with their nonsense

alright so the idea that juno was ditched by or dumped his fiance/spouse is perfectly plausible but can we acknowledge that the Classic Noir Route would be the traumatic death of the partner resulting in a lifetime of commitment issues (that doesnt ring a bell at all huh)

also can we consider the possibility that this ties in with the “worst case juno ever took” that he mentioned in prince of mars and/or why he was fired from the hcpd


….. When will the heterosexuals stop?
Unless she turns out to be gay and that’s why she isn’t affected by his “charms” this movie is useless and pointless

anonymous asked:

I think people's problem with reylo is that their big scene was described as mind rape in the script and they played it super violating in the film. Plus they hate each other. Like not in the kinda flirty playing hard-to-get way, in a you've been trying to kill me and my only friends way. It's fine if you ship it, just don't say it's pure or anything like that.

I am really not in the mood to get into a big debate over this - if you go back through the reylo tag on my blog you’ll probably find some discussion if you’re genuinely interested

The point of my post was not to cast a moral judgement on a ship as being pure or otherwise, it was that people using a ship they don’t like as an argument against people in scenarios that have nothing to do with that ship is at best weird and at worst completely missing the point off the original argument. I was prompted to make it after I saw people doing the whole ‘they ship reylo ew gross’ thing in response to someone being homophobic, in that situation it’s pretty fucking nasty to be bringing up someones ship rather than like…actually calling them out for their homophobia. 

GemsonaResource’s Gemsona Collaboration Prompt

Need an art prompt, but can’t seem to find one that appeals to you? Want to make a gemsona, but don’t know where to draw inspiration from or where to start? Why not let me give you some ideas? :) I thought it would be a cute idea to give gemsona makers a gemstone name with a few predetermined character traits as a character creating exercise and fun collaboration! It’s easy to enter and there is no deadline!

Example Prompt: Citrine; loves snow, has a bubbly personality, wears tall boots, gemstone shape is a faceted circle

The Concept:
Anyone interested in this semi-collaboration must send me a message through my ask box OFF anonymous. I will give the sender the name of a gemstone and four character traits that the artist will have to work with while creating their gemsona.

**Accepting Requests: until May 28th
**Deadline: No deadline is in place; feel free to post your collab at any time

How to Receive a Gemstone:
Send a message through my ask box requesting a gemstone. In your message, please include the name(s) of the gemsona(s) you’ve made so that I don’t give you the same gemstone.

Example Message: “Hello! I would like a gemstone please. My gemsonas are Howlite, Iolite, Smoky Quartz, and Mystic Topaz. Thank you!”

Post Requirements:
**At least one photo/visual of your gemsona and a short description/caption.

For the Photo: A full body visual of the gemsona (weapon not needed)

For the Description/Caption:
-Ability (give at least one ability)
-Personality (give at least 4 or more personality traits)
-Backstory/Biography (give at least 2 sentences or more)
-Extra Information (i.e: where they live, what interests they have, who they are friends with, stance on Homeworld and the Crystal Gems, etc.)

**Please clarify which traits were the ones that I gave you in the description/caption.

“Can I add on to the traits you have given me?”
Of course! If I say the gem wears a dress, feel free to add on details to the dress. If I say your gem is always happy and loving, feel free to add on more personality traits that match. Even if I give a weapon to your gem, feel free to add on to the weapon’s powers and appearance.

“Can I get a different gemstone/character traits?”
I’m sorry, but I will not give you a new gemstone or change the character traits I have given you.

”I’m not a fan of the prompt you have given me/I have discovered that I do not have the time to work on the prompt/The prompt you gave me no longer inspires me/etc… is it okay if I don’t finish it?”
Of course! If the prompt no longer appeals to you or you have limited time to complete it, feel free to drop the project all together.

**If you have any questions, feel free to send in an ask, fanmail, or chat message to @gemsonaresources or @macbeth-macdeath (my main blog)!

TaiYama Week 2017

Day 2: Share your favorite moment between them. 

That’s hard because I don’t really have just one favorite. Tbh a lot of people talked about a lot good moments during this week, so I guess I’ll just ramble on about whatever comes to mind…

In adventure, I’d be hard pressed not to mention about episode 51. That big moment when Taichi is fighting off Piedmon and Yamato so gallantly comes to save the day. 

It was this scene that made me go ‘okay. I can see why people like these two.’ 

Truthfully, this episode was a conclusion to Yamato’s character arc. We saw him face his inner demons, and all the ups and downs it took for him to really understand himself. Resolving his conflict by summing up his tension leftover from Taichi’s fight is a pretty poetic way of saying that Yamato is a changed person.

