with the knife by her side ]

A Demigod Thanksgiving 2

-Percy cooks (His mom on speed dial because how long do you cook a turkey for?) 

-Reyna watches the annual Westminster dog show with a slight upturned nose because metal dogs are so much better.

-Annabeth is reading by the fire, blanket of her legs, just being unknowingly aesthetic 

-Frank is given the job of setting the table and he tries to make everything perfect, he asks Hazel which side the knife has to go on 

-Hazel makes the pie again and look adorable in an apron 

-Nico is so happy, he is watching everyone do everything and is over the moon

-Will obviously brought the music, singing with a guitar

 -Piper is decorating and makes cute little turkey name tags for the table

- Jason is making autumn leaves swirl everywhere because hey, it’s pretty. He’s just sitting on the ground listening to the music

- Leo lights the fire because he can. He tries to get Percy in a Kiss The Cook apron because think of the blackmail photos he can take!

They all laugh and eat and enjoy each others’ company, they love the time they get together 


Will tries to get Nico in a turkey costume which ends in leo on the floor laughing and Nico mumbling something in Italian about how he will see everyone is Tartarus

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But come on. Sana's season will be a a constant "I love wearing my hijab" "it doesn't bother me that I'm much more limited than men" "it's all my choice". It will be extremely tame and not realistic. Because otherwise it would be called islamophobic.

Are you seriously reducing her to that? wtf? I’ll have you know the struggle muslim kids face growing up in Norway is. real. Having pressure from both the society/friends/school on one side and family/tradition/religion on the other, and trying to balance what sometimes feels like the edge of a knife is REAL. Also have you not seen the show? Sana getting shit from other muslim girls? You think her story is a walk in the park? I think it will do you some good to watch (what I hope is) Sana’s season. 

Cheap and easy visor tutorial!

Her is what you need:

- 1.5/2l bottle (the shape at the top is important)
- cardboard/paper (pattern)
- scissors, stanley knife 
- (glass) markers in green and optional yellow
- rubber foam
- glue
- gem (not included in this tutorial!)

You start with the pattern. I recommend using real glasses - especially safety goggles for reference.

Fold it in the middle to make it symmetrical. Messed up one side and you don’t want to redo the whole thing? Just patch it up with some tape. :)

Try it out before translating it to the bottle! 

Once you are content with the shape hold it to the top of the waterbottle, draw alongside the edges and cut it out. Be careful, the bottleneck is tough. Better use a stanley knife for this part.

Next step: lines! I added a bit of a cartoony style so the visor will stand out a bit more from my face. For this I drew a thin line with green glass marker at the bottom of the visor.

And once dried I added a yellow one to blend it in with the face paint later.

Due to it’s form the visor will sit on your face on it’s own but I recommend adding some crafting foam where the gem will sit so avoind it being in contact with your forehead completely.

Try it out - you can also add some rubber foam on the sides because these parts will be covered by your wig anyways :)

Now you only need to attach your gem!

(There’s only a green line on the visor on this picture because I added it later.)

I decided to keep the visor itself clear since I still want my eyes to pop. Sadly tinted pvc tends to flatten your facial features underneath.

To still have the “glow”/tint effect I used face paint underneath! 

Once all is done I will give make a face paint tutorial as well ;)

Good luck with your visor!! 

More tutorials:


WIG 1 / WIG 1.5 (improved)


tonight, the gods are sick of being gods.

aphrodite drinks your worship straight from your lips
and chases it with a scotch, crashes a cigarette,
flicks the ash on the floor and leaves
without so much as a thank you.

you find apollo in a nightclub on 55th and 3rd,
his prophets writhing in the intermittent darkness,
bassline pounding in their ears, liquor coursing in their veins,
smoke and strobe lights clouding their eyes.

you watch as ares starts a fight in a dive bar, takes
a knife from his pocket and uses it without flinching,
smiles as he wipes the blade on his thigh,
smashes a bottle on the floor and lights a match.

artemis spends the night in a jail cell,
blood on her knuckles and on her shirt and in her mouth,
the smell of metal lingering in the air.

athena chainsmokes in an alleyway,
waits for a boy with dark eyes and a mouth like sin.

dionysus shoots up in a basement in the seedy side of town.

hades stalks the streets, hazy in the fog of the streetlamps.

tonight, the gods are sick of being gods
and somewhere in the city
their forgotten divinity waits for morning.

