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*rolls up sleeves* are we doing the zutara debate? let's do it. i saw katara as a sister figure to zuko. in that last agni kai, he's facing the sister who was never a sister to him, with katara (love interest of aang, who would soon be his best friend) who took him in and decided to believe in him even when zuko had proven that he didn't necessarily deserve it. then it's almost as if katara fills the place of azula in his story, and katara helps him defeat his sister and they end it side by side

I’m so here for this

bad things (i.)

“Hit me,” Kenny said.

There weren’t many things that took Craig by surprise. But on that particular day, those two words were an exception. He blinked automatically.  Kenny chuckled. 

“Come on dude, hit me. Just lay one on me, right here, on my jaw.”

“What?” Craig asked, quite confused. “Why?“

“I wanna see how good of a fighter you are.”

Craig was walking a thin line between telling Kenny to cut the bullshit and actually punching the shit out of him.

“Am I in Fight Club?“

Kenny shook his head and began to unzip his jacket. “Nah, this is better.” He flung it over the railing and rolled up his t-shirt sleeves. “In the sense that I’m hotter than Brad Pitt and there aren’t really any rules to this.“

"So wait. You want me to punch you in the face?” Craig asked, as if, for some reason, he was just not catching the drift.

“Sure, why not.” Kenny grinned, his breath coming out in a grey mist from the cold. “If that’s what you’re feeling at the moment, go for it.”

“And…you’re totally okay with this?”

Kenny rose his brows in disbelief. “Are you really asking me for permission? Really? I said GO FOR IT, YOU FUCKING BABY.“

A little nerve was tugged Craig balled up his hand into a fist. This kid can’t be serious, he thought. But a part of him was kind of hoping he was because god knows how good it’d feel to sock him. Especially when he was grinning at him like that.

His hand twitched uncertainly by his side.

"Aw poor Craig is feeling pressured.” Kenny pouted childishly. “Is the pressure too much for little Tucker?“

Craig’s nails dug deep into his skin.

"Mhmm. Maybe you can’t even throw a decent punch. Maybe you don’t know how to!” Kenny gasped letting his lips fall into that devious smile again. “OR MAYBE YOU’RE JUST A LITTLE BI-“

And Kenny was cut off immediately from the full blow of Craig’s fist to his mouth. He stumbled backwards losing his balance and falling hard against the metal railing. There were loud gasps from the underclassmen surrounding them, followed by a string of “oooooo’s”.

Kenny regained his vision quickly and spat into his hand, marveling at the dark liquid staining his palm. He brushed his fingers along his teeth and was relieved to feel they were all still intact. But a huge grin began to spread across his cut up lips. He looked back up at Craig who was looking down at him sort of triumphantly and satisfied.

“How do ya feel?” Kenny asked, wiping his bloody hand on his shirt. Craig shrugged, staring at his fist with awe. He muttered something along the lines of “Pretty good I think” before Kenny cut him off with a good solid blow to his nose. Another chain of “oooo’s" broke out and before long the students began egging them on. Craig was quick to respond, picking himself from his awkward fall and shoving Kenny hard against the railing, taking that chance to knee him in the stomach a couple times. Kenny managed to trip him down and suddenly there were fists landing everywhere. And there were cheers and shouts, some encouraging the fight, others yelling for security to come.

Craig ignored all of this. All he felt was Kenny’s fist colliding roughly with his ribs, chest, face, and arms. But somehow it felt…thrilling. It felt exciting. The roughness was challenging, something Craig rarely experienced. It was as if they were fighting to the death. And and one point he was almost sure that he was going to pass out unconscious and wake up in a hospital bed. But the adrenaline was there and that made all the consequences worth shit. The sight of his own blood didn’t terrify him. Shit, at that point he couldn’t even distinguish his own blood from Kenny’s. It was hard to tell who was winning, even though Craig knew damn well he was getting in some good hits.

But did it even matter?


