with the prop 8 hearing


A thank you letter to Westboro Baptist Church

Dear members of Westboro Baptist Church,

I am writing this letter to thank you.

About a year and a half ago, facilitated by the presence of your hatefulness and bigotry at the Prop 8/DOMA hearing at the US Supreme Court, I met the woman I was to fall in love with. I arrived in the throngs of people supporting human rights and progressive change and instantly spotted members of your chuch: notably, one woman holding a "fags are beasts” sign. (If I may point out, your showing that day was rather pitiful. I expected more WBC members spewing lame attempts at hate at such a momentous moment for equal rights in America.)

But back to the day’s events. Though I was first focused on your overly flashy, not very well-designed “fags are beasts” sign, my eyes quickly turned to the snarky “…in bed” sign next to it, held proudly by a girl donning a Spiderman hat, flannel shirt and leather jacket.

Honest to god, I forgot about you guys. This girl was awesome, had the sassiest, smirkiest grin on her face, and my only thought was, “goddamn, I need to hug her.”

So I did. Long story short, dear WBC, we fell head over heels in love and spent a year together. Can’t say I ever would have spotted her in the crowd without you.

Cheers to love and your role in helping me find it,

Hannah Stambaugh"

love conquers hate. to be mailed in the morning.