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Bts reacting to you being a day care teacher!

Request: Bts reacting to you teaching kids in a day care center


“So you work with kids yeah?”

“Yeah… why?”

“Maybe I could help teach! Reading and math! Condensation, percipitation, evaporation! Balancing chemicals!”

“Joon, they’re five.”

*Eyes start sparkling at the thought of teaching them too”

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“Kids you say?”


*Scoots away from you*


“Kids have boogers and pick things they aren’t supposed to… go take a shower before touching me with your germs!”

“The only kid with germs here is you!” *You stick your tongue out at him*

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“A kid teacher? Wahh, you must have a lot of patience.”

“Of course, I mean I’m dating you right?”

“Why must you attack me??”

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“Makes sense.”

“What does that mean?”

“You working there. You have a mindset like a 5 year old.”

“Excuse me? I’m an adult >:( an adult who won’t be doing anything sexual with her boyfriend since he wants to be a meanie face.”

“An adult wouldn’t say meanie face.”

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“Alright kids now gather aro- Tae? TAE?!”

“Heeeeey y/n”

“Wha-what are you doing here?”

“You said you worked with kids so here I am.”

“I didn’t even tell you where I work, how?”

*Completely ignores you to play with the kids*

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“Wanna come with me to work Jimin?”

“To the day care?”



“Why are you so excited?”

“I’m gonna be the tallest one…”

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“So you know how you work at a day care right?”

“Yeah, what about it?”

“Well what if we buy them camo outfits and start a kid army?”

“We’re not making my kids soldiers for your own entertainment!”

“You never go with my plans… hoe”

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So I went to the Bob Morley panel at Ottawa Comic Con (yes I’m still screaming internally) and based on what he said I doubt Bellarke is happening this season (meaning anything romantic being confirmed). I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think so. Bob was saying that especially after what happened in 4x11 their relationship/partnership is gonna need a lot of work to repair. And that Bellamy, in Bob’s opinion, needs the chance to find himself and develop his own strength before he can lean on someone else in a romantic sense. Bob doesn’t think it would be healthy for Bellamy to put that on someone else and hopes that Bellamy can find his own way to deal with what he’s done and who he’s become without having to lean on Clarke or have her around to be that person. And as much as I love Bellarke, I love Bellamy more, so I completely agree. Now he did joke around saying it’s hard to answer Bellarke questions cause he doesn’t want to give away too much, and when asked who he thought Bellamy had the strongest connection with/who influenced Bellamy the most Bob said Lincoln because their shared love for Octavia, but then said - Well there’s also Clarke, but kinda left it there. So that might just be Bob’s feelings, and certainly doesn’t dispel any Bellarke stuff from happening ie. love confessions or almost kisses (cause I totally want an almost kiss before anything real cause I love that slow burn) but that’s just the vibe I got.

Other things Bob said were:
- what he’s learned from/ found most inspirational about Bellamy (my question yay) is his persistence. His ability to go on even in the face of all the horrible things that have happened to him and all that he’s done. The fact that he keeps working to do what’s best for his people and to gain back Octavia’s trust is what is inspiring about him and when he (Bob) is doing tough scenes or is really tired he thinks about the fact that Bellamy probably hasn’t slept in days and thinks in comparison to that he personally doesn’t have it so bad
- His hardest goodbye on set, which took him forever to decide on, was Devon cause apparently they lived together and hang out all the time. So he said that although they’re gonna still hang out, Devon is off doing other projects so it’s going to be sad to not have him around all the time and on set
- Bob says the person that most influences his portrayal of Bellamy is his older brother. He said his brother had always taken care of his family and continues to put his loved ones first and that kind of passion is what he takes from his brother and puts into Bellamy
- Bob also said that in general the people that inspire him most of all are his family. He said specifically his brother and his mom, but in general his family. He said he never had posters of famous sports people on his wall, but apparently growing up his dad owned a gym and they had posters of Bruce Lee and Arnold Schwarzenegger up on the wall. Professionally he looks to Scorsese, Woody Allen, and some others I didn’t write down sorry!!
- The hardest part of the job he said is that everything is so high intensity all the time and so when you’ve been on set for hours and it’s 4am and you’re exhausted its hard to remember that these are life or death decisions. He said it’s difficult to demand that level of emotion all the time and for hours on end.
- he said that he would bring back Wells just to see how different their lives would be. He said it would be interesting to see how Jaha was if his son was still alive. He also said it would be an interesting dynamic if Finn was still alive as well. To see the effect on Raven and Clarke and how that would change their journey. But he specifically said Wells, and was all dramatic saying he wouldn’t even know what the show would’ve been if Wells hadn’t died.
- Bob said that if he could play any character he would be Jaha, for a while he was choosing between Murphy or Jaha but then said Isaiah and Richard portray them so well and bring so much to their roles that their performances are what make them such compelling roles that he wishes he could explore. But mostly he wants to play Jaha to get into that mindset and figure out what motivates him to be so crazy
- some one asked what kind of father Bellamy would be and how his children’s lives would be different than his life on the ark. He laughed about Bellamy being a dad in a sort of ‘oh god no’ kind of way, but then said in a sort of, pretend their living off the land out of the bunker kinda of scenario, the next generation would have more respect for the earth since humanity is what destroyed it in the first place.
- Another question was what Bellamy wanted to be when he was 5 years old, and Bob said that because he didn’t know who his father was Bellamy would have liked to have imagined his dad was someone other people looked up to. So Bellamy would have thought that he could be a leader too, like captain of guards, or whatever he wanted to be. But as he got older that dream to be whatever he wanted was crushed by the harsh class system on the ark and he settled into the realization that he wasn’t special and that he was kind of stuck in a lower class life and that’s why he was so resentful of Clarke and Wells trying to take over on the ground
- And lastly cause I can’t remember anymore right now - He said in order to take on a new character he needs to really physically get into their head space and their physical space, so he will go around and touch the walls and makes sure he feels comfortable in that place. He said he needs to find where that character’s energy sits (which makes my actor heart glow with joy omg what an *artiste*)