But holy shit. Seeing it in Japanese was way more intense than I initially thought. I mean, Yamato is cradling this broken battered Taichi. Yelling out things like ‘Taichi you’re my true friend! I won’t let our friendship be in vain!’ His crest is all glowing, Wargreymon is magically healed. And then Taichi’s character song that plays in the background!?!?  God that song is ruined for me. I know it’s supposed to be about Taichi, and his faith in his friend. But it perfectly encapsulates what was going on between Taichi and Yamato at the time. And any time I hear that song, my mind jumps to this scene and automatically I think about how good they are together. I felt like this episode really said a lot about the two of them. Both as individuals, and as a unit.

The thing about Tri is that it doesn’t deviate too much from what happened in Adventure. There a little twist here and there, but for the most part it’s the same story. Which can be a good or bad thing depending on how you want to look at it. 

I know that there are a lot of Taiyama moments in Tri, but what really grabbed my interest and held it…actually didn’t even involve the two of them interacting directly.

Depending on how you see Taichi, you might find his inner conflict OOC. But one thing I think is apparent, is that Taichi’s inner conflic mirrors the self turmoil that Yamato went under in the first season. 

Yamato struggled with where he stood among the others, how to rely on them, how to be strong despite having so many weaknesses. Yamato had to learn his lesson the hard way, and he made a lot of bad decisions before really understanding himself. 

That’s kind of what is happening with Taichi during Tri. Taichi is no longer someone who can turn a blind eye to consequence. And when he sees the staggering scale of the risks they have to take he’s worried what is going to happen when he makes a wrong move. And that’s the thing. He’s scared about him doing the wrong thing. It’s his fight. His digimon. His friends. If there is a ‘bad guy’ in all of what is happening in the fight for their world, there is a high chance that it might be him. And Taichi is having trouble facing that. Facing the possibility that he might not be strong enough to do anything about it.

Yamato got over his insecurities at the end of the first season. And yes, he is able to do this all by himself, but, because he had someone like Taichi there for him. Yamato would up growing faster than if he was all alone. They went from two hotheads who didn’t understand each other to partners who, (actually quite literally) join together to create a formidable team. 

With Tri it’s the same thing but reversed. Now Taichi is the one with uncertainty and Yamato isn’t understanding him. I like the idea that Taichi needs to confront whatever is stopping him. But what makes my shipper-glasses shine, and also makes me go ‘hey they stole that from my fanfic’ is when Taichi’s internal conflict comes to surface because of Yamato. The idea that, because of how they are with each other, Taichi can’t really hide the truth from Yamato. 

I liked it adventure. And let’s be real,  I’m like it even more in Tri because now it’s centered around Taichi! Stuff like this really just feed the plotbunnies for me….

lol it’s the moments like these that make me wanna write stuff in the first place. I don’t really have any complaints with the parallels Tri has come up so far. But the moments that graze past Adv and still offer a little wiggle room for the viewer’s interpretation…yeah if I’m given that kind of power I’m gonna run with it. Lol, that’s why I get so hyper after seeing these movies.

If you ever encounter a wild, unbelievable claim; a clearly, farcically fictitious notion; a cliché or stereotype that persists despite lacking a hint of verisimilitude; if you think that nobody could ever seriously believe it, then take amoment to consider that people seriously believe the following.

That the Earth is flat.
That the universe is six thousand years old.
That the Moon is a hologram.
That the Apollo astronauts conducted negotiations with the people of Venus.

And remember that these aren’t even the most outlandish examples.

To the person that requested this fic about Lucifer, Gabriel, Michael, and Castiel protecting the reader who is being bullied in middle school, THANK YOU. I loved writing it and it’s a lot longer than I thought it would be. So I hope you don’t mind, but also I love it and I’m proud of it. You should see it next week or this week maybe? I’ll probably push it forward because I like it so much.


Hey so about a week ago I was all “OK I’m gonna start drawing NSFW shit, I should make a real quick character to be my guinea pig” and with that, Hansem, the half elf half orc boy came to be.

I intended to essentially have him as a throwaway character but now I’m accidentally deeply invested in him and now he has two best friends, a tiny halfling girl and a giant bird boy. I have a friend writing up a script for Hansems story PURELY BECAUSE HE WANTED TO and have another friends own orc boy, Stainton, also joining the fray (as a CANOODLER of Hansem)


What a time to be alive.