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Forget i ever ask u why u can't write about PCY... now I just wanna know ur PCY dream

*sigh* i knew this was coming.

Okay so I had the dream last year during their North America tour, around the time that they were in Chicago. I wasnt going to the show but i knew that exo was in town (i dont live in Chicago or anywhere near Illinois, im from texas, wtf dream) so i was walking around at night in Chicago during the time when i knew exo was supposedly in town. They weren’t due to perform until tomorrow.

Well… i was walking on the sidewalk and there were a few people around and i noticed some tall dude was crouched down in front of the tire of a truck. Like this giant SUV thing and as i got closer i could tell that the tire was flat and that this guy was familiar. Like really fucking familiar i was like omg its park chanyeol wtf.

So chanyeol was alone and apparently, i had the only known korean to english dictionary in existence because what are smart phones right? I helped him find the number for road side assistance for the rental company and i called and spoke with them and once i started to help him he got kinda weird and clingy and didnt want me to go. So i was like okay ill make sure youre safe until the tow truck guy comes and changes the tire because i was looking around and i could see a few fangirls around. He had put on a mask at this point but i mean…chanyeol is shaped like chanyeol and he had on the big sweater and those ears. Anyway, he suggested that we wait inside the car because its dark and tinted and no one would recognize him.

Well i was still me. With a family and a husband and a kid and in the back of my mind i was like “i guess i can text my sister and have my kid spend the night if its too late when i get done here” and so we got inside the truck and you know that feeling when you are inside a nice car and its brand new and leather and the lights from the dash illuminate everything in this soft blue and theres a boy there and hes handsome and youre like, going somewhere (the tire was suddenly fixed, idfk)….well i had that weird sensation like, this is so nice, this car is nice and new and lets go somewhere and he smiled at me and said ‘yeah lets go’ and so hes driving and hes doing the one hand on the steering wheel thing and ive got fucking sirens going off in my head at this point because i am a married woman.

And why is he smiling at me like this?

We get out of the truck and im following him into an elevator and there is a door key and its a suite and im all excited because on the tv they were playing some nature program. I think something about lions and a migration and i plop down on the bed with the remote and hes watching me and suddenly he is plopping down on the bed next to me and when i turned my head to look at him he leans in and kisses me and let me fucking tell you.

That was a long, slow motion movie style kiss and i remember thinking at the time jesus fucking christ his lips are soft. He must use a lot of chapstick. And he tasted nice and when i felt his tongue it was unexpected (and i am going to rush through the rest of this because its fucking weird doing this in first person with my dream) so yeah clothes were removed, the remote control was lost somewhere behind the bed and there was some actual sex and THEN a shower and then another round of sex because wtf brain, once isnt enough right?

I woke up shortly after that very confused and downright angry because i have NEVER Had another sex dream about a different member, and to this day, i still havent. Wtf,where the fuck is my kyungsoo sex dream?!?!?


Omg so this was probably one of the craziest and most unexpected things that happened at A-Kon. If you don’t know what these guys are from, it’s an awesome, cute, witty little webcomic called The Interwebs Series ( theinterwebsseries ) that I love and highly recommend. X3 I had seen pictures of cosplayers from this series at meetups at cons where the creator of the comic is, but I never expected to see any Interwebs cosplayers all the way in Texas. When I saw the Wikipedia up there, I was completely shocked and surprised, and when I saw the YouTube and Tumblr cosplayers, I’m afraid I completely fangirled over these poor people. (I got to give my favorite character, YouTube, a high-five, though, so yeah X3 )

Owl City / Ocean Eyes


Okay so this is my experience at TRB! First off I just have to say today was probably the best day of my life. When I got there there were people dancing to ‘sick’ and they were dope af, shout out to you guys really. When they first came out the screams that came from the stadium were crazy omg you could probably hear us on the other side of Texas!

I just want to make one thing clear, unfortunately we did not bow like we had planned, which was very disappointing. Around ten minutes before people were saying we weren’t allowed to do it bc subkulture said so but who really knows. The point is we didn’t get to do it but I hope we got the point across with the intense energy throughout the stadium.

