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Chuck Klosterman, But What If We’re Wrong?

I really, really loved this. It’s a great thought and conversation starter, and it uses age-old ideas to attempt to explain how we both consume and remember our culture today. Most importantly, it makes philosophy accessible and challenges the current wide-spread misconception that philosophy is a discipline reserved for stuffy intellectuals within the ivory tower of academia or bourgeois salons. 

Aight I’m just gon go ahead and say it for those in the back

👏Pennywise 👏is 👏the 👏love 👏of 👏my 👏life 👏 and 👏did 👏nothing 👏wrong 👏 he👏 just👏 wants 👏to 👏eat👏

“You think he’d take it out on his own son?”

This right here broke me. The fact that Adrien even has to consider this question is why Gabriel’s a bad person.

Look at how uncomfortable he is. Ladybug is so clearly filled with shock and horror at the mere thought of a parent going after their own child, and Chat Noir doesn’t really know how to respond to that.

Yes, he knows that The Collector didn’t actually take Adrien, but it looks like when confronted with the question “You think he’d take it out on his own son?” his answer was pretty obviously “Yes.” He did think his father would come after him. He did think that was a reasonable response to the situation at hand. He thought it was reasonable enough to use it as an excuse when Ladybug asks where Adrien is. When all he did was lose his father’s book? He thinks taking his father’s book without permission and accidentally losing it is reason enough to be taken out of school, grounded for life, and that it could have angered his father enough to turn him into an akuma that would then come after him.

That, to me, pretty clearly indicates Gabriel is not a good man.


He hadn’t learned yet about how to smile

Headcanon: Sukea disguise was originally used for non-combative infiltration mission by Kakashi. After the end of Third Shinobi War, the first joint chuunin exam was held in Kirigakure. Hatake Kakashi was the only member of ANBU (other than ROOT, of course) who was young enough to pose as a participant. He was tasked to assess the situation in Kiri for the Sandaime Hokage and acted accordingly. Since this was an international diplomatic event, Konoha had to fake the legal papers for this genin persona, and thus, Kurogane Sukea was born. (it was a pun.)

Kakashi; scarecrow; su-ke-a-ku-ro; Sukea Kuro(gane);

Too far

As soon as he walked in, he felt the tension. He had to do something to lighten the mood. He didn’t understand why everyone was anxious in the first place. The mission was a success and all the prisoners decided to join the coalition. “Hey everybody, what’s going on?” Lance asked, plopping down on the couch, “everyone seems down in the dumps.”
He waited for a reply but got nothing in return. He sighed standing up again. “The mission was a success, we added new people to the war against Zarkon. What more can we ask for right now?”
Shiro sighed heavily before offering him a smile. “You’re right Lance,” He said, “today was a win.”
Lance returned his smile. “That’s right! And we have plenty to go!” He cheered, “Planets to save, ladies to meet.”
He gave his signature smirk as the team rolled their eyes with a laugh. “Of course that’s what you’re thinking about.” Allura huffed, “that’s the only thing you think about.”
Lance paused a second before shooting finger guns at her. “Ha ha. Yeah.” He murmured.
“You know at the very least we know one person who won’t be taken by Haggar.” Pidge snorted.
Lance’s arms dropped to his sides, a stunned look on his face. “There isn’t any useful information up there.”
“Hey, wait a min-.”
“Man, remember when you tripped and knocked that alien into the fountain at the space mall?” Hunk laughed, “that was hilarious.”
“You’re always good for comic relief.” Shiro added.
“You mean only good for comic relief.” Keith smirked.
Lance glanced at him, noticing that no one commented on his statement. “Hey! I’m good for other things too!” He yelled.
“Yeah?” Keith asked leaning against the wall, “Like what?”
“I’m the sharpshooter, and I’m good at getting new aliens on our side.” He argued crossing his arms.
“What about the mission today?” Keith argued back, “I didn’t see any sharpshooting out there.”
Lance’s eyebrows furrowed in anger, looking back at the team. They all seemed to be enjoying the show. “Do they think this is funny?” He thought.
“Don’t even get me started on your flying.” He continued, earning a laugh from the couches.
He glanced over at them with a frown. “It has been funny seeing you pilot Blue and then Red.” Allura laughed.
“You can’t even control Red properly.” Keith laughed.
“I told you!” Lance yelled, “Red’s a lot faster than Blue is.”
“She’s too fast for you?” Keith mocked, “maybe you should be piloting something a little slower. Like a cargo ship?”
Lance’s face fell as laughter filled his ears. “Is this what they really think of me?” He thought.
“Man, you really are the worst pilot ever.” Keith laughed, “your mom must be so proud.”
Lance’s arm raised before he even realized, a dull slap echoing throughout the room making everyone go silent. Keith brought a shaky hand up to his cheek already red and pulsing. “Don’t you dare disrespect my mother.” He hissed, his face morphing into rage.
“Eres un maldito bastardo. No puedo creer que haya pensado en ti como una familia.” He spit, spinning on his heel and walking out of the lounge.
Keith looked shocked, as did everyone else in the room. “Keith are you okay?” Shiro asked, finally standing up from the couch.
He nodded slightly. “I’m such an idiot.” He whispered, “I always take things too far.”
“I think we all did.” He replied in a reassuring tone, rubbing Keith’s back.
“I’m going to go apologize to him.” He said, following through the door he left from.
He found him in the kitchen, eating food goo alone. “Lance,” He said cautiously.
“What do you want?” He snapped, glaring at him.
“I’m sorry,” He said quickly, “for what I said earlier.”
Lance stared at him with a heavy frown. “You had every right to slap me, I went too far.” He added, sitting down across from him.
Lance sniffed, staring down at the table. “Do you guys really think so little of me?” His voice wobbled.
“No!” Keith yelled in desperation, “not at all. You always do your best to make sure that everyone is doing well. That’s why you’re so important to us.”
Lance raised a brow at him. “I know it doesn’t seem like we notice, but we do.” Keith added, “maybe it’s about time that that you know that we acknowledge it and are very grateful.”
Lance offered him a smile. “You want to watch a movie or something in the lounge?” He asked, standing up from the table.
“That would be nice.” Keith replied, following him to the doorway.
“And thank you Keith.”

