with the way they look at each other

Alternative Drive translation! 
Thanks Drakonika for help!

How many years we’ve spent
Far away from our homeland?
And as our attachment to this place grows,
We are in doubt more and more - what do we have to answer for?

Please, somebody, find us.
Double-edged justice is tearing my heart apart. 

Those who protect are soldiers,
Those who destroy are warriors,
But they all risk their lives for the future they believe in,
So what’s the difference?
Wandering around to find something to rely on,
We’re looking for the unshakable coordinate
Alternative Drive

As if we were trying to erase our sins,
We were not afraid of any dangers. 
And, as we held our breath, 
We hid our guilt.  

We were in a hurry, pushing our life limits
To return home just once more. 

The soldiers believe in each other, 
The warriors are lonely. 
And the only wish at the bottom of our hearts
Will be the light at the edge of the barren. 
We can’t turn back now,
We’re looking for the coordinate we have to reach,
Alternative Drive

We won’t stop half-way.
(With you guys) we’ve been through so many battles,
Excitement and talks,
But it doesn’t matter now.
Call us traitors.

Those who protect are soldiers,
Those who destroy are warriors,
But they all risk their lives for the future they believe in,
So what’s the difference?
Wandering around to find something to rely on,
Everybody is looking for the unshakable coordinate
Alternative Drive

Newcomers Pt2

Admiral Polts Personal journal.

It’s been about a week since the humans arrived and they now make up one third of our cerw, they have settled in well, almost too well as they have made this fleet and it’s ships their own. I have been doing research on them and although the reports are conflicting and sketchy they do all say that humans will change their environment to make it more suitable to them. Which is why the unused cargo hold is now something called a “puppy pen” and they are holding nightly events where they gather and play games about exploring a dungeon. They are also oddly easy to get along with, they take almost no offence when insults are thrown at them and if anything speak worse to one another. Their commander Captain Clerk assures me this is all natural that humans bring their home with them but will try to keep from taking over too much of the fleet.

So far the only race that has any problem with them are the Benemar, but the Humans have not risen to any challenge by them, not sure how long that will last.

On a side note I have orderd the fleet not to eat or drink the humans food, it.s just plain poisonous and how they manage to digest it is beyond me!!.

A number of humans were in the canteen eating a delicacy called “curry” a number of the other alien crew had tried some and apparently the sauce did not agree with them. It burned through one of their stomachs, luckily he survived. The third day of the human week was considered curry day and was sacred to them, along with “tacos” on the second day. Their meal was interrupted by sergeant Cathy calling for everyone’s attention.

“Excuse me everyone” the talking stopped and they looked over at her, she was clearly distressed.

“Has anyone seen Troy?”

“Your beagle?” asked another Human.

“Yeah, he isn’t in the puppy pen”

“Maybe someone took him for a walk?”

“I thought of that but he hasn’t been signed out”

All the Humans looked at each other and a silent agreement passed between them all as they all put down their food and left the canteen to go find Troy leaving a number of the non human crew alone.

“What’s a beagle?” Kio asked his mate.

After only one hour every Human on the ship was looking for him, they checked every vent, every cannon and every inch of the ship and were soon resorting to handing out picture of Troy asking if anyone had seen him. To the non Humans this behaviour was odd, this animal was not part of the crew or their squad yet every one of the Humans was distressed about it being missing.

Cathy found a number Benemar wrestling in the gym and approached them.

“Excuse me”

“Huh? A Human, what are you doing here?”

“I’m looking for my dog Troy, here’s a picture of him please let me know if you see him”

The Benemar clan leader took the picture and a smile crawled across his face, he handed it to the others who all mimicked his expression.

“We have seen this thing little Human”

“You have!!! Where?” she asked eagerly.

“Well you might have trouble finding him now” he laughed


“We wanted to try Human food, this animal barley had any meat on him I don’t know why you keep them”

Cathy looked up at them her face blank, no emotion and her voice flat.

“You…ate him?”

“Yeah, I mean this creature makes a pitiful meal and cried the moment we picked it up, stupid animal”

“You…ate Troy?”

