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Request: Christmas with Volturi

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“WHEN THE SNOWMAN BRINGS THE SNOWWWW~” You sang down the hall. The bobble on your Santa hat swishing with your every move. Then you changed up your beat the rhythm to jingle bells.
Two guards came up to you asking you to come with them. The leaders were looking for you. you didn’t falter as you danced to the throne room.
The two lower guards in tow. They stared at you but you weren’t bothered in the slightest. You were used to the stares and the guard were getting used to your excitable self.

“My love, stop jumping around, we’re trying to talk to you.” Aro said as he took hold of your arms.
“This is the running man Aro! All the kids used to do this! And I’m listening!” You added.
“What are you wearing on your head?” Caius asked.
“THIS IS A SANTA HAT!” You declared appalled. “It’s Christmas!”
“It’s the 13th.” Felix corrected. He was more updated than the leaders.
Hey now! As soon as it’s December 1st it’s Christmas!” You retorted firmly. It sounded more of a warning.
“You know-” you knew what was coming.
“Hold it! Pause. Pauseeee. You did this to me on Halloween. Remember that? I’m asking for this one tiny thing. Just once, onceeee allow this. Hell, let me have one Christmas decorated room. ONE.”
“…I suppose we could allow one room.” Marcus suggested to his brothers. Caius put his face in his hands and Aro sighed. “Okay, very well. We surrender, one room. ONE.”
You let out a yell in victory, raising your arms.
“Don’t make this a habit.” Caius said, who it was directed to no one really knew but you didn’t care.
You finally won. You were finally celebrating a holiday.

Jensen and Jared are on the ski lift, heading up, and Jared keeps swinging his legs. It’s fine except it’s not fine because his legs are stupidly long, and he has stupid long skis on the end of them too, and so the whole thing sets the cradle rocking wildly back and forth and Jensen finds himself clinging tight with mittened hands to the bar. 

“Quit it, Jared,” he says. 

“Why?” says Jared. “It’s nice to be out in the sun.” 

“I’m serious,” Jensen says, gripping hard. “Just… quit it, okay?” 

Jared looks over at him, pouts, and stops swinging his legs. There are a few moments of blissful peace, just the blue sky and the dark green trees and down on the slow below them, the brightly coloured figures of skiiers whizzing down the hill.  Jensen looks up toward the sunshine, closes his eyes. 

Then Jared sneaks his icy cold fingers under Jensen’s jacket, brushing the warm skin of his lower back. 

Jensen jumps about a foot in the air, or tries to except that he’s held in place. “Dude!” 

“Just trying to get cosy,” Jared says, all dimples. He leans in for a kiss. 

Jensen bats him away. “We’re in public,” he hisses. 

Jared’s face falls. “Come on,” he says. “Nobody can see us up here. Or anyway, nobody can tell it’s us.” 

Jensen huffs, looks away, looks back. Jared’s gone all droopy, leaning glumly against the back of the seat. Jensen doesn’t care. He doesn’t care, because one of them has to be sensible. 

Jared’s skis hang mournful, absolutely still. 

“Alright,” Jensen says. “Alright. Just a quick one.” 

Jared beams. He snuggles up close, setting the carriage rocking again, and kisses Jensen, softly at first but soon open-mouthed and wet. It shouldn’t be hot. He’s like a huge great puppy, pawing at Jensen through their layers of insulation. But, somehow, it is, and Jensen kind of forgets himself, squeezing Jared’s face between the shiny padding of his gloves. He’s actually. It’s actually quite warm up here. 

It takes a wolf-whistle, disconcertingly close, to shake Jensen out of his haze. Shit. They’re approaching the lift station fast, and the people below them on the mountain are suddenly just feet away instead of comfortable yards. Some guy in a neon yellow jacket is laughing up at them. “Go for it, man!” he yells. 

“Oh my God,” says Jensen, sinking low into his scarf. 

“It’s okay,” says Jared. He pulls off his glove with his teeth, holds it in his mouth while he digs Jensen’s sunglasses out of his jacket and settles them on Jensen’s nose. “There you go,” he says. “Incognito.” 

Jensen doesn’t have time to make any more fuss: too busy tucking himself back into place and sliding careful forward off the lift. As they reach the bottom of the little low slope, making their way wide-legged towards the run, Jared puts on his own glasses. They make him look like a movie star, long-haired and glamorous.

At the top of the slope, Jared leans over and kisses Jensen on the cheek. “Oops!” he says, and pushes away, gliding rapid down the hill with Jensen following determined in his wake. 

“Jerkwad!” Jensen calls. 

Jared twists back to look at him. “I’ll jerk your wad!” he says, and catches his skis in a soft pile of snow. He falls over immediately. Jensen’s not too concerned, but he slows to a halt as he reaches Jared’s side and looks down at Jare where his idiot boy is laughing up at him, spreadeagled in the drift. There’s snow in Jared’s hair and his nose is red and his cheeks are flushed strawberry pink. 

“You’re the worst,” Jensen tells him. 

“I know,” Jared says. “You love me anyway, though.”

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What i would be like if was Texting mikey

Me:hey…hey dude

Michael: wut


Michael: im to lazy too build one rn


Michael: then lets build a fort


Michael: :D

Me: you didn’t let me finish …….OKAYYYY BAI

Michael: D: