with them as kids as well

Trying to explain Anti and Dark to my father

Me: Dad I don’t know why Mark and Jack do this to us.

Dad: I mean they pretty much raised you, right?

Me: uh.. yeah sure.

Dad: Well, y'know how some parents teach their kids how to swim?

Me: No.

Dad: They throw them in the water.

Me: How does that pertain to this??

Dad: I mean it’s not the same. They just sit and say “you’re doing great sweetie!” As their kid either swims or drowns in front of them.

Me: ???

Dad: I guess in your case it’s more of them setting you all on fire and cheering on the flames. Sorta similar.

One of the arguments I hear about the Pokemon franchise is why do the enemy teams step down when you beat them in a battle?

 Well, I suppose you could try and stop the kid, but I don’t know,  I think they’re giant black bat dragon friend that can breathe fire and break the sound barrier at will is gonna have a problem with that 

One More Confession

I promised @numinoceur soft kisses BECAUSE BAE IS TOO GOOD TO ME and keeps drawing me the happiest, softest Promptis. This wasn’t what I set out to write, initially, but the idea stuck and here we go. I… actually probably like this enough to post on AO3. (also: everyone lives canon divergence is always nice)


Noctis knows, as the damn crown prince of Lucis, he has to be careful.

His dad does his best to keep him shielded from the public eye. Most of the newspapers are under the influence of the crown, to keep them from reporting on him. The seedier tabloids are afraid of the wrath of King Regis—or, rather, they appreciate the money that’s tossed their way. A little bribery pays off, and as such, Noct’s happy enough to live a relatively low-key life, for a prince.

Of course, as much as he tries to keep the image up, he’s got a best friend who sorely tests Noct’s self-control. It’d been okay, at first, when their transgressions had involved skipping class occasionally, or spending way too much money at the arcade. But then Noctis had realized just how much he liked looking at his best friend. Weird dreams had followed, and they’d caught each other staring, had exchanged flustered, flushed looks, and then one day Prompto had gotten brave—

Now, instead of cutting class, they’re spending stolen moments in the back of the schoolyard during lunch breaks, sharing bites of the lunches Ignis packs them, stealing kisses when nobody’s looking. And nobody ever is looking. Noct’s pretty sure there’s rumours about them, but as long as they’re simply that, rumours, he can live with it.

It’s not Noct’s fault, really. Prompto’s just so kissable. They’ve kept this secret for a while now. It has to be a secret. Noct’s the crown prince, and even though the whole political marriage thing is only necessary in times of war – and Lucis and the Empire have been at peace for some time now, miraculously – Noctis hasn’t even started to think about how to tell his dad, hey, I’m kissing a boy.

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The thing I enjoy most about Miles interacting with members of Wright’s agency/circle is… not only do these kids get to know infamous human disaster/legal intellect Phoenix Wright himself, they get to be friends with the district attorney as part of the package too. A prominent national political figure, commandeering your television to watch trashy shows. Imagine walking in on, like, Jim Garrison or Loretta Lynch raiding your fridge.

I’m going to

Go out on 

A limb here

And guess that

You guys are 

Interested in another  

Part to Forever?

Well no worries! I have the next part done and it will be posted tomorrow. It is currently nearly three in the morning here and I have to at least pretend I sleep at some point. 

Seriously though, thank you for the interest in my stuff. I love all of you. I am glad you like it. 

…But I don’t want your unborn children. I can barely take care of myself. Please keep all babies with you. Thanks. <3

That moment when you’re 95% sure your daughter is keeping multiple identical rats named Rosie but you can’t prove it because she hides them too well.

Anger is not inherently negative.

If you see someone giving an explicit endorsement of bigotry, and somebody getting angry at that bigotry, and your response is to aggressively pursue the angry one?

That is a failure of tzedakah. That is a failure of justice, of mercy.

That is you condoning bigotry.

If you see a neurodivergent kid having a minor failure due to their neurodivergence, and decide to repeatedly lecture them in public in front of an audience of thousands… well, frankly, anger is righteous because you are demonstrating extreme ableism, and making that kid unwilling to show their face in public.

