with these cheekbones and that perfect smile

The Signs Stereotypes(girls):

*Check your Sun/Rising/Venus Sign

Aries: (Olivia Wilde) High cheekbones, Piercing gazes, Perfect eyebrows, Sturdy figure, Determined eyes, Daring posture, Broad shouldered

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Taurus: (Gigi Hadid) Sensual figure, Dramatic demeanour, Doe-eyed,  Agreeable words, Slender neck, Startling look, Charming laugh, Endearing outfits

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Gemini: (Holland Roden) Gleaming eyes, Pouty lips, Long Hair, Prominent nose, Friendly smile, High-pitched voice, Slim figure, Good-natured 

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Cancer: (Zoe Deschanel) Warm smile, Long eyelashes, Inviting attitude, Gleeful look, Cheerful demeanour, Delicate body, Love-struck eyes, Engaging conversations 

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 Leo: (Cara Delevingne) High cheekbones, Confident posture, Athletic body, Perfect hair, Daring clothes choice, Attractive laugh, Commanding voice

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Virgo: (Kate Winslet) Curvaceous figure, Intense gaze, Soft features, Full lips, Wide hips, Sexy walk, Beautiful laugh, Slight dimples(maybe)

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Libra: (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley) Flirty attitude, Perfect lips, Long legs, Red lipstick, Sparkly eyes, Petite figure, Irresistible charm, Radiant smile

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Scorpio: (Megan Fox) Mysterious look, Seductive smirk, Sharp features, Scary glare, Baffling appearance, Mesmerising eyes, Smoky Makeup, Fruity voice

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Sagittarius: (Kendall Jenner) Slender figure, Wild eyes, Knowing smirk, Playful gestures, eccentric gaze, Good humour, Chill look, Breathy voice 

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Capricorn:(Natalie Portman)  Focused eyes, Earnest look, Winged eyeliner,  figure, Appealing voice, Genuine words, Elegant outfits, Quick-witted

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Aquarius: (Emma Stone) Distant look, Unique hair colour, Deep eyes, Comical expressions, Engaging look, Alluring body, Undaunted posture

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Pisces: (Blake Lively) Dreamy look, Soft smile, Tender touch, Adorable blush, Affectionate words, Sometimes daring, Dazed eyes , Sheepish grin

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how the signs look
  • check rising sign!
  • aries: thick eyebrows, intimidating stare, prominent jawline
  • taurus: graceful aura, large eyes and lips, long eyelashes, dark hair
  • gemini: intense gaze, muscular, freckles
  • cancer: sparkling eyes, small nose, natural half-smile
  • leo: high cheekbones, curly hair, perfect eyebrows
  • virgo: short hair, large eyes, soft features
  • libra: attractive, with an easy-to-approach aura, large nose, always smiling
  • scorpio: dark eyes, long legs, heart-shaped face
  • sagittarius: soft hair, dimples, tall
  • capricorn: thin limbs, thick hair, strong eyes
  • aquarius: bright eyes, round face, long hair
  • pisces: water-like eyes, appears a bit shy, dreamy expression
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guide 2 pentagon

hui: the one with the eye smile, dad(dy), knows how talented he is

jinho: The Small One, grandpa that lets his grandsons get away with anything, soothing voice

hongseok: the muscley one, pretty eyes, a dudebro with healthy access 2 his feelings

e’dawn: the screaming one, raps like he’s possessed but in a good way, weird af

shinwon: the one with the shoulders, a cheese, always taking his clothes off

yeo one: the one eye fucking the camera every live show, great hair, cries a lot

yanan: the one with the legs, literally 2 pure for this earth needs 2 be protected, if u ever hear ‘annyeong chingudeul’ it’s him

yuto: the one with the cheekbones, momma’s boy, scaredy cat but will actually stab u if u try him

kino: the one that smiles with his whole body, dancing machine, everyone’s best friend

wooseok: The Tall One, like he’s seriously so big, loves his pentabros and fans so much and is really just perfect ok


~ Genevieve LeFoux ~

“Alexia thought, without envy, that this was quite probably the most beautiful female she had ever seen. She had a lovely small mouth, large green eyes, prominent cheekbones, and dimples when she smiled, which she was doing now. Normally Alexia objected to dimples, but they seemed to suit this woman. Perhaps because they were offset by her thin angular frame and the fact that she had her brown hair cut unfashionably short, like a man’s.
Ivy gasped upon seeing her.
This was not because of the hair. Or, not entirely because of it. This was because the woman was also dressed head to shiny boots in perfect and impeccable style … for a man. Jacket, pants, and waistcoat were all to the height of fashion. A top hat perched upon that scandalously short hair, and her burgundy cravat was tied into a silken waterfall. Still, there was no pretense at hiding her femininity. Her voice, when she spoke, was low and melodic, but definitely that of a woman." 

