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I was wondering if you had any meta opinions on how rich viktor is? like, when they're in barcelona and they're sightseeing and viktor just buys and ton and then buys WEDDING RINGS on top of it??? how much money do you think he makes/has?

While it’s never stated in the anime that Victor is rich, we do see evidence of his wealth in his designer clothing and his taste for the finer things in life (champagne, first class tickets, etc).

Evgeni Plushenko, who is probably Victor’s equal in “living legend” status, has a net worth of $10 million (x).

So Victor could be very wealthy indeed.

In one of the GPF episodes, you can see that there’s an ad with Victor’s name on it. Looks like a typical ad aimed at athletes, like Nike or something like that.

Which means Victor likely has money rolling in from advertisement campaigns.


So let’s talk about this young athlete here. 

  • Michael Christian Martinez
  • First ever skater from Southeast Asia to qualify for the Olympics
  • The only athlete representing the Philippines at this Olympic Games
  • Is seventeen
  • Is seventeen
  • Performed a Biellmann Spin so nice that the commentator said it was “nicer than Evgeni Plushenko was performing at that age”.
  • Graceful as hell

The best thing about the Olympics for me is seeing young and talented athletes from usually under-represented nations being given a shot and doing pretty damn well. 

Wants and Needs

Fandom Writing Challenge | flowercrownyuri (prev. xaltaen)
Fandom: Yuri on Ice
Pairing: Victuuri 
Prompt: Ice Cream
Word Count: 765
Summary: Yuuri’s post-retirement gig as a figure skating coach isn’t always easy. Luckily, Victor knows exactly how to cheer Yuuri up. 


Retirement from skating will be easy, they said. It’s the best, they said.

Sure it is, Yuuri sarcastically thinks to himself as he collapses against his apartment door, body slumping to the floor. A piercing headache pounds behind his temples and he wants nothing more than to just lay down and sleep for a thousand years, forget that this entire day, no, week has ever happened.

He sighs as he leans against the doorway. He really shouldn’t be surprised his week is rough. This is what he signed up for when he retired last year and took up coaching at Ice Castle, but it’s hard to enjoy his work when he can’t go a day without an overbearing parent in his face, demanding to know why their child came back from practice bruised or why their kid isn’t excelling in figure skating. Yuuri tries to placate their complaints, explain that bruises happen when you’re learning a new jump, and that not everyone is cut out to be the next Evgeni Plushenko, but all he ever gets is long, rambling rants about how he’s somehow responsible for everything wrong in the world. It’s incredibly frustrating.

Regardless, he knows he shouldn’t be complaining too much. Besides a few overwhelming parents, his post retirement life has been everything he’s ever wanted. The juniors he coaches are talented beyond their years, and he has no doubt that some, if not all, of them will move on to great things one day. He has a small apartment in Hatsetsu overlooking the ocean, a stable income, a golden wedding ring on his finger. He has sleepy mornings in bed, a newly adopted toy poodle curled up by his feet, and–

“Yuuri? Is that you?”

Victor. He has Victor, too.

“By the door!” Yuuri calls out warily, letting his eyes glance towards the sound of footsteps.

Victor appears around the corner, looking devastatingly handsome in that black, pinstriped suit he always wears to his commentating events. His hair is falling slightly in his eyes and his lips are curled up into a slight smile, arms crossed over his middle.

Yuuri’s mouth goes dry.

“Rough day?” Victor asks.

Yuuri manages to nod. “Like you wouldn’t believe.”

Victor looks him up and down for a moment before his face lights up. “Then I know exactly what you need. Wait here!” he calls, then disappears in the direction of the kitchen.

“Victor? What are you doing?” he questions.

“Hold on!” Victor calls back.

Yuuri leans back and waits for Victor to return. He can only imagine what his husband is coming up with, and when a long bang rings out from kitchen, Yuuri cringes.

“Are you okay?” Yuuri asks.

“Arg, stupid,” he can hear Victor mutter to himself, followed by a few more clicks and clangs. He’s almost about to go see what all the noise is about, but before he gets a chance Victor appears in the doorway, a gallon of ice cream and two spoons perched between his fingers.

