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Hold My Girl (C.H.)

Hi guys! Thank you so much for all the love! Here’s my next request, (we’re getting there!). I tried something a little bit different with this one, so please let me know what you think!! 

Request: I’m not sure if its your type of thing but I think it’d be so cute if you did a calum blurb/imagine type thing based on hold my girl by george ezra!

George Ezra’s Hold My Girl is genuinely such a lovely song, I’d definitely recommend giving it a listen.

Warnings: None? 



I tapped my pen on the sofa arm, chewing my lip as I stared at the words I’d already written down in my lyric book. I pursed my lips, hearing my phone buzz on the seat next to me. I ignored it – it was probably Luke or Ashton, asking what time I wanted to meet for drinks tonight. Sighing, I dropped the pen, letting my hand fall back onto the guitar in my lap. I strung a few chords, but nothing was sticking.

Nothing new anyway – it was all about her. Her eyes, her hair, her smile – or lack thereof. Furrowing my brow, I reached for my phone, flicking it open to check my messages ­– again. I ignored the one from Luke – knew it – and clicked on y/n contact, smiling softly as the last text she’d sent me filled my screen – some silly, obscure meme she’d found somewhere.

What a krispy meme,” she’d added beneath it, and I just shook my head at the bizarre phrase. After being y/n’s best friend for almost half a decade, I was too accustomed to her peculiar sayings that I no longer questioned them. In fact, I enjoyed them. I loved her sharp wit, a clever comeback just waiting on the tip of her tongue.

Except, for the last few weeks, that wit has been slowly evaporating. Her text was from five days ago, and she hadn’t responded to the meme I’d sent back. I’d known she’d been having a hard few weeks – falling out with one of her friends, struggling to stay on top of work and paying her bills – but this was different. We used to talk about everything – but this time…this time she was pulling away from me.

And I didn’t know why.

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something that surprised me about champion’s ballad was it totally changed my opinions on the champions personalities (except for urbosa actually, i still feel the same about her (she’s great))

in temrs of personality, daruk turns out to be the best, urbosa is great as always, mipha is kinda ???? at this point, and revali is disappointingly one-sided unfortunately.

this is also based on the diaries they added after you complete each champions ballad quest fyi, not just the new cutscenes. if you missed those you should read that if youre interested. the leader of each area or the champion descendants will tell you where the diary is, usually its pretty close to their room or in their room

dear diary

TITLE: Dear Diary

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter 2 of 4

AUTHOR: Eclectica-posts

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki comforting you when you’re crying. He knows exactly what to do or say to help you through it.

RATING: Mature, with a lot more mature in further chapters. 



Smut, fluff and bad jokes.

The children of Asgard weren’t the only ones of that cliff in Norway.

Sophie recalls the events of Sakaar and Ragnarok from her point of view, as she found herself thrust into a Universe beyond her imagining, and meets a familiar face.

This is Chapter 2, 2 more to be uploaded, smut sort of starts in this one starts from Chapter 2.

Story so far can be found at Archive of our own

Canon compliant, it’s written with the same timeline and series of events as per Thor Ragnarok - like a story line that happened but didn’t make it into the film.

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Sorry about all the updates

So some of you have probably noticed I’ve been updating like crazy, and complaining about PTO not working, then I figured it out, so quickly fixed everything, but I did mess up a little and for that I’m sorry. I know it’s a pain in the ass having to re-download stuff. I was getting Last Exceptions for my Welfare Recipient career, as I was fixing so quickly I missed something, so that’s fixed now. Everything should now be working perfectly, bar my 9-5 Simple Career Pack (just the Take Vacation Day text won’t show up), but I’m planning on sticking those titles all under one umbrella anyway).

If your career is showing PTO (Paid Time Off) on the cell phone as a blank box, you can still take a vacation day, but you can re-download if you like as I’ve added the text. This only affected my older careers as follows;









So sorry again guys, I’ll stop rushing and panicking in future! 

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Would you consider doing a tutorial of how you did this post: /post/149277883738? It was awesome!

hey, thank you so much! and sure. (here’s a link to the post for reference)

so basically, although the three different sections (”lawful”, “neutral”, and “chaotic”) have different colourings, the process was essentially the same for each gif. to get the “gradient” look across the gifset, i just made the “lawful” gifs cyan-coloured, the “chaotic” gifs magenta-coloured and the “neutral” ones are half and half. 

let’s use these ones as examples:

aaand the rest under the cut 

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The Right Time (Requested Justin Bieber Imagine)

Request: Can you do an imagine where Justin and Y/N try to have a baby but the test comes back negative? 

C’mon. C’mon. C’mon.

I sat impatiently on the bathroom floor, my legs crossed indian-style. I rocked back and forth slightly, crossing my fingers and squeezing my eyes closed in attempts to bring any form of miracle to this situation that I was in right now: me waiting for the results of this pregnancy test.

I wanted this, I wanted this so bad that I could and probably would cry. Justin and I have been trying to have a baby for what felt like forever, but in reality it was only a couple of months. But, every time that I felt like I was actually pregnant or that the next time was going to be different than all of our past attempts, it wasn’t

The timer on my phone went off, and with a shakily hand I swiped the dismiss bar so the noise would stop. I took a deep breath and picked up the stick that was lying on the edge of the bath tub. Please, please, please let this be it. I closed my eyes and opened them slowly only to see ‘negative’ written big and clear on the little screen. 

My heart fell to my stomach and I threw the wand against the wall of the bathroom in frustration before bringing my hands up to my face and letting all of my tears of irritation fall down my face carelessly. 

Why is this not working?

I heard the front door open and close from down stairs and a happy voice yell into the quietness that consumed the house, “I’m home, babe!” 

I didn’t move, though. I couldn’t move. My heart hurt and I felt energy less, I wasn’t pregnant, I wasn’t going to bring a baby into this world, and I hated every moment of this whole situation. 

