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Oh my god ( Jacksepticeye x FemReader )

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(A/N): lmao this isn’t Marvel. Nope it is not because I do and can write other things. Kind of. Hey, this might end well because I used to learn German but do not expect much.

Request:  Oh, you write for dear Jackaboy? Would you mind writing something in which Reader is the most subscribed German Youtuber (like Jack is the most subscribed Irish one) and his girlfriend and they play something together with Mark and Pewds (preferably Prop Hunt) and every time she dies, she cusses the boys out in German? Calling them things like Pissnelke (Piss Carnation) and Arschgesicht (Ass Face). Yes, those are real German insults. Thanks in advance!

Warnings: Boi there will be multi bilingual swearing up in here


“Hallo!” (Y/n) greeted eagerly, gesturing toward her set up camera “I am here, again. Back with my lovely friend Felix. And two other idiots, I don’t know, they kind of just joined…” she mumbled the last part into her microphone and snickered to herself.

“Ouch,” Mark cried and Jack laughed “You could at least introduce me as your boyfriend…” Mark faked wiping a tear to his own camera; a big grin upon his face already.

“Oi!” Jack called “That’s my line you twit.”

“Alright, alright, no fights guys,” Felix mocked, giving his own shit eating grin to his setup camera “I am the favourite so I make the rules.”

“God has spoken.” (Y/n) added. Currently starring at the loading screen of Prop Hunt, she were surprised as to how much already happened without the game even being loaded yet.

“Lmao, you guys are fucked.” she said cockily, glancing into her camera, once the game finally loaded.

“MISS (YOUTUBE NAME), THE ONE AND OnLY!” Felix called into his mic, exactly after your statement. “THE MOsT SUBSCRIBED GERMAN YOUTUBER.. even though she doesn’t have an accent, like what, totally fake fan… IS ABOUT TO GET. HER ASS HANDED TO HER. ON A SILVER PLATTER.”

She couldn’t help but shake her head and chuckle quaintly, as Mark bellowed with laughter and was quick to agree. 

“Don’t be touching her ass, mate,” Jack warned “I know where you live.”

❆      ❆       ❆

“ARE YOU KIDDING?!” (Y/n) yelled as she died quickly. “Who just goes around and shoots every fucking mug??!”

“Uh ha, this guy.” Mark stated smugly “Now where, oh where, is your leprechaun boyfriend?”

She twisted her face “Mark, I want you to know that you are a huge arschgesicht, and we are no longer friends”

“A what?” He asked and looked directly into his camera.

Felix couldn’t help but spit before chuckling soundly, shaking his character’s gun a bit and looking at his camera as he laughed.

“Whaaat? What does that mean?” Mark whined and turned back to his game.

❆      ❆       ❆

“Honey, I’m sorry it has to be this way.” Jack said, hurt lacing his voice but masked by a grin beginning to form on his bearded face.

“No you’re not! Let me live, holy shit.”

Her lamp couldn’t seem to move fast enough as she shifted her way through furniture and debris; away from Jack’s hunter.

“I love you!” she called

“Love ya’ too!” Jack said back and blew a kiss at his camera.

“Oh you fucking lustmolch…” (Y/n) finally insulted once she got shot. She pouted into her camera.

“Fookin’ what?” Jack repeated, laughing unsurely.

“Fucking slut you are Jack.” Felix breathed out after laughing again. He glanced at his camera and winked “Ah, (Y/n), if you were here, I’d give you a highfive.” and he chuckled some more.

❆      ❆       ❆

“So all I learned from today was that both Mark and my own boyfriend are both asshats,” (Y/n) started “and that Feli’ is my only true friend.”

Felix’s character was sat on top of (Y/n)’s chair in the middle of the kitchen.

“That’s right.” Felix smiled and shot at her character until she died. “Love ya’.”

“You goddamn pissnelke!” (Y/n) laughed and the round ended.

“HeY!” Felix began to laugh as well, with Mark and Jack joining in. “Watch your fuckin’ mouth!”

❆      ❆       ❆

“Okay my friend’s, that was Prop Hunt with the Holy Threesome.” (Y/n) smiled at her camera.

“Hey!” Jack and Mark said in unison, over top of Felix saying ‘kinky’.

“You learned that Mark and Jack are untrustable bastards and Felix can speak German!” she snickered.

“Ja.” the swede agreed heartily.

“So until next time; click this,” she gestured to the air on her right “to see my previous video. And any of these links to check out Mark’s, Jack’s or Felix’s channels.” she gestured to her left “Have a lovely evening!” she said finally.

“Bye!” your three friends said as well, in mock of a German accent.

“Oh my g–”

So there’s that. I really actually liked the request and so I hope this story maybe did it justice. Thank you for reading!

A Sweet Dare

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: language, fluff, crack (not the drug guys…)

Word count: 931

Summary: Dean tries to change the reader’s opinion on something that is very very important to him…

A/N: This fic was not planned whatsoever. I had this idea and simply had to write it down. I hope you like it!

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“You can’t be serious Y/N!” Dean hollered at you.

“Dean… so what? You’re totally overreacting!” you rolled your eyes in annoyance. The older Winchester had a tendency to be overprotective when it came to things he loved dearly but enough was enough.

He put his hand on his hip like an offended middle aged women with hot rollers in her hair. His eyebrows shot up as he opened his mouth to continue on with his rant.

“Umm, I personally don’t think I’m overreacting at all. In fact Y/N, my entire view on you just changed. I don’t get how you could ever say something like that?! Seriously, I’ve never met someone who thinks the way you do. I currently doubt whether or not you’re even friggin human!”

“DEAN! Just calm the fuck down! It’s just my opinion. You can have your own. Can’t we simply agree to disagree? This is getting ridiculous…” with open arms you took a step towards him but all he did was putting his index finger up, signaling that he was nowhere near done.

“You. said. that. pie. tastes. gross,” Dean punctuated every word as if doing that would make you understand why he was reacting the way he did. Of course, you knew how much he loved pie but you simply didn’t. Why was he making such a big deal out of it?

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momiji-the-bunny  asked:

Can you do the reactions of the RFA + V to MC having a major panic attack? Sorry if it's of any bother, I've just been having a lot of panic attacks as of late and think this would help immensely. Thanks in advance!

(๑ˊ▵ॢˋ̥๑) Take care of yourself, dear! Panic attacks are hard. At my old job I used to struggle with them constantly, so I know how it is. Just be sure to breathe and do what is best for you, and don’t be afraid to ask for help!


- It was really uncomfortable being with him in public at times.

- Mostly it was dates, but occasionally when you went to go see his plays, his fans were a bit troublesome

- Some knew you, others didn’t, and even if they didn’t even interact with you much, you still felt yourself on high alert and struggling to enjoy his plays

- He was a great actor! But it was just so damn difficult sometimes.

- But you Refused to break down in public. So you barely managed to keep yourself together- Shaking, nails digging into your skin, nerves ready to scream if some one so much as looked at you funny

- It was easy to tell you didn’t feel that great, but you kept the ruse up enough that people didn’t question it.

- When he took you back to his apartment however, that’s when it all just crashed down

- Tears flooded your eyes and you shook violently, wanting to curse at yourself for not being able to at least make it into the bathroom before you broke

- Zen fucking Panicked. He was on you in a flash, carefully holding your arms and keeping you standing

- “Babe? Baby, what’s wrong? Are you okay? Are you hurt?”

- You couldn’t talk, you felt like your chest was on fire. Instead you just gripped his arms back as strongly as you could muster, but it was still a weak grip.

- He followed you onto the floor, gently pulling you too him as you struggled to breathe, tears soaking his shirt.

- “Shh, babe, I’m right here, I’m right here. Just…Let it out, cry for a bit, and then you can tell me what’s wrong, okay? You’re not hurting right?”

- Your chest was screaming, but you shook your head no.

- It took a while for you to be able to talk right. When you could finally speak, your voice came out almost cracked

- “I’m, I’m sorry. Panic attack.”

- He just nodded, and rocked you back and forth a bit.

- He’d want you to eventually tell him what caused it, so he could help you more in the future, but right now he just wanted to calm you down.


- He looked up to you so much, putting this lovable but nearly impossible weight on your shoulders

- He loved you. He was trying his damn best not to compare you to Rika, but the weight still held you down.

- One night a guest rejected your email, and you felt ashamed. I mean, the stuff they asked should had been easy for you to answer! But you managed to fuck it all up, like normal.

- You debated on how to react. Your whole mind was screaming against you, telling you to throw your phone and scream, but your body was as still as stone.

- You saw Yoosung peer over at you, and then frown as you didn’t respond to his wave

- God, he was just going to berate you. Get that sad little smile as you search his eyes for the words he won’t push out

- “Almost like Rika, but not enough. Shame.”

- Tears prickled at your eyes, and Yoosung immediately was kneeling down to look you in the eyes, your body refusing to move from your position on his bed

- “Hey, mc? Can you hear me? Are you okay?”

- You could only close your eyes, tears rolling down your cheeks. You weren’t ready for this, you weren’t ready to face the fact that you weren’t good enough for someone again

- But those words never left his mouth

- Instead he wrapped his arms around you, rubbing your back and holding you as tightly as he could without hurting you

- He let your tears fall, just offering a few shhs as you tried to talk. But he never said anything negative. Nothing.

