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I'm doing a levels and I know you have to fill in many forms if the name is different from the ones on your certificates and prove it's you for employers and university admissions. I would love to legally change my name but I don't know if it's worth it/possible. I'm also not really out officially to my school. Any advice?

Charlie says:

No one can ever decide for you whether or not to legally change your name, but in my experience, changing your name is totally, 100% worth it. Not to sound like I’m rubbing it in, but I cherish my legal name change everyday when I look at my health insurance card, go to the doctor, get prescriptions, use my drivers license, fill out applications, and so many other things.  Wow.

If you’re living in the UK (I think A levels are a UK thing??? correct me if I’m wrong) then I’m pretty sure you can change your name by yourself if you’re over 16 by deed poll.  Coming out to your school is your decision, but I really think that if you feel strongly about it you should change your name now when you’re still student age/young so that your birth name doesn’t follow you around your whole life.

honestly gl to the ppl in the UK bc apparently its 104f there rn (40c) and thats hot a fuck. here’s some tips -

  • buy a fuck ing fan just do it 
  • fill a stainless steal/metal of any type water bottle w ice and put it on ur face/neck/back
  • dont wear socks the fuck
  • get one of those giant floppy sun hats its a good fucking idea
  • avoid sugar drinks nope dont drink em have a shit ton of water instead
  • uuh find a pool or beach if possible (i realize not lots of ppl have that option tho)
  • shorts and crop tops. S H O R T S  A N D   C R O P  T O P S
  • if ur house is multiple stories stay on the first floor if u can trust me my room is on the third floor and the ac doesnt get all the way up here its terrible BC heat rises too u fucks jus t stay on the lowest level u can

okie thats all good luck friends i am here to help if u need tips - 

love, ur local american