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Practical Magic: Circle Casting

If you’re brand new to witchcraft, you’re probably seeing this phrase left and right: casting the circle, or circle casting. For some, it seems fairly obvious, because casting circles is often represented in pop culture, from the Devil’s Traps in Supernatural to the circle of brooms in Practical Magic. 

However, what purpose does casting a circle serve? How do you cast a circle? Why does it have to be a circle and not, say, a square? And do I always need to cast a circle when working magick?

Well, we’ll take this in small bits!

Why should I cast a circle?

A circle serves several different purposes in witchcraft. For some, it’s a means of protection. To others, it’s a means of magnifying ritual energy. For still others, it encourages slipping into meditative consciousness. Whatever the reasons for the tradition, it remains a rather good way of getting the spell started.

In terms of protection, the circle acts sort of like a bubble. After all, it’s not just a cylindrical wall. When a witch casts the circle, he or she is envisioning the energy rising up from where it had been cast on the floor and forming a dome over the ritual space, and below the floor to encase the space in a bubble of intent. For many witches, this forms a sort of shield from outside spiritual influences, and to enter the circle after it’s been cast would require cutting a doorway into it.

As you cast your spell or work your rite, the energy you send out interacts with your altar, your tools, yourself, and your ritual space. The circle acts sort of like a can of soda that’s been shaken up. It holds in all of that energy, allowing it to increase in concentration and potency, allowing it to continuously interact with all ritual components, including the witch casting it. When the rite is done and the circle is opened, it sends all of that energy out into the world with extra force and intent, allowing it to more effectively do as the witch desires. This is particularly useful for rites and spells intended for someone else, or for spells intended to cause large changes.

Furthermore, casting a circle is usually the first or second act done in a spell - often a witch will cleanse a ritual space by asperging or smoke cleansing before casting the circle. As a result, casting the circle is an ideal start to a rite because it begins to set you into the state of mind you need for spellwork. By channeling intent and starting up the circle, you get your magical energy moving so that by the time the ritual starts, you’re already warmed up (like an athlete taking a couple of laps around the track so she can be warmed up and ready to go for practice or for the game). 

Why does it need to be a circle instead of another shape?

This largely is rooted in tradition. If you really feel that a different shape is more sacred than a circle, you’re welcome to use that instead in your practice - some cultures believed in triangles being the shape of perfection. However, in most cultures and beliefs, the circle is a rather sacred shape. We see it everywhere, the only shape that can truly be called perfect - no corners, no sharp edges, no beginnings, no endings. It is a symbol of eternity, and reflects the shape of Mother Moon and Father Sun.

The circle also has another impact in witchcraft in that it can be seen as a fertility symbol - representing the full womb. 

When casting a spell and beginning with a circle, you’re creating a sphere of energy - a magical manifestation of the principle of “as above, so below.” In a sense, you’re not casting a circle, but instead casting a sphere. It allows you to encompass your ritual space in a way where the energy can flow smoothly and freely like water. In general, other shapes don’t allow this kind of movement. Just like in Feng Shui, corners collect energy, prohibiting it from moving freely and causing it to grow stale and potentially sour into negative energy. Without the corners, you don’t have to worry about stale energy.

Do I always need to cast a circle in order to work magick?

The simple answer is no. The more accurate answer is that it largely depends upon the tradition you follow and what brand of magick you work. There are witches out there who will absolutely refuse to cast any kind of magic without the protection of the circle. Meanwhile, there are witches out there who only cast the circle for esbats and Sabbats. What feels best for you should be what dictates how frequently you cast your circles.

In my case, I always cast a circle when I am doing a full rite. Since many of my spells are done on the fly (intuition is key for me, so I don’t always write out elaborate spells), I don’t cast a circle for every working I do. Instead, with some spells I make use of circle imagery in order to provide the same effect - the pentacle is basically a mini circle. If you’ve seen the picture I showed of the protection altar I made for a friend of mine, you would notice that I have the pentacle there, but on either side of the pentacle are crystals pointing outward - through the use of imagery, and by using the crystals to project the energy, I’ve managed to cast my circle in the process of casting the spell.

When I’m working in my kitchen, I never cast full ritual circles - the pots and pans provide the shape, and I can cast the circles in the bottoms of those utensils if I need to empower the food.

