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Daddy!Namjoon Discussing Punishment For His Little One~

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Yoongi speaking english?
Yoongi -SUGA- BTS
Yoongi speaking english?

-Meanwhile BTS on the bus-

*Everyone is quiet because yoongi is reading a card*

SUGA (Yoongi): *Trying to be cool while speaking english* Who’s… the…most….church….memb-

Jimin: Please speak korean, there’s korean on the card

SUGA (Yoongi): *Pissed off* *korean* WHO’S THE CHILDISH MEMBER IN BTS?!

Jimin: *Laughs*

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Namjoon: Black, Pink, Purple aesthetic.

-BTS favorite color series-

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Rap Monster as your Boyfriend:
  • Holy mother of respect and loyalty.
  • Cuddle bug
  • Plays with your hair or rubs your back if you ask nicely.
  • May as you to do the same in return.
  • Movie nights on his free nights.
  • Spending time with him at the studio when he’s in a good mood.
  • Listening to him rap.
  • Him asking you for ideas when he’s stuck.
  • If you fall asleep on the couch in his studio room, he’ll take a break to cover you up.
  • Will TRY to make you food but fail.
  • Laughing about his try and fail with him.
  • Will smack your booty at the most random times.
  • Possible play wrestling.
  • Calls you baby, pretty girl, sexy, and love.
  • Gets hard just by watching you change clothes.
  • Buys you sexy underwear to make you feel good about yourself.
  • Those sexy panties don’t last long on you though ;)
  • Very hands on.
  • Will beg for your love on nights he’s stressed out to relax him.
  • Gets insecure about his “size” but he’s huge to you.
  • Anything you want, he’ll do.
  • Better be a good girl ;) he does like to punish.
  • Spanking if he’s had a bad or stressful day.
  • Constantly cursing under his breath and saying how beautiful you are as he’s inside you.
  • Loves doing missionary so he can be connected to you.
  • Loves holding onto your hips or butt.
  • “Does it feel good pretty girl? Let me know what you want.. it’s all yours baby.”
  • Easily washes you both off by taking a shower with you when it’s over.
  • Will wash your hair for you
  • Sings “reflection” so you go to sleep.
  • Actually a little spoon.
  • Human heater at night.
  • During fights, he constantly blames himself.
  • Punching walls and throwing stuff.
  • If he notices you getting scared, he stops himself and stays quiet.
  • Doesn’t raise his voice but becomes a smart ass.
  • Will buy you flowers and act all shy when apologizing.
  • Protects you from fans.
  • Makes sure the guys treat you with respect.
  • Tries to trust you the best he can, even with his rough past with a girlfriend who was un loyal.
  • Will try to impress you on stage.