- Gail Carriger, Changeless (PB, pg. 79-80)

Bendy Girl

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Headcanon Request: Sam being a yoga instructor or something and you just started working there and get caught staring at him all the time and then one day your boss points it out and Sam’s just like 😏 - @spontaneousam

Word Count: ~2,100 (not sorry)

Warnings: smut, admiration of Sam’s body (c’mon, who wouldn’t?), spanking, cursing

*smut below the cut

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There he was again. It was only your first day and you’d already come across the other “new guy.” He’d obviously been doing this for a while based solely on the ridiculously toned body he was strutting around the facility.

“Hey!” His deep voice pulled you from your daydream.

“Hi - uh, hi.” you stammered, licking your lips as you took in the features of his face.

The incredible eyes that seemed to hold every color, the cheekbones and jawline sculpted by the gods, the perfect teeth that showed when he smiled, along with those dimples that popped with every new expression, and the bottom lip that you wanted to lean in and bite.

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Justin POV.

I roll over and I’m greeted by my best friend of 10 years beautiful sleeping face. I smile and stroke her cheek with my thumb admiring God’s beautiful chocolate creation. Her plump chocolate lips , perfectly shaped almond eyes , full round face , high cheekbones ,long eyelashes, perfect eyebrows. And her eyes? Man don’t even get me started on those big brown eyes.
They touch your soul without her even looking at you.
They lighten up the darkest room just like her smile.
I’ve seen them loose their color when she’s sad. I’ve seen them turn the darkest shade of black when she’s angry.
I’ve seen them glisten when she’s scared.
I’ve seen them in every type of emotion and I still them. I love her.

As I’m laying my head on the pillow admiring her wonderful features her eyes shoot open.

“Woah Justin back the Fuck up kid. You act like you’ve never seen my face before. ” Y/N says sitting up off the bed.

“Sorry I guess I woke up close to you. ” I say lying getting off the bed. I stretch my legs out . “Hungry?” I ask her and she nods vigorously

“Dumb ass question your fat ass is always hungry .” I say. She chucks a pillow at me.

“IHOP?” I suggest knowing she wouldn’t decline. Her smile grows wide.

“Yes!” She grins widely.

“Alright get showered and get dressed.” I say walking to my other bathroom. I smile at the fact that I get to spend all this time with her now. When I was on tour I felt so far away from her. Since we were kids I’ve spent almost everyday with her.


“We’re ready to order” Y/N says calling our waitress over.

“Yes I want the blueberry pancakes with eggs and bacon. I want my eggs scrambled with mushrooms,spinach and cheese . Oh and can you add 2 more pancakes to that plate.“ She smiles at the waitress. “Don’t you think that’s a little much for-” I cut her off “Don’t say shit about her appetite please. Now I’ll have the short stack with hash browns and eggs with grits” I say closing my menu. The waitress takes them and walks away. “You saved her ass Justin cause I was about to snap” Y/N says opening her snapchat to take pictures. I look to the dude because someone screamed my name. Soon enough our food came out. “There’s this carnival I want to go to tonight. Can we go!?” My best friend ask excitedly. I laughed. She’s such a child at heart. “Sure but I’ll have to sign a few things and take pictures” I say. “Yay!” She screams stuffing her cute face with eggs. ——— We walk-around the carnival eating a funnel cake “Y/N…so I was thinking maybe we could go out of town together.” “What like Alabama?” She ask ripping a giant piece of funnel cake. “No…like Barcelona, Hawaii, Jamaica.” I say looking at her. She stops in her tracks and looks at a big black bear. “Eeek I want that!” She screeches. She grabs my hand running to the booth. “What do I have to do to win the bear?” I ask pulling a 20 out of my pocket. The man explains the game. I roughly throw the baseball knocking down the glasses in all the rows. Y/N jumps up and down screaming. I grab the bear and walk away. She looks at me with her big brown eyes that I love so much . “What?” I ask looking at her. She smiles “Nothing. I’m just really glad you’re my best friend” she says grabbing my hand. We walk to the tilt a whirl. We hand someone the bear and get on. Y/N is laughing as we spin around in the air. I grab her hand tightly closing my eyes. “Fuck no. I’ll never do this bullshit again.” I scream . We get off and she’s still laughing at me. I push her playfully as she grabs her bear. “Can we get on the big wheel?” She ask me smiling. I nod. We step into the basket and put the between us. We take off. “Y/N I really need to tell you something.” I say looking in her eyes. “I know we’ve been best friends for so long…and we’ve done just about everything together. Well what I’m trying to say is I like you…I want to be with you.” I ramble. She smiles at me “Justin I want to be with you too but our friendship. Wbatvhaoons if we break up. I don’t wanna loose you as my best friend.” She says “You won’t and we won’t break up. Because 4 years ago….” I pause. “4 years ago I noticed that I was in love with you.” Those brown eyes that I loved lost there color once more. “What’s wrong” I ask her She smiles “I love you too.” She says wiping her eyes. I lean in and grab her face pulling her in and kissing her. She kisses back as we reach the top the ride jolts to a stop. “Justin I’ll be your girlfriend. And yes we can go on vacation together. Anywhere you wanna go.” I smile “I love you”

