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rhymewithcircus  asked:

Heeey, could you explain (or link) to me what happend at SDCC with James, Sanvers and all? I read people ranting over that but can't find what exactly happened. Thank yooou.

o boy, I don’t know about James, but uh

1. Sanvers is done (probably), Maggie probably leaves after the first few episodes, Floriana for sure only has a few episodes

2. the cast did a musical recap of s2, and Jeremy felt the need to yell (about Supercorp) JUST FRIENDS, THEY’RE JUST FRIENDS, THEY’RE NOT GOING TO GET TOGETHER

3. After, Jeremy said people were going to be upset and Melissa said that it was really brave

4. Katie stood up for people who saw the subtext and said we can all interpret it differently because it’s like art

5. Chris Wood, interrupting Katie, said something sarcastically about “because people’s sexualities are determined by how people perceive them” and people laughed

6. Jeremy said “and I’d know all about that, being in musical theatre” which is sooo not what Katie was saying…

7. Jeremy “apologized” but it was just all excuses

8. The second part of his apology was way better and honestly I wonder who yelled at him. one of those LGBT friends he was talking about in part 1?

9. Today was…. a mess (if you have any more questions feel free to message me)