“You deaf yes, if you are looking for us to be sorry for eating your food, tough we are Benemar and our laws say only the strong eat”


Cathy was shaking and her hands curling into fists, her face went from calm to rage in a single terrifying moment. “YOU ATE MY DOG!!!”

She lunged at him and proceeded to tear him apart.

Admiral Polt and Capitan Clerk sat opposite each other in Polt’s office, the silence between them was vast as Clerk had said something that Polt did not expect.

“Can you say that again please for the record” Polt asked.

“I believe Cathy’s reaction was justified” Clerk said with no uncertainty in his voice.

“She killed the Benemar clan leader, his chief is demanding justice”

“If he wants to try and get it he is free to, but in my eyes and my superiors she has done no wrong as under our law dogs are given the same basic rights as us”

“But it’s just as dog?”

“IT’S NOT JUST A—-” Clerk said slamming his hand down on the table but quickly calmed himself “It’s not just a dog, it is “A” dog”

Polt nearly fled the room when Clerk slammed his hand, after seeing what remained of the Benemar he had no desire to anger another Human.

“I loved that dog, we all did and love all the dogs we brought with us, for someone to…eat one is…”

“It’s okay I understand, I shall speak the chief”

“Thankyou” Clerk said leaving and Polt called the chief to his office.

“What do yo mean you are taking no action?” the chief screamed.

“By their laws sergeant Cathy has done no wrong and was well within her rights”

“She killed one of my clan leaders!”

“Rather impressive for a Human half his size don’t you think? You saw the body, do you really want to take this further? If so I’m sure Captain Clerk would be happy for you to”

“What was it about that animal that they hold so dear?”

“I’m, glad you asked” Polt said pulling out a small folder “i have been reading up on Humans for a few weeks now and there is an interesting bit about dogs I believe will help put this in perspective. They have co-existed and co-evolved for over 30.000 years. The bond between a Human and a Dog is so strong that no words need pass between them for each to know what the other wants. They have fought battles together and have made homes together and Humans care for their dogs as if they were their own children and dogs protect and serve the humans as they are a loving parent. No other race in the galaxy has a companion quite like the Humans have dogs, to belittle or harm their companions in any way will bring their full wrath down upon you”

Polt closed the book and looked at the Benemar chief who had said nothing, he left without saying another word to quickly tell his own warriors to leave these dogs alone.

Polt breathed, another crisis averted and he could move onto more pressing matters, like this Sergeant Stabby that was visiting next month and has all the Humans excited, he worried as to why.

❝ I know, but I am your idiot ❞

Plot: Jungkook jokingly makes fun of you and hurts your feels but makes it up to you 

Pairing: Jungkook xReader

Words Count: 2,1k+

Genre: Slightly angst/ Fluff

For Anon, I hope you like it cutie!

 - kyu.

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner!

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‘Jagiya!!!’ A voice called through your apartment.

‘In here!’ You called from the lounge.

Your handsome boyfriend came walking in with a smile on his face, ‘And just where I left you.’

‘Ha-ha-ha, very funny.’ You mock, jumping up from the couch and into his arms.

He happily received you into his warm embrace as he wrapped his strong arms around your built and lifted you into the air. With one fluid movement, he spun the both of you as your legs wrapped around his waist. Coming to a stand still, you both looked into each others eyes before he closed the gap between the both of you. You accepted his soft touch, as your lips moulded together and he inserted his tongue when your lips parted for him. He tasted every inch as if it was his first time.

Air being needed, you pulled away and pecked his nose, ‘How was America?’

‘Oh sweetheart,’ He carried the both of you to the couch and sat down, ‘It was amazing. Like the language was slightly hard but Joon hyung helped us every step of the way. I wish you were with me!’

‘You know I would have come if I could.’ You stroked his face, ‘I missed you a lot.’

‘I miss you too.’ He replied, brushing your short hair out of your eyes before a teasing smile spread on his face, ‘Yah! Why can’t you have long hair like normal girls?!’