The next thing Craig knew, Kenny was being pulled off him and they were both being dragged up from the floor. The underclassmen had a mix look of horror and wonder in their faces, like they were both some beings from outer space. The security guys held them back like wild beasts posing a threat.

Craig couldn’t feel his own goddamn face. 

He looked over at Kenny who was trying to catch his breath.Amidst everything, he still smiled. He looked at Craig and let out a broken laugh. “What did we do wrong?“

Craig looked around the stadium and noticed they had become the main attraction. He could spot the football players, more so Clyde, glancing up with shock and confusion as well as the cheerleaders and the coaches. They all looked around him like he was at the center of a crime scene. Craig looked at Kenny and began to smile as much as his sore face would let him.

He was catching his drift now.

Kenny mouthed the same words again. “What did we do wrong?”

Craig responded with how he felt at that moment. “Nothing at all.

Both -Elijah Mikaelson Smut

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Elijah sat on the edge of the bed, folding his jacket and laying it to the side. He took off his tie and rolled his sleeves up then finally, unbuttoning his shirt. I looked at him, my arms still crossed, and my brows furrowed.

Elijah laid back all the while a smirk stretching across his face. “Have a seat sweetheart.” Elijah motioned to his face making me gasp. “Mr. Mikaelson…you’re so dirty.” I smiled as I stepped out of my shorts and made my way up his body until his hands gripped my hips. “You won’t be angry with me anymore after this, I know how much you love my tongue.” Elijah laughed and before I could respond, he pulled my hips onto his tongue, running me along the length of it.

“Oh my God, I wish you were terrible at this so I could leave you.” Elijah chuckled as he paused his actions and started to thrust into me with his tongue. “It shouldn’t feel this good with your tongue in my pussy, it doesn’t even belong there.” Elijah rolled his eyes underneath me and used his nose to rub my clit.
“That’s what you’re good for, sitting there and eating my pussy like I want you to, nothing more nothing less.” Elijah grunted in response.

“Baby, I’m going to cum. I’m gonna cum all over your tongue.” I whimpered as I gripped his hair harder and rode his face faster while Elijah spread my ass cheeks and pushed me harder onto his face. His eyes widened at me, and they were begging me to cum. My hips stuttered against his mouth and I finally came onto his tongue.

I threw my head back, his name rolling off my tongue. I climbed off his face and laid beside him. He was on his back and I cuddled up into him. I ran my fingers up and down his chest, smiling at his smug look. “I love you, Elijah.” Elijah rolled to his side sharing the same smile as me, “Do you love me or my mouth?” I giggled while replying: “Both.”

I’m pretty damn tired of seeing or hearing about women of various ages and identities having to run the paces of some interrogation, the rigors of some ill conceived litmus test because they dared to express in word, image, or upon their person, some measure of their fandom. That women have to legitimize any aspect of who they are, particularly because some self-entitled, asinine shits cannot comprehend or care about the concepts of community, discourse, and sharing is just ridiculous, and it’s maddening.

So, I’m going to make a concerted effort to spread geekdom wherever and whenever I can, moreso than I might be doing now. It’s just one level, sure… women continue to get hell in all arenas of their existence (and I’m going to still roll up my sleeves in other venues/situations too). But one thing I’m going to do, fwiw, is post more about random geek encounters - the joyous moments that are rare and fleeting, but empowering all the same. Like the moment a few weeks ago when I was walking into my local comic book shop, and this gorgeous older woman who resembled Beverly Johnson was leaving with her daughter or granddaughter - she caught a glimpse of my Leia - Rebel shirt and her face lit up, and she said “great shirt.” A 10 second exchange, but we had some solidarity.

So maybe this is a simple thing, a silly thing, but the more that we acknowledge that common ground of fandom, the more we smile at, nod at, or fist bump one another from across the divide of distance or even differing faves and ships, we take steps in building strength, in making our presence known and unmoveable.

Because women should never have to justify being players, creators, or fans.

❁ little miss sunshine ❁ // for @sigh–onara