with this woman like i cannot go on

Day One Hundred and Eight

-I heard a child’s voice shout, “Cowabunga!” They were not within my field of vision, so I cannot confirm the type of gnarly stunts that they have just pulled, but I am certain that they were suitably sick.

-Readers of these stories will know that I place a great deal of value in returning shopping carts to their rightful place post-purchase, but I would like now to add a stipulation to this rule. You are more than welcome to abandon motorized carts anywhere you may please. I will never complain about being paid to drive a go-kart through the store.

-A woman waved a Lego Batman backpack at me, asking if it was a good size for a four year-old. I was unsure whether she meant for one to carry or for carrying one. I nodded either way.

-A child demanded a toy despite his mother saying no and having to wrench it out of his hands. I placed it in a bin behind my register and continued the transaction, only to find the child behind the register with me, stealing the toy back. As his mother caught him, he threw himself to the floor and tried to crawl his way back to the toy, wailing and clawing as his mother held him by the ankle. His passion and perseverance will carry him far in life, and if he learns that shrieking and sneaking do not go hand in hand, and that he, more often than not, will lose in a battle of brawn with an opponent who can pick him up in one arm, nothing will be able to stop him.

-A three year old grew very concerned as I handed them a sticker, explaining that they weren’t sure if they could leave the store with it. Never has a face been filled with such a combination of ecstasy and disbelief as theirs when I told them that they could.

-A kind man purchases a few toys for his granddaughter. I slipped a handful of stickers into her bag as I handed it to her, and he slipped something to me in turn as I handed his receipt to him. It was not until they had already left that I looked down to see that if was an origami ring fashioned out of a dollar bill. I firmly believe this to be how all transactions should be carried out.

-My understanding of my luck has been reaffirmed today. Despite months of being perfectly cognizant and present for guests that will likely never give me a second thought, it was today that, in a state well beyond cold-induced delirium and incoherency, three readers recognized me and chatted with me for a while. I appreciate their kindness, but I hope their first impression is not one that will last.

Okay, Justice League trailer is here and I cannot even for the following reason: 1. Bruce literally going across 7 seas to find Arthur. 2. Barry is fast as a motherfucker and those effects are just perfect. 3. All hail Queen Mera 4. Diana low-kicking someone/something with those thighs. I don’t even, I am shookth 5. ARTHUR ON TOP OF THE BATMOBILE. I REPEAT, ARTHUR ON THE BATMOBILE. 6. Boy Vic looks like a fine cyber Greek god. 7. Zack, you slayed me. Bonus: Bruce being an extra sassy dad, I cannot.

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I, a lesbian trans woman, would like to feel like I have a place I can go to. But because of Terfs, I cannot go to lesbian/gay spaces, because I am called a “straight male” and I cannot go to omen safe spaces because I’m a “male.” Why should what I was born as dictate who I am now?
I think I only identified as a boy/male for about 6 years of my life. My family was not supportive so I could not start transitioning until recently. But, I never really had any “male privilege.” I could not even go to the bathroom in public without getting severe dysphoria. And you know what? Terfs have ruined me, and my life, by “"advocating for what is right”“ and I honestly wish I could be seen as a woman. It is all I want. But Terfs are placing the nasty idea in people’s heads that i am not a woman, and it is sending me back into the dark hole of self hatred, dysphoria, and depression. I was plenty happy when I started transitioning. When I finally started getting a body that was closer to who I was. But now I am back to square one.
Terfs are disgusting. They have made me hate myself, again.

like can you even imagine how much the amount karkat loves valentine’s day terrifies dave lmao

no big just your boyfriend’s secret-but-everyone-knows-it favorite holiday and btw your participation in it specifically is what makes or breaks the entire experience so I guess if you have trouble expressing feelings genuinely you better work on that shit because even though karkat would never actually hold that against you you know that you have the power to either make him deliriously happy or just leave him kind of sad and disappointed but the problem is even though you KNOW he doesn’t even need all that much to achieve the former you’re still afraid that you’ll put actual effort in and still disappoint him and you’re fucking terrified!!!!

(he’ll do fine but oh god the agonizing… the agonizing)

Real wife material tho

Just Dating Aranea Highwind things:

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  • Let’s be clear, Aranea Highwind is not someone you cross, not someone you try to control, not someone you fuck over or mess with. She is absolutely an intelligent independent boss ass bitch; don’t be fooled by the outward indifferent attitude. The woman knows exactly what she can and cannot do, but trust me when I say there isn’t much she can’t do. Aranea lives in the immediate moment and the choices she makes are firm and forever, never made lightly, so be proud that she’s chosen you to stay by her side. She would never settle for second best.