‘You know that I don’t like long hair.’ You rolled you eyes.

This hadn’t been the first time Jungkook teased you about your choice in having short hair. You liked the way it looked on you and to be honest, it was less admin compared to long hair. It wasn’t as if your hair was cut in a boy hairstyle, but being Jungkook, he didn’t ever take that into consideration. You loved him very much, but his childish qualities made you want to run into the wall sometimes.

‘And why can’t you wear skirts and dresses like other girls?’ He joked around once again.

‘Because shorts and jeans are more comfortable.’ You rolled your eyes.

He placed a hand on your leg and tugged at the material slightly, ‘More like sweatpants and pyjamas.’

‘Only when I am home!’ You retaliated, anger running high and feeling hurt, ‘Did you comeback from America just to point out what it wrong with me?’

’Well n-no Y/N -’

‘If you hate the idea of how I dress and look, then why are you with me?’ You pushed him away, tears brimming your eyes, ‘I am sorry that my comfort and choice of clothing does not suit your ideal type, Jungkook.’

‘Jagiya, I-’

‘I’m sorry that I am not like those female idols and models. I AM SORRY THAT I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU!’

With that, you ran towards your bedroom and slammed the door with a swift lock, ‘I was just joking….’

Throwing yourself on the bed, you sobbed into the pillow that still lingered with his scent. Angry and pissed, you threw it towards the chest of drawer located close to the door. The object hit a picture frame that came crashing to the ground, shards of glass decorating around the wooden frame. Clutching your legs to your chest, you cradled yourself as the tears flowed from your eyes. Crying, a knock came from the other side of the door.

‘Go away!’ You shouted, ‘Get out of my apartment right now!’

‘Jagiya, I am sorry.’ He apologised, resting his forehead on the door while his fist still stayed attached to the wood ‘I didn’t mean to upset you. I was just joking.’

‘Well you have a pretty cynical way of joking.’ You sniffed.

‘You are just so cute when you get all upset.’ He tried to lighten the mood.

‘Then I must be fucking adorable right now!’ You seethed, ‘Just get out!’

‘But you tease the ones you love!’ He tried to reason.


Sighing, he walked away from the door. Message after message, he flooded your phone.

I am sorry baby!

Please let me in? I never meant to hurt you, I would never do that on purpose!

BABY PLWEAAASSEEE! You know I will beg until you let me. You are my one and only, I tease you because I love you. Baby please….

Eventually the messages stopped going through and he figured that you switched your phone off. Every now and then, he would knock on your door and you would scream and shout at him all over again. Jungkook teased you a lot, and you were okay with it. This time just made you feel lower of the low. He had just visited a different country with thousands of beautiful woman and was surrounded by dozens on a daily basis. It felt as if he was comparing you to something you knew you could never become. You were a simple girl studying animation, nothing more and nothing less. Just mundane.

‘Baby?’ He knocked for the fiftieth time as two hours passed before an idea kicked in, ‘The spare key!’ Running to the counter, he opened it up and found the treasure, ‘Bingo!’ Back before your door, he unlocked it with a victory ‘Jagiy….’ He faded out at the sight of you passed out on the bed, ‘Aish, why did you cry yourself to sleep?’

Stroking the side of your face with his index finger, he pulled the sheets back and tucked you in. You snuggled into the sheets and all but smiled when you felt a pillow in your arms. It was the one you threw away. Jungkook pecked your forehead and walked to the shattered frame on the floor. Clicking his fingers, he ran a few errands before coming back to your place an hour later. Slowly you shifted and sat up, rubbing your eyes. Blinking, you noticed a bunch of roses on your chest of draws alongside the picture. But it was in a different frame. Slowly the door opened and Jungkook peeked in.

‘You awake.’ He beamed, pushing the door more and entering with a tray,

‘Did I not ask you to leave?’ You crossed your arms, glaring at him.

‘You did,’ He agreed, placing the tray down, ‘But you know I don’t listen, I am the maknae at the of day.’

‘I don’t want to repeat myself, Jungkook.’ Your voice cold.

