with wavy dark hair

Can I just talk about Anakin’s hair inconsistencies. 

I love how Wookiepedia does even know: “Blond to brown”

I like to think it’s the sun that does it. Like when he was a kid, living under the double suns of Tatooine, his hair was lightened. And the inconsistent color we see in TCW is because he is hoping from planet to planet (and living under Coruscant’s wacky artificial climate). And sunlight would explain why in some episodes it looks like his hair is brown with blond highlights:

Like here he’s obviously gotten some sun:

And before the Kadavo episodes Anakin must have seen no sunlight at all: 


No sunshine:


But it’s also just the lighting (from the same episode):


I don’t know man. Anakin’s hair is just as inconsistent and moody as he is. But I think we can pretend it’s the sun that changes his hair, just to have some rational explanation.  

Ruth, drawn in PS. I had a free minute to fix this—the earlier background wasn’t doing it for me. <3

[Caption: A realistic digital painting of Ruth Negga. Portrait is from the waist up. Ruth is wearing a short sleeve gown covered in sparkling silver sequins. Her dark hair is short and wavy, and she’s gazing to the left with a subtle smile. The background is bright peach with a yellow rose as a halo around her.]

Rising Signs and their Appearance

ARIES: distinctive features, sharp eyebrows, possibility of birth marks or scars on face / head, confident walk

TAURUS: dark hair, dark eyes (even dark blue or dark blond), small ears, wavy or curly hair, prominent neck

GEMINI: expressive face, small features, most often a pale complexion in any race, high forehead

CANCER: round face, prominent in the region of the breast and stomach in some way, “dreamy” expression, round-shaped eyes

LEO: almond-shaped eyes, usually dark shaded eyes and hair (even dark blue, dark blond), strong-broad shoulders, slow and dramatic movements

VIRGO: direct expression, delicate nose, well-shaped lips, fragile appearance but surprisingly very strong, bright eyes

LIBRA: heart shaped or oval shaped face, calm expression, possibly dimples and cleft chin, perfect lips and nose

SCORPIO: piercing eyes, prominent cheekbones and noses, pale complexion in any race, “poker-face”

SAGITTARIUS: broad forehead, cheerful expression, quick movements, dramatic gestures, either athletic build or plump (because they love food so much)

CAPRICORN: normally straight hair, dark or olive complexions, straight nose, straight teeth, possible hives, rashes

AQUARIUS: light hair, light eyes, broad hips and shoulders, nice legs

PISCES: round eyes, small delicate feet or really huge feet (no in between), soft skin, dainty, light-colored hair

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anonymous asked:

can you please do another soulmate au in this one when you reach the age of 16 a tattoo of your soulmates initials appear on your body. jughead never told anyone his real name and betty has no idea who the F.J. tattooed on her skin could be.. please :)))

Aw man, this is cool!

Jughead took a deep breath, pulling the beanie he always wore, lower on his head. He took a peek in the mirror to make sure his ears were covered, that was the purpose of his beanie after all.

Running his fingers over the spot just behind his ear, partly covered by wavy dark hair, he traced the delicate letters “B.C”

Of course he knew what they stood for, they had shown up so suddenly the day he turned sixteen. He remembered the shock and disbelief he felt at seeing those very familiar initials, scrawled in pretty feminine letters over his tan skin.

Betty Cooper. His soulmate was Betty Cooper, there was no one else, it had to be Betty. He couldn’t tell her, couldn’t show anyone. On his birthday Archie had begged to see his initials

“It’s a right of passage dude! Come on, you were the first one I showed when I got Veronica’s initials!” Archie practically pleaded with the boy.

Jughead had simply shook his head and shrugged his shoulders
“I didn’t get any initials, looks like I don’t have a soulmate.” He played it off as a joke but the sympathetic look veronica and Kevin had thrown him nearly made him spill the truth. He hated having people pity him.
There had to be a mistake, there was no way Betty was for him, she was perfect and soft and sweet, but equally as powerful and strong. He was just the boy from the wrong side of the tracks, he didn’t deserve her. Today was her birthday and he was sick to his stomach about who her actual soulmate would be.

Trevor Brown, it had to be him. The way he stared at her in the hallway made him sick, and when Trevor offered to carry her books to class Jughead felt postively violent.

Speaking of the beautiful blonde, she was headed his way, an angry looking Kevin and a confused Veronica in tow.

He heard Kevin huffing
“I don’t see why you can’t tell us, it has to be someone we know. We’re not gonna judge you Betty. Just tell us.”

Veronica was nodding along
“I promise B, whoever it is, we’ll make it work, whatever it takes.” She placed a soothing hand to her shoulder.

Betty finally reached Jughead ,Archie joining the group, practically sprinting out of the bathroom at the mention of Betty’s soulmate. Everyone in riverdale had been waiting to see who americas sweetheart would be paired with.

“I don’t know! I’m not lying, I genuinely have no idea. It’s no one we know, I’m not telling anyone until I figure it out!” She pouted, gripping Jugheads arm and leading him ahead of the group.

As curious as he was, he allowed her to pull him without questioning it.
“Happy birthday Juliet.” He spoke low, for only her to hear.

She turned to him with a sad smile
“Not so happy Juggie.”

He opened the door to the blue and gold office for her as she curtsied and giggled
“Thanks Romeo.” She threw him a wink before plopping down on the ugly plaid couch, her friends storming in after her.

Jughead quickly took the open spot next to her, at least he could save her from Kevin sitting there.

She sighed as everyone stared at her
“I don’t know. I don’t want to talk about it. And I promise I’ll tell you once I figure it out.” She spoke it all so quick it knocked her breath away, slumping to lean against Jughead.
He wrapped a comforting hand around her shoulder, gently squeezing.
She looked up at him and sighed
“Wanna know a secret?” She whispered a sad smile furrowing her brows.

Jughead nodded turning to look at her
“You know I love a secret.”

She smiled
“Me too. Well. I don’t really know how to say this, so I guess I’ll just spit it out. I wanted it to be you. I wanted you to be my soulmate, I know you don’t have one and all but, I thought maybe you were mine. I know it’s stupid, but now I’m stuck with this stupid F.J on my palms and I have no clue who it is. It’s totally weird, but..”
Jughead cut her off quickly, gripping her wrist and bringing her hand dangerously close to his face.

“Juggie!” She pouted indignantly “staring at it isn’t going to make him appear, the least you could say is Thankyou, I mean I pretty much..”

He cut her off again, this time ripping off his beanie and throwing it behind the couch, his eyes still drawn to the heavy handed F.J written across her palm, it was surrounded by nail indents and crescent shaped scars from when she dug her fingernails into her palms, to calm her nerves.

“Jughead” she said again softly this time, her warm eyes ducking to catch his, tearing him away from her palm “are you okay?”

He broke into the biggest grin, raising a hand to tuck the hair away from his ear revealing the gorgeous B.C.

Betty gasped, her hand moving to her mouth.

“Is that…?”

He nodded slowly, gently holding her palms face up in his hands

“It’s nice to meet you Betty Cooper, my names Forsythe Jones.” He was smirking now as she opened and closed her mouth

“You mean?” She choked out

“You don’t think my parents actually named me Jughead do you?” He wrapped his large hands around her face, her palms resting on his chest, the F.J placed over his heart.

She traced her initials with watery eyes.
“I knew it.” She whispered

He smiled

“Damn am I glad.” He sighed out, capturing her lips in slow kiss.