Sorry this turned into a really long post, but it’s only been like 12 hours since I saw him and I’m still putting all my energy into not crying every second of the day. Also just a reminder I didn’t record this, I just jotted things down, so none of this is quoted from Bob word for word. This has all been paraphrased and interpreted by me!! I didn’t change any info, or answers, just reiterating.

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Wait a sec...Your only 16? Damn I thought you were 21. Lol your 4 possibly 5 years younger than me. (I'll be 21 in August lol

Lmfao who said I was 16?

I’m 21… physically.

I have the mindset of a 12 years old tho. I still cry with Pokemon 2000 m8.

About Goetic/Underground Hell and Hellborns Under Goetics

Hellborns, true to the name, are demons that reside in Hell. Note that this post obviously does not cover the entirety of Hell; this is written mainly from a LOW-CLASS GOETIC MILITARY PERSPECTIVE and interaction with royalty from that class perspective. By “low-class military” I mean the military of a Goetic Marquis, which is one of the lower ranks of Goetic Hell Nobility.

EDIT: It has come to my attention that there are portions of Hell above ground, and the above ground portions are generally much nicer than the underground portions. THIS POST PERTAINS MAINLY TO GOETIC HELL/THE EXTREMELY DEEP UNDERGROUND PORTIONS, where most of the Goetics that are actually fallen angels or demons reside. 

What is Goetic/Underground Hell culture like?

So you know in old Europe, wars were held for…”fun” and “honor” to put it basically? At least, for the nobles it was considered “fun” and “honorable”? Well, think of the same concept in Hell, except that the top nobles are immortal and powerful enough to wipe out an army of non-nobles with a wave of their hand!

With War/Fighting/Making Enemies being a sign of honor and respect, and the Nobles participating in it never needing to fear death, you can imagine how it’s Hell for everyone else besides the nobles and those they favored. With Making Enemies(™) being a sign of respect, as ironic as that sounds, nearly all Hellborns have fragile egos and do not tolerate even the slightest of insults.

With armies being raised purely for fun and “honor”, most military Hellborns are born into the army. Yes, a child military. A military of children where children are trained to kill as soon as they understand commands! I’m talking like 5 year olds here. 

Those that aren’t born into the army are usually born into something related to the army in some way; whether it’s military research, weapons forging, etc.

A “survival of the fittest” mindset, taken to the absolutely-most-fucking-extreme, and as a source of enjoyment (again, only for nobles anyways) basically summarizes Hell.  

Yet a lot of nobles also take pride in being “civilized” and by civilized I mean they hold fancy parties so they can still see themselves as like. Not disgusting, in some way. Just another thing to be pretentious about. At these parties, there is usually tons and tons of wine, ballroom dancing, etc. There’s also an uneasy peace- uneasy in that yes they are enjoying partying without fighting, but that they would all start ripping each other to shreds immediately if someone started it. And again, with their fragile egos, “starting it” could be as simple as accidentally bumping into someone on the dance floor.

