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Comfort Drabble #3

Lucifer x Reader

Insecurity: Volume (Too quiet)

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You stretched your legs out and curled them under you, bringing your blanket to rest on your lap.

The Winchesters were talking about what they were going to do on the next hunt while Lucifer chided in here and there.

“I thought we could try finding the vampire nest by asking locals first.”

It was as if you had said nothing. They were too engrossed in their own conversation to even notice you had said something.

“I never get heard around here!” You shouted, feeling the tears begin to prick your eyes. The three men turned to you with astonishment and open mouths.

“Yea, now you hear me.”

You push past them, making a quick dash to your room. As soon as you opened that door, you groaned.

“Go away, Lucifer.”

The archangel was sitting on your bed, his face a mix of confusion and… concern?

“I promise I’m not here to belittle you or make sarcastic remarks. I’m curious, I suppose. What was the outburst about?”

He was being polite, you had to give him some credit.

You wiped a few stray tears from your cheeks and sighed.

“No one ever hears me. Every time I talk, I’m either mumbling or too quiet. It’s just been getting on my nerves lately.”

His eyes, no matter how dark and vacant they usually seemed, were calm and inviting. You wanted to reach for him, pull him close and cry into his shoulder. That’s exactly what you ended up doing.

Lucifer’s hand stroked your hair as you left tear stains on his shirt.

“It’s okay, Y/n. I’ll always be here to listen to you.”

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Has a real love for history and learning new things. Already has her own archive of things she has learned and heard about! Most probably plans to sell information when older and some day retire to an apple farm. To have all the apples forever.

Silly note: While she can, and does, listen into on multiple conversations at once, she does get instantly flustered if caught off guard while doing so. Otherwise she has Astra’s calm cool side.

Three Little Words

“Meet my family” Those three small words had thrown your mind into a tizzy, their implications huge, knowing how much Tommy valued his family and their privacy. You sat nervously in the back of the car, fussing with the hem of your dress, a light chiffon day dress, perfect for the informal picnic that Ada had no doubt planned for the group. Your mind continued to race, thinking back to the moment he’d said those three words, his crystalline eyes showing a speck of vulnerability, a chink in his armour, the crack in his ever composed exterior. This was it, this was his way of saying I love you without uttering those three impossibly heavy words.

As your feet hit the gravel, you walked beside Tommy and followed a short distance behind John and Esme, who were struggling to direct the children they had brought along, Ada and Karl we’re in front with Polly, searching for a place to sit, and behind you was Arthur, who spoke quietly with Michael, while the latter simply nodded along in his calculatingly quiet demeanor. Your hands once again found the hem of your dress, it’s thin fabric threatening to fray under your touch. You were so intent on watching the children run about that you were startled when a warm hand slipped into yours, a calloused thumb rubbing soothing circles into the back of your hand. Somehow, without imparting a word or even a glance, Tommy knew just what to say to make you feel as though it was going to be alright.

Lunch went off without a hitch and afterwards the children ran off to play by the stream that ran through the park you were in. You seemed to have found the only serene place within the vicinity of Birmingham, the trees lined the edges of the park, a small stream running off through the green sloping fields and into its depths. The Shelbys weren’t nearly as terrifying in this setting, it was hard to be threatening when surrounded by children and in such a tranquil place. Tommy and John had gone back to fetch something from the car, their lazy gate meandering along the path, and Arthur was playing some sort of game amongst his niece and nephews, leaving you alone with Polly, Ada and Esme.
"He loves you, you know.” Stated Polly, casually taking a drag from her cigarette, causing you to quirk your head in surprise, obviously he was fond of you, but he hadn’t yet uttered the dreaded three letter phrase that involved the infamous ‘l’ word.
"Well, I mean I-” You stammered, but Esme beat you to it, a cool, blase expression both on her face and in her voice.
"Any idiot could see it, Tommy has the emotional range of a teaspoon, and he shows even less. While you’ve been here I’ve seen him smile more than I ever have in my life.” The way she sated it, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world, causing your head to spin, a small voice repeating he loves you over and over again, a grin creeping up to the corners of your mouth.
"But by God,” Polly began, lowering her voice as she heard Tommy and John approaching once more, brandishing the cake knife, “If you do something to fuck it up, pack your bags and don’t look back, because I will find you, and you won’t like it when I do.” She stared intently at you for a moment, then looked up at her nephews with a beaming smile. We turned to see Arthur walk up, one child on his back, another clinging to his neck, Michael following quietly in tow.

"You seem to be missing two Arthur.” Said John with a laugh, and Arthur could only grin,

“They went off to fetch a ball that Karl here,” he paused to ruffle his nephew’s hair, “ kicked over into the woods.” The group chatted for a moment, Polly passing out plates and everyone settling in, before John’s middle daughter came running from the woods, screaming for her mother and father.