- He refused to compare you to her ever again. Especially if just the idea of him doing so set you like this

- Once you could move, once you could talk without it being a stuttering mess, he would calmly ask you what happened. Did someone get hurt? Were you hurt?

- When you showed him the email, he scoffed and just kissed your forehead

- “Mc, it’s fine. One guest reject won’t harm us. Even if just one person came, we would consider that an amazing outcome, okay?”

- You nodded, unsure of the validity of his words, but you decided to take what you could get

- He continued to baby you a bit that day, and even though you felt a bit embarrassed, it felt so comforting to know you were loved.


- Every party you went to with him you managed to mess up.

- Stuttering constantly. Stepping on someone’s dress. Botching the pronunciation of a weird menu item.

- They never laughed outloud, or complained, but you could feel the white hot stares they bore into you, crawling up your spine, stabbing each of your ribs.

- You had your panic medication, but you refused to take that in front of any one. You needed to prove to yourself you could last just one dinner. Just one, god please just one

- And you were so far

- Until you spilled red wine all over the white tablecloth.

- The other woman let out a yelp, trying to stop her dress from being stained. She saved hers, while your dress took the brunt of it. The men didn’t offer much of a reaction, Jumin acting quickly and waving a waiter over before the wine could ruin too much,

- But you couldn’t breathe. Those familiar awful feelings were springing up on you, and. And did that man just make fun of you? But it was just- You just couldn’t-

- “I have to go to the restroom.” You sprang out of your seat and booked it.

- It wasn’t far off, but you dashed like someone was about to murder you. You slammed into the woman’s room, shakily shoving your purse on the counter as your hands searched for your meds

- Just two. Two would be enough. You had a few sips of wine, the wine would react to it, and your meds would speed up faster than they normally do.

- But suddenly someone else came in, and you were shaking so harshly your pill bottle was rattling.

- “Mc? Are you alright?”

- Jumin’s hands were on yours in an instant, stopping the pills from moving, holding your hands tight. You tried stumbling out a sentence. He couldn’t be in here, this was-

- “Shh. You were unwell. It’s fine, nothing bad will happen.”

- He takes the bottle from your hands and you want to scream as he reads the label. 

- But, he just pops out two of the pills for you, holds them to your mouth.

- You numbly open your lips, allowing him to place the pills in your mouth. If this was any other moment, you’d feel shame and slap his hand away, but you needed these so badly, and you couldn’t stop shaking

- His worried expression softened when you took them, rubbing them against the bottom of your tongue. After placing the cap back on the bottle, he shoved it in your purse before pulling you tight against him.

- “I know you feel bad about these accidents, but trust me, mc, I’ve seen much worse. No one is judging you. They’ve been in your shoes before.”

- God, you just wanted to melt against him, to just sob out your stress, but you couldn’t. Not right here, even as your eyes watered, not right here

- He kissed your forehead, calling Driver Kim to come pick the both of you up. You tried to stop him, but he shook his head curtly. This wasn’t going to be discussed.

- Once the two fo you went home, he pulled you into bed with him, tucking the covers around any free side of you and holding you tight. He knew you loved cuddling, and if it helped, he would cuddle you all night


- A loud crash shattered against the cafe, you instantly dropping the plastic platter to cover your face

- This was the fourth time this month you had ruined a few cups. This time you even managed a saucer.

- You didn’t want to remove your hands. You could hear snickering, you knew you could, and you could feel your eyes well up

- They couldn’t see you like this

- But you couldn’t move

- You numbly heard Jaehee’s voice for a bit, sounding over the ringing through your head, through your ears, and you blankly followed as an arm wrapped around your shoulders, bringing you away from the mess

- After walking for a bit, calm but firm hands pulled yours away from your face

- Jaehee’s soft and worried face came into view, and as she saw the tears streaking your cheeks she instantly brought a tissue to your face, dabbing carefully

- “I-I-I’m so sorryIjustcouldn’t-”

-” Shhhh, shh shh, mc. It’s alright. It’s okay. Those were very cheap cups, don’t worry.”

- “B-but-”

- “Shush.” It was firm, but quiet. She sat you down at the table in the back room were the two of you were, silently getting a cup of hot water and a tea bag.

- She sat in front of you, steeping the tea a bit, then adding honey before sliding it closer to you.

- “It’s hot, but drink it. It’ll calm you down.”

- You shakily reached for it, almost wanting to dump the whole thing on you because you felt as though you deserved it. but…That’d just be another mess for Jaehee.”

- She watched you drink it, placing her hand over your free one when you could hold the cup with just one hand. Her thumb rhythmically rubbed a circle on the back of your hand, and she even started humming a bit.

- Soon, the quiet but warm setting of the room calmed your thumping heart, and you were able to breathe normally.

- When you finished the tea, she sat up and cupped your face in both hands, kissing your lips.

- “I love you, mc.”

- “I love you too.”


- Admittedly, you were so scared the moment he mentioned all the people that could come after him.

- At first you dismissed it, then you tried too later when the ‘hacker’ ordeal was over, but it kicked into full swing one night when the security system went off one day.

- It was all fine, just the system freaking out over a toy that had started up at 4 am rather than at 4 pm. Nothing that he couldn’t fix

- But you were on the floor of the bedroom by the time he came back from checking on it- Choking on your sobs as you held your knees to your chest

- He instantly dropped to the floor, sliding over to you and grabbing your cheeks, trying to get you to look at him.

- “Hey, hey, Mc, oh god, are you hurt? Are you okay?”

- “S-S-Someones after you-”

- “No, no honey, no they’re not, It was just a toy, I promise, I checked everything, It was just a toy.”

- “bb-bbut-”

- “No no, shhh, shh, oh god I’m so sorry.”

- He held you to him, rocking you back and forth as he repeatedly told you step by step of what had happened. Explaining all the little details he did to absolutely make sure no one was after him.

- After ten minutes like this, your death-like grip on his shirt loosened, and he pulled back a bit.

- You were breathing almost normally, tears dripping slower, and he just kissed them all away.

- It was difficult, but he managed to pull you up and get you back onto the bed, where he instantly wrapped the both of you up tightly in the big fluffy blanket he had.

- He spent the night muttering loving things to you until you could fall asleep, so happy to be able to calm you down that much.


- V was one of the calmest people you had met

- He was so sweet, so caring, so soft spoken

- But one day you accidentally knocked over a plant of his- Completely ruining it and it’s pot.

- The both of you bent down to clean the shards up, but with a hiss he accidentally had cut his hand

- At the sight of blood you lost it

- You managed to hurt him, just like Rika had

- You managed to cause him pain, something you never ever wanted to do in your life time

- He didn’t deserve it anymore, he didn’t

- It took you a while to focus back on reality. Honestly, just thirty seconds, but you felt trapped in your mind for much longer than that.

- With his free hand he cupped your cheek, pressing his thumb against your lips

- “Shh, you didn’t hurt me. It was an accident. When she did it, it wasn’t an accident.”

- Oh god you were talking outloud. Oh my god. You started shaking, but he hushed you again.

- “Mc, shh. Focus, focus. There’s a towel in the kitchen. Get that for me, please.”

- You scrambled to your legs, nearly knocking oer a kitchen chair as you grabbed the towel.

- The whole time he dabbed at his hand, you felt your head point and static ring in your ears- And you swore you could feel static rubbing against your brain.

- His lips were moving,and it was so damn hard for you to focus at first

- “Mc? Look, it’s a very small cut, not deep at all. It won’t even leave a scar, okay?”

- Once the blood was wiped off, it…It really did look small.

- You started breathing a bit easier, your breath hitching a bit, as he pushed the broken pieces of the pot aside and carefully led you to the couch

- He held you against him, peppering your forehead and head with kisses, repeating over and over how it was just an accident.

- It would take a while for you to calm down, but when you did, he gave you such a warm, sweet, small smile

- “Mc, you are the greatest person to ever grace me. I promise, you could never hurt me like that. I love you, okay?”

- “Okay.”


- You woke up already in a panic, lingering memories running down your spine

- You already couldn’t breathe. You were trying to suck in enough air but it wasn’t helping

- With constantly shaking hands, you reached out to Saeran, who was laying on his back and deep asleep

- You shook him, one…Two…Three times. He didn’t wake up yet, and you were freaking out so bad you had already started crying

- You gave him a harsher shake, and he groaned and finally blinked a bit. Rubbing his eye he turned to look at you, then froze.

- “I-I I can’t think right I can’t stop shaaking-”

- Without any prompting, he instantly pulled you to him, burying your face in his chest as he just wrapped his arms around you.

- He held your head against him, just trying to make you feel safer and stop shaking. It took a while, but eventually your body stopped trembling so harshly

- “Mc, what happened?”

- “B-Bad dream. Bad bad dream.”

- He didn’t laugh, he didn’t make fun of you. He kissed your head and started rubbing your back, repeating “You’re okay” over and over, until his warmth and voice was all you could focus on.

- He didn’t stop until he knew you were asleep. He pulled away a bit, situating the two of you into a much comfortable position, before kissing your head and going back to sleep with you firmly in his arms.

For Your Love || Jeff Atkins x Asexual!Reader

I’m glad you asked, because I’ve seen a few imagines with asexual readers and I noticed a repeat of something that really bothered me. Always by the end, they were magically cured by ‘the one’. Like, no. If that’s someone’s sexual orientation, or lack thereof, they’re not going to change it for one person. If people truly desire our asexual cupcakes, they’re not going to constantly be trying to convert them.

