’s seat and pointed a wary finger at Clara. “I blame you for not watching her carefully at the club.”

Clara frowned. “But I was talking to somebody,” she said. “______ was fine one second, but she just kinda started jumping all over the place the next.”

“It’s okay,” Lily assured the both of you. “She’s winding down a bit now. She’ll go from drunk to tipsy by the time we reach her house.”

You let out a yawn and rested your head against Lily’s shoulder. “Where are we going?” you asked dreamily.

“Home,” Lily replied. “Your home. We’re dropping you off.”

“You’re leaving me by myself? That not what friends do!” You pouted.

“Don’t worry, Sehun is probably already waiting for you,” said Clara. “You better hope he’s asleep.”

“Sehun,” you said the name and giggled. “You know what rhymes with Sehun? Sexy.”

Clara furrowed her eyebrows. “I don’t hear where the rhyming takes place, but whatever you say.”




Carefully, you walked up to the front door of your house and unlocked the door, opening it and then stumbling in.

You waved your friends goodbye and then closed the door behind you.

You still felt kind of funny. You were tipsy now.

The lights in the room were off, so you struggled for a little bit trying to find the light switch in the dark. When you finally found it, you flicked it and nearly jumped out of your skin when you saw Sehun sitting on the sofa. “Oh!” you exclaimed and leaned against the wall. “Oh silly Sehun, you scared me.” You giggled and kicked your shoes off. “Scaring people isn’t nice, no.”

Sehun had his arms crossed and was staring at you with a very furious expression. He had been aware that you were spending the day with your friends, but he didn’t know that you would get drunk or come home this late.

“Are you drunk?” he asked as he stood up and approached you.

Your eyes widened and you shook your head. “No! No! Why would you accuse me of such a thing?” You knitted your eyebrows and stepped closer to Sehun. “Wow, the lighting in here makes you look really pretty.”

Sehun sighed impatiently and threw his arms up. “I told you not to go out and get drunk!” he snapped. “I’ve been sitting here for the last couple of hours worrying over you.”

“Awh, you’re so sweet and caring. I love you, Sehun.”

“Oh my goodness,” he mumbled and grabbed you by the wrist, pulling you towards the stairs. “You need some rest.”

“But I want to play!”

“You’re not playing anything. You’ve had enough fun for today.”

“But Sehun,” you whined and threw your head back as you reached the top of the stairs. “Sehun, resting is boring.”

Sehun exhaled a breath and looked deep into your eyes. He couldn’t believe you went against his warnings and went out getting yourself drunk like that. He was worried sick for the past couple of hours because you weren’t answering your phone at all and you didn’t show up.

“_______, just listen to me,” he said. “You need to lay down. I will definitely scold you in the morning, but right now you need rest.”

“Resting is for losers.”

“______!” He twisted the knob on the bedroom door and then carefully placed you on top of the bed. You squirmed and tried to get up, but Sehun held you down and eventually managed to get you under the blankets. He stepped away and held his hands out. “Don’t move,” he ordered and ran downstairs.

You waited under the blanket for a little while and Sehun soon returned with a large cup of water. He told you to sit up and then handed over the cup to you.

You frowned. “But I want juice,” you argued.

“You can’t have juice. Water is the only thing that could possibly sober you up in the slightest way right now.”

“But water is so basic.”

“_______,” he groaned. “Just drink it.”

You sighed and then drank up the entire cup. When you were done, you felt a little dizzy, so you laid down on the bed and Sehun took the cup away from you.

Slowly, your eyes began to close and you drifted off into a deep sleep. Sehun smiled faintly at your sleepy state and leaned down to kiss your cheek. “Oh my poor jagiyah. Never listens to me,” he mumbled. “But I still love you.”




The next morning, you were completely in for it.

You woke up with the worst hangover in the world. It took you a long time to even get downstairs.

And once you reached the kitchen, you saw Sehun waiting with a small smile. “Sleep well?” he asked.

“No.” You sat down across from him on the table and laid your head down. “My head is killing me.”

“I told you so.”

“Please don’t,”

“You never listen to me whenever I warn you about getting drunk. You didn’t even bother to tell me that you were out clubbing in the first place!”
“I’m sorry,” you muttered and rubbed your forehead. “I promise I won’t ever do it again. Please don’t be mad at me, Sehunnie.” You pouted.

Sehun sighed and got up from the table. “Let me get you some Aspirin,” he said.

You smiled, grateful that he was still taking care of you, even though he was still a bit furious. “I love you, Sehun,” you said.

“You’re lucky I love you too or else I wouldn’t be doing any of this.” He smiled faintly and pecked your lips.

Your boyfriend may have been really annoyingly worried for a majority of the time when you were out, but at the end of the day, he was truly the best boyfriend ever.


This song blew me away and made me realize how talented Skrillex really is.  Love the baby voices also.  So great.