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What Tumblr Has Taught Me About Fandoms I'm Not In
  • These may be spoilers but then again I don't know if these are even accurate. And by that I mean these are not at all accurate.
  • Hunger Games: Teenage girl volunteers for fight to the death. Love triangle issues between Katniss, a dude named after bread, and some guy whose name I forgot. The government is shit.
  • Divergent: Everyone is divided into dollar store brand Hogwarts houses. There's a character named Four and that really confuses me. Was he the fourth child? Did his parents run out of names? Was he cursed with "Stupid YA Character Names Syndrome"? Can someone just explain??
  • Maze Runner: They're in a maze and then they leave. The outside world sucks. The sun exploded or something. It's solar powered Walking Dead but with the gays.
  • Mortal Intruments: There was a movie and it was shit. There's vampires or demons or some kind of supernatural forces. The boy with the nice hair and the glitter-covered male model are really gay for each other. I thought it was called the Shadowhunter series but apparently it's not.
  • Raven Cycle: All I know is that this skater boy named Noah was too great for this world so he died. That's it. That's the extent to my knowledge.
  • The Fault in Our Stars: Cancer kids fall in love and make the symbol of unbreakable romance a parody of the saying of a broken up emotional wreck of a relationship.
  • Lunar Chronicles: It's modernized fairytales so it's pretty much the Grimm Brother's own version of Percy Jackson. And Cinder is a mechanic so I guess that makes her Leo Valdez?
  • Song of Achilles: Surprise they made Ancient Greece even gayer.

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Symptom of child abuse: make excuses for your abuser bc "they know better" and "do it for your own good". Nobody ever said snape hurt them "for their own good" in canon. And u kno what? Every one says mcgonagall locked neville out at night while a mass murderer was on school grounds "for his own good" so he can "learn to remember things better" and "it's his own fault". Even Neville. He didn't blame mcg, he made excuses for her. Snape was a soldier since he was 20, that's 18 years of redemption

((OOC: ohohoh okay. First of all. McGonagall revoked Neville’s privilege of the knowledge of the password for the safety of all of the Gryffindor students. It’s not like waiting outside the portrait hole was horribly inconvenient. Harry gets stuck outside of the portrait hole all the time and has to wait like a minute before someone goes in or out. Literally, that’s all Ravenclaws do if they can’t solve the riddle for their own commonroom. They wait until someone comes along who does know the answer so that they all can learn. That is what McGonagall was doing. If you don’t remember, McGonagall was a hat stall between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. Perhaps she thought it would help Neville to take a page out of the Ravenclaws book.

Now. To address your other point about Snape. Earlier in the very same book Snape wanted to feed Neville’s shrinking potion to Trevor to prove his incompetence. He was going to force Neville to harm his own pet to prove a point. You know, so that Neville will “know better” and “for his own good”. And then when Neville, with Hermione’s help, finished the potion properly so that Trevor wouldn’t be harmed, Snape took points from their house out of pure spite.

And I’m sorry, he was a soldier since he was 20? You mean he worked for Dumbledore since he was 20? You mean he made a deal with Dumbledore to protect Lily’s son? Okay. He physically protected Harry. Sure. But he did everything besides to make Harry’s life as miserable as possibly only because he held a grudge against his dad. If he’d looked like Lily, do you think even for a second that Snape wouldn’t have treated him immeasurably better? 

And what about how he treated Neville? Snape tormented Neville to the point where his teacher was his worst fear instead of, say, ANY OF THE DEATH EATERS THAT TORTURED HIS PARENTS TO INSANITY. No. And why did Snape treat him like this? Because he was bitter that Voldemort chose Harry instead of Neville. If Voldy had chosen Neville, Lily might still be alive. So he takes out his maliciousness on this kid for no reason other than his own bitterness.

I’m not even gonna bring up how he treated the rest of the Gryffindors. Especially Hermione.

Also. Don’t ever pretend that McGonagall wasn’t the best thing to ever happen to those students.))

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Mevie 51 58 67 91!