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Sometimes it’s scary being this in love. I can deal with being in love. But this in love makes me feel out of control at times and that is something I have to grow use to. I’m totally consumed by everything this woman is and I don’t see a time where it won’t be like this. Even when we’re saying the worst to each other, all I see is my wife yelling at me… not some hoe or future ex…. I see my wife yelling at me, driving me absolutely crazy. I see the mother of my children going ham…

I’ve mastered deducing a person to nothing when they’ve hurt me in order to be able to get over them. With her, I cannot. She is everything to me. She will be everything to me.

The problem is
I still call myself a woman
and every time it drops from my mouth
the word feels like a bar of soap slipping
through my fingers,
fish out of water,
something I wish I could reel back into myself.
I call myself a woman and it feels like an accident:
like a six car pile-up just outside city limits, like
you were so close to home.
You were so close.
You could have been exactly
what they wanted you to be
when they wrapped you in a pink blanket,
when the doctor said girl
and they were so happy.
But how could the word woman
feel like such a stranger
when I have been wearing it my entire life?

The problem is
my gender is language I cannot speak, yet.
I go wide-eyed-jealous, sticky-handed child
reaching for the bodies of the strong-limbed boys
I have always wanted to look like.
I think of how many things I’d be willing to give up
so that I could look so long, so that I could look so flat,
look so sharp and so boy.
But my curves are something I am not ready
to be divorced of, yet.
I look down at my body and think
no, I will not abandon you. Not yet, not again,
not like the rest of them.
I think—Girl.
I think—Girl.
I think,
Girl, you have been unwanted in so many hands.
And I can’t turn traitor to my own powder pink.
I can’t bleed the woman out of my lungs.
I have tried.
She does
Instead, I wear woman like a coat two sizes too small.
It doesn’t fit, anymore, but it smells like home.

When I was thirteen, all my daydreams
were technicolor:
taking these heavy, useless things
on the front of my body
and chopping them off with a hacksaw.
I say I want the reduction because my back hurts–
because they have crippled my body into
something unusable.
What I am afraid to admit
is I want the reduction
because I don’t want
them, anymore.

What do you do when you are given the choice
between two costumes
and neither of them has enough elbow room?
What do you do when the word woman
is the only one that shares all the violence
that’s been done to you for daring to look so
What do you do when the word woman isn’t
wrong—it’s just not the whole story?
And you don’t have a word for your story.
What do you do when you love that word–
woman. Girl. She. Her. Her’s–
but you don’t like how it looks on you.
But “he” just looks like it’s missing something–
the word man has never belonged to me without
woman in front of it.

all these words feel like an ancient text
that don’t have the degrees to decipher.
They don’t make sense to me.
I don’t want them. But I live in a society that says
I have to be one or the other, that there is no
in-between, just accidentally mismatching
of body parts. At the end of the day, I have no quarrel
with my body—only the things everyone else seems
to assign to it. Only these words that feel useless
up against the person I have worked so hard
to love.
Only woman: ill-fitting as it sometimes is.
What I want to know, is
am I allowed to hold woman at arm’s length
and love it like my favorite dress?
Am I allowed to put it down
when it is too heavy
to carry?



Immediately: It’s obviously still set in Japan- no spin off in America, no good reason for a white woman to be playing the role of MOTOKO KUSANAGI.

Straight after: “It’s Major.” Do you mean THE Major, or is your name just going to be “Major” so you can hide the fact that it’s MOTOKO KUSANAGI. The Japanese woman from Japan, living in Japan?

Then: A terrible skin tight/”nude” body suit that only worked in the animated version and that absolutely cannot be pulled of live action, making it painfully obvious that most of the revenue is coming from Scarlet Johannson looking kind-of naked. 

Afterwards: “You’re the first of your kind.” No she’s not. Why hollow out a film if you’re not even going to USE the film? Who will Batou even be, if not a cyborg like her? I guess it doesn’t matter. 

And: *A gay kiss* That never happened. Clearly more temptation for the male gaze. 

Batou is also white. 

AND LASTLY: “They did not save you’re life… they stole it!” Ah. Yes. A completely different plot. Not a rogue android who’s malfuntions prompt an existential analysis on how similar we are to technology, or how close to us technology may be able to come. 

But rather, a conspiracy theory. And a seemingly entirely different film.


I’ve posted picture of my body before, but in case you haven’t seen that picture, I would just like to make it known that I am a white woman.

