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i drew ur Bendy and the Ink Machine sona :P

Hi this is a callout post for tumblr user @elesii? I’m openly weeping and I am in love with you :///

Did… Did Narumi just said that if Guren wouldn’t have destroyed the world, someone else would have done it anyway and that’s why Guren isn’t guilty???? Oh. my. god.

Also, Mika knows something, he was acting really strange at one point. When they started to ask Guren’s goal, Mika thought repeatedly “You shouldn’t ask that” and he was nervous… pretty sure is related to what Krul whispered to him that time.

So You’re Dating an X-Phile

10 Surefire Ways to Win Their Heart

  1. Call them. When they say hello, respond with “Mulder, it’s me.”
  2. If they get a minor scrape: cradle their head, play with their hair and tell them you are a medical doctor. 
  3. If something curious occurs, declare it “must be an x-file.”
  4. Tell them they’re your one in seven billion.
  5. Take them out to lunch, order iced tea and wink.
  6. When asked if you are done with something, say “if I quit now, they win.”
  7. Take them to the batting cages and teach them how to swing. Bonus if you call yourself Fox Mantle and say the bat is a “nice piece of ash.”
  8. Tell them they’re the only one you trust.
  9. Dance to Cher’s cover of Walking in Memphis.
  10. When they tell you they don’t want that darkness in their home, and they will say this at some point, tell them, “I think the darkness finds you and me. But let it try.” Then kiss. Their heart is yours.

‘don’t look around cause love is blind and darling right now i can’t see you

can’t see = blind

love = blind

I can’t see you = I love you