Yuuri feels affection bloom inside of him. “Mint chocolate chip?”

Victor smiles as he walks over and sits down next to Yuuri. “Of course. It’s your favorite.” He pops off the ice cream top and offers a spoon to Yuuri, who graciously accepts. “A perfect solution to a bad day.”

Yuuri scoops a spoonful of ice cream from the tub and eats it. The cool mint feels heavenly against his tongue, and the bursts of chocolate are a perfect compliment. He smiles as the coldness seeps down his throat, making his entire body shiver.

“Good, isn’t it?” Victor asks while he drapes an arm around Yuuri’s waist, pulling him close.

Yuuri leans into Victor’s space and kisses his lips in response. “It’s perfect. Thank you.”

Victor laughs and closes his eyes. “Anything for you, love. Anything for you.”

They spend the rest of the evening eating ice cream and talking about their days. Yuuri listens intently as Victor goes on about one of his fellow commentators who can’t seem to talk about anything but himself, and Yuuri responds by venting about one mother who yelled at him for five minutes because her son fell while attempting a jump. They laugh and complain and eat ice cream until the sun sets and yawns intermix with their words, then crawl into bed together, curled up against each other’s sides as sleep overtakes them.

Yuuri smiles as his eyes close, thinking about how lucky he is to have Victor by his side, now and forevermore.

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Do you have anyone helping you with the Russian accent or is it through other influences (aka tv or movies)?

((OOC: Theres no one specifically helping me with the accent, I started off by watching Evgeni Plushenko’s interviews and mimicking the things he is saying and it’s kind of just gone from there? its not the best accent but mum reckons its passable although I’m pretty sure she’d say anything just to get me to stop doing it all the time))

Yuri!!! on Ice

… from the point of view of a fan of real figure skating and real figure skaters.

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I never watch anime but I watched the first episode of Yuri!!! on Ice because real skating people are involved in it (Kenji Miyamoto; choreographer and Takeshi Honda; ex-competitor, currently commentator). First of all the jacket Yuuri is wearing, the federation website, EVERYTHING looks exactly like the real deal. It’s incredible. 

The main character is Yuuri Katsuki, he is 23 years old and he finally made it to the Grand Prix Final at the Iceberg Skating Palace in Sochi, Russia - except, he finished last. Yuuri then goes to Nationals, messes up again and doesn’t get to go to the World Championships. He is depressed and ashamed of himself and he has to decide what to do with his life. He’s also going to college and he returns home for the time being. People around him are like “oh aren’t you gonna retire already” and stuff. I suppose the plot of this anime is going to follow the way Yuuri Katsuki will become a great skater and will win things. 

First of all there’s no doubt Yuuri Katsuki looks just like Yuzuru Hanyu and worships a Russian superstar, Victor Nikiforov (the animated version of Evgeni Plushenko). 

But the Yuzuru Hanyu similarities stop here because the character is totally based on a different (also real) Japanese skater. His name is Tatsuki Machida, who at the age of 23 made it to his first Grand Prix Final (which was really held at the Iceberg Skating Palace in Sochi) where he finished last. Then he went to Nationals and also failed, therefore never made it to the World Championships. He had a low self-esteem, he always struggled with combining skating with college and he made a lot of sacrifices (his family was as simple as Yuuri’s family in the anime) to change his life. After many failures in his career, Tatsuki Machida managed to compete at the Olympic Games in Sochi and almost won the World Championships after that.

So to whoever may be reading this and doesn’t know a lot of things about figure skating, Yuuri Katsuki is no doubt a combination of Yuzuru Hanyu and Tatsuki Machida, two real skaters who were friends and competed at the Olympics and Worlds together. 

If you want to take a look at the (real) figure skating fandom, please check the #fskateedit tag and feel welcome to this beautiful, exciting world. Yuzuru Hanyu is popular on tumblr but if you are curious about Tatsuki Machida, you will find everything at tatsuki-machida.tumblr.com

A few responses to some comments on my Hanyu post (not letting me reblog for some reason)

If the program was almost unrecognisable as the original Chopin I would definitely have less of a problem with it. If it was the same choreography with just the new jumps I would remain disappointed.