I do, however, recommend casting circles any time you wish to work with spirits or any time you perform divination or healing spells. This is as much for empowerment as it is for protection.

How do I cast a circle?

Casting a circle can be as elaborate or as easy as you feel it needs to be. It can make use of actually drawing a circle on the floor, or it can be entirely energetic and felt. Ultimately, like any aspect of magick, the circle should be cast in the way that you feel it should be. The guidelines I give here are exactly that: guidelines. Work with them however you feel works best for you!

Step One: Cleanse your space

Cleansing your ritual space is necessary for any magick, depending  upon your craft. When doing a ritual spell, I always cleanse with sage smoke or asperge with holy water. When you feel your ritual space is cleansed of all negativity, you’re ready to begin the casting of the circle.

In my practice, I go around the circle a total of three times. The first time is when cleansing the space. In addition to cleansing the room, I cleanse the circle in a clockwise direction, stopping briefly at each cardinal point to allow the smoke to linger in the space. For me, this helps begin the process of casting, and enhances the visualization.

Step Two: Physical Representation (If Any)

I don’t often draw a circle on the floor. This is largely because most of my magic is intuitive. However, when working with the coven, we sometimes do lay out a circle depending upon the rite we’re working. Especially for new witches who struggle with visualization, laying out a circle can be very nifty and helpful. As such, if you’re new to witchcraft, I do recommend laying out a circle if you feel it helps. If you’re still in the broom closet and want to cast a circle discreetly, you may have to rely upon visualization alone.

Regardless, there are a couple of ways you can lay out your physical circle. The first is to only provide representations at the Corners, or Cardinal Points - North, East, South, and West. If laying out the circle is ritualized for you, it is often recommended to start in the East and move clockwise around the circle. When providing only representations at the Corners, you can either place candles in each direction, or you can provide something that represents the element associated with it (a feather for air at the east, a candle for fire at the south, a glass of water at the west, and a jar of salt for earth at the north, for instance). My coven has considered casting spells at the beach, and we all loved the idea of taking tiki torches and setting one up in each corner, lighting them as we greet each guardian.

The other way of laying a physical circle is to actually draw out the whole circle in some way. If you’re at the beach or in an area where you can draw a circle in the earth, you’re set. But other times, you may be in an area where there’s a bit of foliage, or you’re indoors and don’t have the luxury of scratching a circle into your apartment’s carpet. Depending on what kind of surface you’re using, you can pour salt around the ritual space as a circle, or you can use a protection powder (such as ground eggshells, or ground cinnamon). If laying down something that’s granulated or powdered is a bad idea, because carpets, some witches will use ribbon instead.

One of my favorite moments with my coven was when we had cast a circle on a hill for a Sabbat rite. The hill was rather overgrown, and we were working in a small, grassy clearing. Since the rite was for Imbolc, we had decided that spring flowers would be beautiful. So we took flowers and laid them out in a circle around our ritual space.

Whatever method you use, it is often easier to lay out the physical circle before casting it spiritually.

Step Three: Greeting the Quarters

The second pass around the circle is done as a means of welcoming the Quarters. If your tradition does not have guardians at the cardinal points, you may substitute as needed (welcoming the Faeries, or welcoming deity, for example) or you may omit this step entirely.

Starting at whatever direction is traditional for you (I always start in the north, but many witches prefer to start in the east), greet the guardian, welcoming it to the circle. I do this with an invocation and with the ringing of a bell. Something to the effect of:

I welcome the element of Earth to the North, that it strengthen the circle.


I welcome the Guardian of the North, that it may bear witness to my work. Come in peace and love, so mote it be!

You would move in a clockwise direction around the circle, stopping at each cardinal point and welcoming its guardian or spirit in turn.

Once done, return to the altar.

Step Four: Casting the Circle

My third pass around the circle is the actual casting of it on a spiritual level. Depending upon your tradition, you would do this with a staff, sword, athame, or wand. My personal tradition is flexible - cast it with your hand if you feel that is more effective. I do, however, often cast the circle with a wand - the quartz in my wand helps to empower the circle, and I love encouraging that as much as possible.

