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I’m sorry for the bad proportions and lazy art but I started this at 5 but then I ended at 7 bc I needed to shower anyway one day I’ll re do this

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i’m happy with the sanvers scenes we got, i really am, don’t get me wrong on that, but i’m a little bit angry with supergirl rn

i’m angry because, as a wlw, i have to “settle for less” for representation in media. the writers and producers and cast etc tell us about the great scenes we’re getting and the “sanvers centric” content we’re going to get, but it is always going to be significantly less than any other straight couple. all of the maggie and alex scenes we got this time seemed pretty rushed and cut short to me. they were cute and i loved them, but i didn’t get time to enjoy them. meanwhile, k*ramel, a shittily built, non-developed, random het ship got a bigger focus in the show, and their scenes lasted enough for fans to have enough time to “enjoy.”

i’m glad sg is giving us some wlw representation, but a lot of the times it feels like it’s not a priority in the way they convey on social media, and it makes me think that i’m never going to get to enjoy a wlw couple fully on screen

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can u review samgladiator's "yandere high" series bc u seem perfect for the job tbh

I hope you know what you’ve done to me.

First off, I would like to say that there are 60 episodes in this series, one was left out of the playlist, episode fucking #55 if i remember correctly. The first episode has about 8 million views as of now. The minimal amount of views for each episode, mind you, is about one million.

Keep in mind that these episodes are ALL about 20-50 minutes long. Presumably, I had to watch this for THIRTY. HOURS. STRAIGHT.

This series. Is still. Updating. I hope I don’t have to review those.

Now for a series titled “Yandere” High School, a minecraft roleplay, it actually started out pretty decent. The running gag of looking both ways before crossing the street was okay. It started out kinda boring though.

This series was based off of that Yandere Simulator.

I don’t think Sam Gladiator knows what Yandere means. Just saying.

The two main characters are two kids called Sam and Taurtis.

Sam’s an asshole, to be honest. He started out okay but his character quickly took a turn for the worse. At least it was gradual, over a period of time. It could almost be called character development.

It certainly has……. potential, if that’s the right word. The last couple episodes are easily the most strangely disturbing of the series.

Just to warn you, this is probably the worst portrayal of the mentally ill i have EVER seen. it all goes downhill once Professor Gareth dies. 

I am probably never going to associate with anything related to HunterxHunter because of this guy. I just couldn’t. I wasn’t into it before, and I am definitely not getting into it now. Sam and most of the characters in this series apparently have an extremely unhealthy obsession with that series. From shittily timed references to the main two pretending to be their twin sisters in order to avoid being murdered by a fucking Yakuza boss, this fucking 60 episode series has it all.

You know, I only started watching this because you asked me to. And honestly? if you had only told me to watch the first episode and nothing else? i probably would have kept watching it. it strangely has the ability to make you want to know what happens next. I honestly have no fucking idea how. The plot somehow simultaneously happens too fast and is way too dragged out. I think what compels you to watch more is it’s ability to do things like this.

My favorite part of the series is Sam and Taurtis continuing to narrowly “no homo” around their feelings for each other. Seriously guys, you went on a fake date and kissed several times in this series. Have your characters go out with each other. The people can clearly see the chemistry.

Sam, as his own character, separated from the other characters, is kind of a dick! I probably wouldn’t watch his videos where he plays on his own. He just works better with other people, I guess. Sam’s character, is quite literally a stalker! This man has sent out wedding invitations. In high school. To HIS wedding, with someone who has shown ZERO INTEREST IN HIM, HAS PUT OFF ALL OF HIS ADVANCES,  AND HAS NOT EVEN BEEN PROPOSED TO YET. Seriously, the man needs to back off to say the least.

Taurtis, however, that boy is a fucking diamond in a rough. You wonderful man Taurtis, you.

Congrats, you killed me. I literally did not sleep last night because in the two days I spent watching this, I couldn’t even finish it. I wasn’t going to watch this for a third day straight. I cried twice during that time, because I literally could not continue, but i did.. The last time I probably cried was when Kakyoin died in Stardust Crusaders.

Actually, I don’t want to mention Stardust Crusaders. I don’t want to give Sam any ideas.

This series has all the grace of a vacuum cleaner descending a staircase on its own. I think need to be comforted. Or murdered. Either works.

I thought that Hope Solo video was really bad.

It isn’t really though. It’s a natural reaction to a shittily-timed (if not just plain shitty) decision from US Soccer.

The way some journalists are talking… it’s as though Solo’s committed another mistake. :/

Mistakes Solo has done that deserve criticism and punishment:

  • that DUI
  • the assault, IF proven guilty

Funny how US Soccer turned a blind eye to that one, huh. It’s almost as if they still need Solo for a big tournament. :/

Mistakes Solo has done that deserve criticism but not punishment:

  • letting that goal in against Colombia
  • calling Sweden cowards

Things Solo has done that does not deserve criticism or punishment

  • reacting angrily to being suspended

Some people think they’re so above judgment, they’re so quick to judge Solo for simply reacting to bad news. Did she hurt or throw slurs at someone? No. So people ought to shut up with the criticism because of that video.

Fuck US Soccer. Fuck self-righteous, holier-than-thou people. Fuck US Soccer.

As it is… I think this is all a ploy anyway to get more viewership for that Keeping Score thing. I mean… she knows she’s being filmed. Well, whatever it is, I hope it makes more people watch Keeping Score.


A dramatic character moment in Metal Gear Survive

“I can’t believe we managed to avoid those metal warzombies that we’re probably going to explain shittily. Its times like these that you really get perspective on what’s important in life, Janet Stronglady.”

“Oh…I love you so much Richard Genericprotagonist”

“My name isn’t actually Genericprotagonist, I was born Richard……..Snake!”


Because I’m a fart and I need to get my drawing game back ASAP, I figured the first step was figuring out what I actually like all over again so I can figure out a real art style. And it turns out, I like a LOT more stuff than I thought I did! So I’m giving myself a little visual aid to remember, kick my art block in the pants, and shittily practice my graphic design at the same time.

(of course I actually love way more cartoons and anime and stuff, but they don’t quite get me in that mood for drawing fancy art/stupid shit like these ones do)