with ur love us version

@iamnotamuffin i kno i already showed u this but im posting it for the masses to see now

My bsd oc, Mary Shelley! She’s a lanky/buff goth and her ability is called Frankenstein’s Monster. It involves her being able to reanimate corpses and stringing bits of corpses together to create what is essentially a monster under her control. The corpse has to be at least 24 hours old, and if the corpse/part of the person had an ability the monster gains a diluted version of that ability! She tends to get attached to them and keeps them in their own little housing thing. She lives in a farm that’s suspiciously close to a graveyard and her and her monsters work on the farm. She sells jam and honey and farm stuff at the local farmers market… people would probably flip if they knew more abt her. It’s all pretty chill but oof you do not want to trespass in her neck of the woods…