Word Count: 1,174

Warnings: Mild Bullying, Sexual Dialogues


    You had thought your relationship was going well. Marcus Cole, straight-A student and President of the Honor Board, was what most would consider a perfect gentleman. He would hold open doors for you, carry around your bags; basically, treat you like you always thought guys should treat their girlfriends. But it was on the night of the back-to-school Winter Formal that you saw him for who he truly was.

    The two of you had just taken a break from dancing to go grab some punch. Upon hearing from Montgomery that it’d been spiked, you stuck to grabbing a soda, watching Marcus pick through the large platters of snacks with a frown.

    “Hey, do you want to get out of here?” he asked, nodding towards the door. “We could go back to my place and hang.”

    “Are you not having a good time?“ you responded.

    He shot you that that sly smirk, never failing to melt your heart. "I just thought maybe we could have a little bit more if we were alone.”

    The smile that had begun to itch across your face faded quickly, replaced by a concern that furrowed your brows and forced you to cast your eyes downward. “Can’t we stay longer? I wanted to ask Tony if he could get some slow songs playing.”

    You felt Marcus’s hands slide around your hips, drawing you against his chest—what might have been comforting under normal circumstances, but now it just served to make your stomach twist with nerves. “Come on, Y/N. You know you can trust me.” He leaned down, teeth nipping at your ear. “I’ll be gentle.”

    You shoved your hands against his chest, scrambling backwards a few feet. “Wait! I really need to tell you something.”

    “What?” he asked, sounding, and looking, pretty offended.

    “I’m asexual,” you said quickly. “It’s not like I don’t like you, I really do. It’s just… I don’t enjoy sex like that.”

    He seemed taken aback for a moment, before finally clearing his throat to speak. “So you don’t think we’d be having sex any time in the nearby future?”

    “I’d rather if we didn’t,” you replied, feeling as if your chest was rattling with broken glass. “We could still have a good relationship together.”

    “Look, Y/N,” he began. “You’re a gorgeous girl. I mean, every guy in this school wants you, and plenty hate me for being the one you chose. I just don’t think you’re ever going to find someone who’ll keep you if you keep holding out like this.”

    You stared at him in shock. “Wh-what?”

    He patted your shoulder, shaking his head sadly. “This just isn’t going to work out between us. When you get over this phase, or whatever this is, call me, okay?”

    “What the hell, Marcus?” you asked, voice raising. “Did you only start dating me to get in my pants?”

    Heads had turned from the crowd, people poking other people in the sides to draw their attention over. Marcus had turned a light red, glaring down at you for calling him out in front of everyone.

    “Like you didn’t start dating me just to get brownie points towards your school record,” he snapped.

    “I started dating you because I thought you were the one person who would understand that there are more important things than sex!” you cried.

    “You’re just a prude freak,” he replied, his voice breaking with anger.

    A few of his friends, who had grouped together near the front of the crowd, snickered quietly. One punched Marcus on the shoulder, telling him to let it go. Another claiming that he had something that could open up those legs.

    You felt tears stinging at the corners of your eyes, their words squeezing around your neck like a tightly knotted rope. You tore through them, racing out of the gym and down the hall. You didn’t stop until you had pushed open the door to the girls’ bathroom and collapsed against the wall, knees drawn to your chest and wetness streaming down your cheeks.

    To think you had once told yourself you loved him.

    Barely a few minutes had dragged by when you heard the door creak open. You looked up, surprised to see the tall, broad figure of Jeff Atkins slipping inside. His hair was moused into a swoopy wave of black hair, white tuxedo crisp and perfectly tailored.

    “Can I come in?” he asked.

    You shrugged. “I guess. If you want to hang out with a prude freak.”

    “Fuck Marcus,” he said. “You’re not prude, and you’re definitely not a freak. Last time I checked, you were just Y/N, and that’s fine with me.”

    He moved to sit down next to you. At closer glance, you could see he had replaced his normal white studs with a pair of snowflakes. You laughed, making him turn his head to smile at you.

    “What’s up with the earrings?” you asked.

    “I’m being festive,” he replied, motioning at the matching pattern on the hem of your dress. “And twinning with you, apparently.”

    “Looks like fate wanted us to meet each other in this bathroom,” you said with a soft sigh. “You don’t have to waste your night with me, you know.”

    “Assuming that any of my time spent with you is wasted.” He placed his hand over yours, bringing it into his lap. “My night is already ten times better.”

    You brushed away a stray tear, trying to pull away. “We won’t work out. It never does.”

    “Why?” he asked, tightening his grip. “You’re an asexual. So what? That’s not something that matters to me.”

    “You say that now, but imagine if we somehow managed to make it out of high school. Years from now. I’m not opposed to the idea of sex some time in a long term relationship, but I’m not going to be able to be sexually attracted to you. Are you willing to live your life like that?” you responded.

    You could tell by the expression on his face that he was seriously considering this. You were just bracing yourself for him to stand up and walk out when he gave a nod.


    “Jeff, are you sure?” You turned to face him, sitting back on your heels. “This isn’t a joke.”

    He nodded again. “Yes. I am one hundred percent positive. I’m not sure if this is a little too early or not, but I think I’m in love with you.”

    You laughed. “What?”

    “No, I’m serious,” he replied, lunging forwards to scoop you into his arms. He pulled you in for a hug, resting his head on your shoulder in a maternal kind of way. “I was pissed when you started dating Marcus. Ask Clay. He’s the one who watched me purposely tear book pages every time I had to turn them.”

    You felt yourself relaxing against him. “Wow, okay.  That’s certainly something.”

    He gave a low chuckle. “Do you want to go back to the dance?”

    “Yeah,” you whispered.

    For once, you had a feeling your relationship actually was going to work out.

Of Loyalty and Duty (Chapter 4)

Prompt: In an effort to save two kingdoms, an arranged marriage was made. At his request, Prince Lin-Manuel Miranda was to be wed to you, the youngest daughter in your royal family. RoyalAU.

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3

Pairing: Lin x reader

Words: 4,025

A/N: This fic is spiraling out of control, lmao. Thank you for proofreading @how-could-i-do-this ! Here’s a random reminder to you guys on how much I love @strongenoughfoundation! Also, @nesthemonster - this is for you.

Thanks for reading!

The ride back to the castle was silent.

You disregarded the sympathetic looks from King and Queen Miranda and paid no heed to your father when he called your name upon the carriage’s arrival. You passed by your sisters without a glance, your steps purposeful as you made your way to your room. You were trembling, tears clouding your vision as you made your way through the hallways to your door.

You were met with a startled scream when you entered.

“Princess,” Elaina puffed, pressing a hand on her chest, “I did not expect you to arrive so soon. I wanted to tidy your room before – are you alright? You are as white a ghost!”

You gently removed the flower crown from your head and placed it on the vanity. You felt numb to the world around you. The vision of the little girl haunted your thoughts: her blue eyes, lifeless, the way her body rested peacefully against the hut as if she was merely sleeping…A low whimper escaped from your throat, a flood of tears that refused to fall blurring your sight. With strength that you did not know you had, you made your way to the bed.

“Princess?” Elaina whispered, her voice showing her concern.

“I need a moment of respite,” you mumbled, voice quivering, “if anyone were to request for my presence, I am sorry, but I must decline.”

“As you wish, Princess,” she conceded.

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Strange Habit

Genre: Smut

Pairing: Kai x Reader

Summary: You have a strange habit of sleeping naked. Jongin drops by your house one day and catches you in the act and he can’t help but feel turned on at the thought of you with no clothes on.

Author’s Note: This is my second time writing smut so forgive me if there are any mistakes or it just seems kind of off. My best friend also wrote a version of this herself @justafanfictionwriter you can check that out if you’d like! Thank you and I’m so sorry for this >.<

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byebyebyelilsebastianstan  asked:

WRITE A FIC GO (include a wlw chloe for bonus points not necessary tho)

I want the bonus points and also more wlw chloe :D (also i love your url so much omg) Also this is sprouting from a Chlonette idea I had awhile ago and will, at some point, turn into an actual fic.

  • It all starts with a phone call to the wrong person.
  • Chloe had meant to call Sabrina, but in her tired, teary-eyed state (it being very late/early), she hit one of the first contacts her fingers landed on
  • It rings once, twice, three times, and Chloe thinks maybe Sabrina is too tired to pick up her phone, which happens sometimes. She understands.
  • And then, she hears the tell-tale sign of her call being answered
  • Without waiting for Sabrina to speak, she just starts talking about whatever it was that had woken her up.
  • As she continues, there’s a rising panic in her voice, because Chloe doesn’t just wake up without there being a good reason for it
  • When she pauses to take a breath, she finally hears Sabrina speak
  • Except it’s not Sabrina, but a tired- and worried-sounding Marinette
  • “Um… wha’s wrong now?”
  • Chloe is lowkey panicking over having called Marinette and instead of responding to what Marinette said, she half-shouts, “Forget I ever called you! Forget I said anything! This never happened, got it?”
  • That wakes Mari up a little and she’s quicker to respond, “ Chlo, I dunno wha’s goin’ on really, but I’ll lissen ‘till you can fall back asleep. An’ I guess,” she yawns, “guess I could talk too if ya need. Can tell you some stories or somethin’. It’s okay, y’know. To call me.”