With whatever implement you prefer in your casting hand (some traditions emphasize casting hands, others don’t; in general, your casting hand is your dominant hand or whatever hand you use to write with most often; if you’re ambidextrous, this could be either hand), start with the point you began at. Point the implement toward the floor at that point (physical circles help with this - point at the border you’ve created) and begin moving clockwise about the circle, envisioning your energy flowing outward from you, through your implement/fingertips, to the floor and creating a barrier.

Personally, I always tend to see energy as being like slow, fire-like mist that glows blue. I see it coming outward from my heart, traveling down my arm, through the wand (glowing brighter as it passes through each crystal) and then passing onto the ground where it ignites like a little wall of fire. Every witch sees it differently. That’s just how I visualize it.

Some witches will see the circle forming a sphere on its own. Great! If you feel you need to shape the sphere yourself, you can do so. Once you’ve cast the circle, go back to the altar and lift the energy upward from the floor until it closes above your head, creating a dome, and then push it downward in the same manner so that the sphere encloses the space below ground.

Visualization is key.

Congratulations! You’ve cast your circle. Some traditions will mark this in the ritual format: “Here is the border where the circle is cast none but love may enter, none but love may leave” or “The circle is cast in the presence of Goddess and God, so mote it be!”

When doing a simple spell and casting a circle for it, I acknowledge the casting quietly before setting to my work.

In Conclusion…

As you can see, casting a circle is something that can be very elaborate or very simple. It can be required for all workings or it can only be required for some. I feel that the way you cast your circle is often deeply personal. For that reason, in the steps I gave as an example above are only some of the key parts of how I cast the circle without revealing any personal details of what I do for it when not working with the coven.

Every tradition, every path, every witch casts circles differently. If you are starting out as a witch, I greatly encourage you to create your own, personalized method of casting the circle. If you keep a Book of Shadows (as most witches do), the way you cast your circle should be one of the first things that you write down in it.

All that said, may all your circles be unbroken!

Blessed Be! )O(

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Potentially dumb question-- but I'm new to animation, how do you get freckles to stay consistent?

thats not dumb ! really you get freckles to stay consistent like any other feature of the face to stay consistent…by measuring the negative space between them and the facial land marks around them

i keep pointing to this cuz its such a good example but take a look at this model sheet from beauty and the beast

animators dont stay consistent by just drawing things over and over again - its about being familiar with the model and the proportions of the face.  I’d say freckles are a smaller , more extreme example of this but they are tracked in the same way as how you’d track any detail. by eye pretty much

a skill that is very important in animation is learning to train your eye to spacial differences , and this is one of the reasons why i always push flipping even if im using toonboom harmony. i dont like using onion skin because although it can track arcs and some neg space it cannot take into account proportions and perspective. so its something we always need to do

it seems daunting ,but its possible ! I hope that makes sense :) 

Arrow’s storytelling problems

I was originally going to tack this onto a response to an excellent piece by @eilowyn1 but it became SUPER long and I didn’t want to hijack her post. (But you should definitely read her thoughts, as my post is still in direct response to it. It’s also just a great read from the perspective of an aspiring screen writer). 

Now, I’ve never had ambitions to be a screenwriter but the process of constructing a story fascinates me, and I’ve had a lot of thoughts about Arrow’s narrative issues for a while now. I guess today was the day to let them out.

Keep reading

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Pls can allurance shippers shut the fucc up :/// why the only thing they say is about racism/biphopia,, ppl can respect both characters AND don't like the ship wake up -,-

i don’t think they should shut up because it is a problem. a lot of people are wildly against allurance for the sole reason that it’s a m/f ship even though lance is clearly canonically interested in women. this happened back with plaxum/lance, too. when people who headcanon lance as bi always seem to be against him being with girls it’s uhhh…. really fucked and telling. people call it heteronormative and i agreed back in s1 and s2, but it’s different now. also it’s not het….. if u view one of them, or both of them, as not being straight…. you can’t headcanon a character as bi and then hate it whenever they’re shipped with a person of the opposite sex. also, a lot of people claim to be against allurance and claim that it’s bad because of how their relationship started out but it’s…. a ridiculous double standard, honestly. keith and lance started off awful and yet it’s obviously the most popular ship. they started off terribly but they have been evolving throughout the show, their dynamic changing. people love it because of the potential. that’s what everyone likes about it. allurance is no different?