‘And neither do I. I made your favourite by the way, but it’s hot so be carful.’ He motioned to the cup of steaming hot chocolate on the bedside table.

‘Jungkook…’ You were about to complain before he placed a finger on your lips and silence you.

‘Enough with the threats, okay?’ He stated, ‘Listen I am sorry for what I said. Sometimes I speak and think you will understand what I mean, but this time I was wrong. So wrong that it caused you pain, and to be honest baby, I hate myself more then anything. The fact that I made you cry made me want to run into moving traffic.’ He held your cheek, brushing your hands over the tear stains, ‘Those tears should never be anything but good happy ones.’


‘Let me finish. Yes you aren’t an idol or model, but I do not care! If I wanted those types, I would be dating them. Y/N, we have known each other since junior high and I have never been the happiest when you agreed to be mine.’

‘I’m so plain and boring.’ You sighed, pulling away from his touch.

‘You say that, but I see a girl who is interesting and different.’ He encouraged, ‘A girl that doesn’t care what anything thinks,’ He leaned in and brushed his lips against your, ‘A girl who makes me proud and happy that she is mine…and only mine.’

You leaned in thinking he was going to kiss you but he quickly scooped you in his arms, flinging you over his shoulder ‘Yah!! Kookie, put me down!’

‘No,’ He looked behind him with a warm smile, ‘I am still apologising.’

‘Still?’ You asked him with a raised brow.

‘So first, we are adorned with a bouquet of beautiful roses,’ He walked by the drawers, ‘The scent that lingers on you everyday and makes me feel like I am floating. Second we are confronted with a picture of you and I. The picture taken on your senior dance and one of my favourite moments I have shared with you so far, and with many more to come. The frame is a sleek black one because of the dress you wore.’

‘You are so cheesy.’ You huffed.

‘Oh baby, you don’t even know the half it.’ He walked out the door.

Your nostrils were ambushed by the scent of sweet smelling fumes and was lightly light with fairy lights. The furniture was rearranged and pillows scattered on the ground. In the middle lay a tray of all your favourite foods and drinks. The TV was on and before it laid a bunch of DVD’s which were all animation. Walking in, you still hung on his shoulder before he got into the centre of the room. Placing you down, he circled his arms around your waist and kissed your neck as he stood behind your body.

‘Before us we see the setting of our first day,’ He reminded, ‘The night we made a blanket fort and watched movies all night with laughs and amazing food.’

‘Kookie…’ You whispered, all anger seeping out.

‘The movies on the floor represent you and I.’ He pointed at them as you removed yourself from his hold and picked up the films, ‘And since you learning to be an animator as well.’

‘Lady and the Tramp?’ You asked with a raised brow.

‘You are my lady, elegant and beautiful while I am the run of the mill tramp.’ He pointed out.

‘You aren’t a tramp.’ You chuckled before picking another, ‘Tangled?’

‘What more then an artistic girl and a goofy man who fall in love through adventure. I want to have many with you Jagiya.’

‘Beauty and the Beast?’

‘A little rough around the edges but I have found my beauty who will turn me into the prince.’

Tears slowly began to well in your eyes as you looked at movie after movie, finally looking at one with a cocked head, ‘Big Hero 6?’

‘You will always be my Baymax, to hold and comfort me through the hard and rough,’ He knelt before you and kissed your forehead, ‘Someone who will never give up on me and always make me feel better.’

‘Jungkook….’ You sniffed.

‘No more tears…please.’ He pressed his forehead against yours, ‘I have caused enough pain for one day.’

‘But this isn’t pain,’ You looked at him, ‘This is tears of happiness, the only tears I am allowed to shed remember?’ He nodded in agreement, ‘But why are you doing this?’


‘Showing me all this love after I wanted you out?’

He chuckled with a hearty laugh, ‘Because you are my Princess and I am nothing but the little frog that will make you happy even if you don’t see it quite yet.’

‘Princess and the Frog reference?’ You asked with a raised brow.

‘I would say its my life motto, but sure, movie reference it is.’ He kissed your nose.

