with the hairs

youclickedthislink  asked:

Can we get a close up of bby!Gabe? I can't get enough of that hair๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

Curly hair are just pure abominations to handle.
And Jackie loves Gabe’s soft poofy hair since it reminds him of those sweet-smelling cotton candies. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  


(Belated) Sunday Progress Update:

Working from home today because Conner woke up looking like the Elephant Man–his entire face is swollen and his eyes are swollen shut… YIKES.  He has an appointment at 11.  The doctor said as long as he’s breathing normally (which he is) then it’s fine to just wait for an appointment.  He had a rash yesterday and we gave him antihistamine cream and an allergy pill, but obviously that didn’t help at all.

I feel like this week was pretty fine, although not great.  I was happy that I did more yoga!  I decided not to worry about any sort of “routine” but to just listen to my body and the poses that it needed–that seems to be the key!  I was super sore after yesterday’s workout, so that extra time on the mat was lovely.  If only I could find the key for what will motivate me to study my German.  :/  (I’m not mad at myself about the work meals thing because of the weather, leaving early on Monday, and taking Friday off…I was barely AT the office during meal times.)

I’m hoping to finish Homegoing tonight.  So far, it has been incredible.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND!