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Lup and Barry are the handsy-est couple headcanons: or, how many cute blupjeans things can I put in one post before my teeth rot from sap:

  • Barry will sit on the couch with Lup just wrapped around him. He’s a walking furnace and always soft, they’ve got a few big pillows and really fluffy blankets. He’ll read her a story and she’ll eventually drift off while listening to his slight, occasional stutter break the illusion and remind her that it’s him speaking, not the characters.
  • Lup will wear Barry’s jeans occasionally, and if she’s feeling bold she’ll wear his robe, too. The jeans are slightly too short, but his robe is infinitely comfier. Sometimes they joke about Barry wearing Lup’s style one day, but not even the power of her brother could help capture his personality like good, sturdy, reliable pair of blue jeans do.
  • Lup’s hair ALWAYS smells good. Barry has no idea what the scent is, but late night cuddling sessions somehow turn into his hands going through her locks, leaning in and drinking in the moment. He always falls asleep after she does.
  • They both like being the big spoon. Lup will rest her head on Barry’s shoulder from behind while he stands in his research lab, arms curled around his waist, nuzzling his neck. Barry holds Lup on the couch, she’ll sit between his legs flush against him and practically melt into one another, legs tangled together and comfy.

So I painted this not so long ago, and I’ve been really nervous to actually post it on here - but I honestly am really proud with the outcome of this? And I just really wanted to share it - I know for a fact I suck at hair, but how about we just ignore that (and his rings hahaha.) Anyway, I painted this and I hope everyone likes it!


I might post more of my artwork later if you all like this.