trust me, i get why a lot of people are uncomfortable with it due to lance flirting with her even though allura was never too into it, except for in “space mall” when she didn’t react negatively, she actually did want to get something sparkly with him. with season 3, their relationship has changed, their dynamic has changed drastically. people need to stop grasping for a reason to hate it because it’s fine? to just not like a ship? simply because it’s not your thing? and when someone dislikes a ship SOLELY because it’s a m/f ship, it’s bad. it’s not one of my favs because i’m one of those people who is kind of uncomfortable with it due to the message it can send with the “guys flirts with girl, girl doesn’t like it majority of the time. guy stops flirting with girl and boom! girl falls in love!” thing. but honestly? i am really warming up to it after season 3? it’s sweet and cute, i love their growth so far. it’s not a bad ship like a lot of people are making it out to be. you don’t have to like it but it’s annoying seeing people make it out to be this UNHEALTHY BAD HET SHIP when it’s really not? if we were still back in s1 or s2, then yeah, i could see why a lot of people would be like BLEGH but…. their relationship is. not. like. that. anymore.

also, some people dislike it just because they think it gets in the way of klance and that is stupid. u can enjoy a ship and not want it to be canon. i’m warming up to allurance but i still want / think klance is going to be canon. like UGH IDK THIS WHOLE THING IS SO DUMB? if u don’t like the ship, fine dude, but stop looking for all these reasons not to. it’s fine to just simply not like it. if u DO like the ship and ur telling everyone that they’re biphobic / racist for not liking it if they seriously just… don’t like it because it’s not their cup of tea… then maybe don’t do that? if people ARE being nasty about the ship, call them out!!!! but not everyone who doesn’t ship it is a butthead.

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Why do you care so much about Onision? Wouldn't it be better to just let him be and continue with your life? You're literally wasting your time on a random irrelevant youtuber you've never and will never meet in person. Even if he's the evilest man on earth he doesn't affect you in any way so just do everyone (yourself included) a favor and stop ranting & recycling what's already been said about Onision and get a life.

This blog isn’t for Onision. This blog is a space where the people who have been negatively affected by him can have their voices and their stories heard, to serve not only as a warning to his other fans, but also as an archive of his harmful behavior so that new fans can wise up to him much more quickly, and so that old fans who have been harmed by him can have a place to feel heard and understood.  

I also maintain this blog as a way to inform fans and potential new girlfriends about him - I’ve had more than one fan of his message me to tell me that originally they followed my blog just to hate-read it and make themselves angry (understandable, we all do it), only to later realize, through reading all of the posts and submissions here, that he actually is a terrible person. 

If you go back and read any of the posts on this blog, you’ll notice a pretty common theme here, because most of the submissions that I get can more or less be split up into two categories: category #1, “My abusive ex-partner/friend/parent reminds me so much of Onision that I relive the abuse whenever I see his videos”, and category #2, “I used to be a fan of Onision when I was a young and impressionable teenager, and I believed everything he said because he was my favorite YouTuber and I looked up to him as a role model. I was such a big fan of his that when he started making disparaging comments about people who self-harm/trans people/bisexuals/girls with eating disorders/people who eat meat/people who struggle with mental illness/women who are “overweight”, it made me hate myself, and my depression/self-harm/eating disorder only got worse because of it. I felt like I deserved it for being so weak and lacking self-control. It was Onision’s voice that I heard in my head as I tirelessly repeated the cycle of cutting myself/starving myself/bingeing and purging/hating myself, telling me how worthless and disgusting I was. Even though I’m much better now, the voice in my head that still pops up every now and then to tell me what a piece of shit I am still sounds just like Onision.”

I also aim for this blog to act as a reasonable and rational counter-balance to some of the more outlandish, uneducated, biased, and ignorant opinions that he espouses on his OnisionSpeaks channel, such as his advice that everybody should go vegan if they want to lose weight (regardless of their individual health conditions). I want to remind people to ask their doctor before they decide to make any drastic dietary changes; but most of all, I want to encourage people to do their own research, form their own opinions, and think for themselves instead of just mindlessly accepting whatever bullshit comes spewing out of his mouth ad nauseum, regardless of what he’s saying, like most of his fans do. 