The lack of response probably scared Justin because moments later he bust through the bathroom door. When he took in the scene in front of him, he knew exactly what had just happened: tears were falling down my face, a pregnancy test was thrown on the opposite side of the bathroom, and the empty wrapper and box lied besides me on the floor. 

Justin let out a sigh and sat down next to me, wrapping me into his big warm arms, “Baby-”

“I don’t get it,” I cried, “We’ve tried everything. Am I not able to get pregnant? Is there something wrong with me?” 

Justin ran his warm hand up and down my arm comfortingly, “Nothing is wrong with you,” he whispered, “Now is just not the time, that’s all this means.”

That’s what all of the past tries have meant.

We stayed quiet for a while, Justin still holding me in his arms, “I want this so bad,” I finally said, breaking our silence.

Justin smiled slightly, before pressing his lips to my forehead, “I want it just as bad, but it will happen. God has a plan for us, and when he decides to bless us with a child I know for damn sure you’ll be a great mom.”

I let out a little laugh, and wiped at my dried up tears, “I love you.” 

“I love you more,” Justin chuckled, squeezing my body into his.

2 months later

“I’ll be back in an hour! Scooter wants me to meet him down at the office for a meeting about my release dates for the next album,” Justin called from the living room. 

I was standing in front of the island in our kitchen, cutting up the produce that I had just bought from the grocery store a couple nights prior. Justin walked into the kitchen with a smile and kissed me goodbye, “I’ll be back.”

“Have fun, tell Scooter I said hey,” I responded, kissing his lips one last time before he walked towards the kitchen doorway.

“I will, bye baby.”

“Bye!” I called out after him. 

I set down the knife I was using to slice the strawberries, and I walked over to the radio that was set up on the counter. I clicked it on and danced around the kitchen, grabbing multiple tupperware containers to separate the different fruits.

Everything was going great, life was going great. In the past two months Justin and I had worked on our relationship, making it better for us together and our individual selves. Not that anything was really wrong between us, but spending the time together with us, and just us, taught us so much more about each other than what we actually knew from the previous four years we’ve spent together. 

We were happier than ever.

Time passed slowly with each passing song that played through on the selected playlist that was playing, and I couldn’t careless. I continued meal prepping, cutting up fruit, putting fruit in bowls, and putting them away, dancing while doing it. 

My stomach flipped and suddenly a lump formed in my throat, making my tongue tingle. Oh no. I sprinted to the bathroom, lifting the toilet seat as vomit spewed out of my mouth, barely making it into the toilet bowl. I sat there on my knees in front of the now messy toilet and sighed. That was weird

I walked upstairs, brushed my teeth, and went back downstairs to clean up any mess that may have been made. Anything and everything hit my mind all at once: why did I just throw up? Is it food poisoning? The flu? Should I go to the doctors? 

So many possibilities skipped through my mind, but one in particular never left: was I pregnant? I couldn’t be. I mean, sure. It was a possibility. Justin and I had clearly have had sex in the past two month, and I mean a lot of sex. 

But this can’t happen for me. I can’t get pregnant.

I never went to a doctor, only because I didn’t want to hear those four words come out of a professional’s mouth. But, I just assumed since it has never happened before. 

My mind flashed back to the past nights that Justin and I got intimate; one night, three weeks ago in particular. Justin and I were tangled in the sheets all night, going round after round, not because we were trying to conceive a child but because we were craving each other so much more than usual. 

I could still feel the wet kisses he left down my neck and the sweet yet aggressive way he held on to my thighs as he pounded into me over and over again that night, sending chills down my spine. 

I need to know.

I went back to the bathroom in Justin and I’s room and dug through the cabinets pulling out the boxes of unused pregnancy tests I bought months ago. I unwrapped the wand, throwing the trash on the floor and immediately I began the process. I drank a glass of water and waited until the urge to pee overcame my body, and once it did I wasted no time at all to pee on the stick. 

I set the stick on the tub, and pressed my back against the wall with my knees to my chest. I set the timer and waited. It felt like hours passed until the timer actually went off and when it did, I froze. 

What if it’s negative? I don’t want to go through this again. I don’t want to go through the pain and doubt in my female abilities to produce a child. I can’t.

I sat there not moving, I stared at the stick that was sitting on the tub wondering what it said this time. I needed to know, but I didn’t want to know. But, I knew I had to look. 

My heartbeat quickened and I took in a deep breath before grabbing the pregnancy stick in my hand. I looked down at the test and when I did, I screamed. 


This was happening, I was going to be a mom and Justin was going to be a dad. This was real life and it was happening. 

What if it’s a false positive? I questioned myself. Maybe the test is old and it’s not really a positive? I bought these two months ago. I needed a new one. 

I quickly slipped on my shoes and ran to my car that was parked in the large driveway, pulling out in a rush but carefully all at once. I found the closest CVS and parked the car, practically sprinting into the store and right to isle nine, the isle I found myself in a lot a few months ago. 

I grabbed the box and walked over to the cashier, handing over the box and the ten dollars it cost. The whole way home I found myself holding my stomach, hoping and pleading internally that there was actually a little human in there. 

I raced back up to the bathroom, peeing on the three new sticks and waiting for each result. Time passed incredibly slow and I was growing more and more impatient. I paced the bathroom and crossed my fingers, this has to be it.

The timer went off again, and I looked over at the three tests that were sitting on the counter with the results displayed:



And Pregnant.

I’m a mom. I’m a mom. I’M A MOM! I couldn’t stop the tears from falling. The happy tears. It was our time. 

“Baaaaaaabe!” I heard Justin yell happily from downstairs, and the front door slam behind him.

I stayed quiet and Justin once again burst into the bathroom. He sighed and his expression fell: I was on the floor crying with multiple pregnancy tests sprawled out around the floor. 

“Baby, I know it’s hard-” 

“I’m pregnant,” I cried, cutting him off. 

“Wait, what?” Justin questioned, shaking his head in confusion.

“I’m pregnant. You’re going to be a dad, I’m going to be a mom. We’re going to be parents!” I exclaimed, tears still falling from my tear ducts.

