with this degree


The thing that really pisses me off about S2 is that he constantly mansplaining things to me. A while back he stared talking to me about academia and education. I can just about beat him telling me about academia because he does know more, but he started moving on to education and explaining learning strategies to me, like he knows that I work in education. My job that I go to five days a week is all about developing learning strategies and creating critical thinking lessons for adults. And he’s explaining all of this to me as if I don’t know it and it’s even worse because what he’s saying isn’t correct.

This is a job I’ve been in for just over a year, have won an award for, have been promoted and am on track for another promotion within the next three months. And some cunt with a small dick thinks he can explain my field to me just because he did a masters in American studies.


OMG. I did a Lee thing today. I started reading a book by an author friend. He sent me a DM on Twitter and I just had dinner, a chat and time after working most of the day with Thranduil. Not bad actually, so far. I had a fever for a couple days, so I spent most of that writing in a notebook and doing elven stuff.

Finally, when my fever broke today, I felt better and did some typing. My Dad’s obsession of calling me all day started last weekend so we had to put him on a schedule so I can work and spend time with him (and show him that Lee wears pants). Probably got sick worried about him. But reading a book with pages was cool. I mean, I do it all the time but it has been awhile reading non-Tolkien stuff. So I had a minute. I can read as many pages as I write so I have to stop myself to take meds.

So there I was, reading a book and posting on Facebook about it. I’ve been around Lee and Thranduil way too long. Might end up talking books one day. That would be weird.

Book: Pieces Like Pottery by Dan Buri. Not done yet. Just started. I also read some of The Janus Chronicles Book I by Patrick David Daley (nice guy that likes The Kingdom of the Woodland Realm Trilogy). Oh, God. Lee’s rubbing off on me. Get him off (say that without throwing something at me).