Just to clarify, the consistency thing isn’t a Hanyu-only issue for me. I have that problem with pretty much all the guys (including some who I love very much!). That said, my standard for consistency is Evgeni Plushenko, so I set the bar pretty high, I guess.

The consistency remarks, like the repeat-program remarks, reflect my thoughts as a general thought on the fandom. On this occasion it was in my mind as I answered an ask about Hanyu, but really, I think almost all of the top men are quite inconsistent and I’m not a fan of repeats on anyone; I just found Hanyu’s the most disappointing because as far as I know his is the only one that had set such a high bar in its first iteration.

How do I explain it?

How do I explain to my friend that someone animated my 2 all time favorite figure skaters and made them gay and beautiful and inspiring and their story is trending every time an episode airs?

How can I explain to her how lucky I am to have witnessed this?

 I never would have dreamed that such a thing could come to exist and I am so happy!

Leave real-life athletes, artists, etc. out of your fandom commentary.

These are real people, not anime characters. They put in more work than you could even fathom to get to where they are, and I’m sure that “omg i ship u with ________ lulz” or flooding their social media accounts with fandom vomit is the last thing they want, and the last things their fans want.

If you’re a fan of someone because of a character inspired by them, fantastic. They are NOT that character though. What you’re doing can not only reflect poorly on them and their fanbase, but also negatively affect their publicity as well. 

Have some respect for these people and yourselves and leave your damn fandom commentary out of it.

Evgeni Plushenko. Art done on SAI.

Can I speak about how important this man is for me? I’ve drawn this as an act of self-care (I’m going through a bad moment right now), because Zhenya has become one of the most comforting things in my life. He’s a reminder that I can be strong, that I need to keep on fighting, that I can make it alive no matter how hard things are. He’s a beautiful and shining diamond. 

I owe him a thank you, and I hope one day I’ll be able to thank him face to face. Until then, I can only wish him the best through my art.

Fandoms clashing...

 Is probably the nastiest thing ever. People get very attached to their fandom and they get very defensive when someone brings accusations to the table or invalidates certain aspects. 

So figure skating fans, especially Yuzuru Hanyu fans, are upset that the Yuri on Ice fans associate the anime character and story with the real person and have been flooding the tags. 

Let’s be clear on some things :

  • The YOI anime characters are indeed based on real people.
  • The characters do not equal the people
  • The people, especially Yuzuru Hanyu and Evgeni Plushenko, are amazing figure skaters that have worked and work extremely hard for their routines. 
  • The characters are amazing in their own right within their story. 
  • There’s nothing wrong in relating the anime to the real world especially when the real world has inspired a lot of elements for the fictional one. 
  • Many sports anime have brought people to sports and to knowing and appreciating real sportspeople. 
  • Nobody actually thinks that Yuzuru is some neko boy full of cuteness and shyness. 
  • There’s nothing offensive about fan videos or fan fiction, it all comes from a place of love and appreciation. 
  • The tags are used to bring related topics together. That’s how many fans of one thing discover another. 

Please, can’t we all just get along and appreciate all the wonderful and inspiring stories that both sports and sports anime have brought us? 

( PS, thank you @chibura  for reminding me that fandoms don’t exist in isolation but in relation to each other. )

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Plushenko’s message to Yuzuru 


“Dear Yuzuru, you are the champion now. You are already at the top of the sport. Besides this Olympic medal, I want to see you win more medals from now on. I believe you can do it. You have the talent. But the most important thing is to take care of your health. This is my wish for you. I am now your fan.”

Goodness he is such a sweet man ;__; 

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Plushenko’s Message to Yuzuru Hanyu


“Dear Yuzuru,
 Now, you are the champion. You are the top of the sporting world.
 I want you to get not only one Olympic medal, but also many other medals from now on.
 I am sure that you can do it. You have the talent to do it.
 But the most important thing is to be in good health. I wish you for that.
 Thank you.”

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No matter what, Evgeni Plushenko’s last performance will go down as brilliant, one which won him his fourth Olympic medal. The important thing is for him to be healthy and to have a chance to fully recover.

And if this truly was his final performance, he will be remembered in history as the most artistic, talented, successful, magnetic and unforgettable figure skater to ever compete.