Additionally- favoritism. Favoritism, favoritism, favoritism. Favoritism literally makes all the difference in how much someone’s Goetic/Underground Hell life sucks- the only people who are like “(underground/Goetic) Hell wasn’t that bad!!” are those who were nobles, favorites of some noble, and/or weren’t prescribed to the military. 

Or, hopefully, they came from the above-ground and not-so-awful parts of Hell, and it’s just a miscommunication/difference of experiences.  

What’s the class structure of Goetic/Underground Hell like?

There’s like 30000 layers of nobles and different ranks of nobles. Rank is so important that there’s a bunch of subdivisions within each rank so that nobles of the “same rank” still know where they stand relative to the others. So for example: There’s Great Kings, High Kings, Kings, Sub-Kings, etc.

How often does the class structure of Goetic/Underground Hell shift?? Are demons ever overthrown/overruled?

Never. When all the top nobles are immortal, it never, ever shifts. At least, to my knowledge it has never shifted. 

Besides entertainment (for nobles), what other reasons could they be at war?

As all non-nobles, and even non-immortal nobles are told the bare minimum of information, my only guess is training demons for the (possible) war against Heaven. I have no idea if that war is going to be an actual thing that will happen eventually or not.

What is the Goetic military like?

Well, to summarize how much is sucks:

  • You’re born into it. Or, you could be a dumbass and join the military.
  • Once you enter there is no leaving. No time off at all; you’re in until you die. The only “time off” you’ll get is if you’re injured and your superiors consider you worth enough to keep alive.
  • Torture is 100% Legal and encouraged as well!
  • Haha what payment?? You don’t get paid, are you kidding me?
  • You are told the bare minimum of information. Like only just as much to do your mission, IF you’re told anything at all. Nobody except the nobles knows why we even do any of this.
  • The only clothes you’ll ever have are your uniforms.
  • But to be a little more informative, here’s some info about the specific divisions you might find in your average Hell military. There’s more, but these are the only ones I know a decent amount about.

Stealth Division:

  • Avg height is 5 ft, ranges from 4-lower 6 range
  • Have a lot of tests
  • Physical Tests: Balance, Speed
  • Cunning Test: You are given “special” information from a Commander/General and instructed not to tell anyone, but members of your division will (stealthily) attempt to grill you for that info. Realizing you are being tested = passing. Failing to realize, or giving away the “info” = fail.
  • Also have a bunch of weird tests where u can die-
  • Assassination Test: With permission, certain members of the division may try to kill you. If they get caught, you are allowed to kill them. All methods are allowed, as long as they are stealthy (poison,physical assassination, etc)…Yep! You try to kill members of your own division and the members of your own division try to kill you too!!


  • Average height usually ranges 7-9 feet. Anything below is considered short.
  • The dudebro fraternities of hell (but 1000x more violent and aggressive than humans)
  • 100% GRADE A BEEF. A regular gun would probably do jack shit (in more pleasant words, nothing) against a front-liner. A single front-liner could probably take out a tank.  
  • Scary as fuck
  • The entire front-liner area is made really tough because of the frequency of brawls, which would result in a lot of things breaking if everything wasn’t made of rock. Fights were most common in the cafeteria.
  • No limit/extremely high upper limit to your food ration at the cafeteria

Front-Line Mages:

  • Really rare, as in, almost none–for lower ranked militaries, at least. (I believe they are much more common in higher-up militaries as higher militaries recruit from lower ones but I’m not 100% certain on this)
  • Usually don’t live longer than 2 years
  • If they live longer than two years they usually become really OP, like a one-man army

Okay, the Goetic military really sucks. What about outside of the Goetic military but not nobility? Like those weapons forgers or research demons?  

Outside of the military is nowhere near as bad, you’re a lot less likely to get tortured, beaten, you actually get paid, you (usually) get your own house/apartment. However, you still can’t leave Hell. 

What do non-nobles do for entertainment?

This is mainly what lowly Goetic military demons do for entertainment:

  • Fuck- there are absolutely no rules on sex within the military. Although, males and females are usually housed separately so as to prevent babies when not at…specified breeding times. So yeah, basically each base was and even (literally) had giant orgies of the same gender. Especially after winning a battle/mission.
  • Alcohol- There might (MIGHT) be one (1) bar at a base. Maybe. Though (in my experience at least) there’s no bar at the front-liner base because they’re too rowdy andb break everything.
  • Sleep- Self-explanatory.
  • Brawl- Brawling is absolutely encouraged, especially with the front-liners. It’s both a form of training and weeding out the weak.
  • Yeah, there really isn’t much to do at all in Hell if you’re not a noble and if you’re in the military.  

