with the knowledge that it's all her fault

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Okay, I will say this only once: Stop hating on JK Rowling!

I’m just so fed up with people blaming JK Rowling and calling her names because they didn’t like The Cursed Child. Yes, the book has its faults, I agree, I know, I still like it anyway. In case you don’t, then don’t read it, simple as that.

Can we all take a moment and consider this: Next Gen had a complete fandom before much knowledge of canon, which I understand can get confusing, but just because it didn’t turn out as you expected, you shouldn’t be such a dick to JK Rowling. I mean, it’s not very usual the fandom is before the story, right?

About this ScorRose – ScorBus war: They left that opportunity open, basically encouraged us – readers and fans – to do whatever we want. Yes, I believe Scorpius loving Rose is a plot that has no meaning behind it at all, because Rose is pretty mean and also appears so little in the book. Now, I can see Scorpius having a crush on the girl who hates him,but Scorpius is not James Potter. Also, yes, I believe his friendship with Albus is super gay, like, I don’t know about you man, but I don’t say stuff like that to my bestie no matter what. Whatever, Scorpius and Albus don’t kiss and Rose turns Scorpius down, what happens after is up to you and your (filthy) imagination.

I also get this queerbaiting stuff, it annoyed me as well, but if people reacted so badly to this book, imagine what would have happened if the two main characters were gay. Society is not ready for that because there are too many judgemental homophobic assholes and it sucks, but that’s how things are currently. Although, I don’t get why ScorRose shippers try so fiercely to prove their ship is canon when it’s pretty obviously not. I mean, what IS wrong with shippers and their hetero couples? I ship Drarry to the Moon and back but would never say Harry and Ginny’s relationship was bullshit. Again, too personal, I get it, sorry. Also, I’ve seen a post about how some people shipped ScorRose before the book, but then they realized ScorBus is real and it made me so happy, why can’t y’all be nice like that? I’m not saying not to ship ScorRose, just don’t deny that Scorbus exists. (I’m NOT against ScorRose shippers, I must stress this out)

I agree, the Delphi line was totally messed up and out of the blue, I get why fans are so angry about it but for the love of Merlin, can we just consider this book as a play and not as Book 8? I know, we all wanted the eighth book but it is not going to happen, and after this, I’m not even surprised JK is more or less done with the HP fandom. The standards were set very high! I’m not an expert on literature, this is my personal opinion and I’m not trying to pick a fight with anyone (gosh, some people are just too sensitive), I’m just trying to say if you don’t like the book then don’t read, if you like it, good for you. Most important of all: GO SHIP WHOEVER YOU WANT AND STOP FIGHTING EACH OTHER AND STOP BEING MEAN TO JK ROWLING!

PS: don’t forget the fact that this book is a rehearsal edition, plot may change in the future based on the fans’ reaction ;)