with your dad


“Of course she’s still your sister, Pippa! But you have to understand this, it’s for the best that your real dad isn’t in your life, sweetheart.”


“He’s not a nice man at all. When he was mean to me and left, it was Luke that came and helped me. You both adored each other straight away. You have to know that he loves and cares for you just as much as he does for Destiny. I never asked him to be a father for you, he took on that role himself and he did it with pride.”

“Do I have my real dad’s hair and eyes?”

“His hair, yes. But believe it or not, you actually have my eyes! For now, anyway. When I was your age, I had eyes exactly like yours. When I became a bit older, they faded away and my real eyes came in. Wanna know why you have these eyes? Because you’re really special, Pippa. Never doubt that for a second, okay?”

Beauty and The Beast

paring: Bucky Barnes x reader beauty and the beast Au!

plot: based on the Disney movie beauty and the beast. 

a/n: I really hope you guys like it! It’s my first AU!


words: 2827

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And the curse was broken with a single kiss, it was no ordinary kiss it was a true love’s kiss. True love the most powerful magic there is. 

“Y/n” you sighed as you marked the page in your book “ I am coming, Papa”. you ran into your dad’s workshop “Y/n” he called once again “I am here Papa” you panted as you stood beside him. “Yes Papa, you called me? I was just reading by book. I am at the part where the prince wakes the princess” you went on. “That’s lovely honey, can you go get some groceries from the market?” he asked, his face full of dirt, he was in the middle of creating something new. 

“Of course, Papa and can I” your father placed his finger on your lips preventing you from speaking “Yes Y/n you can go to the library and get another book” you smiled and gave your  Papa a big kiss on his cheek “oh thank you, Papa” you ran off once again “the list is on the kitchen table” you father shouted. 

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About Beatrice Santello

If we look through Bea’s perspective, we can’t really blame her for getting angry at Mae.

When you’re a person stuck in a dying town, working your ass off in your dad’s store, supporting for both of you daily while he gets all the credit of what you’ve done, then your friend just came back home from college and say it “didn’t work out”?

Bea always wanted to go to college and would kill anyone to get into one. Mae came back and the only answers she could give when asked why is either “Man, screw school!” Or “Didn’t work out”. The first thing you would do is making assumptions because how vague the answer is.

Plus, Mae really avoids talking about what happened in school and make up excuses when asked countless of times but still shows optimism and jumps around like a little kid.

In Bea’s eyes, she sees Mae as not caring about important things in life like having a job or college. She makes assumptions because Mae refused to talk about it. She hated Mae for throwing away a privilege that not everyone can have and the thing she wanted so badly.

When a depressed person seeing someone so happy about their life, having fun and so much free time while you’re stuck with jobs and paying rents and support your family, you can’t help but feel a slight hate to them. Bea is probably jealous because Mae doesn’t have responsibility like she does.

She finally realizes what’s wrong when Mae had her breakdown during the couch scene, when she finally opens up why she left and what happened in college. By then, she started to care more like she should have.

And hey, Bea and Mae were childhood friends. They were in girl scouts and used to hang out a lot until Mae stops to sit with her because she think she’s “too cool” to be around her and stopped talking to each other. I’m guessing she must’ve been hurt because she was left in the dark or thinking she did something wrong. We don’t know what Bea’s been going through or think after they stopped talking.

Bea’s been going through a lot, but I’m not gonna agree with how she treated Mae. Bea made unnecessary assumptions and lash out at Mae without knowing the full truth. She resented Mae for throwing away college like it was nothing. Still… she can be a good friend if you go down to her route, if you keep talking to her and stayed by her side.

Beatrice Santello is not a douche. She just need someone to talk to, to stay by her and listen to her despite her cold treatment. And Mae managed to fill that gap in her life again.


Spencer was born in the middle of winter, two months early. None of us were really surprised, as Dad had complications with all of us. She was in the hospital for a month before she went home, and honestly, that was the best day of my life. We built her a little room in the basement, and Noah and I didn’t mind. The older she got, the more we bonded. Dad was at work a lot, and Mickey didn’t really do much, leaving me, mainly to care for her. I don’t mind… Not at all. Since I had to stop talking to you, she’s just brought me a lot of happiness. And I think I do the same for her. Kids are weird. They’re fascinating. They’ll unconditionally love you because they haven’t been conditioned by society yet… I hope you’re doing well, Levi… I hope Logan’s doing well in school, and your dad’s not giving you a hard time. I probably won’t ever give this to you, and you’ll never see this, but I miss you. I’m sorry I’m such a hardass. 


