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@OfficialMonstaX: [#원호] 기현이 생일 축하하고 늘 이쁘게 웃는일 만 있었으면 좋겠다!! (기현이 지금 자러들어갔음 귤4개먹고 배부르데요) #켠스터데이

[#WONHO] Kihyun, happy birthday and I hope there will only be smiling days!! (Kihyun went to sleep, he ate 4 tangerines and said he was full) #KYUNSTERDAY

translated by fymonsta-x ϟ take out with full credit. 

【Non-No Magazine January 2018】 100 answers from BTS - SUGA’s part

Q57: If you had to describe yourself as a color?
A: Blue. I’ve always liked blue and I think the color suits me. My soul will become clear when I look at blue and my mind will get clear too. That’s why I picked blue.

Q58: When you contact people, do you call or text? 
A: I don’t like calling people, so I’ve gradually stopped calling. I don’t even call for 10 minutes (in total) in a month. Texting is easier.  

Q59: Would you eat something you like first or last?
A: It’s all gone before I even think about it (laughs). I don’t eat it first but eat it a bit later. 

Q66: The first song you made in your life? 
A: When I was self-studying at 13 years old, I think it counts as hip-hip genre.  

Q67: Your favorite time of the day?
A: The moment I fall asleep. I feel calm, sometimes I feel happy to get into bed. 

Q68: When you’re producing music, what method do you use to relax?
A: Play computer games, scroll through my phone and drink my favorite coffee. 

Q69: What’s your preference when comes to drinking coffee? 
A: Firstly, I don’t like sweet things so I don’t add in sugar. Secondly, I like the scent of coffee bean, I don’t add anything and just drink black coffee. Especially, I love to drink in my studio (laughs). Also, don’t you think it’s delicious when you drink coffee after you’ve brushed your teeth (laughs). 

Q70: Your favorite hairstyle/color out of the ones you’ve tried so far?
A: In terms of color, I like black the most (laughs). I like the original color. 

Q71: Your favorite lyrics in BTS song? 
A: ‘FIRE’. I can relate to the lyrics “it’s okay to lose”. 

Q72: The treasure that you cherish? 
A: The equipments and systems in my studio. And the watch that I love to use. I bought it when I was in primary school with the intention of working hard in the path of music. When I’m producing music, I always have it with me to remind myself of my original intention.

Q73: Recently you shed tears because of?
A: I wouldn’t cry because the changes in emotion/feeling. Um… I shed tears when I was yawning 10 minutes ago (laughs). 

Q74: If you had a free day in Japan, how would you spend it? 
A: I want to go look at the whiskey distillery! My favourite author Haruki Murakami loves to drink whiskey, the author even wrote a book based on whiskey (If Our Language was Whiskey). So, I’m really interested.

Q75: The moment you feel the bond between members?
A: When we’re resting and playing the strategy game together, that was popular ages ago. Although I’m not good at games but playing with so many people makes me happy. 

Q76: Recently, who do you think is cute? 
A: Jungkook. I think he’s cute because as the youngest member, he’s gradually becoming an adult. He was still a middle schooler when I first met him. When he was being interviewed at the time, he couldn’t even organize his thoughts. Now he can answer questions without a problem, I think that’s unbelievable.


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2018 BTS Season’s Greetings

< Product Information >
Pre-release date: November 21st, 2017
Release date: December 15th, 2017
Price: 42,000 KRW

1. Craft Box Envelope_바깥봉투 + Out Box_상자
Size: 310mm*245mm + 306mm*240mm

2. Desk Calendar_탁상달력
Size: 240*164mm / including covers 28P(2018. 1 – 2019. 1)

2. Diary_일 년 기록장
Size: 160mm*240mm / including covers 108P

3. Making DVD_뒷 이야기 approximately 75 min. of Season’s Greetings photoshoot filming and interview videos
Region code: 1,3 / Korean audio, Subtitles (Korean, English, Chinese)

4. Photo Paper Frame + Postcard_단체엽서와 종이액자, can be hung on the fall or stood on the desk
Size: 200mm*160mm

5. PostCards_엽서,
Size: 110mm*150mm / 1set(7ea)

6. Stamp Stickers_우표스티커,
Size: 120mm*80mm / 1set(2ea)

7. Pencils_연필, a pencil set imprinted with each of the member’s hand-written messages
Size: 25mm*190mm / 1set(3ea)

8. ID Photos_증명사진,
Size: 3*4 / 1set(7ea)

9. Large Craft Envelope_초판특전 대봉투        
Size: 225*290mm

Trans cr: Kylie @ allforbts
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If it’s about fish and daemons, I actually know another expert besides you.