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anonymous asked:

i feel like junkrat is protective by nature with just about everything, especially his s/o. what sould happen if he felt threatened that someone would try to steal them away from him?

“I’ll get us another drink”, you hummed happily, grinning as you pushed yourself away from the table.

“Alright darl”, Junkrat practically sung, leaning over and pressing a hard kiss to the side of your head. You giggled, wiggling as he began to litter softer, smaller kisses to your cheek before you stood up, his hand rubbing your back lightly. “Get anythin’ ya want sweets! Everythings going on Hog’s tab!”

Your brow shot up curiously, looking to the large bodyguard, receiving a slight shrug and a snorted grunt. That was as much confirmation as you were probably going to get, eyes lighting up giddily. Junkrat tittered maniacally, your own giggle twinkling as you skipped away from the men to get a refill on all of your drinks. The watering hole you had stopped in rested close enough to ‘civilized’ society that you didn’t have to worry about all the liquor being irradiated, and  the establishment was surprisingly clean, not new or shiny but comfortable. It was still packed full of the same types of people you’d expect in the middle of the Outback, but even then you didn’t expect things to go too awry . You knew how to handle yourself fairly well, plus you had come in flanked by the infamous Enforcer and his infamous demolitionist employer. That should afford you protection enough.

Sauntering up to the counter, you bounced on the balls of your feet while you waited for the barkeep to notice you. When you did, you quickly placed an order for the same three drinks you had gotten before; a dark stout in a ridiculously large mug for Mako, a strong hard cider for Junkrat and a bubbly lemonade-vodka blend for you. You continued bouncing as you waited for the old man behind the bar, leaning your elbows into the bar and humming a nondescript tune under your breath, not noticing the two other Junkers that stumbled up behind you.

“Wouldya look at the ass on that one. Real nice, ain’t it mate?”

“Fuck yeah, nice ‘n tight, yeah?”

A shiver rolled down your spine, their voices close and purposefully loud and thrown in your direction. You glanced to the side, revulsion making your stomach flip as the one nearest to you caught your eye and winked. Your nose wrinkled, head turning to the side as you exaggerated your movement to show your lack of interest. Your amused bouncing had stopped, arms crossing over your chest, tapping your foot slightly. The bar tender’s back was to you as he worked through your order, Hog’s and Jamie’s drinks already on a small tray, yours being shaken in some kind of silver tin.

“Ohhh lookit, she’s a fuckin’ prude.”

“Little bitch just needs some right dick and I’m sure she’s be purring nice and sweet for us.”

You resisted the urge to shout the vitriolic statements that rolled on the back of your tongue, not wanting to start a bar fight, just wanting to get your drinks and spend time with your boyfriend and his best friend. But that didn’t mean you had to just stand there and take everything.

“Fuck off”, you huffed out, eyes lighting up as the bartender set your drink on the tray and turned with it, lightly placing it in front of you. Finally you could get out of here. Grabbing the edges of the platter, you smiled appreciatively at the bartender. “Thanks!”

Turning with the drinks you almost stumbled backwards, careful not to spill the beverages you held in front of you. The two taller, drunk men stood mere inches from you, blocking off your path back to the table. You tried to peek around them but they shifted, dipping their faces closer to yours and pushing you a step back.

“Eyy missy, you ignorin’ us?”

“Yes I have to get back to my boyfriend”, you huffed out, fixing them with an irritated glare. “Now move. Please.”

The ‘please’ was to appeal to some kind of decency the two men had but it only earned you a sneer. The greasier of the pair leaned even closer towards you, his hand lifting to grab at your face, your eyes going round as you were unable to move.

“Now c’mon y–oy!”

“The lady said hands off.”

The man leaning towards you was suddenly thrown back, landing hard on his ass, Jamison standing over him. There was venom in his bright orange-yellow eyes, your Junker growling menacingly as he stepped over the felled man and put himself between the harassers and you. His hand stroked at your face briefly, the deadly serious anger in his face flickering to worry as he looked you up and down. A silent question of if you were okay was met with a half nod of the head, a relieved smile settling onto your lips.

“Hey! Fuck off cunt!”

You watched the look of absolute malice slip back onto Junkrat’s face, his metal hand lightly stroking your cheek before he turned back around. He rolled his shoulders, standing to his full height, fists clenched at his side. Gone was the nervous, bouncing energy Junkrat normally embodied had taken a backseat to the fiercely protective, possessive nature the man had. What was Junkrat’s was Junkrat’s, he didn’t like sharing and he didn’t like people that threatened what was his. He was used to having so little so when he got his hands on something that he wanted, truly wanted, he was not going to let it go for any amount of money in the world. It made you feel safe, irreplaceable, chasing away any doubt that he truly wanted and loved you. You were his greatest ‘treasure’ and he wouldn’t let some garbage make you feel unsafe.

“Now you whackers, you either fuck right off or I’ll shove one of me bombs up yer ass and we’ll see how much ya fucking talk when yer entrails are painting the walls.”

Waking Up To SVT || Valentine’s Day Edition


The wind rushed into the room as he set the items in place, hoping you wouldn’t wake up mid-surprise to a half finished event. He had woken up early to prepare everything for you, hoping you would love the surprise with all your heart. 

He watched as you turned to your side, your hair falling over your face delicately. With a smile, he set down whatever he had been holding and walked over to you, moving your hair out of your face as he planted a kiss on your forehead. “Damn I adore you so much,” he’d whisper to himself.

Seungcheol: Seungcheol would be the cliche movie man. He’d have a platter of food in the kitchen that he actually made like wow man, he’d have a bath running, full of flower petals and it would be very fragrant. And when he woke you up, he’d have the sweetest smile “Happy Valentine’s day my love.” After eating breakfast in bed, he’d bring you to the bath and let you have some alone time to hopefully gush about what he was doing for you to your friends, yes he set up a phone in there. And after the bath, you’d come out in a robe, and he’d be sitting in a heart made of flower petals serenading you with ‘your song’. 

Jeonghan: Jeonghan would be the type to be too lazy to do anything too extravagant, but he would still try. You’d wake up to a coy Jeonghan who confidently says he didn’t do much, but when you look around the room, you’d see it filled with heart shaped photos of your previous dates. And the tv would suddenly turn on and a video would pop up and it would be edited clips of you guys laughing and having fun, and at the end of the video, there would be a photo from your first date, and a text would come rolling in “I, Yoon Jeonghan, will forever love you, no matter how much you annoy me. Happy Valentines day (Y/n)!”

Joshua: Joshua would be the type to go all out while keeping it simple. He’d have bears, he’d have chocolates, he’d have roses, ya know the typical Valentines day stuff Anyway, you’d wake up to the sound of his guitar playing from somewhere in the house. You’d run out into your living room/dining room and see a feast on the table, you’d see the note that told you to sit and eat as things got prepared, but being the sneaky person you were, you ran around the apartment, looking for Joshua but to your dismay he wasn’t there.  “Hi (Y/n)!” He’d greet from the screen cutely, “If you didn’t do what I told you to do, you would see that I am not in the house right now, but please don’t be alarmed, just go look out on the balcony and you’ll see where I am.” You’d rush to the nearest balcony, swinging the door open to look out and see Joshua up on the hill behind your apartment complex. He’d be surrounded by bouquets and bouquets of roses that spelled out “I LUV U”, waving to you, you’d smile cheekily before running to your front door and rushing down to him.

Jun: Jun would do the most normal thing out of all the members while also being romantic. He’d buy a crap ton of heart shaped balloons and throw them around the the room, filling them until you couldn’t see your ceiling or floor. Each balloon on the floor would have a little note stuck inside of it, and in order to read it, you’d have to pop it open. And the balloons floating above your head would have a little gift along with a note, in fact when you woke up, you were hit in the head with a teddy bear. After going through all the balloons, you’d open the door to your room to see him in the kitchen cooking breakfast in an apron. “Good morning (Y/n), happy valentines day.” he’d give you a playful wink as he set down the pan and sauntered over to you, giving you a chaste kiss. 

Hoshi: Hoshi would practically fill your apartment with stuffed bears. Starting from small to big, you would wake up to a small stuffed bear the size of your face stuffed in your arms and you would squeeze it bc it told you to, “Good morning darling, I hope you had a nice sleep.” And when you sat up, you would see another pillow sized stuffed bear sitting on your desk with a box of chocolates and a note. “I hope for our love to be as sweet as these chocolates. P.S. I made them so I hope they taste good <3” And each bear you encountered as you followed the flower petal arrows would give you a gift and a heartfelt note until you were led back to your bedroom where he would be waiting in a bear onesie with a bouquet of roses.

Wonwoo: Wonwoo’s would be simple but special, something so simple you could predict what was going to happen. You’d wake up in his arms, his husky voice the first thing you hear. “Good morning, I hope you slept well.” You’d be blindfolded as soon as he saw you were awake. He’d carry you over to what you thought was your dinner table, and he would feed you the delicious foods he had made earlier that morning oh how much ingredients he wasted rip and after breakfast, he’d lead you to the bathroom where he’d take off the blind fold and let you wash up in the warm bath that he had prepared. And when you were done, you’d get out and follow the trail of thornless roses. When you got to him, he’d have the biggest smile on his face as he saw you were smiling and he’d forget everything he had planned and just hugged you. “Happy Valentines day (Y/n), I really, really, really love you.”