Magnetic Chapter 29: Domestic

Dean Winchester x Reader

1300 Words

Story Summary:  After your Dad was killed, you were shocked to learn all about his hidden life. Deciding to follow in his footsteps, you turn to a life of hunting, surprised at how well you adapted. Then comes along Sam and Dean Winchester, turning your life upside down. You and Dean don’t get along at first, but then things soon start to change.

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Waking up the next morning, it took you a moment to realize where you were. The bed was soft, a lot softer than yours. It’s memory foam cushioned your hip, but your chest and head were placed on something firm and solid, with a heavy weight over your back, your legs tangled with someone else’s.

Peeking an eye open, you could just make out the stubble beginning to grow on Dean’s chin, the way his chest still moved up and down slowly as he still slept. His arm was wrapped tightly around you, holding you close to his chest, his hand splayed protectively across your back. You could grow accustomed to waking up this way, safe and warm in his arms.

Seeing the clock on the nightstand flashing 8:30, you carefully slid out from under his arm, watching as he shifted on the bed as soon as you were gone. It gave you a chance to really look at him. With his freckles all along his nose, and his full lashes dusting his cheeks, he looked so much younger asleep. Less beaten and road weary, he didn’t look like the deadly hunter he truly was.

Slipping out of the room, you made your way towards the kitchen, already smelling the coffee brewing. Greeting Sam as you walked inside, you poured yourself a cup of coffee before sitting down across from him. 

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When your dad texts you randomly saying he’s going to buy you the phone case you wanted, because he saw it on your twitter that links to your blog that you totally forgot that you had linked

Anyway, appreciate my new amazing phone case (that will probably end up with coffee over it in a week)

amazingoliverr  asked:

Hi, what should I do if my dad wont use my new name? My dad said to me today that "I don't care if your name is Oliver on Facebook, I'm gonna still call you S**** and you will always be a girl to me", and it really hurt my feelings...

I’m so sorry your dad is such an asshole. You deserve so much better than to have to deal with that kind of bullshit.

If you think there is a chance he might change if he had more knowledge about trans stuff, you could perhaps try to show him something from [here] and ask him to read through it? That will necessitate him having an at least somewhat open mind though, for him to be able to take in new information like this.

Other than that, you could perhaps try to talk to him about it - let him know how much it hurts you to have him say stuff like that, how much ir hurts to be misgendered, how much it hurts to be deadnamed. If he cares about your well-being, he shouldn’t want to hurt you like that, so he should be willing to change. Although based only on what you said he said here, I have to admit that I doubt this would work with him.

You could also try to get some more supportive family memeber, if you have one, to talk to him about it. He might be more willing to listen to someone else than to you. Which is bullshit, because you are the one who this is about, but that’s sadly how it is sometimes.

Please know that even if he doesn’t change though, you are still you. You’re still Oliver and you’re not a girl. He can’t change that. And one day you won’t have to be around transphobic asshats like him - in the future you’ll be able to surround yourself with people who love you and support you for who you are.

If any of my followers have any other advice or suggestions, please feel free to add to this post.

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Shinobu's like "Here's your coffee darling~" and Hayato's like "YEAH DAD. ENJOY YOUR COFFEE." and Kira's sitting there staring down at the mug seething because he can't be sure whether or not Hayato actually managed to sneak rat poison into his cup again or if the little shit is just fucking with his mind for kicks

“Actually, wasn’t Hayato saying he wanted to start drinking coffee? Here. You try it.”

“N–no thanks, I…I was just kidding…”

“No, I insist. You’re growing into a young man now, aren’t you? I’m sure it won’t be too…bitter…for you now.”

“Oh! How thoughtful, honey! Aw, when did you two start getting along?”

“…mom, I don’t think that’s getting along–”

“Look, Angela…it’s perfectly legal for me to flirt with them.” Cassandra said.

“What about sleeping with them?” Lilith asked.

“I’m eighteen. I can do whatever I want.”

“Pfft, try telling that to your dad.” Angela scoffed.

“All my dad cares about right now is Dina.” Cassandra said, rolling her eyes and trying not to puke. “It’s fine, you guys. Really.”

My mother, in rare vaguely complimentary form on the phone today (after competing with me about whose cough was worse, I mean what even?), told me that one of her friends really admires my writing (as seen in various political Facebook rants, random stories about my day/mostly about hookers I’ve seen, and various other musings about the kids).

“I told her how you’ve been a writer since you were little and how you used to write your little fanfiction stories even though I had no idea what that was, on your dad’s police laptop, and about all your blogs and such.”