Justin dropped to his knees as a smile took over his face, “Oh my god, babe. We did it!” he cheered, reaching for my stomach. 

We sat there holding each other on the bathroom floor, just like we did two months ago. Except this time, the time was right


WOW, I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! Feel free to send me in any requests, and they will be added to my to-do list! :)


Requested by: @butablink :: Have you done an imagine where Sherlock and Moriarty fight over the reader? Not sure how they all meet, probs separately; the reader met Sherlock through their job with Molly? And met Moriarty while doing errands through town or something and the reader basically has both of them smitten and fighting over the reader (after getting to know the reader after a few weeks/months) maybe a lot of fluff? 

A/N: Well..it’s been a while. Sorry to keep y'all waiting. This was fun to write even though it is not exactly what you asked

“What do you want?” Sherlock asked, gazing at Moriarty, his face expressionless.

“You know what I want, Sherlock. And I’ll have what I want,” Moriarty said in a monotone, staring at him with dead eyes.

A muscle twitched in Sherlock’s jaw.

“No, you won’t,” Sherlock said through gritted teeth.

“Watch me, Sherlock,” Moriarty said as he circled him.

“And I’ll win,” he added, now smiling at Sherlock.

Sherlock gazed at him with contmept but said nothing.

“After all,” Moriarty began, stepping close to Sherlock, his face inches from the latter’s, a grin etched on his face,
“Bad is the new good.”

Sherlock looked down at him, his face placid.

“Why don’t we let her decide?” he asked.

“Oh I see,” Moriarty said, turning his back at Sherlock. A split second later, he burst out laughing.

Sherlock’s face betrayed no emotion.

“She has decided, Sherlock. There was no choice at all,” Moriarty guffawed.

“You’re boring, sooooo b-o-r-i-n-g,” he sang, snapping his fingers. “Do you think she’ll choose you? I thought you knew better,” he added, scrunching up his nose.

“I am not the most wanted man on the planet, Moriarty,” Sherlock noted.

“Exactly!” Moriarty said, throwing his arms open and smiling maniacally at Sherlock.
“I am the most wanted, I am the crazy one. You’ve got to admit that’s sexier,” he added, grinning.

Sherlock narrowed his eyes at Moriarty but said nothing.

“I met her at an exquisite restaurant, you know?“Moriarty remarked, turning away again.

Sherlock gazed at Moriarty, his first encounter with you resurfacing in his mind.


“Molly I ne-” Sherlock began as he barged into the laboratory but trailed off when he saw you working with the microscope.

His eyes narrowed as he took you in, reading you.

You sensed his presence and looked up. His gorgeous curls and bright eyes were instantly mesmerizing. You snapped back into reality- what did the great detectivyou’d heard so much about, want?

“I’m Y/N, Molly’s out on date…er.. how may I help you?” you said, gazing at him.

Sherlock opened his mouth to speak but closed it again, looking away.

“Mr. Holmes?” you asked, as you adjusted the slide under the microscope.

“You’re a pathologist too. Could you possibly check the body I’ve just brought?” he asked, pursing his lips.

“Absolutely,” you said, smiling at him.

From then on, you’d always helped him. You’d gone from professional partners to confidantes in no time because you’d read him like no ever had. You understood him better than anybody and most importantly, you believed in him.
It hadn’t taken much time for him to fall for you after that.


“She looked stunning in the emerald dress,” Moriarty said, closing his eyes as he pictured you in his head.

Sherlock snapped back into the present.

“Her confidence and that little twinkle in her eyes.. ah. I sound like I’m a little boy from school with a crush, don’t I? Funny what she does to me,” Moriarty said just as a loud pop resonated through the air.

Moriarty took out his phone, raising his eyebrows.
“Look who just texted me! Y/N herself!” he said waving his phone in front of Sherlock’s face.

Sherlock dug his hands deeper into his coat pockets, his lips pursed.

He knew everything about you except for one thing- What did your heart say?
But then again, his heart ruled his head when it came to you; chances were you expressed what you felt but he’d been too distracted to notice.

“She’s hilarious,” Moriarty chuckled, as he typed away furiously.

“I’m aware,” Sherlock muttered, looking away.
You rarely texted him.

“She never mentions you,“he added, squinting at Moriarty.

“Funny. I could say the same for you,” Moriarty retorted.
He held up his phone for Sherlock to see. It displayed a picture of you looking ravishing in an emerald green dress.
“And she’s beautiful,” Moriarty added, sighing.
He slid his phone into his quote pocket, smiling creepily at Sherlock.

Moriarty’s phone beeped again. He mouthed a ‘sorry’ and pulled it out. He rolled his eyes as he read the text.

“Sorry Sherr, I have to go. This was fun. Maybe,” he muttered, turning to leave.

“Oh, and mind you- Y/N. She’s mine,” he added glancing back at Sherlock, a dead look in his eyes.

Sherlock said nothing but turned to gaze at the shimmering cityscape in the twilight.

“I’ll let her heart decide,” Sherlock whispered to himself, running his hand through his hair.


What does your heart decide?


Tbh, I’m insecure about being an academic because I feel like I haven’t really experienced much of what average people experience. Like I can’t exactly have a say on how people should authentically live the Gospel since I’ve mostly been in an ivory tower, never knowing what it’s like to live paycheck to paycheck.

But Pope Emeritus Benedict’s criticism of Liberation Theology is that it puts good conduct over good theology. We can’t establish what consist a good society if we don’t have the theological knowledge first. We must first and foremost be concern with the spiritual welfare of each people, and not be impatient with establishing an ideal earthly kingdom through social justice. Similarly, if people have basic understanding of economics, there would be less people rallying to raise the minimum wage, and instead would seek family help to improve their situation rather than the government. Let’s face it, most college kids simply wanna move away from their parents’ home to get away with doing degenerate behavior.

And I think most people don’t really seek the Truth, they simply seek a comfortable lifestyle. That’s a concern because the afterlife is not something people can afford to be wrong about. Maybe God wants me to help spark up interest in philosophy among the plebs.

