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I have so mixed feelings about the 'where were you, Charles' line. Because it's also said that Charles did start up his school and then lost his students. Which meant that Charles lost not only Raven, Erik and his legs. But also the way he found to fight for other mutants. His school was the way he found best to teach mutants about their abilities and protect them. And when that is taken from him, what is he supposed to do then. He doesn't believe in fighting the way Erik does.

I agree with a lot of this, anon! I just want to clarify that I was explaining why Erik said that line and why he was angry. I’m most definitely not saying he was right or fair in feeling that way. 

For Erik, it’s all black and white. You’re either fighting or you’re not. You’re either trying or you’re not. He’s got the subtlety of a sledgehammer. 

Of course Charles should be able to grieve and it’s not fair to compare different peoples’ reactions to different tragedies and events in their lives, but Erik isn’t about that kind of understanding and nuance. If he can do it, why can’t Charles? Erik believes more in Charles than in himself, honestly, and I think seeing Charles not meet those expectations Erik placed upon him is a bitter pill to swallow. That Charles gave up his powers, stuck his head in the sand, and decided to drink himself into oblivion instead of protecting their kind was Charles’ decision, and he had every right to make it, but that doesn’t mean Erik can accept it.

Erik realizes that he’s gone too far after he’s yelled at Charles and Charles retreats. Just look at his face:

He thought Charles would yell back, defend his actions, and tell Erik to shove it. But Charles just walks away, and that’s when I think Erik knows he’s dealing with someone who is more damaged that he thought. And that’s when he comes back out with the chess set and has a level-headed conversation with Charles and offers an apology. It’s awkward and stunted, but Erik’s the one who extends the olive branch. He’s not good at this whole… people thing… but he’s trying.

The whole plane scene is really sad in my opinion. Two people who both have very good reasons to feel hurt and betrayed by each other are trying to hash out their feelings, and it’s inevitable that it will get ugly. I think it’s really well done, honestly.



Okay, so I just wanted to leave this darling a quick birthday message, even though he is not going to see it. I feel as though I ought to anyway… And I want to, he deserves it!!

This man has somehow, without meeting me, done so much for me. Seriously. His work has blown me away numerous times, and after a bad day the first thing I want to do is sit down and watch a Michael movie. Why? Because he cheers me up. And then he makes me cry, then laugh, then cry some more. Through a computer or TV screen, by delivering something in front of hoards of cameras. He’s that good.

Now, I’ve been having a REALLY tough time recently. And almost every morning, I’m trying to find a daily reason to be cheerful. ‘Two months to DOFP’. 'You can watch Fish Tank tonight’. 'He’s got an interview you can watch’. Now, not all of these are Fassy related, but a lot of them are.

This guy is a true inspiration to me and, lets be honest, a huge crush of mine. I mean, who looked at those pictures and thought 'meh’? Certainly not me! And sometimes I’m beyond being deep and as vain as it sounds, a google image search of this guy can make me smile.

So, I just wanted to say that Michael, I and millions of fans across the globe absolutely love you. You are flawless in work, appearance, and personality. Never, ever change because you are perfect. Happy, happy birthday, I hope you’ve had an amazing day, and most of all I hope you’ve felt loved, because I am not just speaking for myself when I say we love you, Michael freaking Fassbender!!!!