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R u a top or a bottom according to ur sign

Aries: top af

Taurus: emotional bottom 

Gemini: probs says they’re a top but is a hella bottom

cancer: loud whorey bottom

Leo: mean top

Virgo: kinky versatile

Libra: slutty top


Sagittarius: sensitive top

capricorn: messy top

Aquarius: kinky/dominant top that likes to spank ppl

Pisces: bottom that likes to be dominated

honestly to me this was kind of the best possible development? like we knew they werent going to ride off into the sunset happily ever after; that just doesnt happen this early in the game and honestly i would have felt cheated with that ending. lexa didnt die. she is still alive. it wasnt some tepid “okay yay we won anyway im going to go over here now maybe we’ll see each other again sometime” because we know those always get swept under the rug and never heard from again.

instead what we were given (assuming its face value is true) was something very on par for lexa, something juicy that will have rippling repercussions, both internally for the two of them and externally in their respective forces, and, maybe most importantly, an actual impetus and setup for them to cross paths again in a big way and put a whole new spin on the mutual growth they have embarked upon as two powerhouse characters. 

this is how storytelling universally works, though particularly flavoured with the 100’s brand of hard truths & reality in survival and war: you take a genesis point, you compound and convolute, see what you get out of your characters in the arc and find out what they and their relationship(s) are made of, then resolve.

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Imagine nekoma adopting Lev’s stray cat and keeping it as their official mascot.
It likes to watch their practice from under the bench and takes a liking to Fukunaga and Yaku, much to Lev’s disappointment. Kenma and the cat don’t get on very well so the team’s favourite game is to dump the cat on Kenma’s lap and watch what happens.

To celebrate @bjork at the MOMA, each day a “never published before” outtakes of the POST album cover.
It was such a big set and for many reasons I had quite a lot of pressure so i had asked Steven Keith-Roach the DP (director of photography) I always worked with on music videos, to come and help us do the light for this shoot. In addition to flashes we used a huge cinema light and therefor the speed was quite slow,

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Birthday Gifts!

It was my birthday last month and now that I have everything, I thought I’d do a post to say thanks again. :)

Firstly, I wanted to thank everyone who sent me a message. It means a lot and I love that I get to share it with you guys. Special thanks to the people I’m going to mention in this post for sending me things, especially negative-pessimist for spending my birthday with me and books-and-cookies for organising everything. Unfortunately I’m pathetic at wording my feelings but it really did make my day and I can’t thank you enough. I’m still overwhelmed by the entire thing and it’s all… wow.

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