Instead of giving up something for Lent, I’ve dedicated it for signing for grad school. I’m planning to go to a secular one since it’s the only one I can afford to go and in my whole academic career I’ve always been around people I didn’t agree with. It’s been a way for me to being a devout Catholic by having to compare and contrast Catholic philosophy with secular ideologies. The only reason I got into philosophy in the first place is because I kept looking up Catholic defense for common atheist objections. I tried going for a normie major like business to get a normie job like an accountant but I didn’t like Math and in my marketing class, it just felt unethical doing the homework of trying to convince people to buy things they don’t need. And I usually couldn’t wait to get into Catholic theology and philosophy after getting my homework done so I figured to actually start taking philosophy classes. The Bible said, “Seek ye therefore first the kingdom of God, and his justice, and all these things shall be added unto you,” I just figured everything else (like what job/lifestyle to get) will fall into place eventually. Maybe I could be a mini G.E.M. Anscombe, except I haven’t read any of her works. Her paper on Modern Moral Philosophy is on my bookmarks.

Anyways, I could use some prayers to get started on the applications. I haven’t started because I got intimidated by the sign-up page.

Welcome to the 12th edition of my Recommendation list for Cas!girls.

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Hello, trashy fellas. I hope your year started incredibly well. I know, I know, I haven’t posted a new list since October. I am the actual worst, but I’m finally here to provide you a new list of great fan fiction starring our beautiful angel so the wait for the hellatus to end is easier for you. I’mma pamper you with all these goodness adding the Christmas-y fics.

Note: The summary of the fics are in italics. Some of them are written by their authors, and some others are written/modified by me. All the series start on chapter one, except if they have their own masterpage. The text written after this “–” hyphen are just my lame ass comments.
If for any reason you want your username and/or fic to be removed from this list or you wish not to be tagged, just hit me a message and I’ll erase it/untag/stop tagging you, whatever you preffer.. So yeah, let’s get started:

One shots



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GM Friendship campaign ads

So Riley’s campaign ad is shown twice in the ep (one as an intro and again in class 2 days before the election), but I realized it’s not exactly the same

Picture 1: The ad is shown to the viewing audience as an introduction. There’s no real context and it’s not being shown in the storyline itself at this point. Viewers see the ad and then we cut to opening credits. Note the text: “Vote Riley Matthews for Princess”.

Picture 2: The ad is shown again, this time as part of the storyline (the kids are viewing campaign ads 2 days before the election). The ad is almost the same as the opening….except for the text. This time the text just says “Vote for Riley Matthews”. Nothing about princess. Riley still says in both ads, “I’m Riley Matthews and I approveth this message”, but the actual ad shown in class is missing the princess text.

Okay so this episode has a lot of lines pertaining to perception. “The campaign of Riley Matthews is not responsible for anyone who believes a horse is a unicorn”, “That horse loves me…..it is amazing what people will believe”, and “look at us!, etc

So what if the two ads is just another piece to the whole perception thing? The first ad is just for the viewing audience really (it’s not integrated into the story here yet). And having it as the only thing we see before the opening credits makes it stick out more in our minds. The second ad (during class) is pretty much so close to being identical to the first ad, that the casual viewing audience is likely to not even notice that small difference and lack of the word "princess”. And I think the writers did it intentionally. It’s not like they used a different take. Literally everything about the ad is the same except for the word princess. So they had to deliberately edit the text (TV is not an accident)

I think that the intro ad is shown with the purpose of getting the audience to buy into the princess (and then consequently Rucas) stuff (which helped to mask Lucaya). And it works. I know when I was just a casual viewer that I bought into it and Rucas. Heck, it took seeing this ep like 3 times to even spot the difference in the ads!

But the second ad is integrated into the storyline and viewed by the whole class. Riley says and thinks she’s a princess, yet it’s not in text. And I wonder if that’s some subtle foreshadowing of Riley’s perspective vs others’ perspectives.

It’s late and I’m rambling so I’m not sure how much sense I’m making, but I’d love to hear your theories on the ads. I also really need to take a closer look at the timeline of this ep because I think it’s important. This whole ep is super layered


btw if some of you wonder why you haven’t seen me follow you yet it’s because I followed you for months prior as chrismelasrules and just renamed.

I would check in every few months out of a combo of masochism and missing you guys, but it ended up not being too bad because all y'all ever talked about was Star Trek and anime so I didn’t really get bleh Sherlock memories from it. It weirdly worked out because I’d just pop in for a few minutes and see you guys seemed happy, but since I didn’t know what any of you were talking about I would just duck out again and it didn’t have to be some overwrought thing.

It was a pretty stupid time because I felt deeply misanthropic for months, and I’d be like, I don’t wanna be on social media because people are the fucking worst. It was often taking me weeks to even respond to things like texts and emails. But then when I first decided to check in on Tumblr, I just started following what felt like a handful of people who are exceptions to being the fucking worst, and in like ten minutes I had followed 60 people.

I did not feel like I had ever liked a whole 60 people at any point in my entire LIFE, and I hadn’t even added everyone I wanted to because I wanted to keep it
manageable. It’s like… probably going to be over a hundred or more once I get on adding the rest. And there’s still all the people I don’t follow who are great.

Then there were all the people who checked in with me periodically and just graciously dealt with the fact that I don’t respond for weeks. And the big booklet of messages Robin collected for me, which I couldn’t even bring myself to read for a while. I’ve always found it dubious when I read praise about myself – looong story; it’s not you, it’s me – but once I made myself do it, it was still tangible evidence that there are nice people with nice things in their heart.

Concrete evidence that I don’t actually despise humanity is something I always have to look for, because my brain insists that I can’t stand anyone. And then once I have that evidence I just have to sit with it for months and months before I actually believe it, because there’s so many good reasons to despise humanity.

So, thanks to you guys for being cold, hard, indisputable facts even when you weren’t even trying. You helped me a lot.