@OfficialMonstaX: [#형원] 내가 열두시에 가장 먼저 생일 축하를 한다는 게 느낌이 좀 그렇긴 한데;;ㅋㅋ무튼 생일 축하한다. 너 없으면 팀도 없다. 앞으로도 사람들한테 감동주는 목소리로 노래 많이 불러주라. 사랑..아니 좋아…아니..믿음직한 아이야 축하한다.

[#HYUNGWON] It feels kinda weird saying happy birthday right away at twelve o’clock but;;ㅋㅋ anyways happy birthday. If you weren’t there, there would be no team. In the future sing a lot of songs that give people emotions. My dea..no..My favou…no..my most trustworthy friend happy birthday.

translated by fymonsta-x ϟ take out with full credit. 

【Non-No Magazine January 2018】 100 answers from BTS - RAP MONSTER’s part

Q63: Out of the places you haven’t been to, where do you want to travel to?
A: I want to go to Kyoto! My friends that have already been to Japan also recommended me to visit Kyoto.

Q64: The essential item that helps you to relax when you’re overseas? 
A: Pilates practice DVD. Before I sleep, I’d watch it and stretch along in the hotel room.

Q65: What’s your catchphrase? 
A: “Actually~”, I think I say it to get some time to organize my thoughts in my head. It’s kind of like the Japanese phrase ‘あの’ (uh, umm/ that).

Q77: Recently, what’s your small worries or questions?
A: My worry is that the webtoons online is so interesting, sometimes I’d carelessly stay up the whole night reading them on my phone. I have a question for Jungkook and Taehyung. Jungkook changes his hobby about every month. And Taehyung, the way he uses some words is so unbelievable, I often get shocked by the way he expresses with some of the words because I’ve never heard them being used in that way (laughs). 

Q78: The subject that you were worst at during your school days?
A: Mathematics and English. I only attended private tuitions for those two subjects. I kind of got used to English. But I didn’t improve much in mathematics (laughs). 

Q79: Recently, what makes you happy the most offstage? 
A: Riding bicycle along the Hangang River on a fine day. Facing the comfy wind while riding the bike really makes me happy.

Q80: When you’re eating outside, what do you eat often? 
A: Meat. No, it’s Mr Meat (laughs)! I like to cut it thinly with the knife~ I like to grill the thin slices of meat and eat it.

Q81: Recently learnt Japanese phrase that you want to try (to say it)? 
A: ‘木漏れ日’ (sunbeams shining through branches of trees). It’s sunshine but it’s not shining not strong sunshine, shining through gently seems really beautiful. 

Q82: What do you want to learn now? 
A: Classical guitar! In terms of the original sounds, I think the instrument itself is pure and frank. 

Q83: If you could only take one item with you to a deserted island, what would you take?
A: Taehyung. Instead of saying that I rely on him… it’s more like if he’s there, he won’t back down (laughs). And beach sandals/ flip-flops are nice too, the beach must be really hot. (‘ビーサン’ flip-flops sounds like ‘Vさん’ V-ssi.)

Q84: Who do you respect?
A: My father. I have never seen my parents argue with each other. When I told him that I want to make music, he encouraged me: “go for it”. 

Q85: Your memory of your birthday in 2017? 
A: On the day, we made a guest appearance on The Chainsmokers’ (who collaborated with us for ‘Best Of Me’) Seoul concert. I was surrounded by important people, so it feels like I had the biggest birthday party in my life!

Q86: Which BTS song is the most memorable for you?
A: ‘Danger’ which was released in 2014 in Korea. It’s the period where BTS was struggling to move upward as a group. The choreography is really cool, it’s a must-watch.

