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Meanwhile at the Knowhere Scumm Bar …

Pirate: My name is Guybrush Threepwood!

Rocket: WHUAHAHAHA! Are you … dhihihi … a-are you related to Taserface?

Second Pirate: Taserface was my cousin! I am Mancomb Seepgood.

Rocket: *slams fist on the table, laughing*

Quill: Yes, yes, and I’m Boyscout Driftweed. Now let’s talk about that bounty you mentioned!

Drax: I did not know you are also known by that name. I will remember this, friend Driftweed.

Quill: NO, that’s not what I …

Rocket: *wipes away tears*

We Know Pirates Stink, But Come On!

by Vetica Fuller

Ah yes, dear reader. It seems you have discovered the dark secret of the Straw Hat crew. I can say, from throughout much of my time researching them and a very reliable informant, that the Straw Hat’s captain and first-mate only bathe once a week, despite all the sweat and grease and food that gets onto their bodies. This has left the famous captain Monkey D. Luffy with, apparently, the permanent smell of meat and, his almost equally famous hand, Roronoa Zoro smelling like whatever swords smell like.

Other members of the Straw Hat crew do not suffer this same aversion to hygiene. According to my source, Nico Robin bathes every day and always smells of flowers. Even the crew’s shipwright, “Iron Man” Franky, bathes at least once every three days to rid himself of any dirty grease.

All this writer has to say is, “If you are reading this Zoro or Luffy, please take a bath!”

It is the recommendation of the World Government that, if you come across any dark haired youths smelling of rancid meat, you should inform your nearest marine base immediately.

(((Written at request from @grapesandgold:  “ Please write a short column about the rumored bathing habits of the Strawhats, and how they smell according to the SBS.” )))


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