Woozi: Woozi would do something that he knew he could do. And what can he do you ask? He can make you a song. Woozi would be in his studio, making a song describing your relationship and how he felt when he saw you. On Valentine’s day, he would present it to you in an old fashioned way, a cassette tape tied to three balloons. You would wake up to the gentle hands that belonged to Jihoon and rise slowly, unaware of what he was doing. And once you became aware, everything seemed to fall in place, a balloon floated your way with a cassette tape and you would look up to Jihoon who was now standing in the doorway. “Come on, you gotta find the cassette player to listen to it.” Your morning would be filled with a treasure hunt to find the cassette player, determined to listen to what was on it -of course you knew it had to do with music, but nonetheless, you wanted to listen to it, and feel the effort and heart that Jihoon poured into it. When you finally found it and ended the treasure hunt, you’d sit down in the living room and place it on your coffee table to play as you sat on the couch and cuddled with him. “I love you (Y/n)” he would say as the song finished. 

Seokmin: Seokmin would be normal on Valentine’s day. He would wake you up with his smile that could compete with the sun and give you a giant hug. The day would be filled with tons of skinship, every chance he’d get, he’d be hugging you or giving you sweet pecks on the cheek. He’d have individual pieces of chocolate in his pocket that he’d bring out at random times in the morning and he’d literally stuff it in your mouth. And when you’re least expecting it, he’d bring out a giant bundle of balloons that each have a rose tied to them and he’d walk around the house with them and each hour at the same time, he’d give you one along with a peck on the cheek. 

Mingyu: Mingyu would wake up hella early to cook you food. Knowing that food is something that you both love a lot, that’s what he did, he woke up at the ass crack of dawn to make a whole bunch of your favorite dishes. He’d even go as far to make his own assorted chocolates and chocolate strawberries. When it was time for the big reveal, you’d wake up to the smell of nice ass foods and dishes that he had made and run out to your kitchen/dining room only to be blocked by Mingyu. Knowing you’d wake up to the smell of food sooner or later, he stood in front of your bedroom door, blocking it with all his might and gifts that he didn’t make in his hands. He had went out and bought a large bouquet of your favorite flowers, along with some roses and a medium sized teddy bear. “Good morning, I know you love my food but hear me out first okay sweets?” 

Minghao: Minghao’s wake up surprise would be a thing you’ve never seen before. You’d wake up on the living room couch with a tray of food before your eyes, and there would be a note telling you to eat up and stay in the living room. And you wouldn’t notice it at first, but the Tv would be on, and it would be playing this sweet song that COUgh he wrote himself couGH and you’d hum along to the melody after realizing it was playing. And all of a sudden the song would stop and a video would play, “Good morning (Y/n)! If you are still in the living room, I want you to get up and walk to the kitchen and open the oven, there’s some stuff in there.” And when you did as asked, you’d see that there was a cake-along with a note and a stuffed cat. You’d feel him embrace you from behind, and he just wraps his arms around your waist and rests his head on your shoulder. “Happy valentines day my love”

Seungkwan: Seungkwan would do THE most for you. He would plan for his morning surprise like two months ahead just to make sure he had everything he needed and that everything would go as planned. You’d wake up to his soft singing voice, a song that he had made himself would flow to your ears as he played the instrumental. You’d open your eyes to see him sitting at the end of your bed with a giant stuffed bear and he’d have the purest smile on his face as he saw you beam. “Happy Valentines day,” he greet. And you’d think that this is it, but no, he has more. Seungkwan would bring you out to a living room full of photos with notes and small gifts. “I love you so much, and no matter what I won’t forget about you, not today, not tomorrow, not ever.”  And after getting ready, he’d take you out for breakfast. 

Vernon: Vernon’s would be very pure. Like this extremely pure being, everything he’d prepare for you would be pure, sweet and heartfelt. Everytime he went to buy, or taste, or look for things for this special day, he would try to remember what you like and if it would suit your taste. The whole day, he is worrying whether or not you would like the things you’re doing for him, or even if it’s enough. You would wake up to shy kisses on your cheeks and lips, the first thing you see when you open your eyes would be Vernon’s eyes. He would kiss you on the lips as soon as you make eye contact and pull away from you all shy before pulling you from your bed and bringng you out into the living room. The ceiling is filled with balloons that have photos of your dates hung upon them, and couch is scattered with handmade chocolates and oragami notes. “I hope you like it,” he’s say timidly as he walked up to you and kissed the top of your forehead. “Happy Valentine’s day.”

Dino: Dino’s would be a very new approach to things. He is a newbie to life, and a newbie to long-term love. He would get you the regular teddy bear from the store and he would set it on your computer chair. He’d set up notes around your house, telling you which way to go, and nice little things he had thought but never told you. “I know I don’t say it a lot, but I appreciate that you’re here with me on this journey of life as we start our careers and experience new things as adults. Happy Valentines day love.” And he’d pop out from behind the couch with those little confetti poppers and scare you, pulling you into a back hug as he kissed your cheek. 


This little story is based off of a post I made about Anti liking onesies. I couldn’t help myself since I found the entire thing really adorable. Thank you @jiminy-krispies for sharing these lovely ideas and creds to you for also giving me a few ideas on how to write this out.

Also, if you want to know Anti’s main look for this story, just check out this post made by the talented @atomiktaco.

I guess there’s sort of Danti implied but you can either take the interaction as platonic or romantic, whichever you prefer.

I’m tired but I wanted to finish this before I went to bed, so it may not be the best thing ever but I did it! Yaaaay.

Anyway, enjoy! x

Anti is alone. Not by choice of course; Dark said he was going to be gone for about a week for ‘business reasons’. Anti doesn’t really care why Dark is leaving, he’s just glad that he gets the house to himself. Why?

Because if Dark isn’t around, that means he can wear his onesies.

Several months ago, Anti got himself some onesies. He saw them at the store and couldn’t resist the incredible temptation. He barely even made it through the door before he slipped one on and started sliding around the house with it. This didn’t come with a price, however. When Dark came home that day to find Anti, a grown man, sliding around the floors of their house with a onesie on, he certainly had a lot to say.

The amount of times Anti was called something along the lines of ‘childish’ was uncountable.

After that, Anti made sure to prove that he was an adult and capable of being ‘more mature’. After telling Dark that he got rid of the onesies, he was never seen in one again and didn’t even mention them.

Instead, he just hid them hidden in a box in his closet, keeping them for a time where he would be alone and could wear them once more.

What, did you really think he would get rid of them? Silly.

Of course, now that Dark won’t be home for a week, Anti takes this as the perfect opportunity to bring out his beloved onesies. The second he’s certain that Dark isn’t coming back for another seven days, he dashes into his room faster than the speed of light and practically rips the box open. As soon as the soft fabric of the pyjama is between his fingers, a beaming grin spreads across Anti’s face.

“This is gonna be fuckin’ epic,” he chuckles, eyes gleaming with childish excitement.

It’s only minutes before Anti has one on and is proudly admiring his appearance in a mirror in the washroom. The onesie is that of a bright green dinosaur with a yellow patch on its belly and red spikes going all the way from the top of his hood, down to the bottom of its green tail. There’s even a face on the hood with little white teeth sticking out of it. The green-haired male throws the hood over his head, getting some hair in his eyes and the fabric falling down to his nose.

“This fuckin’ hood is so big, I could fit two of my heads in here,” he grumbles to himself, pushing it up and brushing his hair away. However, he quickly finds himself giggling as he begins to shake, the little tail coming out of his lower back jiggling with his movements. “Time to go slidin’!” he cheers.

Anti spends hours after that, doing nothing but sliding around the house in different rooms, allowing the fabric beneath his feet to carry him swiftly across the smooth flooring. He laughs and giggles, the sound overlaying and even glitching slightly with his growing excitement. It’s the most fun he’s had in weeks.

Once he’s too tired to keep going, Anti grabs himself some blankets and pillows and crashes on the couch, curling up in the warmth and coziness the clothing provides. Anti has never felt more content.

The next day is another new adventure in another onesie. Today, Anti is wearing a black onesie with a skeleton on the front and back in a bright green color. This one doesn’t have a hood but still covers his feet, so he’s still able to slide across the floors.

This time, Anti decides to make things even more interesting for himself. He gets a large piece of wood and draws a bullseye on it with a thick black marker. Once he’s satisfied, he hangs it up on the wall and gets his collection of small knives. With a mischievous glint in his eyes, Anti slides across the floor and attempts to throw all his knives into the center of the target.

Needless to say that, by the end of the day, there are many holes in the wall where the makeshift bullseye is. Anti is passed out on the floor beneath it, curled up into a ball while holding himself and his beloved knives scattered around him, both on the floor and stuck in the wall.

For the next few days, Anti continues to occupy himself with different activities, all of them revolving around his onesies somehow, whether that is using them to slide around or for comfort. When the seventh day finally arrives, the green-haired male seems to have lost track of time. He’s forgotten that Dark is scheduled to come home.

Anti is wearing a bat onesie this time. There’s fabric between his arms and torso, acting as wings. He’s sliding and dancing around the house to some silly music and giggling at himself like a dork. Hell, he’s having the time of his life and is completely unaware of the familiar figure standing in the doorway, watching him with amusement.