‘Neither,’ You said softly, ‘You aren’t a frog. You are the handsome Jungkook whom is my prince and man I love with every ounce of my heart.’ You admitted, ‘I am sorry for snapping at you…’

‘No I deserved it. I shouldn’t have said what I said, it was wrong of me and I am the one sorry for teasing you.’

‘Well you know what they say, you tease the ones you love.’ You smirked

‘Yah! That isn’t fair, I said that and you wanted to throw me out your house!’

‘That shows how much I love you.’ You smiled, brushing your lips against his and closing the deal with a sweet simple kiss.

It was nothing but a pressing of your lips in his. There was no movement at all, just the two of you frozen and soaking up each others presences and warmth . He had done a lot to make it up to you and proved that he was dearly sorry and loved you will every ounce of his heart. You felt his thumb stroking your cheek as you pulled apart and looked into his eyes deeply.

‘You are such a tease.’ He said softly.

‘Says the pot to the kettle.’ You shrugged your shoulders, standing up with him in tow. He laughed as he shook his head and lifted you in a tight hug, ‘You are such an idiot sometimes.’

‘I know, but I am your idiot Y/N. I love you….’

To Become A Hunter [4]

*The Final Chapter*

Previous parts

Characters: Dean Winchester, Winchester sister!reader, John Winchester, Sam Winchester, Jess Moore [mentioned briefly]

Words: 2900+

Warnings: Violence, a bit of a language, John’s A+ parenting, implied verbal/physical abuse, sort of bad mental health (I don’t really know how to describe it)

A/N: We made it to the last part! Thank you all so much for reading this & all the nice comments <3 So, it might seem odd to post two parts within two days, but it’s just because I promised you last week to post the finale early this week. And then it turned out to be so long that I had to split it into to two, and I didn’t want you to feel played, so I decided to do it like this, to sorta keep the promise :)

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(I’m out of John fitting GIFs)

Not my GIF

Your name: submit What is this?

”YOU!” Dean screams, his finger threateningly pointing at John, who scrambles to his feet from where he’s sitting, backing away, hands in the air.

You come to a stop, staring at the situation forming in front of you not knowing what to do. On one side is Dean; the older brother who always has looked out for you, and you can tell he’s doing this for your sake. On the other is John; your leader and biological father who you should trust and listen to. Shouldn’t you?

You are frozen. Paralyzed. Your eyes travel to Dean, who’s angrier than you think you’ve ever seen him. His usual bright, gentle eyes glimmer dangerously, and his freckled face is twisted into pure rage.

”What did you do to her!” Dean roars inching closer to John, who continues backing away.

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but can you imagine camren at the 1975 concert during fallingforyou when matty screams "i don't wanna be your friend i wanna kiss your neck" tho

I can imagine Camila turning her head towards Lauren and looking at her just like that :

Then Lauren turns her head just as Camila turn back hers, and she looks at her that way : 

Then she turns her head back forward and they just stand close to each other with a smug smile on their faces because they’re happy to be here together (and they’re planning to kiss each other’s neck later…)

Okay but imagine Draco and Harry secretely dating and sending each other notes during class?

Harry is sitting with Ron and Hermione, and suddenly a little bird made of paper falls in his desk. Harry knows that it’s from Draco, and Ron too, judging by the look he’s giving the blonde.

Stop staring at me, Potter.

“Git” Ron murmurs, looking at the note over Harry’s shoulder. “Thinks everything is about him”

Hermione only rolls her eyes, in that knowing way of hers - Harry, i know about you and Malfoy. Ron, Merlin, you’re so oblivious.

Quickly Harry writes his answer in a parchment and sends it to Malfoy; the dragon falls softly into Draco’s hands. He opens it, and inmediately his face goes red. 

Ron snickered. Ha, the pointy git was angry. Maybe even embarrassed.

“Giving the ferret what he deserves, huh?”

A laugh tried to escape from Harry’s throat.

