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Honestly Yuri On Ice is such a ridiculous piece of fiction like it’s based around this somewhat outdated cliche of what if your idol and celebrity crush fell in love with you? except it does it in a really great way where we witness them actually falling in love with each other through building a relationship, while also addressing well the fact that the main characters have anxiety and depression, and the entire time it’s about competitive ice skating so we get a lot of really beautiful sequences, and it’s also super gay which is like really lovely to see a strong romantic relationship develop between two grown men and overall the show is just so wonderful and pure and wholesome but there was also a scene with drunk pole dancing and dry humping that serves as arguably the most pivotal scene in the entire show in terms of character development and plot twists so there’s that as well.

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I'm in love with my best friend but he sees me like a Sister...

Well be cool with that man. You gotta respect that. Just like how you’d expect a guy friend of yours who has a crush or is in love with you to be okay with you seeing him as a brother.

Some people just don’t feel the same way that you do but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to not be in your life.

Imagine #19 Charles Xavier (Request)

Requested by Anon: Could you please write a Charles Xavier x reader where the reader likes him but feels she has no chance so she pretends to hate him. But then he finds out the truth through mind reading? I’m sorry if this is complicated!! But thank you so much.

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Words: 2622

Warnings: fem!reader, swearing, typos

A/N: So, first of all, I know that request is from literal months ago, and I’m really sorry, but I kinda put off writing it for the following reason… I actually did that once, pretended to hate someone I believed not to be good enough for (he was a dick and probably deserved it, but still) and it’s connected to some of the worst, most uncomfortable and regrettable situations of my life. If you find yourself in that kind of situation, and you think that it would be easier to just treat your crush like crap, DON’T! I’m all for making mistakes and learning from them, but I really recommend you just talk to the person or, if that’s easier, distance yourself, but being a dick towards them will just make you look and feel like… well, a dick. Don’t! And secondly, I am not incredibly proud of this fic. I don’t think it’s that great. I hope, I’m not disappointing anyone. xoxo

Charles had hired you because of the way you worked with the students, the way you treated the other teachers and the impression that you were one of the smartest, most dedicated people he had ever met. He had hired you despite the fact that you apparently couldn’t even be in the same room as him without shooting him glares and avoiding any kind of further interaction.

Charles understood that there were people, whom one just couldn’t stand. Attraction was biology after all, and maybe you just really didn’t like him, maybe semi-polite working-side-by-side was all you were able to with him, but it still bothered him.

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Can you do #65 w/ one of the marauders?

Sirius x Reader drabble:

You walked through the busy roads of Hogsmeade, passing in between other students as you went. Your good friend Regulus followed quickly behind. You had asked him to help you make your crush jealous in hopes to get his attention, it didn’t help that your crush just so happened to be his older brother. This would either go perfectly or horribly wrong. 

“There he is! Hold my hand damn it, we gotta make this look convincing Reg,” you pleaded, offering your hand up to him. He rolled his eyes slightly, wrapping his arm around your shoulder instead.

“This will hit him faster, he won’t be looking down at your hands trust me,” Regulus whispered into your ear, making it look like the two of you were sharing an extremely intimate moment.

 Your eyes met Sirius’ as Regulus pulled back slightly, his arm remaining where it had been. He was glaring at the two of you from a distance, James was obviously trying to discern what had happened. You watched as Sirius pushed himself out of his chair, ignoring his friends calls as he made his way towards you. Turning to look at Regulus and ask what he thought Sirius might be doing, the words couldn’t leave your mouth before Regulus was shoved roughly away from you and pinned to the wall. 

“Sirius let him go!” you commanded as the shock wore off, trying frantically to pull the two brothers apart as Regulus merely laughed.

“Jealous brother?” he teased, a smirk playing on his lips. Sirius pressed his body harder against the wall, his face red with anger.

“Don’t you ever fucking touch her again , do you understand me?” he growled, his eyes dark.

“That’s enough! Regulus is my friend, he was just trying to help me make you jealous you limp noodle!” You snapped, drawing his - and many others - attention to you. You huffed, shaking your head with a disappointed look on your face. “If this is how you would treat your brother for simply having his arm around me then I don’t know if I want you anymore.”

“Y/N wait,” Sirius spoke, dropping his brother and stepping towards you reaching for your hand. You jerked your arm back, glaring at him.

“You slammed your own brother into a wall just for being around me like that, and I know it didn’t look like I wasn’t enjoying his company so don’t even try to use that as an excuse,” you growled, stepping past him and grabbing Regulus’ hand. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah i’m okay,” Regulus shrugged, lacing his fingers through yours. “C’mon Y/N, I told you my brother was a dick.”