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main 5 of the rfa + their reaction to trying starbucks for the first time!!

im assuming this is excluding v, but here we go! these are all based under the assumption that you guys are visiting America!

- some of his friends from his LOLOL guild that are from america talked about starbucks so he had always been tempted to try it
- you guys had been shopping around new york city since early that morning so you decided to take him to get some coffee
- this child is so excited
- he presses his face to the glass to admire all of the paninis, pretzels, and cheesecakes
- “what should i get? there are so many options!”
- he finally decides on the ham and cheese foldover, and you order a pizza stuffed pretzel
- he shoves that cheesy pastry in his mouth, despite the fact that you’re laughing at him
- “please yoosung you’re going to choke”
- “all i’ve eaten for six months while at school is noodle cups let me have this moment”
- after he finishes his he’s looking to eat yours too!
- he’s so excited to tell his guild members about his first time at starbucks

- jaehee is the queen of coffee back home so when you two go to america, you know you’ll be going there five times a day
- just kidding
- not really
- you too go in and she’s already picked out what she wanted
- except she ends up ordering three different coffees in small sizes so she can “taste test”
- she likes the cookie crumble frappuccino the best
- i’m so happy mr. han gave me this holiday
- has already added ingredients to make homemade starbucks coffee to her christmas list
- “zen got me a coffee maker why not coffee to go with it”
- she’s texting you that “this is all i’ll be talking about for weeks” meme even though she’s right next to you
- “i could freeze these and bring them on the plane!” “jaehee they’ll melt” “oh right”

- he’s pretty cultured when it comes to coffee so he knows what types of beans are better than others
- he thinks starbucks isn’t very classy but agrees to go because you look adorable when talking about your favorite drink from there
- on the line he talks about how “starbucks has nothing in the coffee you guys have at the apartment”
- “who can beat arabica coffee beans? no one, that’s who”
- you order passion iced tea lemonade and he orders a strawberry-banana smoothie
- he’s nervous to try it because what if he wasted your money on something he won’t like
- he’s so adorably cute when he’s nervous, you decide to film it
- first he sucks it down too fast so he gets a brain freeze
- jumin chill you can’t drink them that fast
- “this-this is….”
- he loves it so much that he slurps it down even faster, even though he’s getting head cramps as he does so
- “jumin, how was that commoner coffee?”
- he gives you a look but grabs your debit card to go by himself another one
- i suppose the strawberry-banana smoothie from starbucks is the only thing that can beat arabica coffee beans”

- zen hasn’t ever tried starbucks but is willing to do so to be able to embrace american culture better
- you guys get an early start for breakfast, and it happens to be the only place open
- you order blueberry oatmeal and water and he orders a spinach, feta, and cage free egg white breakfast wrap and a mango-carrot smoothie
- of course, even at starbucks he has to eat healthy
- “hey, i have to maintain my perfect physique for you and for my shows!”
- he takes one bite and falls in love
- he lets you try a bite and even though you don’t like it, you’re happy that he’s so excited to eat it
- “let’s eat here every day for the rest of our lives” “zen we’ll gain too much weight” “you’ll still look beautiful but it’s okay, i’ll die happy and in a food coma then.”
- seriously not joking he would probably eat so much he would feel sick when you guys left
- “it was worth it”

- can’t stop making coffee puns
- this stupid idiot would be searching the internet for those “secret recipes” before you even went inside
- “i’ll have a strawberry lemonade with vanilla bean powder and raspberry syrup”
- he decides to be a gentleman and order your mocha cookie crumble for you after the torture you endured from him during the car ride
- “ah, the sweet taste of the starburst lemonade”
- “can i taste yours?” “no, luciel.” “i’ll give you some of mine!” “okay fine.”
- he sticks his straw in your cup and, thinking he’s funny (which he is but don’t tell him that), flicks a blob of whipped cream on your nose
- you want to kill him but you can’t
- all you can do his flick some whipped cream back at him
- “i just came out to have a good time and honestly i’m feeling so attacked right now”
- urges you to come closer, and then seductively licks the whipped cream off your nose and lips
- luciel we are in starbucks this is not the time
- “that whipped cream was good but you taste even better” ;))))

Tiny Review: Persona 4 Dancing All Night ⊟

I got my review code for Persona 4: Dancing All Night about a month ago – Tiny Cartridge review of Atlus PR: 10/10 – and I hesitated to write even a single word on this review until the day before the embargo, due to an acute case of I Just Don’t Know.

I like playing it just fine, but I don’t think it’s an exceptional rhythm game. The story is interesting, but I’m not sure if it came to a satisfying conclusion despite a really impressive amount of text. The songs are… well, okay, the songs are just wonderful, and I could listen to the Persona 4 soundtrack all day. It’s a game that does a lot of things kind of okay, adding up to a game I like even as I’m disappointed.

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Hi guys!

So paying for college is being super hard on my dad and I wanted to help out by trying to get my own spending money. Hence, I’m opening commissions. I will do pretty much anything: regular art, comics, reference sheets, and even fanfiction. So if you guys wanna help me out by getting some cool art or fic, I would greatly appreciate it! (Also I know the post is kinda long but I wanted to provide as many refs as possible)

If you guys are interested, send me a tumblr message or a message with phospenumbra commission as the subject at himishite@hotmail.com 

Even If you can’t help out, I would love for you guys to reblog and spread the word! <3

Anyway, here are the details (and a list HERE for those of you who want everything in text since my handwriting is awful):

Will Do:

  • NSFW
  • Palette challenges
  • Any fandom
  • OCs
  • Any sort of pattern (as if in if you want me to help you figure out stuff like a tattoo and so, that’s fine as well)
  • Probably anything you can think of except the things listed below.

Will Not Do:

  • Complex Backgrounds
  • Furry
  • More things will be added as I get particular requests

The art prices are shown in the images, more details below.

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The Serendipitous Epoch

TITLE: The Serendipitous Epoch


AUTHOR: Quixotic-Dreamland


Imagine being an outcast in school and in your personal life; you don’t have any true friends and your parents ignore you. But Loki notices you, and watches your daily life in secret.