—  where are they now? | m.c.p
MysMes Characters Show Us The Proper Way To Eat Pizza
  • Jumin: With a fork and knife, of course. Most likely accompanied with red wine and a garden salad tossed in the finest balsamic vinaigrette.
  • Jaehee: Gluten free, vegan pizza that costs half of her salary. In the end, she relishes her meal, desiring to remain fit and alert in case she needs to take down a man with one fell sweep.
  • Zen: An un-ironic heart shaped pizza with an after dinner smoke and some beer. Maybe a bag of prawn chips is thrown in on the side.
  • Yoosung: Extra cheesy deep dish with his bare hands. A glass of milk and some ice cream afterward, which he will later realize is a horrible idea because he's now in the bathroom of his home spewing his guts out from both ends.
  • 707: *uses telepathy to consume one entire pizza* "I like to live dangerously"
10 sentences - kaz x inej

#1 Blame: And when he had her blood on his hands, his heartbeat slowing out as he imagined her slipping away from him, he felt it was all his fault.

#2 Proof: Inej never asked and he never volunteered any information, but he tried to show her – Saints, did he try – the only way a crook like him could: by hurting everyone that had ever hurt her.

#3 Assistance: They had fought side by side through the darkness that encompassed them and Inej knew that her knife’s edge would always cut for him, that Kaz’s pistols would tear through anyone who came for her.  

#4 Going: Ketterdam was stifling her, she no longer felt a purpose there – Kaz knew this and let her go as the business man who sees profit for himself in her new ventures, as the boy who loves her.

#5 Birthday: Setting her foot on her ship, hers alone, Inej felt reborn, she felt she was finally given the chance to start her life anew and sail it in the direction she wanted to go.  

#6 Scientist: Two broken things trying to fit together, mismatched shards breaking off pieces of themselves, sanding off their edges and trying, always trying to move closer.

#7 Silent: Empty rooms, empty minds, and Inej appearing at his window in the middle of the night, creeping towards him as he watches her, slipping under the covers, giving him her warmth – oh, how he craves it.

#8 Behalf: He thought his demons would protect him from loving and being loved, but they are a part of him and as far as Inej is concerned, they work on his behalf in drawing her towards him.

#9 Rumor(ed): The whispers about them floated along the streets and canals of Ketterdam, thick as fog, Brekker and his Wraith queen, each as deadly as the other.

#10 Tip: Kaz felt his desire for Inej enter his chest like the tip of a knife, cutting him up on the inside, his blood flowing out, making it so much easier to just give himself to her.  

Tales From the Past | Part 2

Continuation of this

“Did you enjoy talking with Mrs. McNeil? She has two centuries of stories and ties to these mountains and before that, she said her family is of Scottish origin! Can you imagine?” Lamb shook his head in delight. “Scotland isn’t so unlike these Carolinian mountains. I bet her ancestors felt very much at home here. And the stories she was able to tell! Did you hear her recount the story of when this entire ridge went to war for one woman? The legend is that the woman still lives in the cave we’re headed to! How fascinating it is! I do hope we are able to find something left of importance from the original settlers here. And I think—”

Uncle Lamb rambled on as we trudged the two miles up into the mountains to the cave he was set on finding. The entire journey, the knife seemed to burn in my pocket. I couldn’t stop from touching the handle or patting my side to feel it there, safe and sound.

“Here we are! Look at this Claire! It seems this could have once been a storage area.” Lamb flitted from side to side, buzzing with the excitement of a child at play.

“Yes! Yes! Oh my dear Claire! I found something, truly! Yes!”

Rolling my eyes with a smile, I followed back to where he was in the cave. “What is it, Uncle?”

“A cask of, what I believe to be, whiskey! This looks like it has survived the centuries. There’s no tell tale smell of a distillery for miles. We’ve found part of Mrs. McNeil’s legend! Seems the witch did live here or somewhere abouts. Perhaps her husband was a whiskey maker.”