"HELP HELP he’s fallen in, he’s fallen in the river.” She said pointing towards the wooded area where the stream continued off, indicating that that was where her brother had gotten off to.
Looking around you realized that not only was it her brother, it was John’s youngest son, having not yet even reached his 3rd birthday. In a shot everyone was up, John running to meet his daughter, Tommy and Esme behind them, but you were faster, rushing to meet the little girl and follow where she pointed. Noting a small bridge to cross the deeper portion of the stream, you heard her childish voice behind you sobbing, “he walked up on the bridge but slipped”, though this was hard to make out in between sobs.

Having reached the bridge yourself, you spotted a small grey jacket in the river, rushing in the opposite direction, and without a moment’s hesitation you pealed off your own coat and dove in after him. The water was so cold it was shocking, and it took you a moment before you could acclimate and get your wits about you again. Kicking your legs against the current, you shot up from to the surface, gasping for air and looking at your surroundings. On the riverbank, the Shelby family stood, each a vast array of emotion. Esme had nearly cracked her facade, looking with a mixture of panic and fury into the stream to see her son, John, holding back his wife and his daughter while staring intently at the churning water, Arthur with a bewildered gaze and Ada biting her fingernails in anticipation. Tommy though, Tommy was looking at you. His gaze caught yours and he pointed to your right, causing you to turn, just as the small boy resurfaced, panting and gasping before disappearing again.
Reaching him involved little more than allowing the current to take you, and trying to keep yourself afloat, that river rushing past you and it’s screams loud in your ear. You extended your arm for another stroke but by some luck touched some shred of fabric, and snatched it faster than lightning, hauling it towards you.

Feeling the length of the coat, you quickly grabbed the boy by the shoulders, pulling his head above the surface of the water. You held him close to you, and his small fists balled the material of your dress, quite literally, for dear life. You kicked your legs furiously to keep you both afloat, wondering how in the hell you we’re going to get back to shore. Looking around, you saw that the current had taken you at least 10 yards downstream just in your pursuit of the boy, the Shelby family small, shadowy figures in the distance by now. Cutting diagonal seemed your best bet, and by the time you’d made it half way, your legs ached and your lungs burned under the dead weight in your arms. By this point you could faintly make out John’s panicked yelps on shore and Esme’s cries over the roar of the water. Just then, an idea came to you.

"Alright let’s play a game,” you said as the little boy looked up at you with bloodshot eyes and tear stained cheeks.

"Let’s see how long we can hold our breath okay,” you said fake cheer radiating off you faster than the anxiety. He gave a small nod of understanding.
“Alright ready, one, two three.” and with that you dove beneath the surface, pushing the boy in front of you as you got full use of all your limbs, catapulting you towards the shore. By the time you stopped for air, the water was only waist deep, you with all the strength you had left, you picked up the infant and made your way onto the banks of the river.

Before you’d made it even a few yards, Esme came running to meet you, wrenching her son from your arms, not caring about her now soaking wet dress, sobbing into the material of the boys coat. Wringing out your hair, you set foot on shore, and a large coat was immediately draped over your form, and it wasn’t until then that you realized you we’re shaking with cold.

The walk back to the cars was quiet, everyone calming down from the previous rush of endorphins, everyone fatigued, but no one more than the small boy, who had quickly fallen asleep on Esme’s shoulder. You practically fell into the back of the car, everyone saying their quiet goodbyes and agreeing to meet up later on in Small Heath. You were already half asleep by the time that Tommy sat beside you, and while you we’re sluggish, you curled up into his side, drinking in his warmth against your shivering form. Your eyes we’re drooping and your mind was slowing as you heard Tommy mumble, “ I don’t think they could help but love you,” before running his fingers through your wet locks. And as your brain slowed and your body fell into sleep, you couldn’t help but smile at the thought of the other Shelby who might in fact also love you.

Christopher Nolan's 'Dunkirk': Intense Footage Stuns at CinemaCon

Christopher Nolan dropped Dunkirk footage to the delight of the theater owner-filled audience at CinemaCon in Las Vegas on Wednesday.

Nolan took the stage at CinemaCon to talk about Warner Bros.’ World War II film that centers on the British military evacuation of the French city of Dunkirk in 1940, one of the biggest battles during the war. The film is told through the eyes of three soldiers. 

“Dunkirk and the legend of it is something that British people grow up with - it’s in our DNA,” said Nolan. “The idea of taking this paradoxical situation and putting it on the big screen - it’s something that’s been close to my heart for some time, it’s something I didn’t think I was ready to do.”

Tom Hardy, Mark Rylance, Cillian Murphy, Kenneth Branagh and Harry Styles are among the featured cast. 

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The footage shown focuses on multiple characters in the same moment in time. There are two young soldiers attempting to get an injured soldier across a bridge crowded with soldiers while, in the sky, Hardy’s character, a fighter pilot, is in battle. Rylance’s character is taking out a boat to the sea below, where a battleship packed with soldiers floats. Over it all is an intense ticking sound, creating tension that promises to lead to an explosive moment.

“I wanted to tell the story in the most visceral way possible, I wanted to take that audience and put them on that beach,” said Nolan.

Nolan is a favorite among theater owners, with the British director being among the most prominent proponents of IMAX theaters and the movie-going experience. “This is the first time we’re using IMAX cameras to their full effect. We’ve be using them more and more starting with The Dark Knight.”