whenever I’m super super sad I go to my safe space. My safe space, specifically, is a world on minecraft in peaceful mode. In this place I tend a tiny flock of sheep and build a small cabin next to their field. I am neither an architect nor very good at building things, but nevertheless it calms me. Sometimes I sit in my cabin and look at my sheep through the window and think about how fluffy and good they are.
I am not allowed to have negative thoughts while in this place. I am only allowed to listen to the calming music and my sheepies’ baa’s, and quietly build.

wanting to come out of the closet but holding back not only because of potential backlash but due to the fact that you’re not sure if you qualify enough for the label you wish to choose and by declaring yourself as such you may accidentally be giving people who are phobic of said identity fodder by becoming an example of a straight person sneaking into marginalized spaces for attention as well as ruining a safe space for others

A few more thoughts on the bioactive discussion

It’s ok to go bioactive.

It’s not ok to go bioactive without planning and careful research.

It’s ok to not to want to go bioactive.

It’s not ok to be unaware of the potential risks of bioactive enclosures.

It’s ok to use tile or towels.

It’s not ok to provide an unstimulating environment. 

It’s ok to ask questions.

It’s ok to be a new owner.

It’s ok to not know everything.

It’s ok to learn.

The single greatest priority you have as a pet owner is your animal’s health and safety. That means careful consideration of which substrate you want to use. It’s ok to not have the drive or time or desire or permission to go full bioactive! There are other ways to safely keep an animal. However, another part of health is mental health. It isn’t fair to keep an animal in an unstimulating environment, but there are ways to make a tile-lined enclosure plenty interesting! Providing climbing materials, dig boxes, leaf piles, plenty of hides… new things, too- adding a pile of rocks, then taking it away or changing it up a while later… a good light cycle- a little natural sunshine trickling through the glass can really do wonders, so long as the cage isn’t in direct sunlight. Taking your animal outside, if you can do safely, is also great (this is especially true for bearded dragons!) or at least letting them out to roam and explore a little bit. You are not abusing your animal by keeping them on tile! You just have to remember that in the wild, animals are constantly reacting to stimuli. They need to exercise their brains as much as their bodies, but you do not have to go bioactive to do this. Tile and towels can be perfectly fine so long as you keep your animal mentally engaged!

There are also risks involved with going bioactive. If you are going to use dirt from outside, you must be aware of any potential chemical additives. This means fertilizer, this means pesticides. You must be aware of any potential diseases in the area! You must be knowledgeable about what bugs you put in- if you have an insectivore, be very careful about taking in bugs that may have been exposed to pesticides. You must make sure that your fancy new setup doesn’t have the potential to kill your pet. When you brought that animal into your life, you made yourself responsible for its safety. Bioactive setups are wonderful and amazing. In no way is the bioactive concept a negative or bad thing! They are little ecosystems that promote natural behaviors without the risk of predation. However, and I cannot stress this enough, they only do this if set up properly. This means knowing what bugs you put in there and choosing them carefully. This means knowing what’s in your soil mix and where it came from. This means providing hiding spaces and safe objects of interest. A balanced bioactive setup is a beautiful thing. A bad one can kill your pet. They can be easy to set up but that ease comes from a lot of research. And importantly, bioactive is not one size fits all. Different species come from very different biomes; it’s important to mimic what’s natural for them, not just what’s “natural.” If you want to go bioactive, you simply must do the research. Please don’t expose your animals to poorly-conceived experiments of trial and error! 

That being said, don’t be intimidated by the challenges of going bioactive. If this is something you really believe in or really want to try, go for it! I have seen some beautiful dry setups for leopard geckos with packed soil and nice leaf litter and little microspots of humidity. I have seen some beautiful dry setups for beardies with loads of climbing logs and plants and all kinds of insects to chase and eat. I have seen beautiful humid setups for cresties and gargs and ball pythons and all kinds of animals. With a little work, it is easy to have a beautiful, functional, safe bioactive setup; you just have to be willing to do that work!

Finally, this doesn’t really need to be a two-sided issue. Bioactive keepers and tile/towel keepers should both realize that the animals come first. The whole animal. Not just the animal’s physical safety! There are multiple ways to keep your animals holistically and both sides need to realize this. 

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If this isn't done before, what Stand would Luigi from the Super Mario series have?