Rolling the barrel carefully out into the light, Uncle Lamb examined everything from the lack of rotting on the barrel rungs to the style in which it was sealed and crafted.

“I thought the old woman said that she wasn’t a witch, but a healer who lived here?”

“Is that what she told you?” Lamb questioned, not looking up from his journal. “My dear, a female healer in those days was almost always considered a witch! The fact there isn’t a prominent story of a witch burning on this mountain is incredibly rare.”

“I just don’t think the woman was a witch.” My thumb stroked the handle of the knife as I said this.

Uncle Lamb twisted the barrel for a different angle in his sketches and unearthed a carving.

“Uncle!” I gasped, pulling the knife from my pocket and holding it up to the side of the barrel. “Look! Look!” I pointed frantically between the knife’s carved initials and the letters carved on the side of the whiskey cask.

Mde by: Jms. AMM Fraser, Fraser’s Ridge, Smer Btch 1778

His eyes went wide, going back and forth from the knife in my hand to the rung with the carved signature. The closer we began to examine the cask the more indentations were found all over the bottom section of the barrel, each scratched out when the barrel was obviously reused.

Jms. Fraser had the most, followed by a CE Fraser, F.Fraser, M. Fraser, R.Mac, B.Mac, and a GermJem FraMac dating back as far as the 1760s. I wanted to know who these people were. What were their actual names instead of just the partial names and initials.

“Uncle, I bet this Jms. Fraser is the one who made this knife for the CE Fraser! Are there records we can find to find out who these people are and where they came from?” I asked, more enthusiastically than expected.

Laughing, Uncle Lamb put a hand on my shoulder. “I’ve never seen you so excited before my dear! Yes, yes I’m sure we can find some records and if these are the original settlers we may even find something leading us back to Scotland!”

“Uncle,” I laughed. “You’re probably one of the only Englishmen who finds it exciting and wants to go to Scotland!”

The local library was open the following day and I was bouncing with excitement. I couldn’t wait to search and look for the Fraser’s who created the knife—which was a heavy weight in my pocket—and what happened to them.

“Come on, Uncle!” I cried as Lamb slowly meandered around the coffee shop around the corner from the library.

“Patience, my dear!” he chuckled, before finally settling on a chair with his newspaper. “It’ll be good for you to wait and enjoy the satisfaction of finding your answers.”

I groaned, flopping down into the chair beside him. “But I want to go now! I need to know what happened to them. I just… I have to know!”

Uncle Lamb quirked an eyebrow at me and grinned.

“Let’s go then,” he said, tucking the paper under his arm and placing his pipe back into his satchel.

The resources were minimal and dusty.

My heart sank as I saw the menial books containing records.

“Fraser, you said?” the clerk asked, lazily.

“Yes!” I bounced, hoping she’d pull a volume or two out for us to see.

“This way then.” She pointed towards a door I hadn’t noticed before. “The Fraser’s were one of the founding families of this area. We don’t have quite the extensive research that the state would have or even city hall, but we do have ledgers and sanctions tucked away. Be sure to put anything you touch back the way you found it.” She eyed us from behind her coke-bottle glasses. “We take pride in our collections and do not wish to lose anything.”

“You’ll have no problem from us, my dear,” Lamb reassured her, ushering me inside.

I spun in a circle taking it all in. It was a small room, no bigger than the bathroom at the hotel, but from ceiling to floor were bookshelves covered in old leather bound books. The one spot that wasn’t covered was a small window on the northern wall, just enough light to illuminate the room without direct exposure to the precious books inside.

“Well love, have at it! Let’s find your Fraser’s!”

The books all had some descendant or mention of a Fraser family, but was it my Fraser family? I didn’t know. An hour into our search, I finally found a James Fraser.

“Uncle!” I called. “Look here! James MacKenzie Fraser,” I read aloud, “Do you think this is him? The man who made the knife and the whisky cask?”

“I do believe it may very well be. Let’s see what else we can find on him, yes?” Uncle Lamb’s eyes twinkled in excitement as he pulled another musty ledger forward intent on the search.