It takes a solid five minutes before Anti finally notices Dark standing at the entrance of the room, watching him with a mocking grin. The green-haired male freezes in his movements and the radio from which the music is playing begins to glitch with Anti’s surprise. Dark releases a deep chuckle and holds his hands behind his back in a professional manner. He tilts his chin upward, as if attempting to fluster Anti even further.

“I thought you said you’d gotten rid of them?” he questions, his eyes gleaming with mock, “Something about ‘being an adult’ if I remember correctly?”

Anti looks away from Dark and down to the floor, finding it much more interesting than his friends face. The radio has glitched into silence at this point, seemingly weighing down on Anti. He attempts to kick the ground as a distraction, but his foot only slides across the floor and he loses his balance, nearly slipping onto his backside. Dark’s grin widens.

Anti glares at him harshly, face still displaying the shades of his embarrassment. Dark lets a sigh scape his lips.

“Anti, I really couldn’t care less if you want to wear those silly pyjamas. Your little hobby doesn’t bother me in the slightest. You can dance around and slide across the floors all you’d like, I only enjoy teasing you but that really doesn’t mean that it should stop you from doing what you enjoy,” Dark suddenly says, releasing his hands from behind his back and bringing one up to gently brush some hair away from his eyes.

Anti’s eyes soften at his friend’s words. There’s a moment where conflict is seen within him but it is quickly replaced with delight and excitement, almost as bright as the day Dark left for his little trip.

“However,” Dark says, tilting his head downward and looking at Anti sharply. The green-haired male’s face forms an expression of confusion and Dark continues,”I wiLL nOt ToLEraTe YoU ruIniNG mY wAlls, UNderSToOd?”

Shadows are cast across Dark’s face, giving his eyes a redish tint. He speaks through gritted teeth and is leaned forward slightly, looking down at Anti with sharp eyes. The air seems to have gotten thicker and Anti simply nods.

Good, otherwise I will have your head on a silver platter,” Dark threatens before taking in a steady breath to recompose himself, “Oh, and if I find any of those things lying around, I will burn them.”

Anti’s jaw drops and he clenches his fists, eyes gleaming dangerously, “If ya dare try to burn any of my onesies, I’ll kill ya!” he threatens.

“Don’t leave them laying around and we won’t have a problem,” Dark finalizes, his tone signifying that it is no longer open for discussion, “now, go enjoy yourself – without being too reckless. I still have to clean up the mess you’ve made with my wall,” Dark grumbles unhappily.

Without needing anything else to be said, Anti dashes out of the room, nearly crashing into several pieces of furniture as he does so. Dark can hear his giggles becoming distant and muffled the farther he gets from the room.

For the next few weeks, Anti slowly gets used to the idea of being comfortable enough to wear his onesies around Dark without being relentlessly teased about them. Dark still teases him here and there, but not enough to make his friend want to hide them again.

About a month after the confrontation, Dark sighs after the wall that was once filled with holes is finally fixed. He admires it from a distance, being sure that the paint covering it looks just right and that the holes are no longer apparent. A small smile appears on his lips – he’s content with how it turned out.

Suddenly, Anti comes sliding across the floor and into his sight, standing right in front of the spot he was just admiring. He’s wearing his dinosaur onesie and a wide grin is on his face. Dark notices his hands being held behind his back and lifts a curious brow the sight.

“Look, Dark, I found one for ya! It’s a devil onesie!” Anti cheers, pulling his hands out from behind his back. He holds the black fabric up in front of him, allowing it to roll down to the floor. It’s entirely black with the exception of the pointy red tail and horns sticking out of the lower back and the top of the hood, “You’d be so comfy!”

There’s a moment where Dark re-evaluates his choice to be accepting of Anti’s childish obsession. However, after seeing the bright, toothy smile on his friend’s face, he simply lets out a sigh and internally smiles.

“Anti, if you put that on me I will burn you along with all of your onesies.”

Sunday Morning [Rick Grimes x Reader]

Hii there! You’re such a good writer, love all your imagines. <3 Can you pretty please, please do an imagine where the reader spends the morning with Rick, please a lot of fluff, than they have sex shower please? Thank you! xx

Hope you enjoy, anon! 

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Words: 1,455

Warnings: Smut, swearing, fluffy, romantic smut

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EXO reaction - you pouting and wanting to eat ice cream even though you are sick

Sehun: “Mkay but if you feel worse after that.. I warned you :)))”

Originally posted by sehunicorne

Kai: “Sure but under one condition - you’ll eat that off my body” thatwasbadsorry

Originally posted by exoturnback

D.O.: *keeps that face on while you bitchin* 

Originally posted by astronommyy

Chanyeol: “Babe, we had this talk, it’s not like you are pregnant, you are sick. Now let me sleep.”

Originally posted by zutterxtrash

Chen: “Ice cream, huh? Now? Do you want it delivered on silver platter?”

Originally posted by suhyla

Baekhyun: “You are too cute and too annoying at the same time! Too precious! Okay, chocolate?”

Originally posted by r-velvets

Lay: *tries to keep his face straight listening to your whining* *no intentions on buying ice cream*

Originally posted by fvck-kai

Suho: “No. You’re sick. Now get back to your room young lady!” idunnowhythisgif

Originally posted by lawlliets

Xiumin: “Ice cREAM? ALWAYS. Where is it????”

Originally posted by yixingsosweet

Tao: “You want some ice-cream? Go get it yourself.”

Originally posted by shinylightblue

Kris: “I dunno, you don’t look like you should eat those.” excuseme??you sass

Originally posted by yourejustmystylee

Luhan: :^)

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Four-legged Friend

Inspired by the end of that last episode of LoT

Mick showed up to breakfast late, which was not surprising. He didn’t greet anyone directly, except for the in general grunt of “g’morn,” and a slight nod to Jax as he plucked the serving fork from the younger man’s hand, helping himself to the plate of pancakes, which was again, par for the course after a late night. What was decidedly not normal was that he was not alone, exactly.

“Why’s everyone staring?” he demanded as he reached up and offered a piece of pancake the the gray rat perched on his shoulder.

“Why did you bring…vermin… to the breakfast table?” Martin Stein asked faintly.

“Mrs. Brisby’s not vermin,” Mick snapped, “so I don’t want to hear otherwise.”

“I’m sure she’s very clean,” Jax agreed, finally getting some pancakes and drenching them in melted butter. He was still clinging to the vain hope that “no fighting while there’s food” could be enforced with pleasantries. “But, uh—“

“You named the rat Mrs. Brisby?” Nate asked, trying and failing to hide a giggle behind his mug of coffee. Mick’s eyes went vaguely murderous. Murderous-lite.

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Wake Me Up [Viktuuri]

Summary: AU where Yuuri and Viktor are still figure skaters, but instead of being Yuuri’s love interest and Coach, Viktor is his friend and another skater who competes against him, like Christophe and Phichit. After a casual ‘friends with benefits’ kind of hook up, Viktor starts to see Yuuri in a different light, and questions whether he just wants to be his friend, or something more.

Word Count: 3,759

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They’re tangled together – limb entwined with limb as they strip each other of their clothes. There’s the occasional drunken giggle and the knocking of teeth and suddenly their clothes are gone, and they’re kissing and sucking on skin and gasping each others names. Short, breathless gasps of Yuuri and Viktor. The only sounds you’d hear is slapping of skin and gasps and moans as they melt into each other.

There aren’t any feelings here. It’s only platonic passion and emotion and desperate need for some sort of release. However, Viktor let’s himself forget among the desperate pants and moans.

The platonic emotions are back, though, and it’s all over when Yuuri wakes him up.

He’s naked, drowsy and in pain from a hangover. He keeps the sheets over him, and realizes that he’s not in his or Yuuri’s homes, but a very expensive looking hotel room. Viktor remembers last night, but only parts. He’s not naive – he knows what happened with Yuuri. He knows that they slept together. He knows that it was entirely casual and he knows that Yuuri thinks nothing more of Viktor than he would of a friend.

He only faintly hears Yuuri’s voice as he wakes up. His eyes are slowly adjusting to the seeping light but he can see Yuuri’s shape as it wanders around the room. As he adjusts, he can see the exposed muscles in Yuuri’s back flex.
Yuuri isn’t particularly muscular, nor is he tall or typically attractive. But Viktor notices, as the light hits his face in a certain way, that he is unusually beautiful. His face is rounded, slightly, but his jaw is strong enough. His eyes are plain brown, but they’re also a lovely brown, and they look gorgeous behind his glasses.

Yuuri’s voice is barely above a whisper when he sits on the bed beside Viktor. “You need to get up, Viktor.” His hand rests on Viktor’s thigh and he offers a warm smile. “You promised Chris that you’d help him prepare for the party tonight.”

Viktor grumbles and sits up straight, his hand flying to his head as he grimaces. He’s never been his normal giddy self in the mornings. “Why do we need another party? Isn’t the Banquet enough?”

“It’s not an official official,” Yuuri shrugs as he hurries on a shirt. His drawstring pants are loose and start to slip down his waist as he gets up. He fixes them and tightens the string. “It’s just a party that Chris wants to throw in celebration. I don’t know why he’d be celebrating, though. This is the first time he hasn’t placed second in a long time.”

Viktor giggles like a schoolgirl. “Or first,” he reminds the dark haired skater. “Don’t forget, Yuuri, you placed second.”