Ok, so I’m pretty sure you wanted separate pieces for each number, but I wanted to challenge myself and write them all into one? I hope that’s okay, and that I did it justice. Thank you so much for your suggestions! I appreciate you and all that you do.

Established Malvie ahead, where Mal left because she was feeling overwhelmed by the pressures of being good after saving everyone in Auradon from her mother and also because she was feeling like everyone wanted something from her. Her and Ben remained friends after their break-up, hence why he still came to the Isle with the rest of them; He is still the one who got captured.

Warning: Y’all this got so long. Like so, so long. I don’t even know how good it turned out to be, but here we go. 

51: “There is so much blood.”

58: “My clothes look good on you.”

67: “You think it will lighten up soon?”

91: “I feel stupid.”

(This is also posted on my Ao3 account: KHart; The link for the collection its in, “Am I Beaten, If I Believe In Us,” is in my bio)

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I have seen two arguments that always surface in defense of R*se during THAT scene. The arguments are that R*se is a) acting in accordance to the resistance and is meant to be stopping deserters, b) that she is grieving for her sister who idolized (along with R*se herself) Finn and to see him leaving made her lash out or some combination of the two. I would love to see your thoughts on this, because it really makes me uncomfortable.

There is a lot to say about this and what it shows about how black people are regarded in fandom. I’m not really saying anything new here really? I feel like a lot of what I’ve said has been stated by a bunch of other black people? I dunno. Here’re my thoughts, under the cut because it’s a little long.

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panels from Vision & the Scarlet Witch Vol. 2 #5 by Steve Englehart & Richard Howell and Classic X-Men #20: Mother of the Bride by Jo Duffy & John Bolton

The second volume of Vision & the Scarlet Witch is heavy-handed with its religious references. To some extent, it’s centered around Wanda’s Paganism and her attempts to reconnect with it during her pregnancy. There’s a well-meaning enthusiasm to this, even if parts come across as clunky. Wanda yelling “Great Goddess!” all the time? Kinda clunky.

But all of this has a context: the popularity of Goddess Spirituality in the 70′s and 80′s. Englehart clearly did his research. He read books on Wicca and incorporated that knowledge into his writing, and it’s hard to fault him for trying, especially since he used this as a vehicle for giving Wanda a distinct perspective on the world, something she has often lacked from the late 70′s onward.

Wanda wasn’t the only character affected by the rise of New Age and Magic With a K. Also pictured: Storm, a goddess worshiper but not a Wiccan, yelling “Great Goddess!” a couple of years later. Storm is an interesting example because she worships a goddess and is worshiped as a goddess. Even Doctor Strange had influence from Wicca and female-centered spirituality during this period.

I’d recommend this Crash Course video for the lightest of overviews of the Goddess Movement, but explaining all of the history and the controversies surrounding it would make this post officially too long. tl;dr: A lot of people hate this stuff, for feminism and non-feminism-related reasons, and it is, in popular opinion, a case of “didn’t age well.”

The latest run of Scarlet Witch tried to update and reincorporate some of the goddess elements, including the Maiden, Mother, and Crone imagery. Your mileage may vary on how successful the “updating” was since it still feels grounded in the Wicca of the 80′s and not in, say, the Discourse™ common on Pagan Youtube today.

Sienaa Khan, her death, and its purpose.

So with the recent passing of  Sienaa Khan in RWBY I have seen a lot said about the subject, asking why she had to die in story.  What was the point of killing her, what purpose does it serve to the story to introduce this character only to have her killed off?

I would like to toss my two cents into the ring on this matter, detached from the other things people tie to this death to simply explain why in story she needed to pass in order to allow the story as it is to be moved forward. 

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OK SO LOOK, this is ENTIRELY @nkjemisin‘s fault for enabling me on Twitter WHEN I WAS MEANT TO BE SLEEPING, and there’s bound to be more of this once I have time because I am a terrible dork, but here for your enjoyment and edification is Mme De Fer, Sir, the second song in a species of crossover fic that I’m calling Dragon Age: The Hamqusition.