This is one thing about Uncle Lamb and his hair-brained adventures that I love; when he’s found something interesting, he never gives up on discovering the person or item’s full history. The library in rural North Carolina, did not do much to help us find more of Mr. Fraser’s past. It lead us on a chase through the entire state and up the eastern seaboard of the United States. James Fraser was mentioned countless times as a man working for the state and as a wanted man. Army enlistments, battles fought at, and even public hearings where he made himself enemies, but not one ledger or book recounted where his tale originated, or that of his wife. At least that was until we found an old recounting from Lord Tyron.

‘...On the 12th Day of August, I granted a man pardon and land in the wilds of the western most part of the colony. Mr. James MacKenzie Fraser and wife Claire of Broch Morda, Scotland, will be in the King’s Service and hereby exempt of taxes laid on the land while in the service.’

“Broch Morda! Uncle where is this place?”

“The Highlands.”

So there you got Abby and Erin, the core relationship of the movie with Erin literally jumping on the other side for Abby. But you also have Holtz and Abby who’ve known each other for a while and worked together all these years and Abby was Holtz’s family as stated in her final speech. BUT you also got Patty and Holtz, always being the dynamic and fun duo, the Baby™ petnames and having each other’s backs. BUT ALSO you got the heavy gay subtext on literally every scenes with Holtz and Erin, The Wink ™, The Dance™, The Bickering™, The Swiss Army Knife™   and so on..

SO what I mean to say here is: every ships in Ghostbusters (2016) are wonderful and whatever pairing you’re shipping, it is good and pure so please enjoy

Open her like a gift..

Unwrap her slowly, like a favorite toy on Christmas morning, don’t rush it, savor the moment, you only get one first time with her..

Cherish her dark and murky places,the places she’d rather you didn’t see..

Trace the lines of her body, memorize the curves that are uniquely hers..

Learn the battle scars that decorate her silken flesh, the beauty mark on her left side she’s had all her life, the scar on her left elbow from her dance with the pavement, the cluster of freckles on her breasts trace with your tongue..

The dimples above her ass, the pen mark on the side of her right knee, the scar in her eyebrow above her right eye from the chicken pox when she was five, the scar on her left thumb from an accident with a knife and the knife won..

She is unique, she’s not like anyone you’ve ever met or been with before, she’s rare, she’s stubborn, she’s confident about most things, but what your seeing now, leaves her shaken and uneasy..

Make her see herself through your eyes, make her see her beauty, her worthiness, show your desire, tell her what you love about her as you make her yours, let her know there’s no one else or no place you’d rather be..

Her vulnerability isn’t an act, it’s well earned and needs the expert love and attention of someone who is true and faithful..

Make love to her senses, fuck her mind, unleash her passion, stir them so bright you both get burned by the flames. Dance in the shadows of the light flickering across her skin, leave her branded with your scent and the feeling that she belongs to you and you alone..

Make her beg, make her scream, make her forget her own name, but never yours..

Take your time, its not a marathon, use your mouth, your lips, your tongue, leave no stone unturned, no territory uncharted..

Let her feel your hands whether smooth or callused, ravish her mouth, play with her hair, make each moment count..

Love all her broken pieces..

Real Life * Draco Malfoy

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Based on the song “505″ by the Arctic Monkeys


Warnings: Mild language


Draco’s POV

*Sunday, almost dawn, 5:05 AM*

I can’t sleep.

It’s impossible to sleep while she lingers in my head. Y/N was her name. That beautiful name.

I dreamt about her on the train going to Hogwarts and I couldn’t stop thinking about her since.

In my mind, she was lying by my side with her hands in between her thighs.

Ugh, what am I thinking?! She’s not real!

7 hours and 45 minutes is how long I have been thinking about her.

What if she is real? Would she like me? Would we have a future together? Would my parents adore her like I do?

There is no way she would exist. Good things only happen when you’re dreaming.

Not a shy of her spark. A knife twists at the thought that I should fall short of her mark.

I was frightened by the bite that she gave. No harsher than the bark. She gave me this new perspective on the world. I started to open my eyes on things I normally wouldn’t care about.

If only she existed…

*Sunday morning, 7:30 AM*

“Draco you weren’t at breakfast. Are you okay?” Pansy asked me. I don’t like her that much since she pretty much stalks me and is crazy in love with me.