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in acidscars - obi-wan is trying to live with his scars, buth something goes wrong.

Looking up, Obi-Wan raised a brow at Anakin as he caught the blond staring at him. “What?” He questioned with a clearly self consciously.

“They did a good job on your nose, that’s all.” Anakin grinned, holding onto his emotions as only the right side of the others face moved properly, the left eye blinking slightly but only slightly over the blind milky eye.

The healers had been able to reconstruct Obi-Wan’s nose with tissue and had eased out some of the scars discomfort with healing but had been unable to recover the muscle of his cheek, lips and forehead.

So that side was not moving properly compared to the right side.

A Healer with skills in tattoos (a mirialan) had carefully tattooed an eyebrow for Obi-Wan though so that was something.

To be honest, Anakin had been studying his master, both visual and through the Force, catching the faint twitches that exposed the pain he was trying to hide and the way Obi-Wan was withdrawing into the Force in an attempt to sooth himself.

He was clearly still in pain despite being out on active field work again.

“You don’t have to lie to spare my emotions Anakin.” Obi-Wan sighed, setting aside his pad.

“No really.” Anakin pushed himself off the bunk and moved over to the redhead by the desk, taking him by the chin and carefully tilting his head right and left. “It looks the same, you’re breathing better through it from the sounds of it and your speech pattern has mostly gone back to normal with the nose. I’d call that a banging success Master.” He grinned, desperately needing to assure the other.

Peering up at him, Obi-Wan pulled from his hand to flicker his fingertips over the pad. “Mmmn…”

He didn’t believe Anakin clearly.

Kneeling down, Anakin placed his hands on the others knees and squeezed. “Hey, I know its not the same but I lost my arm. We’re both coming out of this a little worse for wear but… we’re coming out of this together Obi-Wan. I promise.” He murmured.

Swallowing a bit, Obi-Wan focused back on him. “…I never considered myself vain before Anakin but I really miss my beard now. It was…” He blew out a sharp breath.

“I understand. I miss my hand a lot, the phantom pains can be gruesome and sometimes it feels like my fingers are constantly being broken.” Anakin sighed, rubbing the others knees. “And that’s just my arm. I can’t imagine how your face feels.” He stared at him. “But if you need help, I’m here. I’ll do what I can for you if you ask.” He leaned a bit up, waiting.