Okay but wow! I don’t know what you’re talking about when you say “engrish” because their English was amazing. (Especially Jhope!) I was just blown away with how great they spoke, even if there were a little bit of cute mess ups along the way :)

Now for every member:

First of all Kim Namjoon. Wow can I just say was a spitfire like he had so much energy it was crazy, especially during Cypher pt. 3! His English was perfect and he did amazing. Everything was on point and even with all the mess surrounding him lately, he still looked like he was having the time of his life

Okay so can I just talk about Kim Taehyung for a second because even if I was far away from the stage it felt like I was right next to him. Especially during ‘Tomorrow’ it was insane! He was always asking if we liked it the whole time and he loved hearing the crowd scream. He also took every opportunity to change the lyrics to the songs to something to do with 'Dallas’.

Kim Seokjin is the most precious person in the world. I want to confirm the rumors right now. His voice is incredible, he hit every note perfectly and he was just amazing. When he brought out the flower during 'Just One Day’ I felt the walls shake from how loud people were cheering. He is just too great for this world.

Jeon Jungkook. This boy. I swear his bunny smile could melt everything. He was just perfect in ever sense of the word. His voice, his dance, it was all amazing. Also can I say the jikook was real today and it was all I ever wanted.

Speaking of Park Jimin. I saw that. I saw that tongue of yours. Ya know when people say that his laugh can cure and disease? It’s true. Hearing his little giggle was the most amazing thing in the world. He was just so beautiful and sweet. You can really tell all the members love him a lot. Also the Jinmin (Is that their ship name or am I so wrong) was so real tonight too. Jimin carried Jin on his back at one point and I died a bit inside. Also his aegyo on point.

Min Yoongi! He didn’t speak a lot but his stage presence completely made up for it. His voice is incredible and so is everything about him. He looked so passionate the whole time and his energy was so infectious. Whenever he came out the screams were amazing.

Jung Hoseok. Jung “Your hope” Hoseok. For me he stole the entire show. The way he used his voice was amazing. He had so much energy and his smile never left his face. He really is such an amazing person and he just had huge stage presence I was drowning in his good vibe. He’s not even my bias but I really couldn’t take my eyes off of him. His English was almost as good as Namjoons like no lie it was amazing.

I just want to say if you ever have the chance of seeing them live, you really won’t regret it. It was the most amazing day of my life and all I hope is that the rest of you can enjoy it too. Thanks if you read this far! And if you have any questions about ten concert or if you just want to talk my ask box is always open!

The flight and the four hour car drive was definitely worth it.


Okay so I have no words. I knew it would be good, but holy crap. I’ve never smiled so much in my entire life. The energy was amazing and the smiles were real and I recommend this to everyone. They’re supposedly releasing the whole thing eventually, so GET IT however you can. You will not be disappointed.
As for the Phandom in general, I met so many amazing people (and my friend @larryyyyystylinson was actually in the weird childhood segment???😄), and I love you guys so much. Everyone was dancing and drawing catwhiskers on everyone and cheering our boys on and GUYS. YOU’RE EVEN BETTER IRL.
I’m still in shock from the share amazeness of the entire thing, but a few things; legs for miles, SUCH BAD TEXAS ACCENTS OMG, sass and attitude were real, and I just feel like crying because I didn’t think I could love those two dorks any more than i already did.
SO, there’s my Austin TATINOF experience! Message me for further details if you want, but guys; Dan and Phil are literally the best people the internet has had the privilege of knowing.


I’m Susie :) I’m helping out my lovely friend by modding this blog! As she said I’m chocolateninjadonut! I’m also a fellow Markiplite and gif-maker. I’m so honored to be helping mod this blog. I will do my very best to provide you with content! I may not be good as my wonderful friend Kim, but I’ll be more then happy to take gif-requests as well. Just a lil about myself, I’m from Texas. I am a cosplayer. And I plan on becoming a school teacher soon! If you have any questions feel free to ask. <3