“Yeah, and you placed first.” Yuuri rolls is eyes. “Like you have every year.” He sighs at Viktor’s mumbled, not every year, and runs his fingers through his hair. “You know, you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. In case you’ve forgotten, you were my inspiration since I was a kid.”

“And I’ve admired you since before we met last year.” Viktor grins. He finally pulls himself out of bed and shrugs on a night gown. “You’re too hard on yourself, as well, Yuuri.”

They get dressed in silence. Viktor’s eyes wander to Yuuri again and again, and he sighs. He hates this feeling. Yuuri is one of his best friend’s – to think of him like this is selfish. He hates that his stomach l fills with butterflies every time he looks at him, and he hates that he can’t help but smile whenever Yuuri fixes his glasses or a strand of hair. He hates it.

Viktor has never felt like this about Yuuri before. Sure, he admired him for a good year or so, and he’s definitely thought about how good his ass looks in his costumes, but he’s never really thought about him like this.

Before either of them say anything, Yuuri’s hand is on the doorknob and he’s twisting it and it’s open, he turns back to Viktor and smiles timidly. “I’ll see you at the party tonight.” And he’s gone. Viktor looks around. So this is my hotel room, he thinks. They all look the same, don’t they?

“Yurio~” Viktor singsongs to the 16 year old blond as he walks into Chris’ party. His face is flustered and it’s clear that he’s just been with Otabek. “You look awfully dishevelled!”

Yurio’s eyes are wide as he turns his gaze to the floor, and Otabek walks in behind him. They’ve done this before, Viktor knows it. “Shut up, shit head.” He turns bright red as Otabek stops at his side. “What would you know?” he bumps his hand against his taller friend’s and the older bumps Yurio’s Back.

“I know that whenever your face is that red, you’ve been up to no good.” Viktor hums knowingly with a shit eating grin he knows Yurio hates. “And that your lips are swollen.”

It’s Otabek’s turn to flush, his eyes growing wide as he looks down at Yurio. Victor’s grin doesn’t falter as they both make their way to the bathrooms in a rush. They’re only in there for ten minutes, and return to Viktor telling a dad joke to Yuuri, who’s eyes wander to the pair and greets them with a grin that almost splits his face in two. “Fancy seeing you two here,” he hums. “I thought you’d avoid a party put together by Chris like the Plague, Yurio.”

“Don’t call me that, piggy.” Yurio spits, no venom in his tone. “Beka forced me to come. He said it’d be rude if I didn’t.”

“He was right!” a voice comes from behind the blond, louder than the music playing over the bustling conversations, and they all recognise the voice to be none other than Chris’. He decided to play all of this seasons music for the party, even the songs from the skaters who didn’t make it to the Grand Prix Final. “You wouldn’t want to be so rude as to not come to your dear friend’s party, would you?”

Yurio scoffs. He grabs a drink from a platter one of the volunteers is carrying around and pretty much downs it in one go. “The fucking Banquet is enough, I only go to it because I have to.” He ignores Otabek bending down to whisper, you don’t actually have to go. “This is bullshit. Especially the fucking butlers.”

“Oh, Yurio!” Viktor sighs dramatically. “Such a foul mouth for such a small boy!”

“Shut up, old man.”

They all burst out in laughter, other than Yurio, of course. Viktor gives Yuuri a sideways glance and his face is fixed on his. His eyes wander across Yuuri’s features and he takes in every wrinkle and curve in the younger man’s face as he laughs.

Yurio notices Viktor staring, and a grin similar to the one Viktor wore earlier splits his lips. “I noticed the piggy leaving your hotel room this morning.” At Viktor and Yuuri’s sputters and coughs, Yurio rolls his eyes. “Did you forget that our rooms are on the same floor, dumbass? What was Yuuri doing in your room last night?” his voice is demanding as he gives the pair an impatient glare.

Viktor starts to panic as he swallows the lump in his throat. He’s about to sputter out some kind of lie before Yuuri speaks up. “I was having a panic attack.” He lies awkwardly, avoiding eye contact with anyone. “I… Uh, drank a bit too much at the Banquet last night, so… I get anxious when I’m tipsy. When I started sobering up I started getting all weird and panicky so I found Viktor’s room and he helped me out.”

Yurio doesn’t seem to notice Yuuri’s lie, which is strange for thim considering he’s far more observant than most people realize. He murmurs under his breath. “With sex,” but they all pretend not to hear. They all do.

Viktor gives Yuuri a look that the brunette definitely notices. He looks down at the Japanese skater and furrows his eyebrows, as if asking, why lie? Yuuri shrugs and smiles warmly at Phichit as he enters the room, leaving Viktor behind with tinted cheeks.

Viktor has never understood the idea of a tattoo. Perhaps it’s because of his appreciation of the human body, or just the idea of something so permanent and painful. He’s just always found them distasteful.

Well – until now. He’s standing in front of an expensive looking tattoo parlour – one about half way between his apartment and the rink he trains at. He was walking home, but stopped at the sight of it.

He looks down at his bare wrist and shivers. It’s autumn, almost winter, and the cold is slowly creeping into the air. He thinks of what it would be like to have something so terrifyingly permanent as a tattoo against his complexion, and thinks about what he’d even have inked into his skin.

A name. A specific name. With a fancy ‘Y’ and two cursive ‘u’s and an ‘r’ and an ‘i’. Or would he have it in Russian? Or Japanese? English seems most appropriate, considering its the second most common language in the world.

Viktor sighs.

When winter finally arrives, Viktor realises something he wishes he hadn’t.
He sits beside Yuuri at an outdoor cafe, both covered in layers of warm clothing and scarves and jackets. It’s a warmer day, still below ten degrees Celsius. They share a large bowl of chips (they’re both a bit tight on money) and their fingers brush against one another’s. Yuuri’s cheeks turn pink, and Viktor’s eyes widen as he observes his best friend’s face.

How has he never noticed it?

Normally, Yuuri’s eyes are brown. A deep brown that you can get lost the in if you stare long enough. But today? Viktor’s gaze doesn’t stray or falter as he stares and notices them – little flecks of caramel and golden.

It happens again, not a week later. They sit inside on a colder day, beneath blankets as they watch Shrek for the third time that month. Rather than paying attention to the movie (he can probably recite the entire script, by now), he’s paying attention to Yuuri’s eyes as they flicker back and forth across the TV, and he notices them again. Little flecks of golden and caramel hiding in the deep chocolate brown that Viktor can get lost in.

He keeps seeing them. He sees them in the mornings they’re together and the nights they share at each others sides. He sees them when he closes his eyes.
When Spring comes bounding, blinding, they’re gone, and Viktor realises that they’re only there in cold air.

Viktor wishes he had never noticed the golden caramel flecks in chocolate brown, because he selfishly decides that he wants nothing more than to hold Yuuri in a cold place for the rest of their lives

That night, at Chris’ party, when Yuuri told everyone that whenever he has a panic attack he goes straight to Viktor and that was why he was there the night before – he wasn’t telling a complete lie. He does have panic attacks and when he has them, who’s the first person he thinks to go to?


He’s sitting on Viktor’s love seat in his living room now, his head in between his bouncing knees and cradled by his own hands. Viktor’s hand is against Yuuri’s back, rubbing circles between his shoulder blades as he whispers to him.

“Are you alright?” Viktor’s voice is soft and soothing to Yuuri as he continues rubbing his back. When Yuuri slowly nods his head, the silver haired Russian frowns because he knows that his friend is lying. He always knows when he’s lying. “I know you like hot baths. I’ll run you one, alright?” When Yuuri doesn’t move, Viktor smirks. “I’ll fill it with scented bubbles~”

Yuuri tenses and hesitates before he finally nods.

As Viktor fills up the bath he sits and stares and wonders. He watches the bubbles fill the bath and pictures Yuuri lying there, giving Viktor the look he always gives him. Losing himself in Viktor’s eyes like the Russian got lost in his.

Viktor imagines a future. He imagines a child in the bathtub in a home far away from the city. He pictures Yuuri trying to cook and failing miserably and he pictures the two of them at one another’s side on the lounge in the living room, looking down at a child grinning up at them from the carpeted floor.

Viktor has to shake his head to get the picture of it out of his head.

When he returns to the living room, Yuuri stares at him with wide, anxious eyes, and his fingers are tangled and fiddling. Viktor sighs and sits beside him, and Yuuri wraps his arms around Viktor’s torso straight away.

“Yuuri,” Viktor’s voice is small, unlike his normal, boisterous tone. “What set you off?”

Yuuri’s reply is so small, Viktor almost doesn’t hear it. He does, though, and once the brunette has mumbled out the small, timid “You,” he’s holding on to him like his life depends on it without giving a single care about the hot bath turning cold. He can draw another one later.

They’re walking along a beach when Viktor finally does something.

His eyes are fixed on the sand as they dawdle along the beach at each others sides. Yuuri is smiling at Viktor and telling a story about the friend of his from Hasetsu who used to help him with his skating, but Viktor isn’t listening.

He notices a pebble that kind of resembles a heart shape, and he closes his eyes as he stops completely. Yuuri looks back at him. “Viktor, are you alright?”
The Russian doesn’t reply. He reaches for the pebble and stares at it in his hand. He has a rock in his other hand, suddenly, and starts chipping at the pebble. Yuuri’s eyes are fixed between Viktor and the pebble in his hand and he narrows them. “Viktor. What are you doing?”