Q87: As a leader, what do you is the most important?
A: Everything with the members. Because we have the memories of overcoming those tough days together, I feel that we can continue to think of each other and move forward together.


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Chapter 220 translation

Link to chapter here

Background: It’s getting colder today

(In class)

Taking back class assignments~ This week’s activity plan, do prepare for it!

(Female classmate wiping blackboard)

JY (taking the duster from her): next time carry a chair to (reach where she wants to) wipe.

FC: Oh! Thank you!

FC: Jian yi, you…

JY: Eh? What is it?

FC: seem to have suddenly become taller…

JY: ………Oh?


HT: Jian yi morning~

JY: Morning!



JY: Found you!

ZX: Hey!! I’m currently doing class duty!

JY: Alright~ Stand straight and don’t move.

ZX: ……..what are you doing?

JY: You see you see! I’m finally taller than you!!

ZX: What kind of comparison is that… From where can you tell that you are taller than me?

(Moves closer)

ZX: It’s about the same…

ZX: Oh… you are really a bit taller than me.

ZX: Jian yi… why are you pouting?

Jian yi (calm down—): Al…………….most

List of people who d*ed in the Phantomhive manor + Yana’s comment on ch134

December 14, 1885

  • Rachel & Vincent (front room of the master bedroom)
  • Sebastian the dog (front room of the master bedroom)
  • a lot of servants (hallway, dining room, kitchen, everywhere)

January-March, 1886

  • a lot of assassins (front yard)

February, 1889 (Circus Arc)

  • Jumbo (front yard)
  • Wendy (front yard)
  • Peter (hallway in front of the guest room)
  • Dagger (kitchen)
  • Beast (kitchen)

March, 1889 (Murder arc)

  • Sebastian (guest room)
  • Siemens (wine cellar)
  • Phelps (master bedroom, literally on OC’s bed)

Bonus: Yana’s comment on chapter 134

While drawing this month’s chapter:

Assistant 7: Now that I think about it, young master lives in a house with a long murder history, doesn’t he?

Toboso: Another murder occured there just recently (Murder Arc), so if there was a *’stigmatized property’ website [in Kuroshitsuji], [the Phantomhive manor] would certainly be *blazing…

Assistant 7: I wouldn’t want to sleep in [young master’s] room…

Well, in UK a haunted house sometimes sells at a higher price [than a normal house], so… -Toboso

*Note: There’s a famous Japanese website called “Oshima Teru” where they list every property that comes with a dark history, i.e. where things like suicide, homicide, etc occured. The so-called ’stigmatized property’ (’jiko-bukken’) is shown with an orange ‘fire’ mark on the map (see below).


@OfficialMonstaX: [#주헌] 어떨땐 다정하고 어떨땐 쪼금 예민하고 어떨땐 동생 잘 챙기는 나의투체인 기현이형 태어나줘서 너무고맙고 우리 위해서 고생많이 하는거같아서 미안하기도 하공 사랑행 생일 진심으로 축하하궁 우리 오래가장💕

[#JOOHEON] To Kihyun, who is sometimes kind and sometimes edgy and sometimes like my 2Chain who takes good care of the little ones, thank you so much for being born and I’m also sorry because it seems like you work hard for us and I love you happy birthday and let’s be together for a long time💕

translated by fymonsta-x ϟ take out with full credit. 

As requested by @mvkvhxrx , here’s the translation of a passage from Kizuna’s DVD booklet. Image courtesy of heyfuturefeesh.

The Trajectory of Haruka and Makoto

Since Haruka was taller than Makoto when there were children, I wanted to express the idea that “At the beginning, Makoto was the one who was drawn to Haruka, and by the time their height difference is reversed, so is the dynamics of their relationship, where Makoto becomes the one who fusses over Haruka.” The scene was born when I tried to imagine what started the whole “Everyone is attracted to Haruka” business. Moreover, I wanted to make an impression using the recurring theme of “Haruka and Makoto holding hands,” so Haruka is the first to extend his hand, then Makoto becomes the one who holds his out, and in the end they both reach out to shake each other’s hands; this is how I want the meaning of their handshake to change as their relationship changes. Also, in order to portray Iwatobi as one team, I wrapped the cold open sequence up with the four of them running.