If you demand that someone issue a public apology for being angry at these things, further anger is the only reasonable and just response. You are failing every reasonable moral and ethical test.

Hopefully this post will help certain people rethink their priorities as regards justice and anger vs politeness.

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What would you have liked to see be done with Boruto's storyline instead of what we got in the movie and in the anime?

Well, first off, I wouldn’t have Naruto being an absentee parent because that’s just downright unfair. Not just to Boruto and Himawari, but also to Naruto himself. Naruto was neglected as a kid because he didn’t have any parents, and you’re telling me that once he grows up and becomes Hokage, he doesn’t find time to be a proper parent for his own kids? He doesn’t use every opportunity he gets to be there for them? Get outta here.

Also, the excuse for him not being around is that “he has too much work.” In the start of the movie, we’re giving a glimpse of what “work” he does. While yes, there’s stuff like interviews, meetings, research and whatnot, there’s also Naruto’s clones which were grocery shopping, and there were clones that were buying gifts for a kid who clearly wasn’t Himawari because Naruto had forgotten about her birthday. He’s missing out on being a parent because of D-rank missions that even genin could do. And he tells Boruto that he can’t leave a shadow clone in the office, giving us a half-assed reason why he couldn’t himself come to Himawari’s birthday, but in the Gaiden he had absolutely no problem leaving a clone behind. So basically, the conflict in Boruto’s life is a big plot-hole. It just doesn’t sit well with me.

As for what I’d want, I’d rather have a movie about an awkward Naruto who is a bit too involved in his kids’ lives. He regularly comes to check up on Boruto in the Academy, he’s always bragging about Himawari’s art skills to other people, he spends a lot of time around the children of Konoha, and he’s just everyone’s Dad. This could also pose as a struggle for Boruto that because his father is so involved with him, it’s hard for Boruto to stand out as his own person. (Yes, I know this theme is being touched upon in the anime, but it’s just…not done right.) Also, there’s the added pressure of people’s expectations of Boruto. All his life he’s heard of his father’s heroics, and in a world of peace, how could he possibly leave a mark behind? The concept of Hokage would be a a bit too overwhelming for Boruto, and the story could’ve just built around that, and the things he may never understand, like what exactly had Naruto done for the world and how he would fit into all of this.

So yeah.

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I don't completely agree with it but I understand your point about fiction vs reality and that fiction is not powerful enough to affect reality. However it made me think about something, when I was 14 a 22 guy used lolicon and shotacon material to aproach me and a friend of mine because we were into anime and told us that it was normal and was ok to watch it. He later started dating my friend. In that case, would art be considered part of the problem although not entirely?

I still think that the problem was in the fact that the guy used …well, whatever material to approach kids. He is the one with issues.
If he would use any other stuff to approach kids and convince them to have some relationship with him it would be just the same. If for him it’s all about having sex with kids, whatever he uses, its him who’s bad, not the kind of material.
It’s like, a gun itself does not kill, but a person with a gun does. Or not. It’s all depends on a person. 

It’s just how i see all that, you don’t have to think the same x) 

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For Ethlinda: Lily steps forward, wringing her hands nervously. "Hello. I know we haven't talked. But I heard about what was going on. I know it's scary and unknown. But there are people who care and who are ready to support you no matter what. If you need help, I am here. No matter the choice you make...we have your back. And it is a sensitive topic. Especially since I don't know you that well. But i am good with kids... im.I'm just offering my assistance. Thats all..."

“ I appreciate all of you for those kind encouragement words,but this is actually really scary for me I’m scared because I don’t know how to be around children or even take care of one?” She sighs, ethelinda was scared and afraid.

“ also another reason that I grew up alone and was adopted by spider bites I never really experience being with children or even playing with them when I was young and this sudden pregnant situation thing it just happened OK I can’t !”

Ethelinda looks to her side and was holding onto herself tight.

“ i’m carrying a child that is going to be mine I’m scared of being a mother I’m scared that they won’t even like me,I don’t know what to do…. when I found out the pregnancy test was positive I was angry and freaking out but at the same time I should be happy that I’ll be a mother,but to be honest I don’t know how to react to this…..I’m just scared.” Ethelinda holds more onto herself. “So chalk, everyone…. what should I do….?”






cas-backwards-tie  asked:

1. Do you have a master list? 2. What are your thoughts on this: I was thinking about it this morning since idk anything about Tim... does he even likes kids or want them... how would he react if his s/o was pregnant, how would he react to being a dad? What kind of dad would he be?