sometimes when it’s 5 am and i can’t sleep i write and they’re just scraps of nonsense and it doesn’t make sense when i wake up but at the time i understood so there’s that

“her hands were jam packed over her head like a concert”

“when i grow up i want to be a star”

“the sun melts anything that comes close to it and it is so so lonely”

“i want to live in a place where the moon shines silver between my toes and i am alone”

“some people smile with their eyes but some people smile with only their mouths and those are the sad ones”

“he’s dressed in secrets like shadows and he wears his lies like a white cloak and they are opposites but they are the same and they are perfect”

“she has a kiss smudged across her cheekbones and the moon in her eyes and she is in love”

Like A Virgin

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All Dean wanted was a one night stand to loosen up a bit, to relieve some stress in his life. He figured maybe he’d find a younger guy with an amazing build, or maybe a really hot girl with great boobs. But, what he found was not exactly either of those two fantasies.

Dean was standing at the bar, about to make his move on a petite little brunette, when he saw him out of the corner of his eye. He was this gorgeous guy with these chiseled cheekbones, and perfect, pale skin, cheeks slightly flushed as another older man crowded him, flashed him a smile that was downright predatory. Dean could tell that the guy who was shying away was uncomfortable, so he decided to take some action.

“Hey, babe, is there something wrong?” Dean asked as he sidled up next to the attractive, younger man. The taller man who had been crowding him backed off a bit, his eyes flickering between the two.

“Oh, uh, I didn’t know you two were together,” the man said, beginning to back away. Dean smiled, and nodded surely. “Sorry,” he mumbled, turning to walk away as Dean sat across from the attractive, mystery man.

“Thanks, you know, for that,” he said softly, holding out his hand. “My name is Castiel,” he told Dean as they shook hands. Dean smiled at the name before pulling his hand away.

“Dean,” Dean simply told him. “I like that name, Castiel,” he complimented, and Castiel smiled softly.

“Thank you. Not many people appreciate it,” he sighed.

“Well, they should appreciate it more,” Dean said kindly.

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BTS J-Hope fluff drabble with “Can I kiss you?” and “Ssh. Stop fussing. I’m just braiding your hair.” please, thank you!

“you have a little something there” you leaned forward to wipe the cream that was on the corner of his mouth. Hoseok smiled at you, his mouth full of a mango cream bun you’d got him during practice. You knew it was out of term to get an idol something with sugar and a fat content during their practice, but you couldn’t resist.

“Thank you” he chirped when he’d swallowed the last of his bun. His cheeks squishing to his cheekbones, his lips become stretched as he smiled brightly. His teeth showing.

“You have such a gorgeous smile, I die every time you smile” you gushed, he was just so perfect to you. You wanted to pepper kisses over his cheekbones, the tip of his nose and on his forehead. He warmed your heart and soul, simply by existing. He was your life line.

“Did you enjoy your bun?” you played with the hair at the nape of his neck. He looked at you with awe, he pulled a face similar to his ‘aeygo’ face, his nose scrunching.

“mm I did, it was delicious” he leaned towards you, an inch away from your face.

“Can I kiss you?” He licked his lower lip, looking at you like you were the only thing he could see at that moment, like you were the only thing he needed, He smirked playfully at you, his dimple flashing for a mere second, disappearing when he met your lips.

It was soft, warm. He moved in rhythm to you, lips moulding together softly and tantalisingly vanilla when a choking noise broke you both a part.