Stand Master: 「LUIGI」
Stand Origin: Type O Negative (Band)

Appearance Classification: Artificial Humanoid

Stand Type: Control-Based Stand

Stand Appearance: Type O Negative is a robot made of bronze, brass, and tin. It’s frame is very bulky and rounded with it’s stomach resembling a wood stove. Its face is a crude imitation of human features made of bolts and metal sheets. Underneath its nose is an arc of electricity that resembles a mustache. On it’s back is a large container with pipes venting steam from the upper corners.

Stand Parameters:

Destructive Potential: B
Speed: D
Range: C
Durability: A
Precision: D
Developmental Potential: A

Stand Ability:

Let’s Get Dangerous – Type O Negative can only manifest when Luigi is able to overcome his fear.

Topsy Turvy – Type O Negative emits an aura up to 5 meters away from itself. Those caught inside of it are negatively affected. The victim initially experiences growing muscle fatigue and nausea. When they can no longer fight, their perception of time and space begins to degrade, causing both to elongate more and more as long as they are within 5 meters of Type O Negative.


❝ We’ll take six orders of breadsticks, please. ❞
❝ Pink nebula. Easy on the pink. ❞
❝ If you would let me sketch you nude, I would not have to use my imagination. ❞
❝ That is not what a Rodian penis looks like. ❞
❝ Well, I mean, we could rescue a scientist, which would no doubt put all of our lives in danger, or we could try to decipher the documents that I stole. ❞
❝ Please don’t break my heart. Today has been a very good day for me and I would like to remember it fondly and not with a creeping sense of badness. ❞
❝ When you’re in a band… ❞
❝ He went and double checked everything. It’s mostly matching shapes and colors. I could read. It would be so ridiculous if I couldn’t read. I can read. ❞
❝ In my limited experience with him, he feels like a reckless man. And that’s putting it very lightly. ❞
❝ Dear Diary, OH MY GOD! Ugh, aaaah, uhh. Oh my god. ❞
❝ Okay, it was not necessary for you to lose that finger at all. ❞
❝ The name of our gang is Triforce of Courage. We call ourselves the Triforce so we all put our hands in a triangle. ❞
❝ Okay. We are both hurt. We hurt each other’s feelings. We would like to do the gun deal, please. ❞
❝ I’m not going to go in there half-cocked. ❞
❝ Ah, that’s exactly the point that you want to go for on an enemy, the heel. Good going. ❞
❝ Help me, Carrie Fis.her, you’re my only hope! ❞
❝ I would like you to know that I don’t think very much about the potential negatives that could happen. I only think about how cool it would look if it succeeded. ❞
❝ Why would we call you?! This is the space past! ❞
❝ Aren’t you a little close for a bellhop? ❞
❝ I do not have time! I do NOT have time for this! ❞
❝ Would you listen to me before you criticize everything that I do? ❞
❝ They don’t have holonet! ❞
❝ It was worth a shot! You were on a roll, man. It just felt right. ❞
❝ Sometimes it just feels like I’m talking to walls that are mad at me all the time. ❞
❝ It looks like I’m a thief and a murderer, but I only murdered about being a thief… Wait, no, hold on. Thief and a liar, lied about being a thief. No, it’s just not going to work in this instance. ❞
❝ What if we just steal a whole new ship and don’t even fix the old ship? ❞
❝ I’m worried that on our ship there’s a lot of evidence – I feel like if our ship falls into someone’s hands it’s just gonna be bad news for us. ❞
❝ This is why I’m not the leader, because the power goes right to my head. ❞
❝ Do you have, by any chance, the worst timing ever? ❞
❝ Take off, mate. At this point you’re dead weight. ❞

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Would it be common for a queen to leave to give birth to her litter? Since any cat I've had that's had kittens usually hides away in strange places where the other cats (and animals) won't bother her. Or would this be considered sort of a no-no in Clan society as a worry a fox or badger might find her.

It’s not incredibly common, but it does happen. The Clans call it luthnai - since your average queen would consider the nursery to be the safest place to bear a litter, anyone leaving would have to be panicked out of their mind and not thinking straight. Some loner-types may leave because they don’t want to be bothered, but more often than not, if you’re trying to get outside while in labor, you’re experiencing a panic attack and need space. 

The cats view this behavior as negative more because of the queen than any potential predators - a queen that’s freaked out and hiding from her Clanmates may devour her kits if approached or actually run away and leave her litter alone. There’s a lot of work that goes into predicting and preventing an event like this.

