with the passion of a thousand black holes

neverland is something about us.

you love dialogue. classic movie manuscript soul, you lace your lips with elegance. you dance with passion and exhale with a lightness that brings spring to her knees. you hate human sheep’s philosophy, you’re terrified to be a wolf– lately the moon has been your tattoo. we listen to body language, we have been lied to on several occasions. how do you want to be admired? how deep are your thoughts? you are not bound to the earth, a red airy balloon waiting by venus, you lavish in pleasantries, but only if it’s done right. the rare definition of aesthetic, if it’s pretty enough to say, then it’s beautiful enough to be heard by you. how far would you go to regain your wings? angel thoughts. you’re a meteorological phenomenon, the one where rain falls in one spot. the sad parts of you scattered all over your tears, we love them until our hearts tear. where do you keep love? in the back pocket of a lucky guy, your version of ride or die– I’ll keep poetry close, but I’ll always keep your lips skin distance kind of love. you do it for fun, but you also do it because nothing is new under the sun. you love dialogue, our friendship in three words. you used to see your old lover within my poetry, a bit of my words will always belong to you. we may age, our skin will wrinkle some day, our hair will be grey, our vision will blind us, our bones will rattle, but this soul, my version of poetic justice buried into a rose, stained by blood into every fucking petal, inject my misery loves company into the damn thorns– will you still love me when I’m no longer young and beautiful? age is nature’s brilliant plan to keep us in check. I love my youth, I love the fire in my eyes, the passion that keeps us from going too far– the thing about being this young is nothing is too dumb. no amount of hate will keep us from growth. you love lengthy prose poetry and I love that you read with intent to kill hearts until beating sounds like getting your first kiss every second of everyday– over and over and over again, until our smile matches the adrenaline, until the thorns prick a thousand lovers, until the last petal wilts from the lack of oxygen, until our lungs heave itself, it is a conversation of black holes and stars, I am stranded on mars and most days it’s unlivable, but these poems, my dialogue with you is a great way to understand the mystery of the universe.

first off, i’d like to thank my bff gia (@loveissonice) for my amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique banner. i love you sm binch 🤸🏻‍♂️💕

so this is my first👏🏼follow👏🏼forever👏🏼 and it is long over due! i’ve had this blog for maybe about 4 or 5 months? and i’ve gained sooo many friends/lovely followers along the way. im not really good at being soft and expressing my feelings bc my soul is actually a black hole and my heart shriveled up years ago, but.. i just want all of you to know i appreciate and love each of you dearly. thanks for putting up with me 🤧💓

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Bakura is the mighty sun, age old and burning with the passion of thousands of years. Spitting burst of flames so unexpectedly and watching silently with a searing wisdom that was granted by the ails of time.

And you know, stars never die. They twist into black holes; dark and endless.

Wow! It’s crazy to think I’ve already had this blog for 6 months! I’ve made so many friends thanks to 5 Seconds of Summer and I couldn’t be happier. So in honour of my blog’s 6 months anniversary, I decided to make my first follow forever! Thank to ohemmoh for drawing this really rad picture (:


punk-roque : liv oh my god, i don’t even know where to start. you’re like my bestest friend i’ve made from tumblr and you’re always there for me. talking to you always came easy and i could trust you with anything. ily (⊙‿⊙✿)

gordonmclifford : jas, i swear you were the first person i ever talked to on tumblr and i think the only reason why i messaged you was because you posted “someone come talk to me” or something along those lines. and look at where our friendship has come :’) you have have such a cute lil voice and our skype sessions are always so much fun. stay rad poopface (◕‿◕✿) 

michaelspimp : bruh nikita, you live like 15 minutes away from me but we still haven’t even hung out yet. we need to get on that lmAo. i remember we used to have really long snapchat conversations and yeah we’re lame. im not joking, but when i had less followers, i went through all my followers and found out you were the 8th person to ever follow me and that’s hella so yeah (◡‿◡✿)

lukes-penguinn : ems, you are like one of the most prettiest girls i know, no joke. your selfies always make my dash just that much better. we don’t talk as much as we used to but hopefully that’ll change soon. thanks for always reblogging my selfies lol (●‿●✿)

cuddlinqs : oh my god erika, when i messaged you asking how long you’ve had your blog for, i never expected you to follow me back. i’m not joking, i actually fangirled really hard. you’re really nice to me and a great friend, so thanks for being there for me! (ノ◕‿◕)ノ

and the best of them all, 5sos-official : hey hello there. you’ll probably never notice me, and that’s okay with me. i just want you to know how much you’ve had an impact on not only my life, but thousands if not millions of people around the world. you are seriously the biggest influence in nurturing both my music and my life. i’ve always had a passion for music but it’s you guys who made me fall into the black hole; and i couldn’t be happier. this is turning into a sappy story lol so i’ll just cut it short. i look up to you guys tremendously and fuck those people who give us shit for liking you guys “just for your looks”; that’s just the tip of the iceberg. i love you guys so much, don’t let people change you, keep doing what you love. ♡

Yeeowza, sappy story over lmao. Now for the actual follow forever; bolded ones are my absolute favs. :-)

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