with the special participation of t's mom


Participating in #AreYouAwareOfMeNow by wearing red and…improving my disposition from last year’s autistic selfie day. Seriously, my description for that selfie was riddled with functioning labels because I didn’t know better at the time and I apologize.

Something that’s always important to me that other people tend to find quite “babyish” (shut your fuck, mom) is fictional characters. There’s always one or two that tends to be my special interest of the year(s), and so I chose to take this selfies with my current special interest, Bill and Bob (the two weasels in my lap). But then I realized that not only are a few of my other plushies I brought with me to college special interests I’ve had over the years, but they’re also all wearing red! So I included my Pikachu, Sparky, Giroro, and the March Hare in my selfies.

So don’t donate to Autism $peaks this April; donate to me! A$ is deceptive and hateful. The worst I’m gonna do is buy a 3DS game I may or may not play.

#REDInstead #ActuallyAutistic