I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again: it comes down to whether you want more false positives or more false negatives. Do you want to have such stringent requirements for ‘counting’ as lgbtqiap that some people who many consider lgbtqiap get left out? Or do you want more lenient requirements so occasionally someone may ‘count’ who some people within the community think shouldn’t count, but get included anyway? 

I am always going to err on the side of false positives and inclusion, because that’s the kind of community I want to be a part of. The potential negative impact of having a ‘faker’ or something in lgbtqiap+ spaces is far outweighed, in my mind, by the persistant negative impact of this sort of aggressive, vigilant gatekeeping that causes people to have to prove their oppression and hold it up to some shifting standard of what’s ‘oppressed enough.’ 

A community built on that kind of code doesn’t feel safe for many of us whose lives don’t fit a very specific narrative. Hypothetical false positives are far less damaging to our sense of community and inclusion than this sense that any of us could have our lgbtqiap membership revoked whenever gatekeepers come up with a good enough excuse to exclude us.

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Sorry, this a super hypothetical question but would tachyons need to have a negative mass in order to travel faster than light & if so how would they interact with the Higgs Field (if at all)? Thanks! :)

Good question! We can easily find the rest mass of a particle given its energy and velocity using the equation:

E = mc^2/sqrt(1-(v/c)^2)

If we state that v/c is greater than 1, then sqrt(1-(v/c)^2) becomes an imaginary number. If we want to still have a real energy, the rest mass must also be an imaginary number. This also implies that energy is negative, which creates a major problem.

In particle physics, particles take on a mass that lowers their potential energy in the Higgs field, as if they were a ball stuck in a valley. Since the energy of a tachyon is negative, the energy will continue going down to negative infinity like a ball rolling down an infinite hill. This would mean that a tachyon would continue making more and more tachyons until it fills up all of space in a process called “tachyon condensation”. Since the entire universe hasn’t been consumed by tachyons yet, imaginary-mass particles are probably impossible. Thanks for asking!

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

it’s got all you need. Space, action, explosions, fun and colours. (Spoilers ahead)

Valerian is a great sci-fy movie, Cara is getting better with every movie and the cgi is beautiful; a real feast for the eyes.

What could have been another boring, unoriginal action movie in space was a movie about equality (the shared lead of the movie worked, there was no damsel in distress, just two equally talented heroes who repeatedly had to save each other’s asses because they were both flawed. I was worried about the romantic tone between Laureline and Valerian but the chemistry between Cara and Dane worked.) and inclusiveness. The “planet” Alpha shows beautifully how different species can live together in harmony. (I’m looking at us planet earth…)

Valerian sends out so many positive vibes. Especially with how the natives from Mül do not actively seek revenge. They are a peaceful species that did not turn evil when faced with the atrocities of a war they were not a part of. Their ability to leave the past behind does not make them weak. They had to choices in the face of destruction. Seek out revenge against a whole race just because one of them is evil or remember the past but move on and rebuild. Luc Besson’s movie takes many interesting turns and tries, most of the times successfully, to break stereotypes.

One of the negative(-ish) aspects of the movie was Bubble. Rihanna is great and the character had so much potential but was used as a rather cheap plot device instead of giving her more.

It is clear to see that Besson really loved making this movie. It is beautifully crafted and one of the highlights of 2017 for me.

On a side note. Cara’s song “I Feel Everything” for the movie is freaking great.

Dakinis ~An Abode of Enlightened Energy

Dakinis are active manifestations of energy.

They are always portrayed in action thus. They are either depicted dancing which emphasized their active involvement in shaping the world, or in the spiritual perspective, in both Samsara and Nirvana.

In the Tantric Buddhist tradition of Tibet, Dakinis are symbolic manifestations of energy in female form, the movement of energy in space. In this context, the sky or space indicates Shunyata, the insubstantiality of all phenomena, which is, simultaneously, the pure potentiality for all possible manifestations.

And the movements of their dance signify the movements of thoughts and the energy spontaneously emerging from the nature of mind.

Being linked to energy in all totality, the Dakinis are associated with the revelation of the Anuttara Tantras or Higher Tantras, which represent the path of transformation. ENERGY is transformed here to higher consciousness. In this case, the energy of the negative emotions or kleshas, called poisons, are transformed into the luminous energy of enlightened awareness or gnosis (jnana).