Nolan assured theater owners that Dunkirk, shot entirely in large format film by cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema, would be available in IMAX film, IMAX digital, 70mm film, 35mm film and DCPs (Digital Cinema Packages).

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Title: Hale Yes! by tryslora/@tryslora

Relationship: Stiles/Cora

Rating: Teen

Word Count: 10k, complete

Summary: For Cora Hale it was love at first sight when she saw Stiles Stilinski. Unfortunately for her, she’s just Derek’s little sister in his eyes. After three years, she’s hoping that his first summer home from college might be the one where she finally stops being the forgettable Hale, and he notices her for herself.

It seems like a lot has forgotten but Yuuri Katsuki has pride. A lot of it. This is why mistakes bother him so much no matter how little it was. This is why he hides his face and refuse to interact with the people at Hasetsu train station. He lost at the GPF and the Nationals. He’s ashamed of himself for failing that much. His pride was severely damaged since he didn’t fulfill the two goals he had set for himself at his JSF profile:

1.) To not cry during a competition

2.) To be victorious in the GPF. *Usually when an athlete says “victory”, they mean ‘get gold”

Add the fact that the GPF is just the 3rd most prestigious figure skating competition (Worlds is 2nd, Olympics is 1st), Yuuri’s self confidence would have been shaken to the core. He couldn’t get a bronze in the GPF. He couldn’t even get the top spot at the Nationals. What hope does he have for anything else? What is there for him to be proud of?

No wonder Yuuri hit rock bottom. He’s a sore loser because his pride couldn’t take it. His epic career slump is hardcore proof. His pride also magnified his lost spectacularly in his perspective that it took him ages to lick his wounds and get right back up.

To cultivate pride, reputation is a huge factor. So obviously, reputation would mean a lot to Yuuri. He’s very sensitive about it. In fact, the first thing he did after bombing his FS at Sochi was to check the news and the social media for comments about him. He was even upset with Phichit when he posted online the picture of drunk!Viktor clinging on him before the SP at the Cup of China.

Reputation is important to Yuuri. He values his dignity. His pride depends on it.

So wouldn’t the reveal of his drunk shenanigans in EP10 absolutely devastated him? For everybody else in the series, it was funny and memorable. Even us fans think the same. But for Yuuri? That probably felt like the end of his world. He made a fool of himself in front of the ISU, sponsors, coaches, and fellow athletes. He had dragged Japan and his family name through the mud. He’s now a laughingstock - a goddamn joke.

His pride took a heavy blow before the GPF SP. His reputation and dignity is gone. It’s miracle that he looked calm as he skated Eros… or not.

He probably kept lying to himself before his performance with an unknowing Viktor’s supporting him (Yeah, Viktor doesn’t know Yuuri’s pain because he will definitely hide it from him. What happened in Sochi was obviously a treasured memory of Viktor. Yuuri isn’t that heartless to taint it with his own issues. So kept his problems on his own.) He then must have convinced himself enough that he’s ok. He’s alright. Everything is fine. Everything will be just perfect. So he smiled with confidence built on lies and kissed his ring for further reassurance. (He’s still a total wreck inside barely holding himself together)

Then he skated and everything went shit.

Yuuri’s SP at Barcelona is devoid of seduction because he’s focusing too much on perfection. He desperately needed clean and perfect quad jumps. Quad jumps will help him win. He has to win because if he does, he’ll get his dignity back. He can mend his pride. He would be able to make up for the scandal he had caused in Sochi. Everybody loves a winner. Gaining victory will make everything alright. He must podium. He must get gold.

But then he flubbed his quad flip. He touched the ice. His SP was imperfect. His score would definitely be lower than what he wanted. He failed. He lost. Everything that he gives a damn about depended on that performance and he fucked it up. So Yuuri crumbles under the pressure and wept his heartbreak on the ice.

  • *the lab*
  • Molly: *working*
  • Molly: *thoughtfully* If you ever get married, would you invite me to the wedding?
  • Sherlock: *looking through the microscope* Can't have a wedding without the bride.
  • Molly: ...
  • Molly: *blinks* I-I was talking to Anthony.
  • Sherlock: *looks up*
  • Molly's Intern: *waves awkwardly*
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: So was I.
  • Molly's Intern: *panicky* What?
  • Sherlock: *looks back at the microscope; embarrassed* Get out.
  • Molly's Intern: *scurries off*
  • Molly: *amused* That wasn't nice. I needed him.
  • Sherlock: *blushing* Oh...be quiet.
  • Molly: *steps closer; smirks* That's no way to speak to your bride.
  • Sherlock: *smiles; nonchalant* So...so that's a yes?
  • Molly: *laughs* Of course.

everyone in harry potter is a poc: hannah abbot (x)

A pink faced girl with a white headscarf stumbled out of the line, put on the hat, which fell right down over her eyes, and sat down. ‘HUFFLEPUFF!’ shouted the hat. The table on the right cheered and clapped as Hannah went to sit down at the Hufflepuff table; the ghost of the Fat Friar waving merrily at her.