“Y-Yeah… I’m fine.” I said back.

“Oh well, I brought some food for you. I had a feeling you wouldn’t go to breakfast so I brought you some.”

“T-Thanks.” I grabbed the plate and quietly ate my food.

“You know, if you ever need someone to talk too then I-I’m here.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” Then she walked off.

My mind hasn’t been the same ever since I met Y/N in my sleep. Before I wake up, she normally says ‘Goodbye’ or ‘See you later’… what does it mean? Is it weird that I can see her whole body clearly? Nothing is blurred out.

She looks like a slytherin princess walking in the woods or halls with her mind cleared. Her hair that moves nicely when she twirls around or when the wind hits her.

“Draco! Draco! C’mon man talk to us!” Crabbe yelled at me putting me back to reality.

“What now Crabbe?!”

“Goyle wants to know…. Well… we want to know how you’re feeling. You hardly ever talk to us and bully Harry.” Crabbe said worried.

“Well I’m fine. I’m just… thinking about the shit we could do to Potter.”

“A-Are you sure?”

“Yes! When am I not sure?! Now get outta here!” I said pushing Crabbe out of the dorm.
I don’t know if you could guess but… I’m not okay… at all.

*Monday, 12:00 AM*

“Y/N don’t cry! Please I-I crumble when you cry.”

“But Draco… I have to say Goodbye.”

“You always say Goodbye darling.” I said while cupping Y/N’S cheeks.

“No, I mean for good. Draco I-I love you but I can’t stay here for long. It’s time that you stop thinking about me and start looking up. I love you Draco Malfoy and I’m sure we’ll meet again soon. Bye my darling.” She kissed me. I felt her tears drip down her face.

“I love you too Y/N.” She started to fade away. I couldn’t see her figure anymore. ‘Start to look up?’ interesting.

*Monday, almost dawn, 5:05 AM*

“Draco! Wake up will ya!”

“Ugh what Crabbe and Goyle?! Get your hands off of me!”

“Professor Dumbledore wants ya.” Goyle said to me.

“For what? Holy shit what did you dumbasses do?!”

“Nothing we swear!” Crabbe and Goyle said to me.

“It better be nothing if not then I will hex you guys hard!”

I started to walked to Professor Dumbledore’s office still thinking about what Y/N said to me. I wish our last moment together wasn’t vague.

“Ah Draco, sorry to wake you up this early but our new student just arrived today and she’s in Slytherin like you. Could you show her around before everyone wakes up? Wouldn’t want her to be lost on her first day of school.” Dumbledore said to me.

“I don’t have a choice do I?” I said back.

“Come, she’s upstairs waiting for us.”

We walked up the long staircase and I was dreading every moment of it. I just wanna sleep and move on since Y/N clearly doesn’t exist and that spark that we had is now dead.

“Y/N this is Draco Malfoy. A fellow Slytherin like yourself.” Dumbledore said. I looked up and I see… Y/N, the girl from my dreams, the girl that I adore.

“Draco this is Y/N.” Dumbledore spoke again.

“H-Hi.” I said in utter shock.

“Hello… darling.”

With every kiss and every embrace she remembered a little more about who she was and after a night spent reacquainting with her soulmate, it all came back to her.

Elyza wakes up startled by the sound of a sword being drawn and quickly pulls her gun from under her pillow, hastily blinking away the remnants of sleep. She reaches out for her love in the darkness but finds the spot beside her cold and empty. Her heart begins to pound upon realizing Alicia is no longer by her side.

Fuck, fuck, fuck!

She positions herself into a naked crouch, aiming the gun towards the echoing sound of heels hitting concrete while trying to reach for the Bowie knife near her boots.


Her mind begins to panic.

What if she’s-?

No. Focus!

Suddenly the resounding footsteps stop just out of reach the moonlight. She catches the tip of a sword, a long black duster, and a tall black boot going up, up, up…..

Elyza: Who’s there?

Her voice is surprisingly calm and assertive despite feeling vulnerable and very, very, naked.

Voice: I remember you.

Elyza: Alicia?