RATING: Teen +

NOTES/WARNINGS: Cursing, body shaming (and other forms of bullying, sexual assault) and a neglecting parent.


I roll over in my cozy twin bed, nestled in the softness of my sheets, the warm space in my bed accumulated from my body heat keeps me cocooned in a cotton wrap.


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#102: Part Two: Song Preference - Maybe You're Right by Miley Cyrus

Authors Note: You can find PART ONE HERE.

Ashton: The next weeks were a misery. Not only were you heartbroken beyond belief, but the media had caught wind of the news that you and Ashton were no longer together. It fuelled the tabloids, some sad that you were broken up, others rejoicing that he could find someone more suited to fame. You felt lost to be honest without Ashton. You missed his texts, and the occasional calls. You missed seeing him almost everyday, seeing his smile, feeling his hugs that made you feel like you were the most loved woman in the entire world. You missed Ashton. You missed everything about him. And it wasn’t like you could be angry at anybody except yourself. Because you were the one who had made this decision out of shear panic. Your friends were supporting you, but as the weeks progressed, they noticed no improvement. If anything you were plunging deeper and deeper into sadness. There was only so much they could say and do to attempt to cheer you up. The rest was up to you. “Why don’t you just text him and get him back?” Your one friend asked, as you two sat in your small apartment. “He said he would wait for you, if that isn’t romantic I don’t know what is,” She added. “But the news said he’s found another girl. I doubt he’d take me back after what I said to him. He needs someone who can deal with shit better than I can.” You mumbled, staring at the frayed blanket. “But you don’t know unless you try. So if he says no, then you know 100% that it isn’t going to work. But right now theres still that tentative hope, hell, he was madly in love with you. I’m pretty sure anyone who walked by you two could see it.” She added, sighing. “You need to stop this. Do something. Either text him, call him, send a fucking pigeon and find out. You’re a mess. You’re not only hurting yourself doing this but its hurting everybody around you. I haven’t seen you smile in what feels like forever. I care about you (Y/N), and you’re really starting to scare me.” She spoke softly, patting your knee. You looked up at her, and saw concern etched in her eyes. You took a shuddering breath, your hand patting the blankets for your phone. “Call or text?” You asked in a soft voice. “Call.” She said, sitting up and wiggling. “This is so exciting!” She said, making the corners of your mouth pull up. You opened your phone and immediately found the texts you two shared, something you had reread over and over again the past few weeks. You took a deep breath, hitting the call button, and holding your phone up to your ear with a shaky hand. You bit your thumb nail as you heard the dial tone ring once, twice, and a third time. It wasn’t until the fifth ring, when you were contemplating hanging up before you heard the sound that made your heart clench. “(Y/N)?” Ashton asked, you could hear the breathless tone in his voice. “Hi Ash,” You said, your voice wavering. “Are you okay?” His tone shifted to concern, and you smiled weakly. “No,” You said, fresh tears welling up in your eyes. Your friend squeezed your knee, before rubbing small circles. “Whats wrong?” He spoke softly now, and you could almost feel him next to you. “I miss you,” You choked out. There was a silence, and your worst fears were confirmed. “You found someone else didn’t you?” You whispered, your friend staring with sympathetic eyes. “Oh god no (Y/N). I told you, you have my heart.” He said, almost instantly. “Really?” You questioned. “Of course, babe. You’re my girl, nobody else. I’m going to ask this once and once only. Are you sure you’re ready for everything? Because I really do not want to go through that again.” He said, and you felt instantly guilty. “Yes,” You choked out. “I’m so sorry Ash,” You whimpered, unable to keep the overriding guilt out of your voice. “Hey, its a lot to take in and understand. I’m not going to say it didn’t hurt because God, you’re like a fucking drug. You nearly killed me by just being away from me. Fuck. I can’t live with you, you silly girl.” He said, and before you knew it you were laughing. “Whats so funny?” He asked, he to beginning to laugh. The sound was so glorious, so heartwarming and so familiar it made your heart hurt. “Because I did not think you would give me a second chance. I thought you would have moved on, or I fucked everything up.” You said, shaking your head. “How could I not? I told you, you have my heart, and nobody else does.” He said, making you grin like a fool. “Want to meet up for a coffee?” He asked. “Yes, I’ll text you when I’m ready.” You said, saying good-byes and hanging up. “Told you.” You’re friend said, smiling smugly at you. You couldn’t keep the grin off your face, smiling down at your phone, feeling complete once again. 