I cannot even begin to understand what people of color go through, I cannot even begin to pretend I know their struggles, or even pretend like I haven’t been born into a world where I am given certain privileges because I am white. But, while I cannot even begin to fathom the pain, I will do what I can to take a stand against the scrutiny and injustice against those who are suffering, and who have suffered before them.

I hope this doesn’t upset anybody. I love you all. I hope you all have lovely evenings. 💖


Today, I got to explore this beautiful exhibit about a woman I have considered my best friend for the past 10 years. She has always inspired me to be the better person, don’t let anything get in the way of my dreams, and to have the confidence to be myself. She has achieved so much in the time I have known her. Words cannot accurately describe how proud I am of her. @taylorswift, I promise you I will always so my best and will go out into the world and give it my all like you have. Love you lots tay ❤ @taylornation

Just a reminder:

There are people right now who are terrified and crying their eyes out because you decided to be an asshole and write “Harambe” on the ballot. There are people who are going to be living in fear for the next four years because you thought a racist, homophobic, self-centered, egotistical, rapist, misogynistic pumpkin was a better presidential candidate than a woman who has been in politics for the last 16 years. The world is MOURNING because you decided you didn’t like Hilary enough to suck it up and vote for her. So to all you Trump supporters, third party voters, and just all around assholes: fuck you.

What I Want From A Harley Quinn/Birds Of Prey Movie - Quill’s Scribbles

So yesterday @prettycanarynoir came up on my dash with the exciting news that the Harley Quinn spinoff film now has a screenwriter, Christina Hodson, and that the film is rumoured to feature a lot of prominent female characters from the DC universe, including the Birds of Prey and possibly Poison Ivy and Catwoman. Exciting stuff. So I thought I’d list a few things I personally would like to see from this movie.

1. Make It Female Dominated

It would be nice if the majority of the cast could be women. The comic book movie genre is still very male dominated and it would be good to address that. Wonder Woman will be a great start, but this would tip the balance even further and the genre desperately needs more diversity if it’s going to continue.

2. Put More Focus On Characters

This sounds very much like this is going to be an ensemble movie. if that is the case, I cannot stress enough how important it is to give each character a clear and distinct arc. Don’t be like Avengers: Age Of Ultron or Suicide Squad where everyone is basically the equivalent of cardboard cutouts and where nothing of consequence happens for two hours. Take your cues from films like Guardians Of The Galaxy or even Captain America: Civil War. Make sure each character has a part to play, that they’re all fully realised and well developed, and that they all progress on some kind of journey.

3. Don’t Fuck Up Black Canary

People are still pissed off at Arrow and Marc Guggenheim for the way they treated the character over the years. Now’s your chance to redeem yourselves, okay?

4. Make Barbara Gordon Oracle

Barbara Gordon is a much beloved character to so many and I think it would be good to depict her as Oracle rather than Batgirl (or perhaps have us witness her paralysis firsthand). I think it would be good to have positive representation of a disabled person and not shy away from the difficulties and hardships they face in life while at the same time depicting her as being positive and intelligent and a valuable member of the team. That would be good to see on film and it’s something we don’t see nearly enough of. Plus you could draw parallels between her and Harley Quinn, them of course both being victims of the Joker’s cruelty, and have them perhaps bond over that. (Also it would be nice if we could cast an actual disabled actor in the role. Just a thought).

5. Harley x Ivy

I want a bisexual Harley Quinn please. 20th Century Fox have Deadpool. Lucifer has at least two queer characters (possibly three). I believe Supergirl has a gay character now. Only the heavy hitters seem to remain stubbornly straight. Kevin Fiege fobbed us off, saying that Marvel is looking into including LGBT representation at some point in the next 10 years (which basically means no). It’s down to you DC. If Poison Ivy is going to be in this film, it would be great if you could be faithful to the source material and have her and Harley start a relationship. Also if you must have Catwoman in it as well, have her be bi too. And obviously DC is going to make Wonder Woman bi, aren’t you?… Aren’t you?

6. Put Jared Leto On A Fucking Leash

I have no idea if the Joker will be in it or not, but let’s assume he will be. Keep the c**t under control, will you? I’ve got nothing against method acting. Heath Ledger did that and his interpretation of the character was marvellous. Jared Leto on the other hand just used ‘method acting’ as an excuse to act like a total bell-end. Dead pigs and condoms and the like. How does this help anybody get into character? (and before you say the rest of the cast were cool with it, two things. One, that doesn’t make it okay, and two, they’re contractually obligated to promote their film in a positive light. So of course they’re not going to say anything bad about Jared Leto). And this general arseing about proved utterly fruitless as Leto’s interpretation of the character really wasn’t very good (although admittedly that was more down to the writing than the acting, but the point still stands). If the Joker is going to be in the film, and if Jared Leto is going to reprise the role, at least hire somebody to hit him round the back of the head with a rolled up newspaper every five minutes to make sure he’s behaving himself.