Because of course he was going to give Malfoy what he deserves - snogging him silly in one of the classrooms. But Ron didn’t need to know that. Not yet

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Top 5 favorite Tayley gifs and why 😀

This is like the best anon I’ve ever received *rubs hands together*

But honestly, just 5!! Come on, anon! I gotta say I’m having a really hard time trying to decide. Can I post like 100 instead? No? Okay, I’ll just stop talking and get to it.

1. I think this one is like my favorite gif in history. Just look at them. The way they look at each other, how H hugs T. It’s just so adorable and pure. 🤗

2. I also  like this one a lot because they’re holding hands and do I really need to say anything else?

3. I love hugs and I love when my faves hug so that’s why I love the next ones. Yes, plural, because I couldn’t choose just one. I don’t feel like I’m cheating..

4. Aww man, the feels. I really like the next one because I love when they are playful and mess around together. The cuteness tho!

5. So it’s time for the last one, right? *sighs* I like this one because it’s just Tayor spanking Hayley’s thigh. Nothing more to add tbh!

And well, after facing this hard decision I feel kinda empty so I’m going to bless you (and myself) with some more random Tayley gifs that I love. Enjoy! *drops mic*

Credit: Some of the gifs were made by me, the rest were found on google/tumblr/my phone. So thank you to those wonderful people and tayley shippers who made them!! ❤❤

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Can we all (w'all?) see some hero/villain childhood friends starters?

See here and here. There are probably others dotted in my archive too.

1) The covert operation was heartbeats away from being blown open before it even started as the security at the door eyed them with suspicion. The next heartbeat - “Oh my god, [name]?”
The hero’s spine straightened, startled, and they whipped around. “Oh my god.”
“It’s really you, isn’t it?” The villain looked at them in utter delight. They drew them in, clapped them on the back and looked at their companions, before glancing at the security. “It’s alright, this is an old friend of mine. Make a note to have the bartender give them whatever they want on the house.” 
“You could join us for a drink?” 

2) “Children know each other in strange ways, different to how adults know each other,” the villain murmured. “There is a certainty, even in blindness, because what matters most is there unshaken. People are what they are to you. They could never be anything else.” 
“I don’t know how to know you anymore,” the hero allowed, softly. “All I have is questions. Doubts.” 
“See, that’s the problem. Questions.” The villain sighed. “This fell apart the second you started asking me why.” 
“Someone had to. You have no limits.” 
“Now, see. You’ve given yourself a why already.”
God, they were going in circles. Nostalgia made it impossible to move forward, to learn more. The hero shook their head in a futile attempt to clear it.

3) They couldn’t stand to even look at each other - it reminded too much of the past. They placed a desperate chess game instead, shoving their pieces, pawns and soldiers at each other across the board as if that way they could keep each other at a distance. Avoid. If they must be so irrevocably, so helplessly, drawn to each other let it be an orbit, a perfect distance. Never touching. Because nothing could be the same if they collided.

4) “[Name! I didn’t know you were back for the holidays. Are you seeing your folks? How are they. Come in, come, tell me everything. [Hero’s name] will be so pleased to see you!”” 
In the other room, the hero froze. Their heart stuttered. After all that time, with everything going on, it couldn’t…they surged to their feet, reaching the hall in time to see the villain offer their mother a friendly smile and a hug. Relatives flooded to greet the villain happily, all warm curiosity and questions. As if it was still before.” 
“What,” the hero managed to gasp out. “Are you doing here?”
“Dinner,” their mother said. “You absolutely must stay for dinner.”
“Actually,” the villain gave a sheepish grin. “I was wondering if [hero’s name] could come out to play?”
Their mother laughed at how familiar the words were. The hero felt like they’d been sucker punched. 

Sheith is a good and tender ship

I love my boys. Every time Keith looks at Shiro is so dang tenderly. Like…like he knows how fragile Shiro is. And he doesn’t want him to have to play strong for just a moment. He wants Shiro to know it’s okay to be safe with him. And Keith is not a tender person so the way he behaves around Shiro is SUCH a telling thing for how close they are. They genuinely love each other, even if you don’t think it’s romantic there’s no way to deny that.

