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Properties of Aura Quartzes

**Aura Quartzes are somewhat man made and bonded with metals but those metals release massive amounts of energies. So when you see one you might not wanna pass it up.**

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Here are some aura properties.

Tangerine Auras: They promote compassion, forgiveness, joy, happiness and healing. They heal the emotional body and repair damaged relationships between parents and children.

Aqua Auras: Now these are my personal favorites because of their beauty. Aquas promote truth, psychic abilities, success, abundance, prosperity, and wealth. 

Angel Auras: Opens the path to guidance and assists in finding spiritual guides.

Apple Auras: A stone that promotes memory, protects against psychic attacks, and helps sever previous relationships.

Rainbow Auras: Brings all positive energies to all centres of the body and releases negative energies. This stone would be great for warding and repelling curses.

Rose Auras: Promotes the gift of unconditional love, a connection to universal love, and helps brings the body back to perfect balance.

Colbat Auras: Melts away feelings of anger, distress, and sadness. Assists into developing a state of non-attachment and enhances meditative states.

Note: Do not charge these via sunlight or water because sunlight will cause the stone to fade and water can damage the metals that are bonded with the stone.

Pool Rules
  1. Do not swim alone.
  2. Do not open your eyes underwater. Some things are best left unseen.
  3. Do not swim down to the bottom of the pool. Do not touch the bottom of the pool. Stay away from the bottom of the pool. There are things down there that still remember what it was like to be alive.
  4. There are no lifeguards on duty. If you see a lifeguard, exit the pool area immediately.
  5. Sometimes the pool water will be different colors. This is normal. Continue to swim.
  6. You will see bubbles rise from the deep end of the pool. You will hear water splashing. Do not try to find the source. Stay in the shallow end of the pool.
  7. Do not enter the pool at high tide. Do not enter the pool at low tide. Only use the pool in between high and low tide.
  8. If you find something floating in the pool, do not touch it. Allow it to float on.
  9. Do not be alarmed if you feel something swim past you. This is normal.
  10. Do not drink the pool water.

Today was definitely a bit more challenging.  I was in the new lane and one of the other faster swimmers from that lane was with us today  She really kept Jon and I on our toes, that is for sure.  But we hit all of our times and got it done and I am thrilled about that!  I did breast as my “stroke” when alternating with free and we were moving.  Then during the 2x200 kick sets near the end, Barb even had me racing her to push me.  She is moving away to Georgia next week, and has always been so nice and supportive since I joined the team. This was my first time ever getting to share a lane with her and I am really glad I had this chance before she is gone!

In other news, my Dad is back in the hospital again.  They found blood clots in one of his legs, and he likely has one or more in the other but its so painful to touch right now they could not press enough with the ultrasound to find them.  He also started acting spacey because his med levels then get off and so on and so on.  It’s such a mess really because he is in such poor shape and just way to young to be like this.  I try and always use it as a reminder of why keeping myself active and doing my best with food (even if I slip up way more than I should) is still at least giving me a fighting chance to not end up in the condition he is in someday.  I sure hope what I am doing is enough - I am such a different person than him in so many ways, but I do have some of the genetic issues he has with my legs so I am always fearfull.  You hate to use someone else s bad situation as your motivation but i have to use the cards dealt me to make the best hand I can for myself right?

In other, other news - I got the critique of the latest assignment in my illustration course and it was once again really good feedback and talked about how professional my work is coming across etc.  That really gives me hope that I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing in life and to keep making these sacrifices until the big opportunities come along (which I am actively trying to put myself out there for in many different ways FYI). 

That about wraps up the past day or so, onto the workout details:

500 swim/kick/pull

Main set:

  • 100 free (steady) rest :20
  • 2x50 stroke (quick)  on 1:10
  • 100 free
  • 4x50 stroke
  • 100 free
  • 6x50 stroke
  • 100 free
  • 8x50 stroke

50 EZ

2x200 kick,   rest :20 in between

  • Alternate 25 best kick fast/25 worst kick

4x Drag race from mid pool to fast finish


Not pearl but omg I honestly think rising tides crashing skies is one of my fav SU episodes…

It’s just so funny also Ronaldo (along with Greg) is my favourite human character In SU…

I know he’s not popular within the fandom like Greg and connie but to me he’s just so funny! XD OMG

Plus the way he starts crying then laughing his head off after he’s begged garnet to stay, and she replies with “ok” xD omg…..

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The Chocobros' S/O has gone down with the flu on their journey. They're not doing that great, and the only thing that really brings them comfort is having their Bro at their side. They feel awful, though, worrying that they'll get them sick.

A lil drabble to tide you over. Prompto x gender neutral Reader :)

“You’re burning up,” Prompto frowned, placing the back of his hand on your forehead. You were lying down in the tent at camp, your body half out of your sleeping bag with your head in your boyfriend’s lap.

“M’dying,” you wheezed, feeling a layer of cold sweat settle over your body. “End me. Take that pillow and put it over my face.”

