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I was SO READY to watch BTS attend Jin’s graduation and then what happened- omg… I’m hurting when I watched that vlive, bitter sweet IT HURTS OUCH- don’t mind me, I drew this to cheer myself up. But still it’s a once in a lifetime experience and- omg don’t remind me I can’t- //lays on floor

Want to be part of my University project?

I know this is an unusual post for me to make on here but it’s sort of relevant to Star Wars so hear me out before you unfollow haha

I’m putting a fanzine and blog together for a Uni project. It’s all about women in fandom and female representation in movies, TV, games, comics etc.

So here’s where you (fellow fans!) come in…

A large part of the project is about shining the spotlight on our favourite female characters. So I’m asking for people to send in their fanart, meta, cosplay pics…maybe even fanfic? Anything that celebrates their fave, really! 

This is open to all fandoms, not just Star Wars and your work could get printed! (with proper credit, of course)

If you have something or just want to know more, message me on here or email me at:


I’d really appreciate it if anyone got in touch. Thanks!

P.S. Sorry for not being very active on here recently, it’s my final year and I’m super busy. I’ll be back to normal again by the summer. Thanks for sticking around xx



a small collection of things my lecturers said/did this year

  • “you didn’t really get off on yeats, did you?“ 
  • "just google it on the internet" 
  • reading out a six stanza ballad and explaining every line
  • “L… G… i can never remember what comes next”
  • tearing up while reading an auden poem aloud
  • an american lecturer: “it reminds me of a snow globe. you guys have those here, right?”
  • asking me if i have a catholic background due to my in depth knowledge of purgatory
  • upon asking a question and getting no answer: “you know, i get paid a salary. i can stand here doing nothing and still get paid”
  • “this girl from shakespeare’s time probably doesn’t want anything to do with the men because she’s a lesbian”
  • “i’m sick, i’m really sick. so if i die, that’s that. very appropriate for a gothic literature class"