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tbh i got such parent!ym vibes in this run ep it killed me you could see how seamlessly they work together as a team, no personal space but no crashing or bumping into each other cause they know how move around each other, and they way they guided and encouraged tae, giving him little tasks and cheering him on with his lil squirrel sauce garden (i don't want to insinuate tae's a child btw it's just the way ym was acting towards him) just ksjfksjf!!! they work!!! so goddamn well together!!!

honestly !! even here jimin was on his way to get something but, look easily he sidles up to yoongi just to see how he’s getting on

since they know how to move around each other i guess they must’ve done this a lot, can you imagine how it would’ve been at first with them just bumping into each other and laughing and taking forever to finish off, until they get to the stage where they’re weaving around each other and throwing around jokes and making conversation as they get on with their assigned jobs


“I swear I’m going to do it.” 

“You’re crazy.”

“Come on! If you had these,” you gestured to your large chest in frustration, “ then you would feel the same!”

You and Yoongi were arguing about your boob size: he loved it, but you didn’t. You considered surgery, but Yoongi was completely against the idea. It got in the way of everything. Whenever you sat at the table, it looked like your boobs were being served as the main course. You can’t even run without having your boobs tossed from side to side, at times, it’ll even pop out of your bra. The worst part is that you can’t even sleep on your stomach and that’s your favorite sleeping position. He doesn’t understand why you despise your boobs so much, despite you constantly complaining. He thinks it’s a blessing, you think it’s a curse. Your ideas contradict each other and one day, Yoongi gets sick of hearing you making a fuss all day, every day. 

You sat on the edge of the bed, once more, complaining. Meanwhile, Yoongi sat on the chair propped up besides the desk, trying to get some work done. With your groans and moans, he sighs and spins the chair around to meet your gaze. In a split second, Yoongi pinned you underneath him on the bed. Unable to escape, you had no choice but to stay beneath him, waiting for his words to escape his lips. Staring into his eyes, you searched for signs of emotions, but yet, there were none. He was hard to read, but he always cared for you in little ways. Ways that at times, you don’t even notice.

“Babe, I love you, but I’m getting sick of hearing you complain.”

“You don’t under-” He cuts you off with a deep kiss. 

“I don’t understand what you hate about these babies. I love them!” Yoongi said, laughing as he grasped your boobs with both hands, softly fondling them.

“Y-Yoongi..” You tried escaping, but it was no use.

You should have known better than to interrupt Yoongi while he was working. Now, you have to accept the punishment.

Look, there is no law out there telling us that on roleplay we gotta get along with each other, but as an adult we should know better than to bully and put people down. You’re not expected to love everyone, be everyone’s friend or mutual. However it doesn’t allow you to justify hate and slander someone just because you’ve felt they have done you wrong. The truth is that on this site no one owes you a god damn thing and that means if someone is being kind to you it’s because they’re a good person and it’s the right thing to do.

Season 5 Theory
  • I am really not worried about Raven or Echo. You don’t build a relationship between two characters for years and then throw it away because of a very inconvenient apocalypse! This is Jason Rothenberg and he has a plan. He said people can interpret it any way they like because Bellamy and Clarke are not a canon yet.
  • Because Bellamy believes Clarke is dead I think we will see romantic developments between Echo more than Raven. I think there is mutual friendship and admiration between Bellamy and Raven, so they will come to rely heavily on each other in space but I don’t think they will re-introduce a sexual relationship. It seems more likely that will happen with Echo looking at how they interact with each other throughout season 4. Echo can suck Bellamy’s dick for all I care but I think as soon as he realises there is even a chance that Clarke is still alive he will remember who his heart really belongs to. I think one of my favourite moments of season 5 will be where that realisation will suddenly dawn on Bellamy and he will feel happiness, regret, joy, guilt, relief, love and joy all at once. Bellamy and Clarke have had romantic relationships with other people throughout 4 seasons but they always return to each other. I have no doubt season 5 will be the same.
  • I was worried about Bellamy returning from space with a child with Echo or Raven. I don’t think this will happen because we were introduced to Clarke’s daughter at the end of season 4. Although she is not her biological daughter it seems she has come to care for her the same way as a mother does. When Bellamy comes back from space I think Clarke and Bellamy will develop a special bond because I can imagine the writers wanting Bellamy to protect Clarke’s daughter because he knows she is special to her. I would love to see their own little family developing, so I think they would have only this rather than Bellamy having his own family because that would really shake life on Earth up a bit too much and we would lose sight of the characters and setting we know and love. Clarke would have spoken about Bellamy a lot to her little nightblood, so she probably already loves him and feels like she knows him and the rest of the crew. So when the crew does return from space, it will be fantastic to see them bonding with little nightblood as much as she has with them already, especially Bellamy.   