After a few breathless moments Obi-Wan gave a tiny, whimper like noise before leaning in and down, dropping his forehead against Anakin’s. “Oh Anakin.” He breathed out before sighing. “What a mess we are.”

That got him a low chuckle before Anakin carefully reached up with his mech hand and placed it against the still red scars of the others face.

A low gasp escaped Obi-Wan before he placed his hand over the other. “Cold…oh thank the Force that feels…” He closed his eyes in bliss even as Anakin kept his open to keep him under observation, smiling when Obi-Wan seemed to melt into the hands.

“I’m glad.” The knight murmured.

A soft clearing of a throat made them look to the tent flap where Ahsoka stood, smiling lightly at them. “I didn’t mean to eavesdrop but… I thought you might need this master Obi-Wan.” She lifted a cup.

Taking a small sniff of the air, Obi-Wan made a surprised noise. “Salix tea? Where in Force did you…” He accepted the cup from her.

“Madam Jocasta. She told me it worked against pains and aches and had a soothing affect, she told me where to get it and I figured… well… you’re still aching.” The teenager shrugged a bit, smiling when Obi-Wan gave a quiet laugh.

Leveling the two a fond look, Obi-Wan took a small sip. “I don’t know what I’d do without you two.”

Grinning, Anakin settled his hands back on Obi-Wan’s knees. “Eh, don’t worry about that Obi-Wan.” He winked. “We’re like burrs, you’re never getting rid of us.”

Ahsoka gave an agreeing laugh, crossing her elbows on Anakin’s head and leaning her head on her arms. “Right you are Skyguy, burrs!” She beamed. “We’re sticking to you Master Obi-Wan.”

Watching them, Obi-Wan felt his eye mist slightly before he took a sip of tea to hide it, feeling a fine tremble go through him at the level of devotion and affection he was being given. ‘My linage is truly something unique…’

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Maybe an obvious one, but top five Eleanor/Chidi moments?

Aaahhhh bless you anon 
Ok, in no particular order (because I honestly can’t pick a favorite):

1. Chidi storming into Michael’s office to save Eleanor (+the little mouthed “thank you” in 1.08 when Eleanor gets off the train (+the hand holding afterwards)
2. “Looks like someone learned something” “Well, that’s because someone else is a really good teacher (+that look) in 1.03
3. Eleanor coming clean about everything because she can’t handle seeing Chidi in so much pain in 1.07
    (as a bonus; “Do you know who killed Janet?” “Yes.” “Will you tell me?” “No.” from 1.08)
4. “I used to never want to a part of any group. But I’m a different person now. Because of the person who helped me.” (the looook they share)
5. It’s a tie between the boat scene in 1.05 and “You were my flashlight” from 1.13

I’m doing 5 for each season I’m sorry anon I’m too into them:

2. Nearly all of their interactions in 2.01/2.02 (”I’ve never seen you before in my life, but…I think, somehow, that we know each other” soulmates)
3. “How many times, in all the reboots, did I ask Chidi for help and he said no?” “Never. He always helped you.” soulmates
4. “We’re not friends man; I don’t owe you anything.” becoming “We should help [Michael]. Because that’s what Chidi would do.”
5. Chidi’s refusal to slice Eleanor up to save 5 people, coupled with Eleanor’s refusal to laugh with Michael about Chidi behind his back (reading it out, Chidi’s seems like a bigger deal, but refusing to make fun of someone is big for Eleanor)
     (+Eleanor’s anger every time she realized Michael was enjoying the trolley experiments too much at Chidi’s expense)

According to chapter 7, the Bombinating Beast was a mythological creature, half-horse and half-shark–although some legends claim half alligator and half bear–that lurked in the waters just outside Stain’d-by-the-Sea. It had a great appetite for human flesh and made a terrifying bombinating sound–I had to get up from the table and find a dictionary to learn that “bombinating” was a word which here meant buzzing–when looking for prey. (…) There was a story that Lady Mallahan had slain the Bombinating Beast hundreds of years ago, although the author said that in all likelihood Lady Mallahan had just found a dead walrus on the beach at the bottom of the lighthouse’s cliffs, and the local townspeople gossiped about it until it became much more interesting. (…) In the olden days, a gong was rung in the town square to warn away the beast on moonless nights. The gong was long gone, but the legend lingered.

Who Could That Be At This Hour?, pp.76ff