Viktor looks down at the pebble in his hand, satisfied, and hands it to Yuuri. “If you can, use some string and make it into a necklace. You could wear it, if you want. I think it’d look nice on you.”

He doesn’t notice the tear rolling down Yuuri’s right cheek until he really looks, and suddenly, he feels one trickle down his own cheek – hot and barely even there.

And now Yuuri’s smiling up at Viktor, lopsided, awkward and nervous, just like all of his beautiful smiles. They’re contagious – Viktor noticed this a long time ago, so he smiles down a got Yuuri, and suddenly their fingers are tangled and they’re both silent.

They stay like that until they’re both going home.

Viktor isn’t entirely sure how, but it happens again.

For a second time, they’re a mess of limbs and lust but this time, they aren’t drunk. They’re completely sober as they dance through the routine another time – kisses and gasps shared. They cling to each other, pulling one another closer with each passing moment. Yuuri lies beneath Viktor and moans his name, over and over. He’s never been particularly crude – profanities aren’t his style.

Viktor is the same. His mouth only let’s sweet pants and gasps tumble out and he’s looking down at his best friend with adoration in his eyes and admiration in his features.

For a second time, it’s all over when Yuuri wakes him up.

This time, they’re in Viktor’s apartment, and Yuuri isn’t wandering around the room without a shirt on and only drawstring pants. Yuuri lies beside Viktor, just as naked as the Russian. His snores are loud and he understands how he woke up.

He treads lightly into the kitchen once he’s dressed and makes two cups of tea. Yuuri’s is a Japanese herbal tea that Viktor knows he loves. He tiptoes into his room, and gives a small smile when he sees Yuuri, sitting up in his bed. “Good morning,” the brunette mumbles. “Did you make tea?”

Viktor nods and hands him his mug, sitting beside him to drink his own.

“It’s the herbal one I told you about.” Yuuri notices as he inhales the scent. “I can’t believe you remembered.” He sips at his tea, his face lighting up as it warms his face and body.

Viktor watches him. He watches how his lips wrap over the edge of the tea cup and how his fingers are long and slim. He watches Yuuri’s eyes, too, and notices the wrinkles at either side of his face when he closes them. He watches him and stares at every part of his face, and looks down to his own hand.

His hands are kind of pale, like the rest of him. His fingers are slim and bony, and his hands are thin and you can see a few veins. He looks at his finger – his forth finger – and sighs. He thinks to himself, wouldn’t a ring look nice there?

His exhale wavers as it leaves his lips and he looks at Yuuri. He’s been doing a lot of that lately. Looking at Yuuri. “I’ll be back,” Viktor snaps suddenly, wincing at his tone as he makes his way to the balcony. He grabs a pack of cigarettes and grimaces at the photo on the packaging .

He hates the feeling of smoking. He feels gross and he hates himself for it but he can’t stop. He started about three years ago, just after he cut his hair – he was going through a kind of phase. An existential crisis when he’d questioned his skill and career and he decided then to say fuck you to his health and his iconic hair.

He doesn’t smoke very often, so he’s never done it in front of Yuuri or any of his friends other than Chris. He supposes that’s why he grimaces and frowns when Yuuri pads onto the balcony, giving Viktor a disappointed stare.

“You didn’t tell me you smoked.”

“I don’t do it very often,” Viktor sighs, taking a long, soothing drag from the cigarette. “I’m not like one of those chain-smokers who can smoke a pack a day.”

Yuuri’s face twists into a cringe when he smells the smoke, and he turns his nose away. “I hate the smell.” He says. “My sister smokes and I’ve been trying to get her to stop but she won’t listen to me.”

“Mm,” Viktor takes another drag, then puts it out in an ashtray he’s hidden so no one can find it without looking for it. “I’ll try and quit. For you.”

Yuuri stays silent.

For some reason, Viktor opens his mouth again. “Yuuri, how do you feel about marriage?”

Yuuri’s eyes were wide as they snapped up to meet Viktor’s, and he stars stuttering as his fingers automatically fiddle. “Well… Technically, I can’t get married, but it seems nice…” He alerts his intense, nervous gaze from Viktor’s eyes to the floor.

The silver haired Russian frowns, silently cursing at himself for being the reason that saddened gaze sets upon Yuuri’s expression. He nods and hums solemnly, and jumps when Yuuri asks, “Why?”

Viktor is caught off guard with how close Yuuri suddenly is to him, which makes him want to laugh. He looks down at the brunette and heaves a great sigh from his lungs before looking away.

Being this close to Yuuri is like being in the eye of a storm. It’s calm, quiet and seemingly peaceful, but something always happens to get Yuuri out of this shy, nervous state and into his Eros persona – the storm.

Viktor knows that he feels something for Yuuri beyond a sexual attraction; he’s not naive. He knows that the feeling he gets whenever he looks at Yuuri is something far more. The feeling of overwhelming affection seeping through his chest and enveloping his heart – it was almost suffocating and he needed to do something about it.

“Viktor?” Yuuri’s voice brings him back to where he’s standing; on his balcony, the brunette’s hand comforting on his own. “Did you hear me? I want to know why you asked that – you know what? Never mind.”

For a second, Viktor thinks Yuuri’s going to kiss him. He’s close enough – just another inch and their lips would be slotted together, sending sparks along their spines. But Viktor thinks, if he’s going to kiss me, he’s really taking his time. Because Yuuri is close, but not moving, and it’s driving the Russian mad.

So, to put them both out of their misery, though he believes it’s only his, Viktor finally jerks his head forward, and finds himself a mess of affection, dancing tongues, saliva and an oddly excessive amount of fireworks.

The first time they kissed, there wasn’t nearly as much boom to the display of sexual tension. It was nice – but it was messy. The first time they kissed, they were both drunk and giddy from the aftermath of the Grand Prix Final.

Now, barely a year later, they’re sober and giddy from the aftermath of a second ‘casual’ hook-up, lips pretty much glued together as they whimper and moan at the feeling of one another’s hands running along their bare skin below the fabric of the little clothing they were wearing.

Unlike their kisses shared before, this one isn’t heated and rushed. It’s sensual and slow, and Viktor brings his hands to cup Yuuri’s face and to bring the brunette closer. Yuuri’s hands are on Viktor’s waist and he’s pulling the Russian closer and now they’re pressed against each other and their lips are joined with tongues dancing between them.

Viktor has never felt so alive.

Now Viktor’s hand is exploring the brunettes chest and he feels it – the pebble from the beach. Attached to a string, it sits perfectly against the part of Yuuri’s chest where his heart would be and Viktor feels his eyes watering.

He decides, suddenly, that he’s in love.

He doesn’t realize he’s pulled away until he’s gasping for breath and struggling to keep tears from trickling down his cheeks. Yuuri looks at him, aghast, gives a lopsided smile. There’s a look in the brunettes eye and Viktor knows it’s one of understanding. It’s saying, you don’t need to tell me. I already know.

Viktor gives a look back. What about you?

I do.

The Chocobros want your Brownies

Okay I was in a super silly and ridiculous mood when I wrote this….
(Mostly fluff, but Gladio’s scenario got NSFW cause reasons)

Chocolate and Chocobros below the cut!

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become-the-story  asked:

hey hey hey ;) Would it be possible to have a werewolf!Jungkook thingy ? A scenario where he finds his mate or smth idk it's up to you, I'm just a sucker for au's c: tyty ♥

AS PROMISED -  Here’s something to make your first day of school a little better (hopefully!) 💝 It’s prooobably not what you were expecting tbh 😅 I’M SORRY IT GOT OUT OF HAND WHILE COMING UP WITH IDEAS!
As always- if you don’t like it I’ll redo it!

(if you read this for the first time and find repeated passages let me know!!! tumblr hates me TT)

Varúlfur - part 1

Werewolf Jungkook x Reader
Words: ~3,500
Keywords: … Blood, Gore, Fear? I’M SORRY I SWEAR IT GETS BETTER

Originally posted by kpop-reads

He was frantically running. 
His paws were flying over the soft ground as if he was weightless as he followed the faint aroma he picked up earlier. The same smell that made him break all chains and escape his safe haven, a little house in the woods he had bought specifically for these nights. 

Full moon nights. 

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Military sister (2/?)

request: yes

plot: the reader is part of the batfam and want to join the military

A/N: the next part (if you want it) will be her being deployed! please tell me if you want a part 3!

word count: 1,148

warning(s): none?

Tagging: I’m lazy

part 1

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“And Everyone You Love.” Part 2

(I don’t own gif!) 

Requested: Yes! 

Warnings: Angst, Blood. 

Word Count: 3k 

Part 1 


The next day at school was nothing Peter would have ever expected from you. You always had a bright smile and always wore an outfit that gave away a positive vibe–you would walk by people with a smile and a wave and people couldn’t help but smile and wave back, but today this was not you.

Your hair was up in a tight bun but that wasn’t the unusual part, you had a tight leather jacket on, a white revealing top, regular black pants–black converse and deep red lipstick. Peter liked the look, except for the fact you didn’t really look like you, not even a grin peeked from your face. You looked cold and heartless, with dark circles sprawled under your eyes–under them your cheeks were tinted pink due to all the crying you had done last night. Everyone was looking at you unsure how to react, but you didn’t care. You didn’t say “hi” when people said “hi” to you, you walked straight to your class, completely ignoring Peter.

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