She stepped out into the moonlight and immediately Elyza recognized the rigid posture, the burning green gaze, and proud jut of her chin. The unmistakable stoic façade….. Her jaw dropped in realization as tears filled her eyes.

Alicia: Nou. Ai laik Heda.

A tiny flitting smile touched the corner of her lips.

Alicia: I told you death was not the end and we would meet again.

NCIS One Shot: The Perfect Muse

Word Count: 2.2k

Requested by: @profiler-in-training

Warnings: None

Notes: Okay, okay, okay, I’m sorry but I’ve been reading so many fics lately and like this OC is a combination of people. Sorry about that, I got a tad bit carried away! Perhaps I’ll make a part 2 to this if no one hates it that much.

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The knife twists deeper into your side, but all that escapes your mouth is a small groan. The pain is dulled by now; dulled by the other deep wounds littering your body.

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Privileged (7/?)

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“The approaching storm forces all the delinquents to take shelter which doesn’t help Clarke who is trying to save Finn’s life. Things get even worse when Bellamy decides to bring the grounder back to camp and only heightens the tension between him and Octavia. *yn*’s decision to stay quiet about her own injury proves to be deadly.”

Warnings: Swearing, violence, graphic imagery of injuries, tiny smidgen of fluff & some angst. (welp)

Notes: Based on 1x07 ‘Contents Under Pressure’ of The 100.

Series Masterlist

“What’s happening? Is he ok?” Raven questioned when Finn emitted a low moan of pain before falling unconscious again. 

“Nothing’s changed just keep working on that radio.” Clarke instructed as she examined the knife still lodged between Finn’s ribs. 

“I need some alcohol.” 

Wordlessly *yn* turned and hurried over to the other side of the drop ship to grab the small flask of Monty’s moonshine for Clarke. She winced as she bent down to reach the alcohol as her upper stomach pressed down on her cut but she was quick to compose herself. She wiped the sweat off her forehead haphazardly with the back of her hand as she grabbed the elixir and hurried back to Clarke. 

Clarke hurriedly grabbed the container and dunked her hands in it before turning back to Finn. *yn* shifted uncomfortably and pulled at her tight shirt in an attempt to get some air flowing near her skin. She was feeling oddly hot today and it was steadily increasing as more and more delinquents piled into the drop ship to escape the storm. It was most likely from the abnormal amount of body heat radiating through the small space. 

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Heroes & villains panel:

David Ramsey said we will have more of OTA in the second part of the season.  
Katie Cassidy said that Laurel would approve of the father / daughter relationship of Thea and Quentin.

Willa already made a child cry on the market because she forgot to take the black makeup back from her eyes.               

Willa wants to wear the uniform again.

John Barrowman would take Felicity to the side of the villains (but without ruining olicity - he said).

Barrowman says that Merlyn now has a ‘gentle side’ and might hug someone and put a knife in the back. “

They asked David Ramsey if he prefers Sara or JJ: "Baby Sara is in my heart … I choose her.”

David Ramsey: When Dig discovers Sara’s erasure, he confronts Barry for “his misuse of powers”

Willa Holland misses Arrow Cave and misses Emily every day and Stephen in most.

Barrownan about his photos kissing Emily on the SDCC: “Look at them and look at Stephen’s face.”

Charlotte Ross says that if Mama Smoak knew that Olicity is not together, she would do something to fix it.

jaha survived crash landing in a missile and a bullet to the stomach

murphy survived being hung and tortured a countless number of times

raven survived being shot in the spine and a pod crash landing and a dam explosion

jasper survived a spear through his heart

finn survived being stabbed in the chest by a poisoned knife

bellamy survived being hung and having the blood drained from him

wick survived a dam explosion

kane survived getting trapped by rocks underground

nyko survived blood loss through a deep gash in his side

aurora survived giving birth with no medical help

lincoln was literally brought back to life after dying

but lexa, a great lesbian commander, a strong woman ruling 12 clans and protecting her people at all costs, couldn’t survive a stray bullet to her stomach

Gods and Widows

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Prompt: Reverb is married on Earth-2. 

(Words: 2262) (Sorry for the length, it was so fun to write!)