Calum: After finding a solution to your problem, things fell into place easier. Because you didn’t question every motive that Calum had, your relationship blossomed and flowed with more fluidity than before. You were able to relax a bit, beginning to open up and allow Calum to see the darker corners of your mind. Of course, there were the moments of sheer panic, but you were able to overcome those. And as every day passed, there was more of a solution to your equation. Your life with Calum grew and grew into something beautiful. For once, you put aside the variables that could shake everything, instead living in the moment and becoming more free. You became spontaneous when you were with Calum. You were able to allow yourself to feel freely without fear of repercussions. It was liberating really. And as months turned into years, you felt more and more comfortable with Calum. It was truly something magical. Your family and friends even noticed a difference in you. You were often cool and calculated, but with Calum you were able to laugh more freely and make decisions on the spot rather than taking close to days to figure out things. It was healthy for everybody. And as the end of the night neared, your body pressed against Calum’s on the couch, you intertwined your fingers with his. “Do you ever regret staying with me?” Calum asked one day. “How could I?” You asked, playing with his calloused finger tips. “You’ve changed me.” You said simply. “How?” He asked, although he knew the answer, he just wanted to hear it in person. “You’ve made me stop overthinking everything. You’ve made me become spontaneous and you’ve just changed me for the better I guess.” You said shrugging your shoulders. You smiled up at him, as he pressed his lips to yours. “Want to go for a walk? Its a really nice night out.” He suggested, and you agreed. You two had nothing better to do anyways. Like the proper gentleman that Calum was, he helped you into your jacket, as you wrapped your scarf around your neck and slipping on your shoes. He too followed your lead, buttoning up his coat, patting his pockets, and slipping on his shoes. Locking the house up, you two left hand in hand through the doorway and into the brisk night air. It was a cool night, and the stars were just beginning to peak through the dark sky. You two walked aimlessly, until you arrived at a small secluded area, illuminated by lamps. “Where are we?” You asked, looking around. “Just a little place I like to come to.” He said, smiling at you. “C’mere.” He said pulling you close, and nuzzling into your shoulder. “You’re affectionate tonight,” You teased, kissing his temple as he breathed gently against your bare skin. “Why can’t I show my favourite girl how much I love her?” He asked, tightening his grip around your waist. You wound your arms over his shoulders and around his neck, holding him just as close. After a few moments of your intimate embrace, Calum broke apart, taking a shuddering breath. You let your hands drop to your sides, as you studied his face. “You know, when I met you, I truly thought we wouldn’t work. You were too logical, and I on the other hand really couldn’t care less. I went with the flow. I just thought that we were way to opposite. But look at us. Its been years. I guess what I’m trying to say is the cliche saying of opposites attract really do work. And that I am so happy that we did. I want to spend even more time with you, I want to make you mine forever. So (Y/N)” He said dropping down to one knee. “Will you marry me?” He asked softly, his warm gaze filled with love. Your heart was hammering, and your hands flew to your mouth to muffle the sound of amazement and surprise. “Oh my god Calum.” You said dropping down to your knees. You stared at him with love, and adoration, and without even thinking about it you nodded your head. “Yes, of course I will!” You exclaimed happily. “Really?” He said, a little taken aback. “Of course, I love you!” You said, quizzically. “I just thought you would need to think about it.” He said, cocking his head. “I know, but you’ve changed me for the better Calum. Go with the flow.” You said winking at him. He laughed, shaking his head and taking the ring out of the box and slipping it on your ring finger. You laughed, looking up and staring at the face of your future husband, and you couldn’t be more sure of anything in your life. 

Luke: You crashed at your friends house, calling her on the way. “Of course you can stay here,” She said, her tone worried. You had begun to sob relentlessly on the walk over, some people watching as you practically ran to her house, eager to get away from the many eyes following you, as well as the horrors of what had just happened. You knocked, leaning against the doorframe, weak with emotions. She opened it almost instantly, beckoning you into a hug and simply holding you as you cried. “Shh, I know.” She said stroking your hair. She let go of you only for long enough to kick your shoes off and shrug your coat off, it crumpling on the floor but you didn’t care, and neither did she. She led you into her living room, shooing the cat out of the way as you wilted to the seat, collapsing back into her embrace. The tears didn’t stop as you recounted the fight that you two had, and what he had said. “I don’t want to make things worse,” She said, rubbing your arm. “But maybe you two are better off not seeing each other anymore. Maybe this is it?” She said, and you sniffled. “I want to say thats the right idea,” You said clearing your gravelly throat. “But as much as I hate him, and can’t stand to be with him right now, the thought of not being with him hurts so much.” You choked out. “I know, thats because its still fresh. But its not healthy to be with someone who doesn’t treat you right. You two fight a lot now. And thats not healthy. For either of you. Maybe this is it.” She said. “I know it sucks, and I know it hurts. But there are tons of other fish in the sea. And I know you don’t want to hear that, and I know that you probably won’t be out in the dating field again for a very long time but theres someone out there thats going to make you the happiest woman without making you cry like this. This isn’t the first time that you’ve come to me crying, not that I mind.” She added quickly. “But babe, no man should make you cry this much.” You nodded your head, wiping your eyes. “I just feel weird you know? Like not seeing him everyday, and basically starting my life all over again. Its going to be so hard.” You said, biting back more tears. “I know, I didn’t think that he was like that. But if you need a place to stay and get on back on your feet then absolutely you can stay here.” You friend offered, making you smile. “Thank you,” You said, snuggling into her. “Hey, what are friends for?” She asked. You tried to smile but despite what how you appreciated you felt by her, it was hard to feel happiness because such a significant part of your life had just left. You ended up falling asleep on the couch with her, your tears soaking her shirt, as numerous tissues were crumpled around you. When you woke, you were faced with the dilemma of needing to go back home to get your things and practically move out, tell the landlord about your decision to end the lease early, and to move on. Your friend said she would come with you to the house, so you weren’t alone, so together the two of your marched arm in arm to your house. You began to tremble, not with fright or fear but in sadness, as you unlocked the door. You pushed open the door to be met with silence, as you flicked on the lights to see Luke curled up in the couch, the house a mess. You looked at your friend and she shrugged. You tried to be quiet, but as you stepped into the kitchen Luke stirred. “(Y/N)?” He asked, and you froze. “What?” You asked, as your friend nodded at your cold tone. “Where did you go?” He asked, and you could hear him stand up. “To (Y/F/N).” You said, grabbing a glass of water and taking a long gulp. “Can we talk?” He asked, ignoring your friend standing beside you. “Theres not much to talk about seeing as a lot was said last night.” you said, putting down the glass with a hard thud. “I’m sorry, I was angry. Not at you but at other things.” You snorted. “Funny, because most of what you said was directed at me. Feeble excuse.” You said, turning to face him. You friend took the cue to step out of the room to give you two some privacy as you leaned against the counter. “I’m sorry,” He said. “Thank you. But you had a point last night. I think we’re done. I can’t keep living with this. Its not healthy for the either of us to be honest.” You said, although it hurt to say. “I can’t live without you.” He said, his eyes pleading. “Then die.” You said simply, grabbing your purse and moving towards your bedroom. “I’m moving out. I’ve already contacted the landlord. I’ll be here to take the bigger furniture that I own. I’ve paid my half of the rent for the remaining months up until the lease is over. Then its up to you.” You said walking away and to your room. You grabbed a few pieces of clothing, just enough to get you by until you could go to the apartment on your own when he wasn’t home. You walked out of the bedroom, seeing your friends staring at Luke as if she wanted to kill him, before nodding at her. “Lets go,” You said, as she held out her hand. You took it, needing the support as you cast one last look at Luke. “It doesn’t have to be like this.” He said, stepping towards you. “You said it yourself last night, you lost feelings. Its time to move on.” You said, opening the door and walking out of his life. You were upset, but you knew it was the right thing to do.