u kno the mechanic where party members push protag out of the way of an attack.. that’s good… but also…. party members pushing each other out of the way….. ok hear me out Ryuji pushing Yusuke out of the way & Yusuke being v ‘I don’t want you to get hurt on my behalf’ and Ryuji being v 'I know you can look out for yourself but if I see a chance to keep you safe I’m going to take it’ & Yusuke starts being more careful to keep Ryuji safe and halfway through this post I realized it could work the other way around and also Haru pushing Makoto out of the way would be Very Good and IT’S JUST MY IDEAL SCENARIO

Can people stop using delusional and in denial as proof that they are right and others are wrong? If I don’t see Bellarke in romantic way doesn’t mean I’m in denial over it. Canonically Clarke and Bellamy are NOT in love with each other. Clarke was in love with Lexa and she cared about Niylah, that’s it, that’s canon. You don’t think Clarke would already kiss him or show him she’s attracted or in love with him? Clarke who has absolutely no filter when she wants something or someone? That’s not to say this won’t change in season 5, but right now Bellamy looks at Clarke the same ways he looks at Raven or Octavia, I personally don’t see any difference. I usually don’t like fanon ships because it’s all about perception and people are rude af if you don’t ship it, we’re right you are wrong. You see it, I don’t, that’s it. Until Bellarke becomes canon they are friends and co-leaders. 


OK I believe I need to give a little explanation as to why I suddenly exploded a few days ago, or was it yesterday?

imagine Papyrus and Sans, right? 

they’re bros, skele bros, even if they don’t look exactly alike. Now pretend that they’re not exactly related. they just call each other bros.

Now we all know Sans, who he is, how he acts, why he loves his bro so much.

Now imagine Papyrus all of a sudden becoming distant and cold towards Sans.

because everyone in snowdin, all the way to the castle of the underground teases Papy about liking Sans as more than a brother.

Papy obviously doesn’t want that, but thinks that the only way to mend that wrong way of seeing them both is through distance.

Papy then turns to being cold and distant, making sure that he’s far as possible away from Sans, while making minimal conversations, contact, and even if Sans tries to call him, he would not respond.

That’s the way it should be, isn’t it?

Wrong. it hurts.

Now sans, for the next 3 days, had locked himself in his room at night and cried until he fell asleep and woke up crying as well.

Skipped full meals for 2 days, cried his eyeballs out (rather, the lack of eyeballs), and avoided anyone in the underground.

He asked everyone– Undyne, Toriel, Asgore, Alphys and even Temmie for help.

And they did help him.

But that wasn’t the end of it. Not yet.


Jensen and Misha’s love for each other is SOO real!!!

First off, the way Jensen looks at Misha after 0:55 as Jensen walks towards him has me literally grabbing anything around me to hold and practically hyperventilating… I can’t, I actually can’t anymore

and then at 1:15 when drunk Jensen thinks he’s being normal.. I’m dead


ShieldShock Image Set/Imagine - 

Steve and Darcy are each stoic in their own way.  

Most people expect Steve to be the Captain every moment, to lead and always show strength.  

Anyone who spends time with Darcy expects her to look after others, be funny, and speak bluntly. 

Both of them only let others see what the others need to see. But everyone has feelings, even heroes and helpers.  

Darcy and Steve recognize, understand, and respect their shared stoicism as they first become friends, but eventually much more.