The warehouse was such a clichéd villain’s lair, that if Cisco wasn’t going up against his best friend’s evil doppelganger, he would have scoffed. But be that as it may, he followed Mrs. West Allen and Floyd Lawton out of the dark alley to the unlocked door on the side of the place.

“Look alive, gents.” Iris stated and Cisco did just that, taking note of how much more in charge this Iris was. Was it because she was a cop, or was this just her?

It wasn’t a bad thing. He just didn’t want to get her angry. If Earth-1 Iris West was scary when mad… he didn’t want to even catch a glimpse of what Earth-2’s Iris West-Allen could do to someone she didn’t know. That knife thing at the precinct had completely caught him off guard.

But he was good.

Lawton and Iris took the lead into the warehouse, Cisco trailing behind them, holding his own weapon out in front of him as the other two were.

“Maybe your snitch was wrong about their whereabouts,” Lawton whispered to Iris, looking around cautiously (and somewhat fearfully) for the two metas.

A loud beeping came from Iris’ metahuman app and the three looked up.

“No. They’re here.”

Footsteps from up ahead caused them to look up and as Cisco took in Caitlin’s –Killer Frost­—appearance, he froze for a minute, only slightly registering her demand to lay down their weapons as he witnessed the way her hand began to produce a frosty mist among it.

After secretly hiding his weapon in his pocket, he stood up and took a step towards the two, finally taking in Ronnie’s darker look.

“Ronnie? Is Martin Stein in there?” Cisco already knew the answer, but needed to hear it. And when Deathstorm and Killer Frost laughed and confirmed that yes, the scientist was in Ronnie and not at all in charge, even partially, he looked even more ashamed of them.

“I can’t believe that you two work for Zoom! I mean, how—why, would you even consider it?” Cisco knew it wasn’t the real Caitlin and Ronnie, but to know that their doppelgangers would be evil? That was something he couldn’t register.

A voice from the left startled him as a woman answered his question. “Simple, really. The most powerful stand at the top of the totem pole.”

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top 5 skyrim characters

1. paarthurnax
2. farengar
3. urag gro-shub
4. mia'q the liar
5. yarl balgruuf the greater

Honorable mentions:
6. little old farmer lady who tried to fight a dragon with a knife. she died a valiant death, sovngarde awaits her
7. those npcs that will fight by your side and die for you, but only after you beat them in a fistfight

Just a little domestic CS moment to brighten your day

Emma frowns at the cylindrical glass on her counter.

It was taunting her.

It was just a jar of pickles but it was taunting her because it steadfastly would not open.

She’d tried hitting the sides with a butter knife, running it under water, using a towel. She didn’t have one of those rubber things or she’d have probably failed with that too.

There was only one thing left to do.

“Hey babe!” she yells to the living room, using the little-used pet name so he doesn’t think she’s in trouble. “Come here a second.”

Confused, and perhaps even a little suspicious, Killian rounds the corner. He notices her tensed shoulders, hands on hips, and she’s glaring at the jar on the counter like it personally offended her.

“What is it, love?” he asks.

Without taking her eyes off the jar she says, “Open it.” He can tell she’s not happy about having to ask for help with this, so he merely takes the jar and settles it into the crook of his elbow, gets a good grip and twists. It takes a little more effort than he thought it would, but he gets it open in no time.

Unfortunately this seems to exacerbate her annoyance.

“That is so not fair,” she grumbles as she takes the jar from him. He sets the lid on the counter and leans a hip next to it. He’s not sure his next question will go down well, but he asks anyway.

“Why didn’t you just magic it open?”

Emma stops and blinks. She looks at the big pickle jar and purses her lips.

“I have magic,” she says evenly.

Killian has a hard time containing his smile. “Yes, you do.”

“I could have magicked this open.”

He turns his head and bites his lip in an effort to keep his laughter at bay. Emma really doesn’t need him laughing at her.

And then she burst out laughing, herself, and he could no longer keep it in.

“Oh wow I’m an idiot!” she wheezes a minute or two later, leaning her head on his shoulder.

Through his chuckles Killian responded, “Honestly, with as hard as you were glaring at the thing I’m surprised it didn’t spring open in abject fear.”

“You know, me too?” she grinned.