“Yes. Used to write fanfiction. Totally past tense.”

*awkwardly closes 10k smut doc*

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Indy’s one of the best people I know on here. She runs a really good blog with all your programming dad needs, and bus needs too - also EDM which I recommend you listen too. She’s really nice to so you oughta drop her an ask sometime! If you wanna get into Riddler and such I’d also recommend her blog for both a) amazing fanfictions that are in character and b) her artwork bless. She’s just a blessing.


(Send me a URL and I’ll talk about them!)

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Where Reaper/76 S/O (whose Hindu) is nervous about asking them to be their date for their sister's wedding. As sister of the bride she has to dress traditionally and dance in front of everybody with her sister. Do this as a second part if you want but I'd like to see how her older brother and father would interrogate them and how they would feel seeing their S/O in henna and just gorgeous in their cultural environment. I love your writing by the way it helps on my bad days and makes me happy!

omg awesome!! and im so honored that I make you smile. keep on keeping on love.<3


-okay so in all honesty he would hate the fact that you invited to a place where there would be a lot of socializing and … well people, and the fact that they are important people, like your dad.  BUT he would accept the invitation because he knows how much it mean would to you.

-when there and he sees you in you outfit and with henna on you, he cant help but stare. He just finds you so beautiful, especially because he has never seen you like this before. He may be very very VERY subtle about it but he throws complements at you the entire night.

-now when he sees you go up and dance with your sister. HE CANNOT HELP BUT OPEN HIS MOUTH WIDE. (or his eyes or whatever or everything hehe) He just finds the way you move so amazing and sexy and beautiful at the same time. He does not take his eyes off you throughout the dance. I don’t think he even blinks.

-and if your older brother and father tried to interrogate him. He would be a potato. A very quiet and scared talking potato. first off, never has ever spoken this long to people questioning him without shooting them in the face. second, he has also never felt more intimidated by anyone before. third of all, he really really does not want to screw up anything with you and your family. 

-but seriously hes in love with you and at the end of the day he would admit he enjoyed it and just being there with you was nice.



-inviting him would be so much much more easy. He’s actually loves weddings and you so now he gets both. yay! He would probably be more excited than you that he said yes because he is totally looking forward to seeing more of your culture since he knows so little of it.

-now his reaction is a lot more straight forward when he sees how you look. He actually covers his mouth because hes in awe of how gorgeous you look. It takes a couple seconds before he goes and tells you how much he loves the way you look. He also is such a gentlemen and tells your sister she looks great as well.

-after you tell him that your going to dance with your sister he gets excited to see it. but when he sees you on stage he just cant control his excitement. He starts smiling like a big idiot, and he has the most proud expression on his face that he has ever had in his entire life. once your done he will just complement you like crazy.

-if your older brother and dad would try to interrogate him he would act like this is the most important interview of his life (probably cause it is.) he would answer kindly, say all the right answers, and even somehow make your older brother love him more than you. seriously though this man is an expert in this field. no joke.


p>-when the wedding is over he will tell you how much fun it was and definitely will want to learn more of your culture.

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Planned to go get some shoes with my dad today and then my mom and my sister came and just went shopping for themselves and me and my dad sat outside on a bench and I didn't get shoes, they ruin everything and are so self centered. Sorry just needed a little rant

Hunny :( talk to your dad and say you want a day out just u and him 💘

It’s time to catch up with what Ebony is doing, and it looks like she’s moving out with Gemma… and Zane. They both asked their parents, and they’re helping them out for the first few rents

Gemma: Mooooom, why does Zane have to come? And you guys really have to be in your pajamas?

Ember: Yes, me and your dad want to run around naked in the house,and we’re going to woohoo after you guys leave, that’s why

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Cassiel: "Mozzarella sticks sound yummy.. I wanna try some one day... but burgers... Tempest ate one before... but it looked like a lot of work to eat it...."

Rinna: They’re fantastic~ I’ll have to make some for you to try!

Silas: “Huh..? It’s really not that much work.. It’s no different from eating anything else..” 

*scratching his head*  “I guess you could try putting it in a blender. It’s sort of like a cheeseburger milkshake.. ”

Rinna: *cringing* …I wouldn’t suggest that.. Silas, don’t tell me you’ve done that before..?

Silas: … … 

Rinna: ..Let’s just make sure your dad doesn’t know about this, okay?

( Mun: *cough* says the one who eats soy sauce on popcorn.. they both have weird eating habits xD)