7. Keep David Ayer As Far Away From The Script As Humanly Possible

No doubt this film is going to tie in with the rest of the DCEU, and if we’re unlucky enough to get a Suicide Squad 2 (please Jesus, don’t let there be another one), Harley Quinn will most probably be in it and David Ayer would want to make sure whatever happens in this movie ties in with his. Fine. Whatever. Just don’t let him have any significant creative input. After the way he treated Harley Quinn in his movie, I don’t want him within a parsec of this one.

Which brings me to my final point, and it’s by far the most important.

8. Give Harley Quinn The Respect She Deserves

If you weren’t aware of my views on Suicide Squad, this post should have given you a rough idea by now. That’s not to say I’m anti-DCEU. I loved Man Of Steel and I thought Batman V Superman was okay. It’s just Suicide Squad I absolutely detest for multiple reasons. One of which being the way the film handles Harley Quinn and her abusive relationship with the Joker. Rather than actually depict how dysfunctional and twisted it truly is, the film instead romanticises it, portraying the Joker as like a knight in shining armour coming to rescue Harley from her plight and we’re clearly expected to want to see them together by the end. At no point does the film ever challenge Harley as to why she’s with such a violent psychopath nor does it ever allow her to ever exhibit any form of independence or agency of her own. She’s just the Joker’s girlfriend and we’re clearly expected to be cool with it, which is frankly appalling. Worse still, there are apparently deleted scenes where Harley is abused and where the Joker’s cruelty is spelt out in black and white, but they were cut from the theatrical release for fear of making it too dark (which begs the question why did they bother putting Harley Quinn in the film in the first place. Plus DC managed to depict it in the fucking cartoon with no difficulty, so why not in a live action movie?). This sadly has left casual movie going audiences with a distorted view of what the Joker and Harley’s relationship is, which is heartbreaking. And the fact that David Ayer chose to portray the relationship in this way suggest one of two things. Either he doesn’t fully understand the character or he doesn’t care about the character. And I don’t know which is worse.

This Harley Quinn movie provides a massive opportunity to right a few wrongs here. Harley Quinn is an incredibly popular character, particularly among those who have suffered domestic abuse as well as rape survivors (like myself). Warner Bros and DC cannot afford to screw this up, and the filmmakers of this film are going to have to work extra hard to repair the damage that Suicide Squad has done. Thankfully they have one valuable asset on their side that they didn’t fully utilise in Suicide Squad. Margot Robbie.

From watching interviews and behind the scenes stuff, it would seem that Margot Robbie has a lot of love and respect for the character. She’s strongly against the Joker/Harley ship, she familiarised herself with the source material, perfected the accent, did most if not all of her own stunts, and you can tell there’s a lot of passion that goes into her performance. She is to Harley Quinn what Ryan Reynolds is to Deadpool. In fact, if you think about, Margot Robbie is in the same position as Ryan Reynolds was years ago. Both played characters they both clearly loved and understood back to front, only to be let down by filmmakers who clearly didn’t have the faintest idea what the fuck they were doing. Ryan Reynolds campaigned tirelessly to get a Deadpool movie made, becoming the character’s biggest cheerleader, and it ultimately led to one of the biggest comic book movie phenomenons in recent memory. And now we’re in a position where history could very well repeat itself. If Suicide Squad is DC’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, maybe Harley Quinn can become their Deadpool.

Look. Margot Robbie isn’t an idiot. She must know the way the film presented her character was utterly wrong. Why else would she be wanting to make this movie other than to correct those mistakes and to give us a version of the character that’s faithful to the source material and to showcase why she’s so beloved by many? And I hope the love and respect that she clearly has for Harley will shine through in the final product.

anonymous asked:

I reads your web comic IDOLON today. And I must say!!! Girls loving girls is wrong, and you making sexual scenes in it featuring two girls is even more W-R-O-N-G! The Bible tells us that love is between a man and a woman, not two woman. How can they reproduce like that? They cannot!!!! If you don't stop spreading malicious sexual content like this, you do know you are going to hell right? WAKE UP!!! I mean hello!! H-E-L-L-O! H-E-L-L-O! H-E-L-L-O!!!!