I actually do not; but now that you’re asking, I might as well go ahead and make one.

- I think Tim would be hesitant about kids
- He’s a busy guy focused on work and vigilantism, he doesn’t have time for incessant children.
- He would think about the option when he’s ready, but at the moment he feels as if he’s too young
- He’s a well thought-out boy, so if his S/O turned out to be pregnant, it was planned
- Tim would be pretty chill about becoming a dad; of course, he’s happy and all, but this is a lifelong commitment.
- He is a little scared at first, but with some heartfelt reassuring words, he’ll be okay.
- He’s not one to have ten thousand little Tim’s running around, but he’d be okay with one or two.
- Like I said, he’s iffy.
- Tim would be the worried dad™
- He is protective over his kids, and he refuses to let them anywhere near the mantle of Robin
- Expect the unintentional cool dad™
- It might be my love for Tim speaking, but he’s a hot dad
- The hottest dad of all

TLDR: He doesn’t want children but if it happens - it was 100% planned

Ah, that was a shot to the ego.

Packing for girl’s weekend, and I remember the hotel has a hot tub. I haven’t worn a bikini (or suit of any kind) since well before I was pregnant with Bug.

Clearly, I needed to try them on to see if any even fit. All of my normal bottoms were too small- shocker. So I tried a pair that I never wore due to being way too big, and they fit. Then onto the tops. Now since nursing both kids, I know I’m exceptionally smaller than before, but apparently I was in denial about how much. The only top that fit- even a little loosely- was my skimpiest one that used to barely keep the girls covered.

Needless to say, I’m definitely not in a “hot tub” mood.

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Has having the kids necessarily effected your social life Thomas?

Thomas: Well, yeah. Having one kid will do that, having four then… Happily, I was able to keep most of my friends. They’d come and help me a lot when the kiddos had just been born - which was the sweetest thing, because the four of them weren’t easy quiet babies. If it wasn’t for them I would basically be limited by the people I meet at work. 

Is anyone else also pretty interested in the relationship between Ruby and Raven?

I mean to Ruby, Raven is:

-Her sister’s biological mother

-Her father’s ex-partner

-Her uncle’s sister

And to Raven Ruby is Tai and Summer’s kid, and her brother has made sure to take care of her as well.

Ruby knows very little about Raven, but Raven has been… ‘Observing’ Yang, and knowing how close Yang and Ruby are she probably knows quite some things about Ruby too.

Ruby also knows they have to attack the bandits to apprehend the spring maiden.

Of course I’m pointing out nothing new here, but I just think it might be interesting to explore.

How would a meeting between the two of them go?

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For some reason fall especially when the leaves are falling, fills me with so much nostalgia & I reflect on the passing of time as the old leaves wither away and die. I remember as a young kid we lived in a apartment complex for 2 years with these really tall pine trees all around that would release their seeds in November. They flew around in the breeze like little helicopters as they floated down. I would sit out there for like 30 min on the apartment patio watching them when I was 7 or 8.

fall (especially around the holidays) is one of the most nostalgic times to me as well. i feel the loss of childhood most intensely around this time. the holiday months used to feel really special, warm, and exciting; almost magical. when i was a child i still preferred the spring and summer months to autumn and winter, but in retrospect, the time from going back to school to new years was filled with magic. it was so warm and lively. i feel that loss of magic every fall, every holiday, and have for years. i also lived in an apartment circle during my early childhood years, and i remember being surrounded by pine trees near the laundromat my mom used to take me to in our area. i still remember playing around them in the crisp, cool autumn air mixed with the radiating warmth from inside the laundromat. it smelled like fall and clean laundry. ♡

Hey kids my new roomie @zenophrenic is looking for USD commissions! They do really cool creatures + dragons for your FR needs, they can also do gore and body horror really well!

Check them out, even if you can’t do a commission right now, any and all exposure for them is great ✨