with this amazing kankri


i dont always drop everything else i should be working on and draw a complicated fucking background but when i do it’s @curlicuecal‘s fault

this scene stabbed me in the heart and then stomped all over my body so

in related news, i’m totally dying to see how group dynamics shift now that A team and B team have collided.  aksdjflaskdjf the dynamic between ar and kankri is so great, with them both sort of antagonistic but taking each other seriously in a way they aren’t used to other people doing, and calling each other out on their bullshit.  given the horrifyingly awkward canon interaction between latula, kankri and mituna,,,,, like i can’t begin to speculate on what ar and mituna will get on like, but i’m p sure ar *observing* the dynamic between kankri and mituna is going to be amazing and hellish.

AR/Lil Hal and Kankri in cal’s fic Let’s be Outcasts

Remember that photo I mentioned earlier? We took it!

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The whole point is that Kankri could have been the Signless. That’s the point.

It’s supposed to be a statement about how the most sincere, emphatic people, who could move mountains if they channel their passion properly, can get sidetracked and wrapped up in semantics if they get swept up in the gross ineffective sides of Tumblr “advocacy,” the idea is that he’s sincere and wants change and is angry at the world but because of the environment he fell into on Beforus, he became this ineffectual laughing stock instead.

I’m just. I don’t know I’m just amazed when people think Kankri is intrinsically meanspirited and insincere. The point is that he’s not as good a person as he could be and not as good a person as his team needed, because the environment he gravitated toward when Beforus rejected him and his voice was terrible, and turned a genuine visionary’s drive into a prideful, self-censoring, often hurtful, completely directionless joke.

Dear My artist friend!!

I wanted to say thank you and praise is always a good comment.^u^!!

This is a little something for you.

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CG: Jiiin, OH MY GOOOD! it’s so perfect!! Tricksters, and CronKri, and AHHHHHH~! I absolutely love it~! <DDD

thank you, thank you SO VERY MUCH, my dear friend! have an amazing day~! \(^∇^)/

Signless meeting Kankri like:

*looks over Kankri*
Holy shit.

*looks under the sweater with lots  of protest from the younger*
Holy. fucking. shit.

*walks a circle around him*
Its mini-me.

*Picks Kankri up, the younger is struggling and shouting curses that would have earned anyone else a lecture*
I like it. Im keeping him. This is now my mini-me.