By K.Nagori

Person-First Language

I have a doctoral degree in occupational therapy. In undergrad, I took a disabilities studies class, and in grad school I took several more disabilities studies classes. One thing drilled into my head in these types of classes is “Person-First Language” I.E. “Person who uses a wheelchair” vs “Wheelchair bound” and “person with autism” vs “autistic”.

In my undergrad class we did not really discuss with other people with disabilities what they thought of person-first language. My undergrad class was taught by a non-disabled professor who had an adult son with cerebral palsy. My grad school classes were taught by both people with and without disabilities. 

I myself have multiple disabilities, both mental and physical (Among them: I’m HH, an amputee, have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, have depression and depersonalization disorder, et cetera) and despite what has been drilled into my head, I prefer identity-first language myself, because my disabilities, while not my entire identity, are a part of my identity. 

People have many aspects to their own identities. In the occupational therapy world, we call these “occupations”, which means, “aspect of yourself that occupies your time”. Among some I am a: woman, sister, occupational therapist, vlogger, public speaker, atheist, amputee, writer, daughter, body-modification enthusiast, and so on.

I am NOT a “person who has womanhood”, “Person who has sisterhood”, “Person who is an occupational therapist” “person who has vlogs” and so on. These are my occupations and I use occupation-first language when I talk about them.

Why would it necessarily need to be any different with disability? Disability is an occupation and is part of my identity. I’m not a “person with an amputation”, I’m an amputee. When I am using a wheelchair, I’m a wheelchair-user.

Some disability-related language is outmoded and just flat incorrect. A good example is “Wheelchair-bound” because A: No one is “bound” to their wheelchair and B: wheelchairs set people free, they don’t bind them. Imagine if someone called me “prosthesis-bound” because I use a prosthesis to get around. My prosthesis allows me to function better and ambulate more freely in my community. Oddly, I am actually more “bound” (by way of suction, as in the prosthesis is literally stuck on my body) to my prosthesis than the average wheelchair-user is “bound” to their wheelchair! However there are more alternatives than just “person-first” language.

Person-first language creates a linguistic space between the person and their disability. I think that space contributes to seeing disability as a negative aspect of one’s identity and therefore has the potential to contribute to ableism. Note that I say “potential” because there are different schools of thought on exactly what constitutes person-first language.

My preference, generally, is identity-first language. Example: Hearing-impaired girl vs She is Hard-of-Hearing vs She is a person with a hearing impairment. I think, personally, that the middle one is best. It’s not disability-first, it’s not quite person-first, it’s identity-first. 

Having said that, I prefer person-first language for mental illness, because my mental states fluctuate. I might have depersonalization disorder and depression but “being depersonalized” is a fluctuating state.

The thing is, lots of people have different preferences about how they would like to be addressed, and when you’re mucking about on the internet or talking to someone you don’t know, you might not know what type of language they prefer. Some communities, in general, actively dislike person-first language, so it’s good to keep that in mind.

Also, sometimes person-first language just makes more sense linguistically. I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, I am not an Ehlers-Danlos Syndromite or whatever.

Anyway, here are some tips about how to know when to use whatever language, if you’re curious.

1. Ask a person what they prefer. 

2. Don’t ever tell a person with a disability that they are using the “wrong” language for themselves. If someone who is an amputee wants to call themselves “handicapable” and you think such language is condescending but you yourself are not an amputee, respect that person’s personal choice of self-identifying language. 

3. If you interact with a community of people frequently (whether it be the Deaf community or amputee community etc), figure out if that community has a general consensus on language and go with that.

4. Recognize that while some language can contribute to oppression of people, actual oppression is of far greater concern than language which has the potential to contribute to oppression. 

pipermccloud  asked:

Okay, what is Voltron?? I've been hearing extremely negative things about the fandom and yet I see so much of it that I can't help but be curious about the show. I mean, I sort of like the design of the one guy who has bright orange/reddish hair and a mustache, the older gentleman whoever he is.

It’s a series on Netflix about kids in space fighting aliens. It’s technically a reboot of an 80s anime (that was, admittedly, awful, but had  LOTS of potential) and while the show itself is actually really amazing, its fandom is…bad.

Also, Mustache Guy is named Corran and he is everyone’s Space Uncle.