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in honor of the epic larry hug last Halloween that made all of our hearts jump for joy, we decided to call October larry month and starting on the 1st of October we are going to be counting down to the 31st with 31 days of just larry edits, gifs and more, we will be reblogging edits everyday on here, rting things on twitter & reposting / liking things on our ig we are also going to be raising money for louis and harrys birthday charities every single day via all of our edits and yours, the links will be to our redbubble store where you can buy iphone / galaxy cases, stickers and more with our edits on them and all of the money we make on there will be donated to the charities or you can click the charity links and you can donate yourself, this year has been … tough but lets all just forget everything and make it feel like the old days at least just for this month, lets just celebrate them :)


#31DAYSOFLARRY will be our tracking tag for this project ON ALL SOCIAL MEDIA (TUMBLR, TWITTER & IG), we will not be able to find your edits if you do not tag it with this tag !!!

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subjxctseventeen  asked:

in the safehouse, does everyone have their own room, or do some people have to share? (*quietly chanting* bunk beds bunk beds bunk beds)

Geoff: It all depends on which safehouse we end up at after a heist, as we’ve collected quite a few all over Los Santos over the years. We try to predict which one we’ll need to use in order to give everyone enough space while he hang low, but we can’t always follow though when shit happens. The smallest place we still have and use pretty often is from a few years back when it was only me, Jack, Ryan, and Ray in the crew. It’s two bedroom only. I’ve never taken the time to upgrade the place because I always forget we have it.

Geoff: Usually, we make it work, even though it was a hell of a lot easier when we didn’t have seven of us trying to cram in there. Jack and I usually take the Master bedroom we stuffed another bed in, and Ryan and Ray gave up their old room to the other Lads and take up their residence on the couch. Apparently it doesn’t bother them ‘cuz they don’t really spend a lot of time sleeping anyway. 

Geoff: Things, uh, get a little dicey if Lindsay’s involved though.

Geoff: When Lindsay is bunking with us, she and Michael take the spare room for themselves and Gavin and Jeremy are forced to take couch space with the others. They can get pretty obnoxious and loud, which pisses Ryan and Ray off because they like their quiet time in the late evening/early morning, so they all end up bitching which keeps everyone awake.

Geoff: I didn’t even think about putting in bunk beds until you mentioned it, that’s a pretty fuckin’ brilliant idea. That way Gav and Ryan can stop waking me up in the middle of the night with their yelling, the assholes.