“Don’t say that!” Prompto scolded. He knew you were joking, but he’d never seen you in such bad shape before. “Let me go get Ignis. He’ll know what to do.”

Prompto made to get up, but you whined and tugged him back down as soon as your head left his lap. He almost fell backwards, but steadied himself and gently caressed your cheek.

“Babe, I have to go get Iggy. You’ll be alright, I’ll just be a few minutes.”

You closed your eyes and finally gave a curt nod, snuggling back up into your sleeping bag as a wave of vertigo overcame you. Prompto exited the tent and sighed loudly, rubbing his eyes with the heels of his palms.

“How’re they doing?” Gladio asked from his seat by the fire. “Still tossing and turning?”

“They’re awake, but they’ve got a pretty high fever,” Prompto answered, biting at the skin on his thumb nervously. “Specs, do you have anything that can help?”

Ignis took a moment to shuffle through their supply of curatives. “Hmm. I don’t know what might help break their fever, but perhaps a potion would help. It couldn’t hurt.” He handed Prompto the glass vial and he scurried back into the tent.

When he saw you, his heart broke. You were rolled onto your side, shivering so much that you were starting to cry. He rushed to your side.

“Babe, hey,” he gently scooped you up back onto his lap. “Ignis gave me this. You should take it, it might help.” Prompto helped tilt your head up so that you could allow for the glowing liquid to pass through your lips and into your system.

As the potion started to take effect, your shivering receded to a minimum, though your face was still flushed. Prompto put the empty vial aside and smoothed your hair away from your sweat-laden face.

“Sorry I’m so ugly,” you joked, your eyes fluttering closed.

Prompto laughed a little, but it didn’t sound genuine. “You’re not ugly,” he reprimanded. “You’re beautiful. The most beautiful person I’ve ever known.”

“Even when I’m a disgusting, sick mess?”

“Even more so,” he grinned. “The redness in your cheek really brings out your eyes.”

You chuckled and leaned into his hand. “Stay with me?”

Prompto nodded and came to lie down beside you. He wrapped his arms around your body, still stuffed in the sleeping bag, and held you close to his chest, facing him. You started relaxing in his grip, but then suddenly you jolted.

“Wait! I don’t want to get you sick. What am I doing? You should be like, ten feet away from me at all times—”

Prompto cut off your rambling with a kiss to the cheek. “Hey,” he kissed your shoulder, then lifted your hand to press a kiss to it as well. “I’m not going anywhere. Don’t worry about me, okay? Just rest.”

You pouted and he booped your nose before settling back in. You eventually fell asleep in his arms, and he prayed to the Six that your fever would break in the night.

I’m not even lying, Ronaldo is honestly my favourite human character alongside Greg in Steven universe.

another night in the black car, another dim headlights drive under a new moon, taking the frontage roads faster than the highway traffic parallel, leaving the car on outside your house, my swollen heart fighting its own tide, dead-rose-petal-red blossom on a thin white t-shirt, a wrist bone visible with a satin glint, just get in the car, get in the fucking car, and you turn ghost-white, bone-white, white as unstained sheets

“[M]y life is made up of rhythms that do not have their reason in what I have chosen to be, but rather have their condition in the banal milieu that surrounds me. A margin of almost impersonal existence thus appears around our personal existence, which, so to speak, is taken for granted, and to which I entrust the care of keeping me alive. Around the human world that each of us has fashioned, there appears a general world to which we must first belong in order to be able to enclose ourselves within a particular milieu of a love or an ambition….Personal existence is intermittent and when this tide recedes, decision can no longer give my life more than a forced signification.” –Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Phenomenology of Perception

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Can I ask why the detergent pods are tagged as illegal contraband because my mom just got some and I'm kinda freaking out right know

Ohh gosh!! I was just joking ^^;; I’ve made a couple posts before about how the wal mart near my house puts high-level security devices on the tide pods, and a lot of people said it’s probably because they’re commonly stolen and sold illegally, so I was referencing that! They’re not really illegal, my bad!! ^^;;;

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A reddit post sparked a thought just now: we know Euron claims to have thrown his dragon egg overboard, but what if he actually did? What if, in fact, he threw it into the sea just off the Whispering Sound? Could the egg's awakening be the aim of the massive blood sacrifice set to occur in TWOW? And could the egg hatch into the "stone beast" Dany sees taking flight from a ruined tower?

I doubt it. That plan doesn’t make a great deal of sense. Stuff moves in the ocean, even heavy stuff. Sediments shift, animals get involved, the tides go in and out, etc. There’s no rhyme or reason in Euron tossing the egg into the ocean and coming back weeks or months later assuming it’s in the same place, when he could just hold onto it and conduct the ritual when he’s ready. He’s not that kind of crazy. Moreover, there’s the question of how the Crow’s Eye paid for Balon’s death; the Faceless Men would need one hell of an offering to rub out a king, and I’m on board with the theory that Euron gave them the dragon egg. Indeed, I think he was hinting at this poetically by saying he threw it into the sea–what really happened was the egg ensured Balon would be thrown into the sea.