What about morals? If…any.

LMAOOO what morals?? You think of something bad, it’s probably embraced, even seen as a form of empowerment. Torture? Yep! Non-consensual sex? Definitely! Abusing your partners (especially if one is a noble and the other not)? Absolutely!!  

Will I go to Hell if I’m not a Christian/some variant?

This is totally my take but I didn’t see a single damn human the entire time I was down there. And no, I didn’t do anything to be placed in Hell, I was literally just born there. So no need to worry, that’s just a form of fearmongering.


Feel free to send in any more questions about Goetic Hell/Hellborns! 

Dan’s Litte Space

Phan - [AmazingPhil x Danisnotonfire]

Summary: Dan goes into little space and Phil finds out. [WARNING: THIS IS A TICKLE FIC]

I love feedback! Critique is greatly appreciated! LITTLE!DAN FINALLY HERE! This one’s a taaaaad longer than usual. Which is awesome!!! 

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hey do everyone a favor and don’t compare steven/pearl to jashi, jashi isn’t pedophilia literally Shut Up are you forgetting this is a very fictional world and things are Very Different with ages jesus christ ashi isn’t 14 and jack isn’t 5,000+ years old oh my god the witch hunt on tumblr just to get people to stop shipping something and/or be pronlematic needs to stop

stop comparing healthy functioning relationships to literal pedophilia it’s so fucking gross

also there’s another post in the jashi tag explaining why ashi doesn’t have a child’s mindset (thought that was obvious enough) like why is everyone so obsessed with age!! it’s adult swim!!! they showed ashi naked!!!!! they probably wouldn’t do that if she were 15!!!!!!!!!! she’s an adult what the fuck y'all act like jack is grooming her to be his victim or some shit jesus christ please step away from the keyboard and go outside and stop shitting on people for normal healthy things

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This may be counter productive because it will definitely not get your mind off of being sick in bed, but do you have any favorite stay home from school sick memories you could share?

When I was young I’d just watch cartoons all day and eat soup and drink tea. I’d also have crazy dreams. Aren’t sick dreams like the weirdest ever?! And I always remember that my colds were so much stronger when I was young…like I’d be coughing up a lung for weeks…now it’s like I’ll be sick for 3 days tops.
Also I had this mindset that when I was like 5-20 years old that when I got really sick it was because God was punishing me for being bad. And I would cry out to God and make bargains with Him. Interesting I would say, I’ll do whatever you want! I will give my whole life to You! If you just take the pain away! (I would have horrible cramps and stomach aches when I was in my teens)
Yeah I would say things like: Please God! I am sorry for being so bad! I will never do it again! (Poor baby) but really I think I was on to something…well the prayer part. But when I suffer hard I’m always begging God and seeking God.
It’s all because my Dad is the most catholic guy I know! He taught me prayer!

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this is just a random question, but do you think you could forgive your partner if they had cheated on you like Alex did Eliza? even if the two of you 'reconnected' by a tragedy?

I, this is just taking a gander would find it hard to forgive. But I would like to believe I have forgiveness in my heart and me, a religious person, believe you are blessed more with peace and forgiveness for staying with your spouse. But not being a religious person, I would: Be cold and distant to be honest. In Eliza’s situation I would have slapped him into the next dimension. I felt so bad for Eliza through the entire thing. But Eliza always loved him. She relished being his wife. They did reconnect over a tragedy. When Phillip died the family died with him. Their daughter Angelica became helpless and stopped developing and maintained the mindset of a 5 year old. I believe Eliza was a very strong courageous woman and in all honesty I don’t think I could have done what she did. Alexander was a great man and did great things, but he also made terrible mistakes. But that’s what makes us human right?

-Lil Lambie

I like how Oda used the varying heights in the OP world to really emphasize the angst in Law’s backstory. Law is, during his tenure with the Donquixote Pirates, aged ten to thirteen. By comparing him with Baby 5, another average-sized human only two years younger, we can infer that at most he was slightly small for his age.

The entire rest of the family dwarfs him by several feet, making him seem younger and thus his induction seem more pitiable (this could also be said for Baby 5). Buffalo’s size, meanwhile, makes him seem bigger, older, and more able to take care of himself even when he’s only fourteen and clearly has a child’s mindset. Even his Minion Island appearance is makes him look older and more a full member of the group (admittedly, by then he is 17), while Law and Baby 5′s designs still emphasize their youth. So clearly Law and Baby 5 are meant to be seen as more childlike than he is.

