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Baekhyun - 170626 Instagram account update: “이사진은 내 셀카의 한 부분을 확대한 겁니다!! 스포하고싶다 더더욱 ! #빨리나오고싶다”

Translation: “This picture is a part of my selfie that I zoomed in on!! I want to share spoilers more and more! #I want to come out already”

Credit: baekhyunee_exo.

Seo Taiji X BTS, join together through “Seo Taiji and Boys”

Two icons that represent the generations, Seo Taiji and BTS are joining together as ‘Taiji Boys.’

On the 27th, Seo Taiji revealed that he “plans to perfectly re-create the ‘Seo Taiji and Boys’ songs with the BTS members at Seo Taiji’s 25th year debut anniversary celebration concert ‘Lotte Card MOOV: Soundtrack vol. 2’ and that these two icons that represent their individual generations, through the symbolic name of pop music history, 'Seo Taiji and Boys,’ will become one on this unparalleled stage.”

Seo Taiji and BTS will be singing selected songs from the 1st~4th albums of the Taiji Boys who shook up Korean society with every release. On a stage that will show the BTS members’ personalities and capabilities to the greatest extent, they will not only sing, but also plan to intricately re-create Taiji Boys choreography that caused great sensation amongst the youth at that time

This performance of these two musicians who combine the two generations carries an extraordinary significance. Without need for a long explanation, Seo Taiji is a Korean musician of unrivaled status. BTS was the first K-pop group to win an award at the Billboard Music Awards this year and is rewriting Korea’s pop music history. These two music world icons will become one through Seo Taiji’s music that changed the landscape of our pop music world and will unfold a stage that penetrates through the generations. For this stage that you will only be able to see once in a lifetime, Seo Taiji is vigorously preparing song selection, composition, stage production, and more.

In particular, it was also revealed that through this concert, Seo Taiji will let us listen to the original sound of ‘Seo Taiji and Boys’ music. For a stage [that captures his] original sound, with BTS, who shows the greatest talent in vocal, rap, and dance, Seo Taiji plans to turn back time to allow those who spent their times in the 90s Seo Taiji generation to all of those in the audience who did not experience this time to experience a new world together.

Seo Taiji stated that he “wants to specially thank the BTS members who are working hard for the cool remake and the best stage.”

Seo Taiji’s 25th year debut anniversary celebration concert ‘Lotte Card MOOV: Soundtrack vol. 2 <Seo Taiji 25>’ will open on September 2nd at the largest domestic concert venue, Seoul Jamsil Olympic Main Stadium. Beyond this concert, to celebrate Seo Taiji’s 25th year anniversary, it is planned that his talented hoobaes* [*T/N: artists who debuted later than him] will be releasing remakes of his legendary songs. It is confirmed that the remake project includes BTS, Urban Zakapa, Younha, Loopy, Nafla, and more will be revealing their remakes in order.

Trans cr: Kylie @ allforbts
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Sketches from Madara as Team 7 Sensei AU by Delicate Memento

Translated by me and reposted with permission. Please do not modify or repost elsewhere without permission of the artist. If you want to ask for permission to colour, etc, but don’t speak Chinese, I’d be happy to be a go-between. (Reblogs are welcome!)


“When ChikaRiko first start going out”
Source: @nasienassiii445
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The Donald Duck Weekly’s Instagram posted this on Father’s Day and honestly if you’re not following this account you’re missing out.

Now excuse me while I just… lie here on the floor, consumed with duck feelings.

More Madara as Team 7 Sensei AU by Delicate Memento, translated by me with permission.

I thought this was so funny that it deserved to be its own post hahahaha.

Gloss of artist’s note: In the Chuunin Exam, when Uncle Snake was being naughty [translator’s note: lmao], Madara cleans house with the Sound ninja. He’s so cute in Kakashi’s pose.


Shoma, Nobu, and interviewer Yukari’s talk from FaOI 2015.

From 03:56 to 07:51 (S = Shoma, N = Nobu, Y = Yukari)

Y: What are we going to do with you?

N: Ughh, what are we going to do with you? What have you done??

Y: Oda-kun, Uno-kun hasn’t really been on TV or variety shows yet!!

N: Right!! I’m sorry! I didn’t know that. I thought he’s surrounded by TV programs from Kansai*.

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Diabolik lovers Vandead Carnival Subaru Sakamaki (Sub scenario/Kanato) ~translation-traducción~

This translation was made by @rkyt1965

Video x

Place: Maseross Dark Street

Subaru: Do you want me to carry all this baggage? Don’t treat me like a servant! You’re annoying!
Kanato: You can do it. You are my younger brother, aren’t you?
Subaru: A brother isn’t a servant! Tell that bear to take this!!

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let’s not ignore that the bling ring could’ve been a GREAT campy hot mess but instead we got a sad attempt at camp with a splash of good ole whiteout that sofia coppola loves to use! somehow the story shifted focus to emma watson as alexis neiers despite the ringleader being a full KOREAN girl. the role of the ringleader was given to an actress who’s a quarter korean and on the white passing side. sofia also managed to completely erase all the latinx people who were involved in the real life story. idk how some people can still stan for her movies that look like 2 hour jerk sessions of picnic at hanging rock.

Nicole: Wynonna, Waverly, I have someone you might want to talk to. This is Mrs Hernandez, her husband has been missing for nearly two weeks and then suddenly turned up without a head with his organs harvested.

Wynonna: Ew, nice. Do you think he partied with a demon?

Nicole: I don’t know, I don’t speak Spanish and she doesn’t speak English.

Wynonna: And you needed my help? Have no fear, I speak several languages.

Waverly: No you don’t. I do.

Nicole: I was thinking more Waver-

Wynonna: *To the woman* Buenas noches, buenas noches, señora, una Café Americana con queso para me por favor.

Waverly: You’ve just asked her for a coffee with cheese.


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Chapter 116

i apologize again for the irregular updates, but now im on summer vacation so updates will definitely be more regular!

i’m also considering making another tumblr and just dedicating this blog to spiritpact translations, meaning i’ll probably be changing this blog’s name. any ideas?

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