with two fs


“I no longer believed in the idea of soul mates, or love at first sight. But I was beginning to believe that a very few times in your life, if you were lucky, you might meet someone who was exactly right for you.”

Two days after Yuri’s FS and two days after he won the Rostelecom Cup - just like Victor had predicted it - Yuri waited at the air port for the plane that would bring Victor back to him. Next to him stood Yakov. He didn’t say anything, he only showed Yuri once some kind of friendly behaviour after he won. It wasn’t like that Yakov had tried to manipulate him in favor of Yurio, but if it wasn’t for Victor Yakov wouldn’t have done it. Yuri didn’t cared that much now. Yakov had told him that he had never seen Victor care about anyone as he did about Yuri and that was enough for him to proudly show Russia why Victor had chosen him. He even landed the quadruple flip.

A female voice announced the arrivale of Victor’s plane and let Yuri forget about figure skating for a second. Makkachin was alright, after a surgery that kept Victor awake all night, the poodle would become as healthy as he was before the incident. Victor had taken Makkachin to Yuri’s parents after the vet had given him green light and stayed another day to watch over his fluffy friend.

Yuri almost jumped when Victor’s voice echoed through the air port with a loud: “YUUUURI”


People around them stopped startled and watched the Japanese run in the direction Victor’s voice came from. He saw him, his silver hair a bit messy from the flight and the impatience to see his beloved again. “Yuri!” Their bodies crashed and the only thing Yuri could think was Victor. He pressed his face in Victor’s neck and inhaled the familiar sent that meant home for him. Victor leaned back to look into Yuri’s eyes. “I missed you.” Yuri’s heart swelled. Victor had told him this every time they had called each other and here he was, the first thing telling him this. Tears shot into his eyes, why kept Victor surprising him like that. “I missed you as well.” He whispered and their lips found each other for a tender kiss that could have lasted longer if they weren’t watched by a lot of people now. Their hands entwined and Yuri’s chest felt too small for the love he felt.

Yakov stood still on his place and had watched them. Victor let Yuri’s hand to hug his former coach. “Thank you, Yakov.” Yakov couldn’t hid the tiny smile behind his bitter face. “At least you didn’t leave me behind for a fool without any talent.” Victor laughed at that and kissed Yakov on the cheek. “I knew he would be in good hands with you.” Yakov just nodded and then turned around to leave. Victor sighed and clinged to Yuris side again.

“We have to watch your FS together. I couldn’t kiss you for the quadruple flip, yet.”


Shown above is Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s writing and signature, the transcripts, as well as a picture of him. Tsarnaev along with his brother was accused of the April 15, Boston Marathon Bombing. 

The transcript shows he was a poor student during the entirety of his four semesters on campus. He received seven Fs over three semesters: Two Fs were given in the fall of 2011 for chemistry, two in the spring of 2012 for critical writing and reading and a math course, and three in the fall of 2012 for chemistry, American politics, and psychology.

Because of his poor grades, Tsarnaev lost his financial aid. In an attempt to regain that aid, Tsarnaev filled out a Satisfactory Academic Progress Report on January 24, 2013, explaining what had changed from the year before.

His answer referenced his inability to deal with stress and “terrorist accusations” that innocent men living in Chechnya faced. He wrote:

“This year I lost too many of my loved relatives. I was unable to cope with the stress and maintain school work. My relatives live in Chechnya, Russia. A Republic that is occupied by Russian soldiers that falsely accuse and abduct innocent men under false pretences and terrorist accusations. I am at a point where I can finally focus on my school work. I wish to do well so one day I can help out those in need in my country, especially my family members.”

Side note: I have already done a post similar to this but it did not show his signature and I could barely read the transcript I posted, due to the new information, I have made compiled it all together.


[Yuzuru Hanyu A - Z]G for Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final (GPF)

In five years of competing on senior level (as of June 2015) Yuzuru has participated in the GPF four times, winning three medals in total – being champion twice.

In the 2013 Final he achieved personal best scores with both his short program and free skating. He also set a temporary SP world record with 99.84 points, just under 100 points.

In the 2014 Final he achieved another FS best, with 194.08 points being just two points below the FS world record.

The GPF is considered the second most important competition in a season after the World Championships.