Before we start, for the purposes of this utterly ludicrous endeavour, the characters are swapped as follows:

Alexander Hamilton = Inquisitor Lavellan

Aaron Burr = Vivienne De Fer

John Laurens = Dorian Pavus

Marquis de Lafayette = Sera

Hercules Mulligan = the Iron Bull

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin:

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the Hogwarts sorting hat visits the Inquisition (according to me)
  • Cassandra: Griffindor. obv. Cass is all about doing 'the right thing,' no matter how difficult it is, regardless of appearances
  • Varric: Hufflepuff. yes. hear me out: he's all about loyalty. hawke, even his brother bartrand. yes, he's clever, but loyalty matters most
  • Solas: Ravenclaw. spoilers aside, Solas is not sly for the sake of ambition or personal gain. everything he does is done for knowledge, and restoring lost learning. his best friend is a spirit of wisdom. 'nuff said.
  • Leliana: Slytherin. clearly. it's all about getting the job done, whatever the means. whether she ends up as the 'good' kind of slytherin or 'bad' kind is sort of up to the quizzy (why not the warden? sigh)
  • Josephine: Sytherin. ditto the above. Josie plays the game with a smile on her face, but oooh boy, does she play the game.
  • Blackwall: Griffindor. yep. even his faults are Griffindorish - making a bad, brash decision, trying to redeem himself with bold action. he is a good example of a conflicted Griffindor
  • Cullen: Griffindor. speaking of conflicted Griffindors, have you met the former templar in the tower? Cullen's always been about protecting others and being brave in the face of fear, pretty much always. and dude, he even has the costume for it. he could be the mascot.
  • Vivienne: Slytherin. "The most poisonous snakes are often the most beautiful." << and I LUFF her. this is a woman who knows how to survive and climb that social ladder - *stylishly*
  • Iron Bull: Hufflepuff. okay, yeah, he's brave, but how brave are you, really, when you're 8 feet tall and have horns? this dude is all about loyalty. his biggest conflict is when loyalties collide
  • Krem: Griffindor. brave, brave, and more brave. krem is the bomb.
  • Scout Harding: Griffindor. Another one of the brave folks. little dwarf girl sneaky sneaking everywhere for the sake of helping the world. lots of griffindors in this inquisition. not surprising, really.
  • Dagna: Ravenclaw. obv. she's all about learning and pushing the boundaries of knowledge, even if she blows sh*t up in the process. actually, especially if she blows sh*t up. that's fun!
  • Dorian: another Griffindor. he could be in the running for Ravenclaw, but ultimately, Dorian's primary motivation is being honest. he's authentic and bold, even when he is reviled for standing up for himself. clearly Griffindor
  • Sera: she's tricky, but I'm going with Ravenclaw. what? yeah. 'cause her ultimate motivation is not just helping the little people. sera wants to KNOW. the thing that infuriated her about her childhood was being lied to and having her mind manipulated. sounds like a Ravenclaw to me.
  • The Inquisitor: well, that depends. mine's a ravenclaw, though as quizzie, she has to do a lot of griffindorin'. what's yours?

Paramore got mad and rightly so. If you have no knowledge on the rumours then don’t speak about them. It’s not fair on the band, they don’t deserve it at all. It’s 2016 and yet people still feel the need to be assholes, what’s the point? It’s just rude and is completely unnecessary.

Paramore’s issues are exactly that. They’re Paramore’s. Not ours. They’re personal and why do we feel like we’re just allowed to have a say on those things because we read some dumb article by some press? Acting like we know the ins and outs of some situation when we literally know absolutely nothing that deep and personal. We just know the basic surface stuff because the rest isn’t our business. We don’t know anything else, so we can’t even sit here and blame Hayley for things that aren’t even her fault anyway.

All Paramore are trying to do is make a new record for us all, for themselves, and someone still has to be an asshole about a situation they have absolutely no knowledge about. It’s stupid and I’m glad they finally got mad this time.