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Victor dropped his professional career over one Youtube video of a dude who drunk grinded him one night to head on over to Japan and seduce him but Otabek and Yuri, fast moving and impulsive teens, becoming a couple after a week in the same competition where they finally feel like they're meeting someone just like themselves is too impossible, it just doesn't happen. 👀

Victor x Yuuri

Victor was already stagnating and becoming bored with what he was doing is also #extraasfuck so not surprising. He also didn’t “drop” his career. Athletes take hiatus’s all the time for personal, medical, or psychological reasons. Plus he had an attraction to Yuuri after that night which he probably let go of when he realized Yuuri didn’t seem to care it happened (ie episode ONE when Victor looked a bit crestfallen when Yuuri left without interacting with him) but he saw how passionately Yuuri preformed his program even though it was flawed which most likely increased the already budding attraction. 

People have been picked up as protege’s for less than that so again, not surprising. Victor left because he was attracted and curious to know this person which led to months of spending time together which makes sense. 

Its natural that it eventually led here just like it would’ve been natural if it led nowhere. Its all about the right circumstances and the people involved and not everyone is the same.

Otabek x Yuri

Otabek has always had an attraction to Yuri even if it was a friendly one in wanting to know him. Yuri may not have known which is fine cause Otabek asked to be his friend first. Otabek took the initiative to put himself in Yuri’s sight and spend time with him as a person not as a competitive skater, celebrity, or fanboy. He genuinely wanted to know who Yuri was as himself. 

Yes they are young, but its not impulsive or out of the ordinary to be sexually and romantically attracted to someone you’ve only just met and spent time with for a short time (see summer romances and high school sweethearts) On top of that, they’re age technically has nothing to do with the probability of them choosing to date in some fashion. Yuri being 16 has agency about himself and his sexuality even if its not fully developed yet. He practically begged to perform Eros because it was most like who he was. Its quite a testament of how much he resonates and feels comfortable with Otabek to include him in his performance in such a fashion. Otabek cares and is comfortable enough to allow Yuri to be who he is with him and obviously enjoys it. 

Its natural that it eventually led here just like it would’ve been natural if it led nowhere. Its all about the right circumstances and the people involved and not everyone is the same.

The Point:

People meet, become attracted to each other, and even fall in love in various ways that you probably don’t get the chance to see in your limited experience because you are only limited by what you are able to see and experience every day. Dismissing both these viable and logical attractions because they don’t confirm to how you believe things would work in real life as though serendipity is not a thing in occurrence is just shows you’re projecting only what you know and and have experienced on actually the most natural pairings I’ve seen in anime in a long time. It covers the various ways people can meet and become involved with each other whether it be slow burn like Viktor and Yuuri or balls to the walls finger biting stripteases like Otabek and Yuri. 

TL;DR: Get your negative ass out my inbox and let me enjoy these perfectly Realistic and Natural relationships! Jesus! Act like ya’ll ain’t never met PEOPLE before. 


1939: The Greatest Year in Movie History

Victuuri headcanon dump

  • Everyone knows Victor and Yuuri dancing around the apartment to terrible music is basically canon, but they also skate around on their hardwood floor in socks. Victor would be listening to a song before wordlessly dragging Yuuri up to skate an idea for a show. 
  • Victor has notebooks upon notebooks upon notebooks. Most of it is in cramped cyrillic that only him and Yakov (barely) can read. Some of it is grocery lists, music notes for a song he wants commissioned, routines, costume designs, and god knows what else. Yuuri finds one open on the couch and stops reading after he sees “Victor Katsuki” scrawled over and over and over again in the margins in English. 
  • Yuuri doesn’t mention how all his notebooks from the age of 10 until post grad have “Yuuri Nikiforov” in them somewhere. Victor somehow knows. 
  • Yuuri loves cuddling. He loves the feeling of himself in Victor’s arm or Victor in his arms. It’s hard concrete proof that “This is real. He loves you. You love him.” and he’ll never get tired of it. 
  • The worst part of Victor being gone (For work, visiting, general life) to Yuuri is sleeping alone. They usually end up skyping before bed to make it a little easier, and Victor leaves him Makkachin to cuddle instead. (Makkachin does not mind and loves being cuddled so win win)

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I know your crazy busy with life and use your writing time for drive and winter song but... Could you write a smol sick fic? Nothing long or extravagant! It would be a blessing.

Summary: Yuuri falls ill during a practice at the Ice Castle. Pre-Episode 5.


When Victor excused himself from practice to take a quick phone call, Yuuri was fine. Perhaps a little quieter than normal while he rehearsed a combination spin out on the Ice Castle rink, one gloved hand extended gracefully overhead, but there was no indication that anything was wrong.

He was fine.

How that changed so quickly was anyone’s guess.

Victor was gone for less than five minutes, and when he returned, Yuuri was on his knees in the center of the rink with his head in his hands. Victor took one look and started running, even before he fully registered what he was seeing. He wasn’t wearing his skates for practice today, but that didn’t stop him from running out onto the ice and slipping and sliding for the first few steps before he regained his balance.

“Yuuri.” Victor came to a clumsy stop in front of him, and when he dropped to his knees, the ice soaked through the fabric of his pants. He grasped Yuuri’s shoulder and said, “What happened. Did you fall?”

Yuuri was shaking. His face was so pale that even his lips had lost their color, and he kept squeezing his eyes shut and reopening them as if to clear his vision. “Dizzy,” he said.

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