(171120) @jonghyun.948: i pray that you won’t hurt. 

i’m by your side ♡ dear cloud
translation: sullaem

i wondered as i sat huddled
in my dark my room
would you someday
regret letting go of everybody
would the relentless wounds
and tired sighs have stepped by now.

i pray that you won’t hurt.
i just want you to be happy.
please, don’t
try to stay alone in the dark.
don’t torment yourself,
don’t torment yourself. please.

i wondered as i gazed
at the light seeping through the window
when would you finally
see me, always standing by your side?
would you realize
just like light seeping into the brightening dawn.

i pray that you won’t hurt.
i just want you to be happy.
please, don’t
try to stay alone in the dark.
don’t torment yourself,
don’t torment yourself. please.

after the long darkness dissipates
you’ll soar free again.
there’s one thing you didn’t know
by your side, i’m not afraid.
please don’t
try to stay alone in this world.
don’t push me away.
i’m by your side

Chanyeol - 171121 Weibo account update: “中国粉丝们过得好吗?韩国已下了初雪,天气也变冷了!中国粉丝们小心感冒哦,希望能和你们很快见面!❤️”

Translation: “Chinese fans, how are you guys doing? It has started snowing in Korea and the weather is cold! Chinese fans, take care not to catch a cold, and hopefully, we’ll be able to meet soon! ❤️”/p>

Credit: real__pcyyyyy.

A Moral Restoration in Rome

Martial, Epigrams 6.4

Note: The emperor addressed is Domitian (r. 81-96 CE).

Greatest censor and emperor of emperors,
Although Rome already owes to you so many
Triumphs, so many temples being born now
And reborn, so many spectacles, so many
Gods and cities, it owes to you a greater
Debt because you’ve brought it back to chastity.

Censor maxime principumque princeps,
cum tot iam tibi debeat triumphos,
tot nascentia templa, tot renata,
tot spectacula, tot deos, tot urbes,
plus debet tibi Roma quod pudica est. 

Vestal Virgin, Joseph-Charles Marin, 1791-95

[translation] Model Press 2017.11.21 Interview: NCT 127

NCT 127 is amazing in this aspect 1: They have members of various nationalities

When asked the members of NCT 127 to introduce the amazing part of themselves, we have 3 reasons listed.

Taeyong: One thing about us is “we have members of various nationalities”. We deepen our knowledge in various cultures as we can learn together naturally the culture and language of each other.

Yuta: From there, when we do recording for our songs, for example this time the Japanese version of “LIMITLESS”, I check everyone’s Japanese pronunciation. When someone pronounces “Tsu” as “Chu”, there were some pronunciation that were difficult for Koreans. The members teach other. In the same situation, if there is any Chinese pronunciation, Winwin would be in charge, when it’s English it would be Johnny and Mark who teaches. If there anything that is lacking, we complement each other.

NCT 127 is amazing in this aspect 2: Creating a performance from having fun at practices.

Taeil: The 2nd thing would be our performances right. We have long hours of practice. We match our performances together, I think we look great on stage when we show it. To be honest, I think the practices are so tough at times (laughs).

Taeyong: Of course, practicing is tiring, but we do it in a fun atmosphere. I think this is why we are able to show the fruits of our labour on stage. As long as we practice hard, we would be able to show a good performance on stage.

Mark: Our performances vary depending on each song. We are always conscious whether our expressions match each song. Therefore the atmosphere will differ, our expressions and movements change according to the songs, I think it would be fun for the audience watching us.

NCT 127 is amazing in this aspect 3: 9 members, 9 different charms.

Taeil: I think the 3rd thing would be “Members are amazing in different ways” (laughs). Everyone has different charms. Therefore I think to be able to make a team of these 9 members, we NCT 127 is “amazing”.

Yuta: We come from different countries and we have different cultures, the place we grew up in were different, it’s not easy for all 9 members to match and understand each other. However, due to our differing backgrounds when we get to understand each other, strong bonds between us are created. This area is what is great about us, I think.

9 different personalities. What type of people are they?

“Owners of different charms”, the 9 members. They live together in their dormitory, the members know each other well, today we got them to describe the member in relay style according to how they were seated.

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