“Huegh” Jungkook pretended to stick his finger down his throat.

“Keep it PG please. I don’t care if I am an adult, y’all nasty.” He threw the towel at Hoseok.

“Hyung, got to get back to practice now. Namjoon hyung and Jin hyung need to be talked through the steps” he added.

Hoseok faced you with a pout on his face, the opposite of his usual ray of sunshine.

“Baby? Spin around” you followed suit.


“I’m glad you came in your sweats” he muttered while he moved the hood from your head.

“I was cleaning our flat?” you offered an answer to his statement.

“What are you doing Hoseok?” when he started to finger strands of your hair.

“Hobi?” you whined, starting to pull away when he wrapped his legs around your waist.

“Ssh. Stop fussing. I’m just braiding your hair.” He pulled you closer to him using his legs.

“Why?” you perplexed. Since when did he know how to braid hair?

“You’re going to help me teach namjoon and Jin Hyung how to do this dance” he muttered, plaiting the remaining hair, then clipping down the flyaway hairs.

“I don’t know how to do this dance?” you moved to stand up when he grabbed your hands and pulled you up faster than you could handle. You crashed into his chest, his arms wrapped around your waist.

This time he didn’t ask, he kissed you passionately. It was half needy and half playful, the gagging noises of the maknae didn’t faze you both until the awkward cough from two other voices.

You looked at them with a red face, “I’ll be joining you guys today” you smiled bravely.

“We can see, but hopefully not attached to him” Jin pointed with a grin.

“ha hah ha” you sarcastically retorted.

“where did you learn to braid?” you walked over to stand next to namjoon when hoseok leant down and put your feet in the right stance.

“You pick things up from the stylists, I wanted to learn”


“So I can play with your hair” he kissed your forehead.

“Maybe our son, daughter someday” he smiled before pressing play on the music.



FACE SHAPE:   sort of heart-shaped.
CHEEKS:   a little bit of baby fat  …  perfect for squishing  !
LIPS:   usually stretched into a smile. rosy pink in colour, and soft to touch.
SKIN COLOR:   sporting a tan. cheeks often flushed with happiness.
SKIN TYPE:   super duper smooth  …  but  !  she wears a few scars across her knees and shins, mostly running related injuries.
EYE SHAPE:   almond. capture every emotion she feels.
EYE COLOR:   grey with specks of brown.
EYEBROW SHAPE:   fairly natural in shape. slight arch, medium thickness.
EYEBROW COLOR:   deep brown.
EYELASHES:   fairly long.
NOSE SHAPE:   cute little button nose  !
HAIR TEXTURE:   unkept curls / waves.
HAIR COLOR:   earthy brown.
HAIR LENGTH:   just above her breasts.
EARS:   average.

upper body:

SHOULDERS:   rounded, not very prominent.
ARMS:   skinny, though holds some muscle in her upper arms. 
STOMACH AREA:   fairly toned, small at the waist.
CHEST/BREASTS:   average in size.
NIPPLES:   perky. rosy pink in colour.
BACK:   smooth to touch,
HAND SIZE:  a little small, fairly slender fingers.

lower body:

HIPS:  slim, a little more curvy when in comparison to her waist-line but still fairly narrow.
BOTTOM:   posy has a nice round bottom okay. she does those squats.
THIGHS:   toned.
CALVES:  toned. fairly slender at the ankle.
LEG LENGTH:  average.


BODY HAIR:   she shaves fairly regularly, less so in winter, but she has her boyfriend around a lot. and posy likes pampering herself in the shower / bath, even if her using the bathroom for so long annoys her brothers.
SCENT:   normally smells of freshly-laundered clothes. often wears some sort of floral perfume.
HAND NAILS:   short. she can’t stand having them long.
TOENAILS:   short.
VOICE:   energetic, lively. very warm and welcoming in tone.
HEIGHT:   5′6″ .
PIERCINGS:   earlobes.
TATTOOS:   none.
WEIGHT:   116 lbs.
BRA SIZE:   32C  ????  i really don’t know omg.
SHOE SIZE:   uk 5 / us 7.
PREFERRED CHOICE OF SHOES:   converse, or similar.
CLOTHING STYLE:   laid back, comfortable clothing. some days she’ll be in skirts / dresses, on others it’s a shirt with jeans. whatever she fancies, really.
GENERAL BODYSHAPE:  slender for her age, but toned with her cross country training and hours on the track.

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