But the real sympathy comes in during Law’s scenes with Rocinante. Look at any of those scenes and it initially looks like an average-sized man and a very small child. It’s really a thirteen year old and a guy who is 9′7″. Sure, making Roci tall also makes him similar to (but slightly shorter than) Doffy, but it really emphasizes how we are supposed to see Law in relation to him–a small child who needs help.

The kid is thirteen. Shonen fans are used to thirteen year olds doing all kinds of crazy shit, the bulk of the Naruto cast was twelve or thirteen pre-timeskip. So Law needed indicators for us to see him as someone who needed protecting, as a child, even at age thirteen (the ASL bro’s similar scenes take place when the oldest two are ten and Luffy is six or seven, for comparison). This is done by making him so much smaller than Rocinante. It also makes him feel more helpless during Vergo’s beatdown (while not in the inhuman range, Vergo is also still very tall and thus Law is still minimized in comparison) and Rocinante’s death. It’s done to increase sympathy.

I find it really interesting all of the effort put in to make the 10-13 year old Law feel younger. My guess is because the amount of training he goes through and his more complex thought patterns might have been harder to buy if he was, say, aged 6-9 during all this. Also it’s bad enough seeing a ten year old in the state he was in when he joined the gang, someone six or seven might have snapped suspension of disbelief among too many people, especially when he nearly kills Rocinante. So he needed to be old enough to comprehend his grim reality and participate in criminal behavior but also seem young enough to where we instinctively want to protect him.

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What does little mean in your bio?

It’s part of a daddy dom kink.
I’m a little. Kinda like age play, I guess. When I get into my little space (My mindset where I’m the happiest and carefree) I figure I’m about 4 or 5.. based on the 4 year olds I’ve met, I sound and act exactly like them.

Thing is, I can understand that new fans of 5 Seconds Of Summer can leave the family with the mindset that they are bad people, after reading various interviews on websites that could either be real or twisted, but the reason so many of us are staying, is because we were here in 2011 and 2012 and so on, watching their keeks and them behaving like six year olds, when SLSP wasn’t out, and they had mostly unrecorded songs on YouTube that we had to stream, we knew what they were like and how much they appreciated what has been given to them, but part of this celebrity life is having interviews and then things being blown out of proportion. The reason we are staying is because we know who 5sos are, and we don’t need an interview to tell us. We also understand that the boys are gonna have girlfriends, they are gonna get drunk and party, and we need to remember that we are not their parents, and if they need our help, they would ask us. The point is, they deserve the status that they have right now, and it’s because of us. I know that they haven’t forgotten that, because they’re still the little 7 year old Australians trying to open a Vegemite pot with their noses. Please don’t believe that because a persons words are twisted and proportioned, that it is what they say, and what they mean.

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WOW. PRETTY MUCH YOU SHOULD JUST DELETE THIS BLOG. Disney is for little kids, how old are you? 17. grow up and quit this stupid childish stuff.

Let me answer this int he most “Disney” way possible. Disney is for families. Kids, adults, teens, elderly. Everyone. Disney parks are for everyone. I mean i dont see 5 year olds there alone, do you? people honeymoon there and create memories from ages 0 to 100. I just hope you get to experience some magic that changes your mind. Maybe when i am a cast member I will get to make that happen or someone who has the same mindset as you.

  1. I am 36 years old (with a mindset of a 10 year old)
  2. I sing K-POP SO LOUD…I scare the mailman.
  3. I quote Markiplier and Jacksepticeye about every 10 seconds.
  4. I am hopelessly in love with my husband. He is my sparkly star.
  5. My bias, my muse and my obsession are all the same person… Kyuhyun. I LOVE everything about him and won’t hear anything else. Kinda deaf to negative comments.

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You Know how they say people change under extreme circumstances or that traumatic events completely change they're mindset? What's your take on that?

I agree. I think that a person’s entire life can change in the span of a second (sometimes not even that). I don’t think anyone can completely change, though. I think there will always be a piece of every single one of us in our older selves that is still a 5-year-old kid, that wants to jump in puddles and hide in the clothes racks of department stores.

Tigers have claws. Fish have gills. Birds have wings, and Humans adapt, but we are all still the culmination of everything we’ve ever thought and experienced. Sometimes things get priority when they’re hard to forget, especially in cases of PTSD.