with their arm stretched up the front of his coat

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*slides in* shallura + making a move (or if you're not just taking from that list; sharing a cab?) *finger guns* hi ily

a/n: enamored shiro, amirite? hey look, another drabble that overshot 1k again lol | @gajeelredfox
cw: none!
rating: k, general audiences

it’s just another manic monday

Why is it always the days that brook no argument for running late, wind up being the days he’s fighting tooth and nail just to make it to the other side of his front door?

His one shot at an impression is going to be sliding into the conference room with one shoe on, one arm in his coat, and his hair sticking in five different directions, and probably a smudge of grease somewhere on his person from the looks of the decrepit cab screeching to a halt by his curb. He’s making the home run stretch into the back seat when a shoulder smacks into his and floral perfume blots out the stale remains of the fast food bag the cabbie has sitting in the front seat with him.

There’s bright, clear eyes giving him the once over and he realizes right off that he definitely wouldn’t win in a fight against her if she challenged him for cab.

“Clearly we’re both running quite late and I think we could reach an understanding.”

Her accent is crisp and everything about her is mesmerizing in a way that makes him feel like he’s fifteen again. He finds himself enough to nod and she’s meeting the eye of the cabdriver in his rear view mirror. She gestures for him to supply his destination and he had no idea surprise could register in individual moments, but it does and suddenly it’s her that’s clicking her mouth shut, finally working out a, “Same.”

“You got it, Ms.”

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