with this amazing kankri

Remember that photo I mentioned earlier? We took it!

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anonymous asked:

How is Kankri doing? Has he been eating healthy? How about doing some exercise? How has his moods been lately? Have the Amporas been good? I bet you'd make a great baby. You're amazing, remember that. ♦️

KANKRI: yes, we have all 6een g99d. I’ve 6een sticking t9 a strict, healthy diet and exercises. The Amp9ras have 6een very helpful and understanding 9f my m99d swings and sickness.

Dear My artist friend!!

I wanted to say thank you and praise is always a good comment.^u^!!

This is a little something for you.

have a nice day!!

CG: Jiiin, OH MY GOOOD! it’s so perfect!! Tricksters, and CronKri, and AHHHHHH~! I absolutely love it~! <DDD

thank you, thank you SO VERY MUCH, my dear friend! have an amazing day~! \(^∇^)/

shinjutori  asked:

In that Christmas Sweater comic I can see that Cronus is wearing a sweater behind Kankri. What his sweater say?

it says “official mistletoe tester” except everyone is pretending not to see it lmao

I’ll try to put that sweater to use in a pic where you can actually see it eventually

Anon:The way you draw Kankri is perfect. And that picture was just absolutely amazing. <3


thanks a lot! <3 I’m laugHIng because apparently the Kankri pic is the one people are liking the most?? I’m so glad I found that sweater hahah I saw it and I was like yeah this goes on Kankri

(all the sweaters are real btw haha)

Anon:Could you please please please give a link to the post where the roxy cosplay comes form :3 sorry for the trouble (I love your art so much btw you are simply the best there is !!!\o/)

it’s from last year’s version of the sweater masterpost loll 

(omg thank you!)

Anon:I am roxy in that Christmas set. Thank so much for that.