“Watch your mouth-” SIrius cut in, his voice dark.

“Don’t start again Sirius, I’ll see you in class.” You shook your head, not knowing how to handle this unknown side of him. You walked towards the pub with Regulus, oblivious to the smirk Regulus sent in Sirius’ direction. 

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*runs up to you and hugs you tightly* I miss you so badly! I was gone for about 3 weeks without internet at all! TwT I'm back now!

Aww your back! I was wondering where you were!! I’m glad your back fam! *crushes your ribs back* xD

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Who was your first fictional crush?

“Glinda, from The Wizard of Oz, I think? Or, um… this one’s sorta embarrassing. And not really fictional, but… My neighbor used to let me hang out at her house when I got home from school, and she never had kids so she didn’t have a whole lotta kid stuff, but she had this Bob Ross tape… I’d just watch it over and over.”

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Hi could you make an imagine where Norman works with the reader at The Walking Dead and their characters are related romantically but in real life she has a boyfriend and in her two years anniversary her boyfriend cheats on her so she gets drunk and Norman takes care of her and they end up having sex and the next morning Norman confesses his feelings for the reader and the reader say she feels the same about him and they end up together 🙈🙈 sorry if it's too long, I Love you btw💚

You loved your job on the Walking dead, everyone was nice and you never felt out of place. Your character on the show was romantically linked with Daryl which made you and Norman happy and the fans happy, your characters were so sweet together but in real life you were coming up to your two year anniversary with your boyfriend who you were pretty sure you were in love with except for your small crush on Norman, well maybe a bit bigger than small but you always pushed that to the back of your mind.

The day of your anniversary you had to work but you had asked to have the afternoon off which you were granted and you had rushed off after saying a quick goodbye to everyone, you had rushed home hopefully to meet your boyfriend, when you got there everything was quiet except the small moans that you could hear, you swallowed your stomach in knots as you walked towards your bedroom only to find your boyfriend in bed with another woman, you gasped which made them both jump and you boyfriends face turned horrified “babe, Babe it’s not what it looks like” he stammered moving out of the bed you took a step back “Your naked in our bed with another woman” you spoke calmly “were over” you continued before turning walking straight out of your apartment ignoring the voice calling your name.

You ended up at a bar, drinking until everything was fuzzy and you couldn’t make sense of anything, you registered that your phone was ringing; pulling it out of your pocket you answered it with a slurred hello “Y/N?” someone asked  you smiled “Norman hiiiii” you giggled before taking another gulp of a drink “Are you drunk?” he questioned, you nodded “yeahhhh I am” you sobbed “my piece of crap boyfriend cheated on me” you managed out though your sobs “Y/N” Norman started again “Where are you I’m coming to get you” You grinned “I’m at the rabbits hole”.

Norman showed up 10 minutes later and gently helped you up as you flung your arms around him and sobbed into his shoulder, he rubbed your back as he walked you out. Before you knew it you were back at his place and he had laid you out on his bed before grabbing you some water.

Sexual Content below

You stared up at him “Norman you always take such good care of me” he smiled gently before moving to tuck some hair behind your ear, you leant in and pressed a kiss to his mouth hands curling around his neck, he pulled back “Y/N your drunk” You stared up at him “Please, Norman please I want to forget” he stared down at you as you pulled him down for another kiss “I want this” you murmured before pressing your lips to his, he pressed back hands trailing down your sides as you kissed you whined as his mouth moved to your neck as he used his hands to remove your skirt and top you watched as he removed his own clothes after before beckoning him back he moved pressing kisses to any skin he could reach as he pressed a finger inside of you thrusting slowly, which moved onto two as you pressed a kiss to his neck nipping at the skin there you moaned as two became three and you were thrusting your hips up to meet his thrusts “Norm, baby I’m ready please” you sobbed as he pressed a kiss to your lips and lined himself up before thrusting in. It didn’t last long after that you were both so close that it only took a handful; of thrusts before you both came.

The next morning you woke up wrapped in Norman’s arms naked and sticky you looked up to see Norman staring down at you “I really like you Y/N, more than a friend” you stared at him as he blushed and broke eye contact, you moved a hand to lift his head “I like you to Norman I always made excuses and pushed those feelings down because I had a boyfriend” he stared at you before leaning down to kiss you “We could give this a try, take it slow and see how it goes” you nodded I’d like that”.