  • We cannot break bread with you. 
  • And for all these reasons I have decided to scalp you and burn your village to the ground. 
  • I’d pity him. 
  • You have placed him/her under some strange sexual spell.
  • you have destroyed his spirit, you have taken him from us. All that I could forgive. But … pastels?
  • All I ever wanted was a Ballerina Barbie.
  • Like you’re going to a funeral. Why are you dressed like somebody died?
  • I’m just like any modern woman trying to have it all. Loving husband, a family. 
  • It’s just, I wish I had more time to seek out the dark forces and join their hellish crusade.
  • We don’t hate him. We just wanna play with him.  Especially his head.
  • You’ll meet someone. Someone very special. Someone who won’t press charges.
  • Your work is puerile and under-dramatized. You lack any sense of structure, character and the Aristotelian unities.
  • Young lady, I am getting just a tad tired of your attitude problem.
  • I’ll clean my room. In exchange for your immortal soul.
  • Death! Death to the enemies of the people of the Republic. 
  • Hurrah! Justice is served. Bring forward the evil one.
  • I’m not perky.
  • So I maimed. So I destroyed one innocent life after another. Aren’t I a human being?
  • And the next morning, when the campers woke up, all of their old noses had grown back.
  • Would you like anesthesia?
  • It looks familiar… of course, the gates of hell.
  • I tried to make it look like an accident. I tried to give you some dignity. But oh no, not you.
  • To mirth, to merriment… to manslaughter.
  • Look at this. I got ‘em. “Schizos and Serial Killers”. I have almost the whole series. I’m only missing Jack the Ripper and that Zodiac Guy.
  • You know, when I first saw him, I thought he was from Europe.
  • An axe! That takes me back.
  • All the important numbers: Police, Fire Department, Morgue.
  • I’ve tried to be someone I’m not. I live in shame… and the suburbs!
  • Scream if you need anything.
  • And we’re all here to learn, to grow, and to just plain have fun!
  • 'Cause that’s what being privileged is all about!
  • Are you in unbearable pain? Is it inhuman? My darling, is it torture?
  • I tied him to a tree and pulled out four of his permanent teeth!
  • She makes me think of… volatile chemicals.
  • How do you do it? How can I be like you? How can I be… suave?
  • Oh, you’re allergic? To sunshine and archery and crafts?
  • Children, stop it! You’re destroying my text!
  • I think their whole family’s like some weird medical experiment. I think they’re like, circus people. 

The idea that a GNC homosexual female that identifies as a woman has more in common with a feminine heterosexual male that identifies as a woman than a GNC homosexual female that identifies as a man is completely absurd. I’m sorry, but that’s ridiculous. It’s ridiculous. 

I get that the internet taught you that identity trumps all, but quite frankly that framework was developed by heterosexual men who have to go by that philosophy because they literally cannot understand what it’s like to have experiences in common with people. 

Oppression doesn’t give a shit about your identity. It’s not an internet buzzword, it’s a way that people actually experience living in the world. 

I think I’m about to step on some toes, but I have decided to speak my mind at all costs because a voice that remains silent will always be caged. I want to talk about the “gentlemen” and how in today’s society it is a dying breed. Guys you cannot expect a woman to want you if you are constantly being an asshole. Yelling is not a turn on. Speak softly and watch how we melt like butter. When you get angry get away for a bit if you need to.As for me personally, My posts reflect who I am and what I like, however, I am not YOUR whore and YOU are not my daddy. Do not think you can text me and and start talking nasty from the get go. This is definitely not being a gentleman in my opinion anyway. If I want to sit on your face you would know it. Don’t ask these questions to the ladies guys. Wake the FUCK Up! Quit whining and moaning about how you can’t get laid. We are more than tits and ass. When you text me don’t ask me what I’m wearing. It’s none of your business. If I want you to know I’ll tell you. You aren’t scoring any points by telling me first thing how you want to lick my pussy or fuck me in the ass. This is a big no no for most women. Get to know us a bit first. If I post someone sucking a dick. Guess what? Doesn’t mean I’m thinking about your dick. Don’t send me your dick and say suck it. And yes someone actually did that !!Its not hard to be a gentleman guys it’s the little things that count. Open a door for us. Pull out the chair at a restaurant. Caress us. Ask how our day is going. Never assume a woman is a whore because she embraces her sexuality and her body. She will give it to those she chooses ,so please be respectful if that. There is an art to being a gentleman. learn it and practice it. Shout out to the gentlemen who do still exist. You guys are Bad ass in my book. May you get lots of really hot SEX and unlimited blow jobs. You’ve earned it!