Michael: You kept replaying his words over and over again. You wanted to believe that he really did like you and that you could believe it. But mostly, you knew that it was a big lie. He really didn’t like you, maybe he did now, but he certainly didn’t like you three years ago. You were simply a friend, and now it was convent for him. You sighed, sitting down on your bed and flipping through old photos of the two of you. You looked at him, seeing how there was always a friendly hand grab, his hand was always high enough to be friendly, never low enough to suggest something else. He was always just smiling at you, laughing, or grinning. There was no hint of romance or lust. So you tossed the pictures aside and grabbed your phone. There were tons of messages from Michael, both pleading and telling you how awful he was, and that what he said was ridiculous. You weren’t lying when you said you had moved on. There was someone you were talking to now, and to be honest, it was the first time in a while that you had thought of someone else besides Michael. It was almost relieving. This new man treated you with the affection and adoration you craved to be reciprocated. It was so gratifying, and it was nice having Michael as a best friend still. Lately he had been so busy that you hadn’t had the chance to tell him that you were seeing someone, and to be honest you owed him that much. You kind of told him, but surely Michael just took it as simply a statement, not that there was truth behind it. You sighed, grabbing your phone and texting him to come over, seeing as you both needed a chat since you both had calmed down a bit. He was over within minutes, which surprised you. He was out that was for sure, and he was probably waiting for you to text him to come over. You opened the door, the awkwardness plain between the two of you. “Hey,” He said, waving shyly. “Hey,” You replied, shutting the door. Michael kicked off his shoes and made his way to the living room like he had done so many times before. “So, you wanted to talk?” He asked, and the saddest part was that you could see the hopeful glint in his eyes that maybe you had changed your mind and that you wanted to be with him. Maybe he did have feelings for you now, but the times had changed and that any possibility was over. “Yeah I did. Look, I’m sorry for yelling at you. That was uncalled for. But I don’t take back anything I said.” You said sternly. He nodded his head slowly. “You’ve been busy, which is understandable with everything happening in your life. But I’m seeing someone.” You said, and you watched him flinch a small bit. “Who is it?” He asked, in an unsure voice. “I’m not sure you would know him,” You said, a little apprehensively. “Try me.” He said flatly. “He works at the shop down the street. You know, he’s tall, he has blue eyes, he’s pretty muscular.” You could see his jaw clench. “Few tats?” He asked. “Yeah’ thats him.” You reaffirmed. “Huh,” He said. “What?” “Well, I didn’t think he was your type. And isn’t he a lot older than you are?” He questioned. “Only two years, its not bad at all actually. I really like him,” You said softly. “Does he treat you alright?” Michael asked, after a moment of silence. “Yeah he does.” You said, looking down at your hands. “If he ever tries to hurt you, and I mean even says anything remotely upsetting that makes you sad, or upset, or whatever I’ll beat his ass. Got it?” He said, and you smiled. “Got it.” You agreed. “I really did miss something great eh?” Michael said, looking at you. “I’m not going to lie, yeah you did. I tried, I really did. But this is the first time I’m able to move on from you, romantically. You’ll always be my best friend Michael, you know to much,” You joked, but resumed seriousness almost immediately. “But really, I really like him. He makes me happy. I’m sorry,” You said. He nodded his head, swallowing heavily. “I understand, I’m just an idiot, thats all. Well if it doesn’t work out, which I’m not jinxing it, and I’m not trying to be that guy that hopes it doesn’t work out because I want the best for you, but I’m here. I’ll always be your best friend, but I hope that maybe one day we can be a bit more.” He said smiling at you. “I’ll remember that.” You said, patting his knee. “Really for three years though?” He questioned. “Yup, three years. I’ve seen you do some really stupid shit Michael, and despite all that, I still liked you.” You teased. He rolled his eyes, and stared at you. “He’s a lucky guy (Y/N).” He said sincerely. “Thanks Michael,” You said, blushing and looking down. “I want to meet him.” He said plainly. “Eventually, I need to warm him up to the fact that you may beat him simply for touching me.” You teased. He laughed but shook his head. “I don’t want to hear about that kind of stuff.” He said, grimacing. “Oh no, I listened to all that shit with you, pay backs a bitch.” You joked, punching his shoulder gently. He groaned before laughing. “What have I just got myself into?” He questioned. “What I endured,” You said, smiling at him, knowing that everything was going to be alright.

Just a reminder that I expect all submissions to have the text be bolded, all of it, except for source links which do not have to be. Un-bolded text is probably one of the biggest reasons submissions are not added to the queue. 

It may not seem like a big deal, but it’s a part of the aesthetic of this blog and it’s important to me, and I feel it helps makes genderoftheday posts stand out.

And before you ask, yes, it’s easy enough for me to fix it, but there are a large volume of submissions that have unbolded text or other issues and it would take a substantial amount of time to fix every single one to make it suitable, so it’s better and easier on me if submitters take time to carefully read the submission guidelines and make sure submissions are perfect before sending them in.

At some point I think I’ll make a post detailing specific visual examples of what to do and what not to do for submitter’s reference.

Falling Into You - Pt. 5

Katniss falls asleep just like every night, wrapped in Peeta’s arms. But tonight holds nightmares just around the corner. What are they trying to say? Falling asleep may just mean falling in love all over again.

AU and slight fluff

A/N: Here is the prologue, (Day 1) and here is day 2, and here is day 3, and here is day 4. I will be submitting one “chapter” for each day.

Thank you to smartalexy, showeringwithhutcherson and mrsbonniemellark for proofreading and brainstorming!

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